Aug 13th, 2012

The Wii U GamePad is by far the most advanced video game controller ever. Besides its touchscreen, it includes motion sensors and gyroscopes, stereo speakers, NFC chips, and it even has a built in sensor bar. A few days ago it was rumored that Wii games will be playable on the GamePad because the Wiimote can use the built-in sensor bar. Now a similar feature has been revealed in a recent Nintendo patent application.

The patent application shows two players using two screens to play a crossbow game. One player uses a Wiimote and plays on the TV, while another player uses a Wiimote as well, but plays on the Wii U GamePad instead. This offers a new form of split screen gaming, where each player has his own screen. This would be especially useful in competitive multiplayer, since regular split screen on one TV lets both players see what the other is up to. If you ever played GoldenEye 007 on the N64 against a buddy, you know the feeling.

The new Nintendo patent was published on August 9, after being filed late last year. The inventors are listed as Jun Ito, Kenta Sato, and Keizo Ohta, which have been previously associated with Nintendo Land patents. This could mean the new split screen features will be found in some of the Nintendo Land mini games. Only 6 of the 12 mini games have been revealed so far. You can check out the full gallery of the patent below.

Wii U GamePad patent

Via Nintendo World Report

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  • Christopher

    Neat, so that means screen peeking is going to be a thing of the past if they decide to use the Wii Remote to play the likes of FPS’s

    • me name is

      and for what reason would >I NOT< choose a wii remote for fps twin stick fps-ing is outy dated WRONG studid wooden mechanical and gimped

      off course im fps-ing with a wii remote im a core gamer thats what REAL CORE gamers do

      dumb stick fps is for dumb stickers LOL at the robo cop camera in zombiU so fail

    • zam

      thats sic
      but i alrady knew that was sick so… yeh

  • Mac

    alright cool now i don’t have to worry about my friend knowing what i am doing

  • Raul

    I don’t know if that could be implemented well… Imagine how hard its gonna be to aim on that little screen from a distance…. I don’t know… We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

    • Seth A Drekin

      If the WiiMote can be used on that screen, it’s not a big leap to make the ProController work with it too.

      • dubYA

        Why would you need to use a Pro Controller with the Game Pad when it already has all the same controls built in? Seems kind of redundant.

        • theaquacharger

          because they would have to patch in support for each title since each game could handle controls differently.

        • DR. spankalot

          you have a valid point

      • No One

        The Pro controller is the gamepad without the screen, seems a little redundant.

    • Kirbo99

      I already play the Wii on my minuscule TV. You’re not necessarily aiming at your TV, but your sensor bar. It’s possible.

  • Seth A Drekin

    That’s kind of awesome. I hate screen lookers… and Rockets in the Stack.

  • Daemonrunner

    Great idea! No more needing split-screen for multi-player games. It’s almost like having a LAN party only it runs on a single system.

    Though it does kind of suck that the person with the Gamepad can hide his/her view from you while he/she can stare at your screen to his/her hearts content. I guess that creates the dilemma: game on the big screen and get the wow-factor, or game on the Gamepad and gain the advantage of spying on the opponent while keeping your secrets hidden.

    • Macarony64

      you could always use the punch in the arm strategie

  • D2K

    Didn’t we already know this?

    • LazerK

      I remember you from the WiiUBlog.Your wisdom helped a lot of people you know

  • Kirbo99

    Kind of reminds me of the PS3’s 3D full screen split screen. 🙂

    • Jake93

      oh what. he’s gonna get downvoted for mentioning PS3?

      • kirbymon123

        looks you are too buddy. lets see if it works on me.

        is a bad console

    • Mac

      seriously though he just said that it reminds him of PS3 3D split screen. can he not be reminded of anything thats not nintendo related?

  • link

    this should be use in the zelda minigame in nintendo land

  • elbossmx

    Great idea for Co-op gameplay.
    This would work great for games like Resident Evil 5.

    • elbossmx

      Or imagine a gamemode on Zombi U in which the player on the main screen plays regularly, while the player with the gamepad plays as a zombie.
      The zombie can know what the other player is doing, but the other one can’t!

      • Bobby

        That actually is part of the multiplayer in ZombiU. One player uses the Pro controller to capture flags as a survivor, while the other player uses the GamePad to send zombies to attack the survivor and capture flags. It’s a really fun mode.

        • derp

          how do you know its a really fun mode ?

  • Britton

    That could be implemented well. It’s an awesome idea no doubt. I’ve said before I did not like FPS with the Wiimote, so I think a better solution would be to just full on use the GamePad as your own screen and then whoever is playing on the TV can use the Pro Controller. That would be better in my opinion.

  • Name

    This is cool but I doubt it will stop the screenpeaking, it may reduce it but there are some fools out there.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    This proves that having only up two gamepads going at once is completely fair because the console has to send a lot of data and imagery to that controller, not to mention there can be four wii remotes and or pro controllers with no problem. Yay Nintendo!

  • D3V1NdaDOOD

    It would make a bit more sense using the actual gamepad as the controller instead of the wiimote. Other than that, this would be fun.

  • OmEgA

    It seems cool but I’m unimpressed. The 3D tv trick is much more impressive…though I guess it’s cool not to have to use glasses…but it would suck for the person using the tiny screen.

    Anyway, I’m much more intrigued at the possibilities that Miyamoto will come up with. The patent itself… I don’t wanna be pointing at the tiny game pad while someone else uses the big tv…

  • Maverick-Hunter

    This is awesome and honestly the wii u game pad mounted on a zapper + call of duty sounds waaaay more challenging than a call of duty game on the xbox which brings me to next point if nintendo has been using guns for FPS then why is it xbox still uses joy sticks to point a gun *yawns* thats sooooooooooo boring.

  • regginator

    Imagine an RPG where one player is the bad Guy nd one is the good play out their own story nd meet up at the end and fight to the death! ! Or even three players the main Guy on the TV and with the dual gamead support two others play too wow so chopped now ps3. 3d shit can’t donthat for sure only up to 2 not 3

  • Smurfman256

    I just had an idea: What if they set up an FPS game where one person uses the TV and Wii U Pro Controller and another uses the Gamepad, but he views it on his own screen? Boom. Meelleeon dallahz, right deah.

    • Britton

      You cant seriously think you just came up with that on your own now. Did you not read the article and a lot of the previous comments?

  • Your Mom

    O RLY?

  • dawhomp

    this reminds me of time crisis 4 (arcade version) where at certain points in the game players would shoot at the opposite player’s screen in order to work cooperatively.

  • NoPUNintendo

    I sure hope the days of screen cheating is gone soon. That feel when your friend looks slightly downward and sees your location and kills you….Over and over… But with 2 Wii U gamepads. Picture it like this. You’re playing a card game. Facing your friend. You both have Wii U gamepads. Your gamepads are your “field deck and hand”. The “Battle field” Where the monsters on your cards attack is your TV. Problem basicly solved.

  • Aenifer

    “If you ever played GoldenEye 007 on the N64 against a buddy, you know the feeling.”

    Sir… it’s wrong to know the exact position of your friend because you know the map like your pockets? xD

    Good memories, good memories.

  • mistarobotics

    So who’s going to hold up the gamepad while you’re aiming?

  • Rocho

    I think the small screen could be fixed by the 3rd Party accesories! Using the “nunchuck port” to make some kind of audio-video out and connect the gamepad to another TV!

    This could be posible as the wiiugamepad has independent video and audio so we only need that “nunchuk port cable”

    • Jman4101

      This sounds good but u have to think about the fact the gamepad has such low pixel count which isnt a problem on the small screen but on a tv it would look bad but then again it might be worth it

  • maradona

    now imagine a war fps shooter with all the bells and whistles……

    you can have maps menus and voice chat etc all on the gamepad whilst sitting in a cradle as you wii remote and nunchuck the fps game (witch i hope you will be doing twin stick fps is a sin)

    not only are you getting TRUE FPS CONTROLS your getting all the second sreen views and menus etc and voice chat and aditional sounds from the gamepad the possibility’s are unlimited

    point at the gamepad screen flick upwards to tv no puase needed pestro you changed class

    point again at gamepad activate seperate view or behind you view or some cam device you planted somewere

    real core gamers will want this not PRO PAD COUGH silly name

  • Shane

    Will the wii u be able to send two differnet games to the two diffent controllers simultaneously? Like one person is playing Nintendo Land with the controller and tv, and someone else is playing a VC game on the other gamepad?

    • Hermii

      No way. That would put a too heavy burden on the processing.

  • thenintendofan73

    i knew that you can use the gamepad as a secendary screen, but i didnt know that you can do it that way too the wii u is gonna EXPLODE the markets. if i dont get it im gonna sit in a corner and think about my life

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