Aug 28th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 15th, 2012, 1:24 am

Yesterday we got a report from developer Two Tribes that the Wii U GamePad updated faster than the TV. Today we’ve managed to dig up a clip from E3 (thanks to our readers!) providing video evidence that the GamePad does in fact update faster than the TV. The video shows that the same content appears on the tablet controller 116ms faster than on the TV set. This should put to rest any rumors that the Wii U GamePad has any latency issues, and it appears Nintendo took the latency aspects very seriously when designing the console. See for yourself in the video below:

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  • Starfoxguy

    Meh. Not important to me.

    • Wii U Daily

      Wow, a first comment that doesn’t say “first!”. We’re making huge progress here, guys! Keep it up!

      • Starfoxguy

        Thanks Wii U Daily. Thanks….

        • IKNOW

          Man sometimes i wonder is Wii U daily helping the console?Or is it helping Sony and Microsoft look better?

          • Tlthamesfoc

            WhaT are you talking about? This is a good thing. It shows that the wii u game pad doesn’t lag. This post is backing up the Wii U.

          • NintendoGamer

            How is it making Sony and Micro$oft look better? It makes the SmartGlass look like trash, son.

          • BUT UMMMM…

            Isn’t anyone concerned that the main screen we will be playing on (the TV) is laggy?


      Yeah that isn’t that big of a difference game time wise BUT at least we know what we press on the Gamepad will work in-game and correctly. That is one thing I can say about Nintendo, they don’t put out crap, all of their stuff over the years work and worked well. I have every console of theirs and all of them still work and all of the controllers, etc. QUALITY 1 EQUALS NINTENDO!!!!

      • Macarony64

        NINTENDO MEANS TRUCK some maybe too young to get the reference

  • Nax

    This is cool since it wont lag behind it, but i spent the money to buy my own 40″ so i prob wont even play on the gamepad. But still pleasurable to know that it’s faster 🙂

    • nintedward

      please 😛 . you wont play on the gamepad in bed in the dark all tucked up ??? i know i will be . your tv sounds good though.

      • Nintendonoob

        thanks for the idea!

  • NoPUNintendo

    Will this be an issue playing games though? I don’t want to be playing, for say, Pikmin 3.And my gamepad doing the action faster than what’s happening on the TV.

    • Madmagican

      I really don’t think it’ll be an issue since the gamepad is only seven frames ahead of the tv, but it might be noticeable if you actually look for it; as long as it keeps the gameplay felling fluid I won’t be complaining

    • tronic307

      I read somewhere that the Wii U might have a setup option that uses the GamePad camera to test and compensate for your TV’s input lag by delaying the output to the GamePad’s screen. Maybe it was just a rumor, but it doesn’t seem like a real solution anyway. The LG TV in the video is very likely not set to either Game Mode or PC Mode, which reduces lag to 1-3 frames in sets which have the option. PC Mode can have as little as 16 ms lag on many LG TV’s, which is about 1 frame. Also, the Wii U GamePad in the video not wireless, so I must conclude that the video does not fairly represent the performance of either display.

      • 007 1/2

        the wire is to charge and keep people from running off with the gamepad.

  • colin c

    This doesn’t mean anything. It may have been an earlier model, plus this one does not have a battery pack. It was only connected to the console. I believe the developer. I mean I don’t think they’d make some up like that, tbh.

    • 007 1/2

      it is the new model, there are analog sticks instead of circle pads. the wire charges the battery.

  • 3dsguy

    Keep the good news coming we on a roll

  • Nintendude

    Meh, if they slow it down that much just so you can see the latency, then I don’t think it will make that much of a difference.

    • deSSy2724

      ofc it wont be any difference (in real times and human eyes), if u have no problem with Wii, PS3, Xbox360, PC etc… then you wont be having problem with Wii U on HDTV. In real time u cant really see the difference which is ofc good… this just proves that Wii U gamepad wont lag behind TVs, remember what PS fanboys were saying? hah with this, they are burned!

      Its well known that new TVs (LCD/LED/Plasma) have more input lag than old CRTs.. it depends on your TV/Monitor (nothing more). Example, IPS monitors are “beasts” (expensive too) for good colors but the disadvantage is more lag than normal LCDs (but again, mostly u wont notice it in real time situations). So, with WIi U gamepad we wont have any lag, TVs are the real problem.

  • CyanideInsanity

    What I’m more interested in, is how the latency overall comes into play. This is streaming the same feed twice. Will there be no additional latency when using the tablet as a supplement screen, such as inventory or map?

    Not that it makes much difference to me though. Smaller TVs have faster response times, so a slight, almost invisible, plus there. Though the TV used in the video could also have a slow response time.

    Then again, its developer hardware being shown, so the final wii u may not have any latency.

  • RLThomaz

    There is one thing that we need to take in consideration: this videos are made with the cabled version of the game pad! What that means? It means that the console is sending the image direct to the game pad, actually the final version will send and receive everything through Bluetooth, and it is a fact that the Bluetooth adds a delay by transmitting data in a certain distance, by that we can conclude that the game pad won’t be rendering first. 7 Frames are almost nothing, maybe it will be on par with the TV display time. Lets wait and see!

    • PSWii60

      The cable in these videos are just there to keep people from walking off with the gamepad. the gamepad itself does not plug into the Wii U console.

      • RLThomaz

        There is a video of the NA Nintendo CEO (Regis something) saying that the game pad is using the cable because it is not 100% complete and because of the interference caused by A LOT of Bluetooth devices in the same room. So I conclude from this, that the game pad isn’t running over Bluetooth interface.

      • mikes1025

        it does plug into it. the pad has the cable port to prove it

    • 007 1/2


  • Swic11

    This could just be a function of Nintendo making sure the response time on the game pads screen is amazing, that way there are no latency issues. My computer monitor has a 2ms response time, and I think my tv is around 5-8ms response times. Either way kudos to Nintendo for doing this to prevent the latency issues!

  • Draco Breach

    116ms is hardly a noticeable difference, but it certainly proves Nintendo worked hard to minimize stream latency.

    Though, using an LG television is hardly fair :p They should have used an LCD panel of real quality – like Samsung, Sony, or Sharp. The HDMI control board can have a lot to do with latency on the television end.

    Another idea to keep in mind. The 116ms difference may well be built in to give a more ‘live’ perception to the television player(s) in a multiplayer game. It really is quite imperceptible, but the GamePad player can see a split-second into the video game’s future.

  • sharon

    nintendo took latency very seriously YA DONT SAY sony and ms wouldn’t and dont (lol at fake core gamers) nintendo always do

    DS-WIIU Touchscreen/ wii remotes/ balance boards everything nintendo do is low latency,nintendo understands gaming same goes load speed of disc drive always custom always fast wiiu drive will load/stream likely 4 to 8 x faster than ps3 U CAN HOLD ME TO THAT,,, its a priority system for fast loading and anti piracy nintendo doesn’t do movies it does games storage (again lol at sony ms fans)core gamers dont support long load-times ?!!!!!!

    sony clearly has no idea move has horrible lag issues kinect even worse and both consoles looooaaadddd sllllooowwwwlllyyyy snail drives im sick of those companys fai;ling basic CORE GAMING DESIGN being hailed as CORE there not

    noone with a brain puts a multitouch on a psp device head in hands sony

    • Gavin

      Before you start “lol”ing at anyone, please fix your grammar so no one can “lol” at you.

      • sharon

        grammar spammer I DONT CARE,,, my post is factual and correct end of discussion,, i know what im talking about i feel a vib its that ,,thats getting to you,, a hurt fanboy always starts attacking the other guys grammar ??(because he cannot attack the posts content as its 100% true and truth hurts fanboys)

        nintendo will also use a out of order cpu in wiiu not a inline dinosaur it will also use a DSP not cpu sound i love how self proclaimed CORE GAMERS actually ms and sony fanboys

        never seem to understand true core tech thinking like latency etc ,to buzy sucking upto buzzz words like true HD etc instead of looking at the true design of a product ms and sony fans still think there cpu core is G5 lol its not even close to G5

      • BluChuChu

        Yes, their grammar is poor, but they are atleast intelligent enough to know that PS move sucks. Kinect has always worked fine for me, but I have heard many stories of it working poorly as well. Wii on the other hand, the only time you hear somebody dissing the Wii controls is when they suck at playing the Wii. Like the gamespot dude who reviewed Skyward Sword.

      • Blanca

        Fair point somebody meiontned this on twitter and I replied: Yeah makes sense- noreply’ still seems unimaginative tho. I really just put it in for comic relief, like to end on a funny note So I think better in that case to go with something like what Wufoo has I believe it’s something like friendlyrobot@ and if you reply to it, it sends you a friendly message explaining that nobody checks that mailbox, but there is a support desk they can contact.

  • VX

    Yes! Another of the doubts for Wii U KO’d. I am soo uber excited for this thing, and i’ll be so broke by December. Please, Nintendo, release more info on Wii U, like models. I need to sell my wii before this comes out and Ebay says they’re popular right now, but i need to know if the Wii U will come with any regular controllers, so i can decide if i’ll sell one of mine with the wii. It’s gonna be a long 3 months wait…….

    • mikes1025

      it won’t come with any extra controllers. i’m 95% sure of that. i’d keep your wii controllers.

      • VX

        Yeah, you’re right. I only have 3 controllers anyway, so i’d be Ok even if it did.

  • MC

    Don’t HD tv’s have a little lag to them anyway?

    • Megaman

      Exactly. The average HDTV isn’t great with latency, so this video doesn’t prove much. The TV may or may not have been in Game Mode, too.

  • Lord Carlisle

    You know what this means? Those using the gamepad will have advantage in multiplayer modes. You can bet I’ll be using it above all else.

    • Lord Carlisle

      *an advantage

      • yesman

        imagine playing COD black ops 2 when a split second determines a kill OR muti kill I definitely useing the pad

    • Babu

      I believe you, but I am uatfrounnte not to have played any of them. The only games I have really played that were good were from Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, and I think one Atlus and one Konami game.

  • Wii u crazer

    pretty awesome

  • AM

    LOL, when people said there was latency I expected the Wii U Gamepad to be the slower one not the TV. This really is not a problem, Nintendo could just slow down the FPS of the gamepad screen, i mean it is hardly noticable unless you look frame by frame.

  • sharon

    it also shows that stylus or thumb num mouse aiming in game would be very very fast !!!!!!!!!!! another mouse like ability just like wii remote again MS fail sony fail….

    • Gamer

      Tell them sister.

    • Otacilia

      i only have just the one level called taluba rasa strange i completed it too but i didnt unlock anythingare you on the wii version or the pc version?i played through the pc version

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    To whoever said that they’re worried about the GamePad having any lags, no need to worry! Nintendo’s been working very hard on WIi U, and seems like we won’t get disappointed when it comes out. But seriously, COME OUT NOW!!!

  • Azael

    and what about playing rhythm games like rhythm heaven or something

    • Emiliano

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  • KKiONI

    The latency on the screen is nice, but the delay on the television is worrisome. Unless, that is, this is typical among consoles.

    • Draco Breach

      It can depend on the quality of the HDMI cable or television control board. If the signal is delayed (usually by tin plating or stranded copper), you can delay transmission to the television. Conversely if the control board is cheap (typical in lower-end televisions like LG, Vizio, et cetera), there is typically a delay translating the image anyway.

      You also have to remember IO render on the console. Transmission is not instantaneous. There are nanosecond delays between sending an IO command (like mashing the “A” button) and the console accepting the command. Then the console has to translate the command, calculate the effect of the command, and render the command.

      Mind, these take place much quicker than the eye can see, but it’s still several lines of code (far understated).

      You have a lot of information being passed between computers – the console and the television control board.

  • Christian

    Woah!! That’s Nintendo for ya!

  • Alienfish

    Now what I want to know is if the TV is set on a minimum lag ‘game mode’ or if they have pre-processing running to make it all look smoother. You’ll get some noticeable lag with pre-processing, but the game mode should run almost as good as the controller and definitely better than 116ms behind it.

  • Chris

    My god!…. TVs are terrible if they can’t even keep up with an awesome piece of hardware like that XD

    That’s both good and okay news, just hope Nintendo fixes it with a later update or maybe a day one update for the tablet controller and console.

    Still, wouldn’t really bother me that much. 7 frames is almost unnoticeable if you think about it

  • NintendoWizard

    This is good news. On the occasions you play games only on the tablet, this would be really useful.




  • Eddy120876

    7 frames per second are not even noticeable at all. I know I tried the system and you can’t even tell at all.

  • SteampunkJedi

    Wow. I never would have guessed or noticed that in real time. Not a big difference, but the lack of lag–or the opposite of lag–on the gamepad is very nice.

    • SteampunkJedi

      (The opposite of lag compared to the TV)

  • maxlazy10

    As long as it’s not too noticeable, I’m happy

  • Jesse

    Who’s to say there’s some code that says handheld gets data first. you know like if you have a video with the audio out of sync you can use software to sync it to normal. like with Vlc. I totally support Nintendo since day one. so i’m not worried either way. I like their products and franchises.

  • Happy mask man

    If we take into account that this Wii U was setup for public demo purposes, they would be at optimal distance, have gamer mode settings on the LCD TV and have almost ready games to play… I’m a little concerned about it :/

  • Joyous Killer

    Im not Going to buy it now….