Nov 24th, 2012

The guys over at GizmoSlip are famous for their “drop tests”, where they take new consumer electronics and do a simple drop test, where it’s dropped from a few feet height on different angles. Overall, the GamePad gets a few scratches, even when dropped on concrete from 5 feet. It’s a pretty solid device, all things considered. We still haven’t found out what that weird Wii U GamePad rattle is, though.

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  • Leeroy


    • Nko Sekirei

      does anyone know how to get a avatar on here cause im getting sick and tired of people stealing names especially mine recently.I take good care of my new system and controller but its good to hear that the wii u pad can survive falls like that

      • Nko Sekirei

        Wtf that wasn’t me… I hate this site. Name stealer

        • AKA-Link77

          There’s been a series of name stealings here. Some one call Name Busters!
          . . . . Anyways, i think its safe to go to war with my game pad as a noble shield!

      • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

        get a gravatar

      • Superrty

        Go to gravitar and create an account. Then use the same email here that you used for Your account

      • Nko Sekiri

        Why would anyone do such a teribble thing?

        • Nko Sekirei

          stfu u bastard if u continue to use my name i swear ur not gonna like me

          • Nko Sekirei

            with such a poor name the only way to get you out is to use it again and again 😀

        • Nko Sekirei

          dude i dont misspell that shows u ur a poor copy cat

          • Nko Sekirei :P

            I* Don’t* You* Are*

          • Darknut

            LOL hes trolling you. Forget him. This site is full of noobs anyways, forget about commenting here. Find a better site.

          • Lord Carlisle

            Half of those words were misspelled!

          • HyrulianUtopia

            Lmao I was the original copycat but lmao that was funny.
            “dude I dont misspell that shows u ur a poor copy cat” lmao hahaha!

          • Nko Sekirei

            I double dare you mother effer…

    • zeroSØUL

      We all play outside and accidentally drop our stuff, right?
      What an accurate test…

      • Lazyboy88

        If it can survive a 4 ft. drop on concrete than i bet it can survive any other floor in your house..

        • Colton

          I have a floor of white-hot metal spikes. So I hope you’re right.

          • NightºƒCore

            I have a bridge floor with lava underneath. I also hope he’s right. If he’s not let’s toast him >:D

          • revolution5268

            i live in a dungeon so this is accurate to mii.

        • Andrew Sheehan

          Marble floor > concrete.

      • ao1jmm

        That is the point though. If it can take that then it can definitely take being dropped inside your house on carpet or tile.

        • zeroSØUL

          lol thats what I said, got 3 dislikes for some reason.

          • revolution5268

            trolls….what can you do…

    • rjm420247

      Fuc it.

    • dr scoobie

      If your really determined to find out whats causing that rattle.
      open up the wii u gamepad, and shake each piece individually.

      i would laugh if somebody put a tick tack in there to drive you crazy.

      • revolution5268

        um that rattle thing is the a,b,x,y button you know. spread it around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • U and Mii

      My Gamepad doesn’t seem to rattle.

      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        Oh it hurts me to see the gamepad fall like that.

  • aleks

    i saw it the wii u is awesome xd

    • VX

      Another video of people destroying the wii u. But this one is to determine the quality of a product. Not incinerating something thinking it will make it more valuable.

  • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

    meh who cares! thats why u buy cases!

  • tht guy

    thank you thank you i have praise to say for nintendo i was so worried that when i get my wii u if i drop the gamepad whats gonna happen is the screen gonna crack or anything else thankfully we know now that its abble to survive

    • Sqarticus

      All nintedo products are durable. Every nintendo product I’ve ever owned (including an SNES) has survived extremely well, even if dropped, i.e. the gamecube, DS lite, ect, ect

      • Lazara The Last

        As long as they have enough Nintendium, it will always be like that! XD

      • DerikGotro64

        My first gamecube was struck by lightning. Not so durable. (True story)

      • ultrasyd

        Yeah Nintendo is always solid as rock. my 2 years and so old son is my new crash test. I can say the wii motes seem to be maybe as solid as the good old game boy : )

      • Grodus

        Yeah, my 3DS fell from a refrigerator once (keep wondering), and has fell on concrete many times, but it’s fine, just has a scratch on the L and R buttons.

  • Gary Sherman

    Wii u looks as its going to get better with each post

    • NightºƒCore

      B!tch, please, the Wii U is better

  • Tobbe

    Never dropped a mote or chuch. Hope i dont drop this one. My 7y thoe… Well he served one time on tennis and forgot to strap up… Lucky he hit the wall and ower mote said goodbye to the world

  • Yvonne Cruz

    I want a Will U for Christmas because it’s the best new item of the year.

    • eli

      spoiled person its surprising how much money people get spent on for christmas

  • -IVIatrix+


    • Nko Sekirei

      I looooovvvvveeeeee thee wiiiiiiiUuuuuu

    • Nintenlord

      nintendo means truck…. come on people some have to know the reference

      • Nintenlord

        Hate kids they have no respect for the elderly they thumb me down 🙁

        • revolution5268

          its the fucking trolls, not us!!!

  • D2K

    Nintendo products have always been durable. I remember I was sitting on the floor playing my GameCube on day. The phone rang and it was in the other room. So I had to get up and run to go answer it. Somehow the controller cord had gotten wrapped around my leg so when I got up and ran it pulled the cord and the system with it and I kicked the GameCube across the room.

    Not only did it not break the system, not only did the cord no snap, but the game didn’t even SKIP!!!

    If that is not a testament to how durable Nintendo products are, I don’t know what is.

    • PKUltima

      If I drop my Gamecube while it’s playing, everything will be perfectly fine. Of I touch an Xbox 360 while it’s playing a game it destroys the disk…

    • [000]

      I’ve accidentally pulled my Wii off of the end table in my basement by a Gamecube controller cord hundreds of times. Absolutely nothing happens when it hits the ground. That’s pretty durable.

      • Alex

        My one time, my cousin trip the cable then my GameCube fell crash a 2 foot statue then the statue’s arm broke but my GameCube still works.

    • Raskens

      My little brother (he was 4) jumped from my bed on to the gamecube with his feet togheter, and nothing happened with it. It did broke several years later, but shi* how the h*ll did it survive that jump at that moment.

    • Christian

      And a Gameboy that survived a tank explosion. Nintendo knows how to make sturdy consoles.

  • Josh

    Take it apart to find out the rattle source, jeez, surprised no one has yet.

    • eli

      its the x and y buttons
      my wii u doesn’t rattle is something wonderfully right or wrong?

  • immallama

    Well that’s good ^.^ I don’t need to worry much about kiddies dropping it then XD

    I’m still a little worried about getting scratches on the screen though. That’s why i’m going to get screen protectors on day one XP



  • Link

    I cringed every time the Gamepad hit the ground.

    • Lazara The Last

      Yeah, me to… I was really sad and scared when it bounced like it did…

    • BlackStar*

      the 3ds has a rattle as well, I think it has a pedometer type thing inside of it that makes that noise, or the gyroscope could be the issue. (dont know how though)

  • Jeffery02

    That’s impressive. I was actually just waiting for the screen to break, but I was pleasantly surprised. Still though, I’m not about to test these drops myself. I may end up regretting it if I take it too far.

    • Nko Sekirei

      lol some people throw theirs out of anger

      • Nko Sekirei

        only idiots do so

    • mikey

      they should make a video where they directly hit the screen to see the screen’s durability.

      • eli

        that would be a *utility not a game

      • Christian

        Ehh, unless someone has major anger issues and slams the screen with a hammer, we know what’s gonna happen.

        • lakersfan


  • derty

    nice drops 🙂

  • HyperSonicN1

    Nintendium BIATCH!

  • PKMN trainer Red

    poor Gamepad…

    • Tobbe

      Poor? Iam impressed. Think about all parties this little magic thing will hold out. What about some wet test? Beer, whiskey and vodkatest

      • Tobbe

        And scratchtest. Hope it have the same screen like htc one x. I can scrape with a nail on the screen and hammer down a nail without a scratch or so. Sry of topic but i like to see wet and scratch test

      • Lazara the Last

        The only thing I ever will drink while playing must be beer. And only with friends. No whiskey or vodka, I don’t trust my friends that much 😛

  • Tobbe

    Only thing that have broke for me on wii is the cord between mote and chuck. I played boxing and flexed to much and the cable snatched

  • Elite

    always loved watching these things.

  • Basherbob

    I think the rattle is the motion sensor. If you shake the wii nunchuck remote you can hear the same thing.

    • Bosmur

      No, its the buttons on the nun chuck that rattle, I just tested it

      • Basherbob

        I can’t say for sure because I’m in the uk and don’t have my wii u yet, but from watching the video from wiiudaily they held all the buttons down at once proving that it must be coming from something inside the controller.

        • Lazyboy88

          I don’t know what it is but my ps3 dualshock 3 sixaxis controller does the same thing when you grab the right side and shake, i don’t even have to shake it that hard.. i’m not worried one bit, Nintendo FTW!

    • JC Denton

      It’s a bomb

  • Nintendonoob

    I like seeing stuff drop as much as the next guy but this! This makes me wanna cry

  • pringles dill

    I wanna smash wii u controller when i get one and then smash the console with axe, then I see how strong that wiiu really is.

    • Zhenya

      how about microwave it? that would be reaaally smart

      • Threinfhir

        Some clown already did that.

    • HyrulianUtopia

      How dare you?!!

    • Cyanide

      Come on!!! Give the axe a break!!! You know it won’t stand a chance!!!

  • Reggienator

    Ain’t the rattlesound the pen on the back?
    You guys might want to try that, if you haven’t already.
    If it ain’t the pen, it must be the buttons.

    • dubYA

      Precisely. It’s stylus and the ABXY buttons, but mostly the buttons.

      Don’t know why so many people can’t seem to figure this out. -_-

      • [000]

        It’s not. I took out the stylus and held down all the face buttons, and shook it. It still made the rattling sound.

        • Poncho

          Well no duh, shake it hard enough and something will come loose. It’s the buttons, no question. Tried and tested it myself. Heard it when I lifted the Gamepad above my head, and the buttons were the first thing I held down. It was them.

  • derty

    also that’s Houston Texas city skyline in the backround 😀
    that’s cool they live in my city 🙂

  • Seth Michel

    All I want for Christmas is the Wii U. I got home from school one day a year ago and watched Nintendo unveil it at E3 2011 and ever since then I knew I would buy that thing asap. Sadly I couldn’t afford it for the release and can’t buy it for Christmas. I think that the Wii U is the best console so far and will offer by far the best game play of any console. Also I’ve always wanted a tablet or smartphone for all the apps, and now because of the Wii U’s touchscreen, developers will put their apps for tablets and smartphones onto the Wii U so I would finally be able to play the best apps and the best games on the best console.

  • filthysock

    The rattle coming from the gamepad is from the ABXY buttons and possibly a small rattling sound from various other buttons. Hold the buttons down while shaking the gamepad.

    • Tobbe

      I will open it and put little foam at some points in it, with dubbletape on it. Have your eyes open. Will post on the tube. No loose noise

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    gamepad rattle is the gyroscope and accelorometer, just incase wiiudaily wanted to know.

  • The Detonator

    its a TANK!

  • WreckitRalph

    One word:


    • Reggienator

      You dare compare Nintendo to the failing company Nokia?
      Nokia rather sux. If they ain’t making money on Win8 Phones, they’re gonna die…

      • WreckitRalph

        Dude, if you knew ah ye olde school Nokia, I was referring to the Nokia 3310. It’s a compliment.

  • TheUNation

    Final verdict: The Wii U GamePad is like a Timex watch– takes a lickin’ and keeps on kickin’ ass and taken names. Oops… my bad, Reggie. I’m glad that the GamePad is very durable.

  • dojo

    wow thats just amazing well that puts mind at easy of droping the gamepad scince most my house has carpeting NOT CEMENT

  • Richard

    Nintendo always make the most resistant and durable stuff

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Lol what did you expect from nintanium (the mysterious material all nintendo products are made of)

  • Linskarmo

    I expected it to be this durable, of course. But what if a face hits a corner? I guess that would be highly unlikely to occur, but it would be interesting to know how well the GamePad resists that.

  • LePasPossible

    The RATTLE SOUND is from the PEN shaking on the gamepad. Remove it and it will fix the issue

  • LePasPossible

    The Rumble feature makes a Rattle Noise also if compared to the PS3. The noise is similar to the Rumble Pack Add-on we used to know for the N64 controller. I think it’s become a Nintendo Legacy 🙂

  • Captain Potato

    If there was anything in the whole universe I could have for Christmas it would be the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future so that I could go forward in time and buy a Wii U Deluxe Edition for $150.00 and The Legend of Zelda U for just $20.00, download the latest update so that there would be no loading screens or glitchy processing anymore, come back in time and show it off to all of the Wii U haters that it IS THE ONLY next generation console! The End!

    • tht guy

      you sir are my new hero all i have to say

  • Nintendo forever

    That was so hard to watch

  • rafael

    I give the gamepad a 10 for that last flip.

  • Jetty

    Weak stomach, I cringe everytime it hits the ground.

  • corbin74

    Has nobody realized when you take out the stylus and hold the abxy and +- buttons the game pad doesn’t rattle???

  • HotInEER

    He was dropping it from 5 ft not 4 ft. I’m very impressed. It can survive concrete, my kids are good to go sitting in my recliners with wood floors.

  • Burnannator

    i saw the wii u at target 2 day and it was smaller that i hoped for

  • Hmanvilla

    I want super powers for Christmas to rule the universe.

  • WiiUnited FC: 3952-7314-9397

    Of course Nintendos products are durable. I’ve dropped my SNES multiple times, well actually fell off my bed and it still works today. Btw I was at target and went straight to the wii U and as I picked up the game pad it felt so natural and light in my hands.

  • rjm420247

    remember the game boy that survied fire.

  • rjm420247


  • Randytjhu18

    I got shivers watching this…
    But I have to wait 5 more days to get mine…

  • Naterman

    Well the wii u may be durable by the outside but yesterday mines froze like 4 times while I was playing nintendo land. Idk if Nintendo has this under control but its very unprofessional to have a new console be freezing up like that.

  • Ben

    Nintendo, the Nokia of gaming.

  • Grodus

    Now we shouldn’t have a problem! …Unless you play your Wii U on the roof using a really long extension cord… Um…

  • tht guy

    for those who ave a wii u i give u pops fr being able to drop the mo ey for one me an dmy sister are gonna have to save up fo a yeara and half to get enough to even but one (well actually a deluxe two games and a pro controller but thts besides the point) but hopefully by then the wii u will have all the bugs out and a lil bit of a lower price hopefully to those who own one good luck and good gaming im out peace oh and one last thing NINTENDIUM ftw

  • Wii u is good

    If I could have any thing for Christmas it would be a wii u of course and go to space got to another country and just have plain simple fun that’s what I would want for Christmas 🙂

  • Ariah

    The one thing in the universe that I want for Christmas is the planet Jupiter. You see, Jupiter is a gas planet and so if I took control of it, I would be in control of the biggest natural gas collection known to man. I would than pump the gas into Earth from satellites I stole from NASA and thus every time someone would light a lighter there would be an explosion the equivalency of a nuclear missile; thus ending smoking. (But no one would ever be hurt.) But the gas also causes all the Xbox’s and Playstation 3’s in the world to malfunction and dissolve. Then the world leaders would praise me for ridding the world of all evil (the xbox’s and ps3’s) and give me one gift. So I would get Pluto and put it the one place it fits; in the Atlantic Ocean. and because Pluto is one big Wi-Fi moon everybody would have super fast wi-fi for there Wii U’s.

    • Threinfhir

      … Wow.

  • ??

    Why does the article say 5 feet when CLEARLY the guy says 4 feet?!…again trying to make the system more than it is. This site actually used to be good untill the writers all became extrem fanboys…

  • gamenchick

    Pretty neat

  • Revolution5268

    nintendium FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah Mazzola

    Shouldve gone with a nokia design. Lol

    • If it was like a nokia phone the ground would be broken instead of the controller having scratches 😀

  • nortab

    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.  Seriously.  The last time I used a Wii, someone wipped one of the WiiTroller nunchucks at me like we were in a GD Bruce Lee movie.  I dodged, the nunchuck dislodged and knocked out my two front teeth, which fell from my mouth like shell casings in Modern Warfare III.  Here’s to a safer gaming experience via gamepads…

  • All I want for christmas is that nintendo would send me a Wii U that actually works instead of the ones I got in the stores which all had the same problem of being unable to sync the controller while the WiiU’s of my friends all worked fine in my house… also a new external hard drive since my 5 years old one set my table on fire and died with all my important documents for work on it…

  • All I want for Christmas???  TO DO A BARREL ROLL!! weeeeeeee!

  • No Gamepads were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Wilfredo Sanchez Jr.

    I understand doing a drop test on concrete for a cell phone that people take outside everyday, but who plays on a sidewalk? lol

  • ipaxton

    That weird rattle is the buttons.