Sep 23rd, 2012

Nintendo faces some challenges marketing the Wii U to the casual crowd and the common man. The console is easy to explain to gamers and Nintendo fans — they pretty much knows what the Wii U is and whether they like or not.

But when it comes to the average gamer, it’s easy to see them confused. Is the Wii U a tablet, for example? Many in the gaming media — including us here at Wii U Daily — have called it the “Wii U tablet controller” for a long time. But according to Nintendo, the GamePad isn’t a tablet, it’s a much more than that, and it’s its own “unique thing”, as Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime puts it.

Wii U GamePadFils-Aime calls the GamePad a unique two-screen experience, a “video game controller with a built-in screen”, and that it can “do things that a regular tablet can’t”. The GamePad features regular analog sticks, a variety of buttons, built in accelerometer and gyroscope, and the NFC chip (which unfortunately isn’t used in any Wii U games yet).

Reggie isn’t the only one who’s trying to disassociate the GamePad with tablets. Nintendo representative Kit Ellis also didn’t compare the Wii U GamePad with a regular tablet. He said that it was its own “unique thing”. It makes sense for Nintendo to distance themselves from the “tablet” word, since it might cause a confusion with casual gamers who might think that the Wii U is a tablet add-on for the original Wii.

As many have pointed out, and rightfully so, Nintendo does face some challenges marketing the Wii U to the general public. While there’s no doubt that core gamers get it (the Wii U is already sold out of pre-orders), it might take some more time (and lots of advertising dollars from Nintendo), to make sure the public understands what the Wii U is.

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  • Paul

    its a gaming tablet what else you gonna call it lol

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        • Paul

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        • WiiUstupid

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          • Videodroid

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    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Why gamePAD of course ๐Ÿ™‚

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah and it ainta’ tablet cuz this one ACTUALLY has buttions u can press! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • theorangefish

        I still don’t like that controller.
        Everybody who is downvoting my comment is a fanboy! It’s just normal criticism.

        • Madmagican

          it’s an opinion and I respect that, but try not to hate the Wii U too much around here, and if it’s the controller that bothers you, either take the time to actually hold it in your hands to get a feel for it or buy a pro controller. Simple.

        • brian winn jr

          Well then don’t buy the wii U. sony …vita…fanboy

        • nintenfan

          to each his own, i guess.

        • LogicalDude

          No, everyone is “downvoting” you because you said you don’t like it, but don’t say why. It’s part of the “constructive” criticism process to say what you don’t like about things so people can understand. Otherwise you’re just saying you don’t like something and posting it, which would have been just as helpful if you said it to the air.

    • Hater Of Zer0

      The name it was given; The GamePad. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • dojo

      sry buddy but a tablet doesnt have joysticks its a little tv in ur hand a controller with a screen not a tablet nintendos right i wouldnt confuse it with a tablet its far from one

    • NoPUNintendo

      A Gamepad. You must have missed the article. Scroll up. Then go look up what a TABLET is. You’ll be surprised to learn that Tablets are portable.

    • snestendo

      A video game console

      • Your Mom

        Best thing EVER!!!

    • Ibiexplorer4

      How about a controller with a touchscreen? That’s a more accurate statement.

    • Nintendude

      *cough* Wii U Gamepad *cough*

    • Bobsingh

      no its a game “pad”

    • 007 1/2

      not anymore

    • CF

      A controller because that’s what it is

    • TheWholeTruth

      It’s a controller with a touchscreen.
      It has multiple fonctions.
      -Play on your screen, freeing the big screen TV.
      -Play 2 players without split screens.
      -Records TV.
      And more functions with the motion sensors as well as the AR Camera.

      It has great value.

    • Brian

      Gamepad bit;woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah (Mordecai & Rigby voice)!

    • Wade Garrett

      It is not a tablet. It is a control pad with an interactive screen. Its primary function is to control games. If it were a tablet then it would have only virtual buttons, and its primary function would not be to control games. It is difficult to classify hardware nowadays with the amount of boundries being blurred in modern electronic entertainment products, but by your logic a light gun would just be called a gun. Just because something looks like something else, doesn’t mean that it’s something that it is not. I’m not having a dig, I’m just trying to clarify things.

    • Nintenlord

      Check machinima console wars video they know what it is

    • Yodin

      Not really a tablet its more then that, Nintendo made a point.

    • Yodin

      GamePad not a tablet does alot more then what a tablet does.

    • Jeffery02

      A tablet, in terms of electronics, is a computerized device that can run independently of another computerized device and requires some sort of stylus or touch screen control. The GamePad is mostly dependent of the Wii U itself AND the touch screen is not the main user interface.

      A pad on the other hand is a device that is dependent on a digital device to function and has a set function for the device in question, hence a number PAD, a touch PAD, and of course this GamePAD.

      The iPad is a confusing device, because it’s not a “pad” of any kind so the name throws people off, however the iPad IS a tablet and NOT a pad. Anyone that calls it a “pad” is mistaken. I know the poster didn’t mention this part, this is just to clear things up for people that may read my reply.

    • Chris

      Yeah but its missing something…. oh yeah…. no buttons.

      A Tablet doesn’t have buttons on it which is why the gamepad is different. Duh so yeah its called a “Gamepad” for a reason.

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    it is a unique thing. it can play yo games. you can play it if someone is watching tv. nintendo you are the best

    • Colton

      Tablets can play games and you can play them while someone watches TV too y’know.

  • Anthony

    I believe the term you are looking for is โ€œunique thingโ€ lol

  • Hater Of Zer0

    Their not wrong, it is its own thing. People don’t go around calling the DS/3DS or VITA tablets because they have touchscreens.

    • TheWholeTruth

      Well said.
      They game console meant to play games.

      Tablets are mostly used for applications, internet and stuff.

      Ok, they do have some great games. Modern Combat 3, for example. (Most of them comes from Gameloft)

      But again, the lack of actual analog sticks and button makes thoses games more or less playable, it’s way better on an actual console. IMO.
      It really depends the type of game you’re playing.

    • frank

      You know, I was playing my 3DS, and I realized that covering up one screen and only using one screen at a time made me feel like I was (just slightly) achieving this whole second screen experience. Not saying anything’s a tablet, just saying that the wiiu pretty much takes the DS screens 10 steps further.

      My point is that while your correct, the lesser intelligent people out there will think of it as such because of how similar it is and they don’t know any better.

    • Alienfish

      One question: what’s a not wrong?

      • Hater Of Zer0

        Hmm? I mean Nintendo is not wrong when they say it is it’s own thing, and not a tablet.

  • ZombieGuns

    Whatever you call it it’s a innovative gaming device. I can’t wait to use it with ZombieU. It going to be a whole new level of gaming.

  • Ljink

    It’s a controller but with a second screen. It’s a new twist on the controller just like the Wiimote. Aside from Gamecube Nintendo has always tried to be unique. That’s what sets you apart from competitors.

    Just as the DS was a gaming version of the laptop, the Wii U controller is the gaming version of the tablet. The gameboy to cellphones and so on. God knows that tablet games suck eggs, Nintendo… show em’ how it’s done.

    • Wade Garrett

      The Gamecube had a carry handle, that’s pretty unique ha-ha.

  • dark

    Then what do you call it? the wiiu controller?

  • Anubis

    I donโ€™t always play with the Wii U game pad. But when I do, I use the pro controller
    Stay wiiUnique my friends :p

    • jman4102

      that does not make any sense but it is still funny

    • TheImaj

      The Most Interesting Gamer in the World
      (I got it) Lol!

  • Jetty

    It’s not a tablet. The Wii U GamePad is the WII U GamePad. Which will destructive force to remove from my deathgrip.

    • ZombieGuns

      LOL Jetty. On launch day i’ll proably fall asleep with it still in my hands.

      • Jetty

        Amen, if I sleep…

      • Nintenlord

        I knew i was not the only that sleep whit his new consoles.

  • Zhenya

    i never thought of it being a tablet when the Wii U was announced, i thought of it as being the ultimate controller

  • !!!!!!

    its not a tablet its a special controller fueled by rainbows and leprechauns

    • JumpMan

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      • rafael

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  • got my pre order

    the wii u is the first twin sync, twin screen home entertainment system.



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        • revolution5268

          Wii love U.

        • Elladan

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    • Nintendude

      I swear trolls are just getting more stupid by the seconds…

    • Nintendo Gamer

      Actually the Wii U gamepad is part of the wii u system, it is not an accessory for the wii. It is a SEPERATE system! It IS next gen!

      • Game Master

        Way to go Nintendo Gamer, You show that troll what’s what.

      • revolution5268

        REAL TALK!^

    • CheckItNow12

      Ugh. You again. First of all, what the hell is a Wii iPad? And second of all, who’s calling accesories next gen? Nobody. And what do you mean by “Wii HD cables?” The wii isn’t HD, and the HDMI cables will be included with the wii u. The 3DS XL isn’t a scam (How is it a scam?), your grammar and spelling is horrible, and when did Iwata promise Earthbound for the wii? I swear, if you’re trying to be a troll, put some effort into it at least.

      • Game Master

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      • WiiUstupid

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  • 88MilesPrower

    I hope they can find something more charismatic to call it than a unique thing. It would be easier to distance it from being a tablet by calling it something new entirely as opposed to a Not a Tablet.

    • Grodus

      OK, call it a… ziknonwokin.

  • Kevin White

    They’d best not compare it to a tablet, because the mainstream public is going to wonder why multi-touch isn’t working.

    I want the gamepad to be able to play VC and Wii original games sans TV. Maybe in a patch someday. Probably not.

    • ZombieGuns

      Noob question but does the gamepad have a speaker?

      • Kevin White

        Yes, dual speakers (tiny ones) and an audio out / headphone jack.

        • ZombieGuns

          Good to hear.

  • meliza

    Some people are stupid because they think the Wii U Gamepad is a tablet. WELL IT ISN’T! If YOU think the GAMEPAD is a TABLET YOU are an IDIOT. You now what, saying you are an idiot is way to good to be called an idlot. You should be called a SUPER MEGA STUPID IDIOT! After this day I hope YOU now know that the Wii U Gamepad is NOT a stupid tablet. A tablet has no analogs or buttons that the Gamepad has. It barely has the button to turn it on and off. If you still think the Gamepad is a tablet read the article over and over and over until you learn. If you still think the Gamepad is a Tablet than yo should go to the doctor.


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    • Popsicles!!

      No one is forcing you to buy a new console…. If you don’t like it then don’t get it. I don’t see why you keep bashing the WiiU

    • Nintendude

      Didn’t you just say that?

      • goginho

        Well I guess the smartass is running out of things to say ๐Ÿ˜› ..he’s not even worth replying to anymore.

    • Kahhhhyle

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      • Kahhhhyle

        Sigh never mind ignore my previous comment we’ll just keep feeding him

    • Maverick-Hunter

      Is this why your confused???? Dude it’s not a controller well it is but it’s not like your putting the games into the wii >.> it comes with a whole new device that runs the games the gamepad is a remote with a screen on it. FYI that’s not it’s range “8 feet”

    • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

      Get the troll patrol please

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        the objective of a troll is to get under your skin or work you up .

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        • Ibiexplorer4

          Yes, sir!

        • SONYA

          Its stupid to have a screen on the controller, its a pointless gimmick. I love zelda though i’ll buy a wiiu when a new one comes out. I figured out what the Triforce stands for…….. the three good Zelda’s- Link to the past, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Super Metroid was good too ๐Ÿ™‚ and if they release a side scrolling Metroid.

    • CheckItNow12

      The gamepad is included with the console. It won’t be sold seperately expect in Japan. And the WII U GAMEPAD IS NOT AN ADD ON FOR THE WII. Also, your spelling is horrible: Go back to elementary school.

      • CheckItNow12


        • JumpMan


    • revolution5268

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  • Elite

    What ever it is, the official words to call it is “Bad A**”

  • Benjaminkno

    no news here

  • JasperPaddlin

    Calling the Wii U a Tablet…. that’s a paddlin’

    • Benjaminkno

      Sayin Wii U’s gonna fail… that’s a paddlin

  • Popsicles!!

    Umm what about a gamepad? Can we all agree on that?

  • Kahhhhyle

    When ever my friends want me to explain it I tell them that it’s a DS snapped in half.

  • BCphoton

    Makes sense, because then some people will start thinking, “Hey, I can connect my iPad to that!”

  • Maverick-Hunter

    The only way to differ your self from what everyone thinks you are is by showing them how your different from the thing they are trying to compare you too so just grab a tablet and walkover by showing you what a gamepad can do

  • cub

    i hope i can also use it as a tablet

  • Br

    They aren’t just saying t’s ‘not a tablet’ because it has buttons and sticks or its meant as a controller, they’re saying that it enables unique experiences. A TV is 1 window into a 3d environment, this is the 1st console to ever give you 2. It can also be a great prop like a shield or the lyrics board in kareoke the imagination is the only limit. It’s easy to say what it isn’t but a lot harder to say what is is. Many games, especially ports will never get to figure it out unfortunately or will fall back on a few generic uses. Unfortunately like the wii it is possible that we’ll get to the end of life on wii u without seeing it reach it’s full potential but im looking forward to seeing what game & wario will come up with

  • Your Mom

    Unique until micro$ony copies it wait they did that already well I’m not surprised.

    • Troll Patroll

      Uh are you retarded? Nintendo is the only one copying with this ipad/dreamcast and sony will not give this wii-ds rock a second glan e.ps3 and 360 have long lives ahead of them and nintendo once again offers no competition.

      • TheImaj

        Don’t be dumb.

      • F.B.I AGENT

        Fake representation on internet oficial is punishable by condemn of jail of to 50 years in a federal court

      • Josh

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      • nintendofreak

        so d troll patroll consist of trolls awkard



  • SteampunkJedi

    I see that the Wii U could be a hard sell for the general public. But I’m sure Nintendo will make ads for TV and the internet that clear up the Wii U’s (and it’s controller’s) stance to the general public soon.

    • nintendofreak

      people arent dat stupid dey will eventually understand

      • SteampunkJedi

        I’m sure a few are. But I hope most are smart enough to get the Wii U’s awesomeness.

  • logan7699

    That is why i still feel that Nintendo should have named the WiiU the “N.U.” that way on advertising they could say its new “U” and then the general public would not be confused…they could put a label saying the Wii successor… but they want them to know that the Wii accessorizes will work on the WiiU. so spend money on telling people it a gamepad…

  • duck

    So it looks like a duck and walks like a duck but its not a duck?

    • Collected

      Platypus my friend, platypus

      • Duck

        A platypus doesn’t walk like a duck and the controller is stupid. The xbox ripoff doesn’t look half bad though, they should have ripped off the ps3 controller though.

        • Collected

          Okay, you need to break down your duck metaphor before anything else; because it implies that the only game feature of the gamepad (usage of gameplay = duck walking) is the touchscreen yet a cursory glance will reveal controller sticks, buttons, etc not native to a tablet.

          The “xbox ripoff” as you call it is actually the gamepad configuration without the touchscreen, with the handles taking the most ergonomic shape for players. Does Microsoft even have a patent right to that controller shape, no, because it all falls under the dualshock controller design. Would you have Nintendo design an uncomfortable controller or use commonsense and give players a controller with the known ergonomic support. PS3, Xbox 360 or Gamecube-esque controller for Wii U would all be good in my book, it shouldn’t have to come down to such a petty criticism.

  • CountShaqula

    I think this console wars, and this mines better than yours shit is ridiculous.

    Im a multi-console gamer.

    I dont care much for the Xbox. It just doesnt appeal to me. Is the Xbox a bad console? Hell no, and it has its strength’s. Plus its a great console to a lot of people.

    Playstation. I love it, and it has its strength’s and weaknesses as well. I really enjoy the first party titles, and I like getting the multiplatform games. Plus I think the online is great.

    Nintendo is by far my preference. I love the first party, and I think its exciting that they’re also getting more multiplatform games. As well as the unique play styles Nintendo offers.

    I see next gen as this. From a smart business perspective of each company pricing their consoles from 300-400.

    Wii U – Power wise it will be the weakest. I think it will get a lot more 3rd party titles. The feature of this console is obvious. The advantages of dual screen game play. As Reggie says. Its all about the experience. This consoles manufacturing price includes both the gamepad, and console. Keep that in mind.

    Next Xbox – Slightly stronger than the Wii U. I actually think this console might have a chance of getting slightly less third party support. Its big feature will be the Kinect 2.0. Remember earlier how I said the Wii U’s manufacturing costs consist of the gamepad/console? This consoles manufacturing costs will include the Kinect/Console. So dont expect the hardware to be too much beefier than the Wii U. If you like controllerless motion control though. Expect some really unique games for it.

    PS4 – I expect this to be the most powerful. I think it will have most of its features with in the console. Expect great first party, and third party support. I think this console will be using the basic classic Dual Shock controller. Sony fans have become acustomed to over the past three generations. This consoles manufacturing costs will be completely in the hardware.

    Lastly I would like to say. Stop comparing the Wii U. To the PS3/360. Its a next generation console. I even see us Nintendo fans flaunting this. I know its great to tell all the drones who badgered us over the years that we are going to have the strongest console on the market for a couple months, but thats wrong. Nintendo fans this generation need to remember there roots. It was all about the gameplay remember? Not my console has more RAM or a better GPU. It was the GAMEPLAY!

    Stop this nonsense. All consoles have there strengths and weaknesses. If you dont like a console dont play it, and if someone dislikes the console you do. Remember dont feed the trolls.

  • SideScreamer

    I think Wii U Daily should get rid of it’s comments section on articles, and move discussions like this to the forum. Oh, and while they’re at it, write real articles.

    • Collected

      Let them do their own thing

    • Paul

      no thankyou

      instead have a sign up system and if a user is being evil then ban them

    • Skyrim on WiiU

      SideScreamer your a genius I fully agree with you but sadly these comment sections are the only reason anyone comes to this site the articles dont matter dont be a silly goose.

  • xdlugia

    Of course it isn’t a tablet…


  • Dan

    The gamepad can do what any other game system can do including PC,,,, I just hope Nintendo use its technology ๐Ÿ™‚ Nintendo has a history of including potential functionality but never use it,,,,

  • Dan

    How about Super Wii?

  • Johny

    yep… its the first problem for the other people who dont get it. I guess alot of people will just think is actually an add-on for wii… to play the game without tv… it would be a better idea to name it differently… now it just confuses people since it has such a similar and rather confusing name hinting to a regular cheap addon… i really hope alot of proper advertisement is put into this and inform people about what Wii U really is =)


    Its an all functional WII U game tablet contoller whit joysticks (WII U gamepad)

  • Colton

    It’s not a tablet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tablet-esque.

    It also doesn’t mean that no one will make a gaming tablet designed with buttons and such as well.

  • theorangefish

    There is something I really hate about Nintendo! They always want to reinvent the wheel and that’s a bad thing!

  • nintendofreak

    for crying out loud its the wiiu controller just call it dat

  • Marcus

    The game pad is not a tablet. Tablets work on their own. The game pad useless without the Wii U console.

  • Tehtriggerman

    So lemmie get this right..You can remotely play any game on the Wii-U on this awesome control pad thingee? N00b I know, but Im curious.

  • Tommy


  • toddblend

    Flash back to when GameCube/GBA had this connection every one on here would call it a i-pad any way since no one on here has any history about how Nintendo works. This idea is the same as the NDS but now think of it as you would detach the top part of your NDS and start playing like how the WiiU is going to play. Sony also copied this idea and once Nintendo starts having GameCube games for download like Zelda four swords every one will get face palm because it will show you they had done this before in the past.