Jun 15th, 2012

Wii U GamePad battery
According to Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime, the Wii U GamePad controller battery life estimate is very conservative. We’ve heard at E3 that the battery lasts about for 3-5 hours, but that now seems to be a at the very low end, and real life performance is likely to be better.

“As a company, we’re amazingly conservative when it comes to giving guidance on things like battery life”, Reggie said in an interview, adding “If you go back to the 3DS discussion on battery life, the numbers we gave before launch vs the reality of launch were very different”. Reggie refers to the official battery life estimate Nintendo gave for the 3DS portable console. In the real world however, the 3DS battery lasted much longer than Nintendo said it would.

Hopefully we’ll see something similar, where the Wii U GamePad battery lasts longer than the official specs suggest. A Nintendo representative revealed at E3 that battery life would be 3-5 hours, and that it would take around 2 hours to charge the controller. Of course, players can charge as they play a game. The battery is non-replaceable and the Wii U comes with a USB charging cable that’s connected to the front of the console.

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  • Neonridr

    That doesn’t surprise me. I am sure you will be able to get a full playing session out of it before you need to charge it. Obviously those CoD “hardcore” gamers who play 12 hours straight because they don’t believe in seeing the outside world may have an issue, but most of the time I play with my wireless 360 controller with the plug and play kit attached anyways. My ipod drains faster than 3 hours if I am playing a game on it non-stop.

  • Majin

    Like it matters. It ain’t a handheld console, and you can plug it in if you still need to keep playing after three hours.

  • Chris

    I’m sure someone out there is going to make a battery that helps the battery life was the GamePad much like 3DS one which gives it 10 hours of game time with 3D on full and at full brightness I believe, I forgot what it was called but I’m sure MadCatz or Nykon will release something.

    But anyway, I don’t mind about the battery life because I play mostly on my PC… for now .0.

    • Chris

      Why is everyone thumbing down my comment?

      I just said that there could be a third party battery pak that could help increase the battery life of the Wii U controller, and the only reason why I said “for now” is because when I get my hands on the Wii U I’ll be playing on that more than my PC

      • Dave

        Your right, why are people thumbing down your comments? Because I can see where your coming from but these people really don’t see it.

  • DerikGotro64

    Me: That’s good to know. If it goes out, just plug it in. Simple as that. No problem at all.


  • loko

    gli hard core non la compreranno mai questo rottame di console
    gli hard core aspettano volentieri la fine del 2013.

    • William

      speak english plz

  • Alienfish

    That’s alright with me. I’ll probably be using the pro controller a lot anyway for the most intensive of games. Of course, it will be interesting to see how that mindset holds up with a game like ZombiU.

  • Hafid

    No prob for me !!!
    Im not hardcore gamer anymore …

  • CandCmen

    It’s a good thing I don’t care about this.
    Otherwise, I’d be raging on Nintendo.

  • Shankovich

    This is pretty good from an engineering standpoint. It seems to be quoted as the lower range of life,such as when all components are running at full capacity. Good for Nintendo really, getting 3-5 hrs as a lower range (I’m sure because Nintendo always quotes that way) with a screen running AND a transmitter with epic bandwidth to run wireless video, I approve : D

  • Death

    The pro controller is chargeable as well, correct?

    • Swic11

      God I hope so, I think standard batteries should be a thing of the past

  • Swic11

    I think this is fine, Im not to worried about it. As long as I can charge it without a dock.

  • Paul

    sounds good to me as hardcore players can have a rest when the controller is recharging and maybe go outside and do some shopping etc

  • Dave

    I think 3rd parties will make a new battery for the system

  • Daemonrunner

    This isn’t a big deal. I love the fact that it will use the standard 3DS plug-in (Nintendo did confirm that, right) because that means I don’t have to get all close to my 55″ TV in order to charge the thing via USB on the console itself. I can just sit on my couch and plug it into the nearest outlet!

  • Madmagican

    Three to Five hours of gameplay is fine, but I hope the usb cord they package with it is long enough that I can play from the comfort of my couch whilst charging; if not I’ll have to find a four foot usb cable somewhere

  • William

    well I just have to leave the wii u controller plugged in while playing if the battery last 3-5 hours