Aug 9th, 2012

Amazon UK is now listing a “Wii U controller faceplate” for pre-order, which confirms that Wii U faceplates will be available for those who wish to spice up their GamePad. The Amazon listing indicates that it’s a “Nintendo Licensed” controller faceplate, which likely means that all official plates will be certified and licensed by Nintendo, much like Microsoft did with the original Xbox 360 front plates. This isn’t the first time we’ve actually seen a Wii U faceplate. Back at E3 a few months ago, developer 5th Cell revealed an odd-looking Wii U controller faceplate based on their upcoming game Scriblenauts Unlimited. The faceplate mimics protagonist Maxwell’s iconic rooster hat, as you can see on the image below.

Amazon priced the faceplate at £15, which could be a tad too much for what is essentially a piece of plastic. But pre-orders are generally set at a higher price point if there is no official price set by the manufacturer. Perhaps Nintendo will soon reveal some of their own officialy branded faceplates as well.

Scribblenauts Wii U faceplate

Via Amazon UK, image via Joystiq

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  • Ninfan

    Wow that looks amazing now i can swag out my tablet, Nintendo you never cease to suprise me!

    • Anonymous

      Swag is an acronym meaning

      • Ninfan

        if thats how you feel than its wrong, i meant swaggers succesor, #swag, got something against it?

        • Everybody

          Yes, it makes you look like a retard.

        • ninjabake

          Guy is telling the truth “swag” isn’t even used by rappers anymore because of the gay meaning. I’m forreal, Google it LOL

        • Anonymous

          Ya. And I wasn’t trying to be rude, I’m just informing you that saying means you are gay. Not that you are I’m just saying.

          • jamin

            but… what’s wrong with gay, huh? gay people aren’t bad people.

          • Anonymous

            Jamin, I never said anything was wrong with gays. I support gay marriage but I am assuming he isn’t and that he wouldn’t want people to be confused.

          • Mikey

            Could we please leave politcal issues out of this? This is a sight for Nintendo fans and I’m sorry if this sounds rude but I don’t know you and therefore don’t care about your beliefs. Let’s just stick with talking about Nintendo.

      • maybe your mother


      • anon

        swagger (plural swaggers)

        1. A bold, or arrogant strut.
        2. A prideful boasting or bragging.

        It’s attributed to the play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ from 1590 (that’s the first known use of the word, which may have been invented by the author).

        swag comes from the word swagger its not an acronym nor does it have anything to do with gay people.

    • loko34

      wii-U is low..

    • Bravyoura

      Wow that looks amazing now i can swag out my tablet, Nintendo you never cease to suprise me, cost 10p to produce and just £15 on Amazon !BARGAIN! I’m getting a least a dozen:)

  • Paul

    looks great, hoping theres a zombieu version on its way

    dont forget they charge £50 for covers for the ipad

    • Andy

      The iPad is something completely different from the Wii U, it won’t be the same price.

      • Paul

        not really has ipad is a tablet and the wii u is a tablet lol

        • Darktoonlink88

          The Wii U is far more than a tablet.

        • Domo

          The Wii U is not a tablet, the controller is a tablet

          • Crapcake

            Its a gamepad

      • Gleumadson

        Wait until it comes out. Then go to and BUY it there. You usually can get stuff cpaheer there than in stores. Madden NFL ’11 costs $50.00 in stores. You can bid on it for about $11.00 on eBay.Not all items on eBay for sale are only up for auction. You can purchase stuff too!Or you can just get a DSi XL for $169.99 in Gamestop.

  • planetmobius

    Oh Yea! it looks nice,im just worried about the grip it will have,but im sure it will play out nicely!

  • SuperShyGuy

    Make Samus’ visor as a faceplate and we have a deal!

    • NoPUNintendo

      Now that’s badass. Or triforce.

  • Ben

    I hope they also make coverss for the front of the console (and if this really is i hope you are able to remove the USB, SD and syncbutton port and change it with a incluided one so it wont look ugly like the abyx buttons here.

    • Paul

      im sure the faceplate will fit around the tablet without it getting heaver and ben do you mean like the xbox 360 used to have

  • nintendoododo

    it looks kinda ugly in my opinion

    • Andy

      Well there are going to be different ones.

  • Nintendonoob

    I hope there will be a faceplate with Nintendo on the Console and all their video game characters on the Wii U gamepad

  • Anhell

    A dark Color for me It would be great! Or I would go with zelda or link 🙂

  • Bravyoura

    Come on Nintendo faceplates, faceplates! I thought we were trying hardcore, blood, guts, sex and violence not faceplates the only cover I want to see on my game pad is sweat proof rubber and a screen protector.


    • Andy

      You don’t have to get it if you don’t want to.

    • EvanescentHero

      “… much like Microsoft did with the original Xbox 360 front plates.”

      Just sayin’. Faceplates don’t make a company casual. They enable those who want to adorn their controllers or consoles to do so. Not everyone wants to have a console or controller that looks exactly the same as everyone else’s.

    • Adkez

      How exactly does blood, sex, and violence make a gamer or a system hardcore? Not saying a game can’t have those (many great games have that), but I personally think that a real gamer enjoys games because of the storyline, characters, GAMEPLAY, and that kind of thing. If people play games JUST BECAUSE of blood and gore and not for the fun factor, then what’s the point? Besides, you don’t have to get faceplates if you don’t want to.

    • Roy

      Hardcore is not just about blood, gore and sex…. -_-

    • Ninfan

      You know the faceplate is optional 🙂

    • Your Mom

      Dude u spelt thought wrong

    • Mikey

      They’re not moving away from casual. They want to include both groups. Besides, I like it that Nintendo doesn’t make those kinds of games and if they ever do then I might very seriously consider leaving Nintendo.

    • person

      Oh yeah, and I bet you think that blood, guts, sex, and violence means hard core, too! No it means rated M, retard. What a poser.

    • Aman

      You are a stupid person. Blood is not adult, it is death. You are a stupid person.

    • Lazyboy88

      The new Wii U is like the old Wii going to be a family console.. although they forgot to make games for teens and adults on the old Wii.. but that is what they are trying to make up for on the new Wii U..

  • jack

    Its just like the nintendo ds and dsi cover

    • jamin


  • Stazkun

    Oh wow how cool might get one so if i drop my control it will at least have a better chance of not dying

  • tekkentagU

    can’t wait for a Zelda one!

  • rp17

    First, Nintendo got the idea of faceplates from Microsoft. Are you saying Microsoft isn’t hardcore?

    Second, Nintendo is trying to reach the hardcore gamers. That doesn’t necessarily mean aduilt content. Even then, what you described doesn’t sound like it’s for adults. More like for pyscopaths!

    • ShakeyCola

      In all honesty, the Gameboy Micro had faceplates.

      • EvanescentHero

        As did the GameCube (sorta).

    • Kyron

      lol. “pyscopaths!”

    • Ninfan

      lol your right, all i can say is your right. lol

  • Zeldazero

    I think people are misunderstanding what Nintendo is trying to do with this system. They are trying to get back the hardcore gamers, but…also keeping the casual gamers. You know the difference between casual gamers and hardcore gamers? Casual gamers don’t try to insult and downgrade hardcore gamers…I believe lots of people will like faceplates as well as many people will buy Game Party Champions, who cares if it is mostly the casual gamers, it was the casual gamers that helped the Wii sell over 100 million consoles. Either way we are all “gamers” and we will enjoy the Wii U in our own ways 🙂

    • eugoreez

      I believe casual gamers don’t comment on the internet as much lol

    • jamin

      you. are. my. favorite. person. ever,

  • Codplayer

    Hope they make one about COD black ops 2

    • Codplayer Sucks

      true that! lol

      • Anonymous

        Love your name.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I want a Legend of Zelda one! Or Mario! Maybe both together! …Wait, that would be kinda weird.

  • Eddy120876

    That looks like Maxwell from Scribblenauts 😀

    • jamin

      um… it is…

  • Your Mom

    Anyone realize it looks like max’es head from scribblenauts?

    • jamin

      not to be repetitive but, um… it is…

      • Aman

        ha ha ha, nice comment. Heaven forbid people read the article before commenting.

  • MR.nintendo

    that could be unconfortable for your fingers and pressing buttons

    • derty

      Ya the plastic loox a little thick and may make it difficult to press the a,b,x,y buttons accurately 🙁

  • ryu hazuki

    Why do i never get corrected in real life when i say something incorrect?

    • Aman

      I don’t know, but you should. I should too.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I thought I saw a 3DS behind the gamepad.

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    Hey um this is in the UK right? What about North America u can guess where im from and yeah are this news ONLY for UK or USA

  • Crapcake

    There’s a pencil to the left of the gamepad

  • Lazyboy88

    There will certainly be a Pikachu faceplate at some pointe i just know it xD