Dec 25th, 2012

Here’s an interesting discovery: Nintendo has apparently region-locked the Wii U GamePad controller. Which means if you purchase a GamePad controller in Japan (which are sold separately at around $180), and try to connect it to your Wii U in the United States, it won’t work.

Wii U consoles are region locked, and so are the games. It seems Nintendo went the extra step and region locked a controller. As far as we know, this would be the first time in history that a videogame controller is region locked.

Nintendo currently only sells the GamePad separately in Japan, but will start selling them individually in North America and Europe next year. There are currently no games that support two GamePads, nor are there any games that have been announced to support two GamePads.

Wii U GamePad


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  • Laud

    If they don’t want people to play Jap games on US consoles then maybe they should just give us the how-to so we can hack the consoles this year. 

    It’s gonna happen anyway and they’re going to lose software sales because people are just going to end up pirating the console to play Jap games. 

    Do you know how crazy it gets when people want to play a JRPG? To avoid this they’re going to have to bring over a LOT of JRPGs…

    • Megan Allen

      nintendo giving a how-to-hack there consoles?really
      if you have ever hacked any console you followed a tutorial on youtube
      gosh i hate it when people pretend there hackers

      • Laud


        I’ve nothing to say to you.

        • Revolution5268

           facepalm, you did not understand what he said didn’t you?

          • Laud

            What I don’t understand is how he managed to get that I’m a pretend hacker when I never said I was a hacker in the first place. 

            He hates it when people pretend to be hackers, I think he’s a nitpicky cunt and I hate when people are nitpicky cunts.

          • Revolution5268


    • Ozl


    • Cold Heat

      Usually people pirate the software, not the console

  • Linskarmo

    That sure is the extra step. I’m not sure why exactly they did that, but I doubt it’ll affect most people.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Yup, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I don’t import Japanese games, so it’s no loss to me.

  • Ultranist

    lol hardware based DRM

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Nintendo is such a bunch of *&%@ faces

  • Laud

    The next logical step is to Hard-DRM the physical cases cuz you know, we don’t want the Japanese to be using our blue recyclable cases to store their games.

  • Captain Falcon
  • RoadyMike

    Aww,I soo looking forward to spending 100-200 bucks for a second controller that I’ll never use from another region.This sux! *sarcasm switch off*
    Chill out guys.Sure this wasn’t a smart move from Nintendo but honestly,will this in particular affect us much?I doubt it
    Plus,like the article says,there are currently are no games that support 2 Gamepad controllers,so why get a second one?Why not just have 1 Gamepad and anybody else gets Wiimotes and/or  Pro controllers?That’s good enough for me

  • John Madsen

    wow really nintendo you region locked the gamepad how %$#@#$!@#$%$#=@#$$%^&*&^&&*&^^%$#@!!!@#$ stupid are you

  • Th3PANO

    lol who the fuck cares, no need for a second gamepad now, lol overreacting a bit community?

    • blaster man

      If it’s of so little importance then why did Nintendo do it?  Clearly THEY think there’s a reason for it.

  • Johny

    lol… why was that necesarry nintendo ? 😐 well its not such big a deal when you look at it… but still

    • Ford Crews

       Cause they want to milk every extra dime out of customers they can.   If they didn’t, people might exploit differences in the money markets and save some money.   This way they can charge nations that can’t afford big bucks for games less, and screw rich prosperous nations.

      • Megan Allen

        screw rish prosperous nations….nice sentiment

        • Ford Crews

           Well a truly free market for games would help almost everyone except Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo.   Region locks are there to maximize the profits of the richest of the rich, not help consumers.

  • Fistbiscuit2000

    My Wii U is dead! 🙁

  • DemonRoach

    Shows that the gamepad was the worst Idea in Nintendo history.  It raised the Wii U from a 150$ machine to a 300 machine.  So we got stuck with a trash piece of junk unit just to get a crap screen on our controller, this is why Nintendo stock dropped 20% in the past 30 days.  

    • DemonRoach

       And 2, there is no way a separate gamepad costs over 90$ since a 3DS XL cost 160. 

      • pokemonmastershadow

         Electronics cost more in Japan yet you’re comparing it to the English prices, and importing fees add to the cost as well.

    • Th3PANO

      wow lol. overreacting dafuq? worst idea?

  • Revolution5268

    i never seen this type of region locked before, but  makes me wonder…..whats next?