Nov 6th, 2012

We’re getting very close to the Wii U launch. It’s less than two weeks away, and some publications have already received their Wii U units and games for reviewing. GameReactor is one of those publications, and they made a little unboxing video of a Wii U retail game box. They take Ubisoft’s Rabbids Land and Just Dance 4 for the Wii U and reveal what’s inside the box.

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  • Nintendude

    I knew the cases would be blue!

    • eli

      me too!

    • Yodin

      Me too, i love it πŸ˜€

      • AKA-Link77

        lol @ everyone ↑↑↑↑
        i guess some ppl dont like it if u can see the future.

    • Tobbe

      Maby coz i said so earlier this night πŸ™‚ look at the last publish from wiiudaily

    • Sethowar

      Is that because all of the promo-shots had blue cases?

      • -IVIatrix+

        makes sense. o.o why is everybody so surprised? haha

      • Tobbe

        Nope.. Promo is promo. Real deal is a other thing

      • Derp

        its because a different site had images of assassins creed3 and zombiU retail boxes and they cases were white, thats why everyone is happy/surprised that the boxes are actually blue

    • Superstick

      When I get my first Wii U game I will unwrap it then throw the paper off the table and say “Eh.”

    • Madmagican

      Was there ever any doubt?

    • Me

      Me too!

      Not like it was that hard to figure πŸ˜›

    • dr scoobie

      did you know that you can make it left handed by
      turning it upside down removing the cover
      and turning it around!

      the discs on the left side!!!!!!!!!

    • NinTobias

      IKR-But I wish they were that kinda translucent blue-I love the glow and effect it creates…but it’s all about the games anyway so no matter!

    • Rage quit

      Yeah no duh everyone did

  • MinowaEli

    Very odd how the Wii U logo on the top of the disc doesn’t have a blue bg.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    nice! I cant wait to unbox ZombiU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nintedward

      I can’t wait to just unbox the wiiu, its gunna be the most extreme thing ever. I see myself getting over excited and failing to peform basic tasks.

      Like i will be trying to plug the HDMI cable into the power supply screaming ”COME ON!!!!!! WHY WON’T YOU WORK!!!!!!”

      • NintendoMan :D

        When I went to play the demo station I almost walked into traffic because I was so excited.

      • sergiosms

        Lol i feel the same. i just hope i don’t squeal

      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        UNBOXING any nintendo game, esp good ones is like a dream come true

        • Nintedward

          Lol @ you guys :). Unboxing any Nintendo game is so special. I just got Halo 4 and it wasn’t really exciting to unbox, I had more fun inboxing professor layton and the Miracle mask just because of my Nintendo Bias.

  • Joesatmoes

    Hm…it is nothing new. IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HahahaWhat \ THE

    I told you guys the boxes would be blue.

    It’s funny how the guy looks like he’d need boxes out of titanium to keep them in decent condition. He drops everything, and throws stuff like a dumb ass.

    When I think of the people who take the term “hardcore” gamer seriously. Fat, socially retarded, & clumsy.

    • HahahaWhat \ THE

      This guy looks like what I imagine a “hardcore” gamer would look like.

      • ME
        • Superstick

          Ew. I sure am glad i’m not you.

        • King Rat

          You look like a gay boy.

        • LyingTuna

          Well, thank god I am not considered a hardcore gamer by many…

        • Kav

          Im a hardcore gamer and dont post pics of me on internet forums.

          • Rage quit

            You know what we call hard core gamers? Gamer! Over all the time I’m and soo addicted to minecraft

  • Mida

    What a tease!!!

  • meh

    I am rather jealous of this cross-eyed, rotund man.

  • Fireheart

    This pretty cool to get to see what the game boxes look like. I wish we could see the games play as well, but alas no such luck lol.

  • NintendoMan :D

    I think it’s funny that I just watched this video on YouTube before I came to the article. Glad they are blue, it makes them look like Blu-Ray Cases.

    • Castamere

      Too bad they’re not in Blu-ray sized cases. That would have been awesome.

      • NintendoMan :D

        If they were blu-ray size, I bet someone would mistake a Wii U game for a blu-ray, then they put the game into their blu-ray player and caused it to brake. That would actually be kinda funny. πŸ˜€

      • FeTM87

        Yea, I was really hoping for this too. Sick of the oversize DVD cases now that I have a large collection of Blu-Rays

  • Chris

    God damn it!! I want my ZOMBIU!!

    Ah well still pretty awesome =)

  • Lloyd

    He’s a mess

  • Wils81

    This guy is so awkward and clumsy πŸ˜›

    • Nintedward

      Unboxings make us that way. Have you ever unboxed something importnt in a truly composed manor ?? You always fail at unsealing it….

      • Tobbe

        He is like some say “epic” isnt he the first ppl acculy opening a real U game?
        Be happy he even post it. What u all like to see? Half nude bird with overloaded boobes opening a game so u can J**k to it. Like the guy on Utube J**king to nightelf in wow. Damn this guy is just like u and the guy next to u

        • Nintedward

          Yeh , I’m defending the guy. Everyone attacking him becuase of what he looks like is sad. And Most people on this website unboxing a wiiu game on camera would fail 10 times as much as that guy did.

  • nintendoododo

    nice mario&yoshi toy. Me want!

  • Jason

    nice look at the games even if it was by a dumb f*t tw*t, seriously who let him do it!

  • Nintendo is da best


  • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

    Alll Sweet, BLUE inside

  • [000]

    Stop! Your exciting me too much!

  • Keath

    12 more days! seems so close yet so far away

  • DarkNite

    Yea!!! They’re blue!!! A few more days! Less then tell weeks! Yea! This guys clumsy and the way he was taking just dance disk out, I would have punched him if it were my game..

    • Major Marvelous

      I was honestly afraid he was going to snap the disk in half.

  • Elite

    now we just need a wii u unboxing video, or better yet, our own consoles to unbox.

    • Tobbe

      Putting out a video”unboxing” the U. Not out of the box, but from the inside. My head scream open the console, hope its stil tripod keys to open it πŸ™‚

    • sergiosms

      trust me wii u unboxing videos will come out in storms all over the internet

  • yorgen

    why would they use eco friendly cases, people dont throw cases like that away, i see no need to using cases like that.

    • fatherb

      The eco-friendliness of the case is mostly due to the removal of plastic with those lightening holes or “cut out” spots. Meaning less plastic per case is less plastic overall for all games sold. Saves money or its a gimmick that allows them to get a higher Greenpeace Eco-Rating.

  • Elite

    Find it sad how people are hating on this guy, when its obvious he has a condition.

    • NintendoMan :D

      No, he’s fine. He’s just EXTREMELY clumsy like me. πŸ˜›

  • Milodon

    looks like with every generation the cases drops their quality, i miss the epic quiality of GC cases.

  • Naterman

    I wouldn’t let this guy unbox my games even if my life depended on it. He might brake it lol

  • LaLlamaqueLlama

    Not sure if the guy is nervous or just an idiot

  • thejam216

    I would criticise how clumsily he opened rabbids land but i just know that i’ll be the same from excitement with my wii U games XD

  • Arsonist Monkey

    My 47-Inch Liquid Crystal Display Television Is Ready.
    My High Definition Multimedia Interface Port Is Ready
    Spongebob Is Ready, But most of all….
    My Body is Ready!

  • Propper big popper

    I can’t wait to unbox my deluxe wii u!!! I am nothing like sloppy joe up there in the video. I treat my systems like gold. I will keep everything organised like it was never unboxed in the first place, lol. Literally, my video game boxes look untouched. Well, just 12 more days until i can enjoy the best console ever created. So excited, ahaha.

  • what is this world coming to

    these unboxings are becoming ridiculous. thanks for showing us the width and backside of the disc…… what a pointless video. my god

  • Castamere

    I still can’t believe they’re using the cases with the huge holes in them. Their integrity is terrible. I don’t see why they didn’t use the ones where the holes are filled but with less material, called Eco-lite cases.

  • Superstick

    It’s too bad I gotta wait untill christmas for my Wii U. I was buying Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition this 18th so I can get ready though. -Sigh- Well at least I can bask in it’s AWESOME LEGENDARY BLUE CASE!!!!!

  • LyingTuna

    Well, I am loving the disc design. It just looks swell to me. I want a new 3D Sonic game. Yeah, it’s irrelevant, but Sega was making some fine games for a while there. Actually, Sonic Colors is one of my favorite Wii games! And Generations is without a doubt my favorite Xbox 360 game. Sega really got it right with the boost formula… You know, with proper level design. So yeah… I wanna see a Sonic game on Wii U soon. Where was I… Oh yeah, I really enjoy the box style as well. It makes me nostalgic for the GameCube. Besides that, I like the blue color. I was skeptical at first, but it grew on me. Well, I have to wait 11 days, 6 hours, 54 minutes, and around 25,4,3,2,1…. Seconds. The moon could fall two times in that time… See, thats a game I want to see a Wii U remake of!

  • redclow

    That guy is really creepy! O.O

  • Lusunup

    Ive always pictured the boxes to be a more slimmed out version of the ps3 boxes in shape kinda like the blue ray boxes oh well ill make my own version of the boxes I have blueray movies i dont watch might as well try it out xD

  • Nintendomination

    I hope he realizes that there are only CLUB NINTENDO codes are packed in with games published by NINTENDO….

    “It’s called a lannnnnceeeeeeeeeee, hellloooooooooo”

  • Zaii

    That dude is going to break the game xD

  • Animal House

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! from now on you shal be known as Flounder, why, why not.

  • King Rat

    So that’s what Waldo looks like after eating nothing but Big Mac meals.

    On a more serious note I have a few concerns over this video.

    1. Am I the only one shocked at the disrespect shown as he yanked the manuals out of the boxes? They would have those annoying little creases on them while still emitting the smell of a new game manual.

    2. Go on and just bend those discs straight out of the boxes. The polymer they’re mae of is the same used in bullet proof glass. Eh actually, it’s not…so handle them with care.

    3. “Very different from a standard DVD or Blue Ray”. I’ve never held one of these discs, but I’ll bet my left testicle that they feel like any other CD, DVD, Blue Ray or proprietry disc out there. What a load of sloppy granny crap!

    Good day to you all.

    • King Rat

      I forgot number 4:

      I’m not liking the eco boxes that will result in the cover possibly getting damaged as it will be easier to pierce with no back support. There’s cheap boxes that are thinner plastic and then there’s cheap boxes with great big enormous holes all over them…which are just shit!

      Still, I can’t wait to play Aliens on the Wii U.

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    youtube tag please? im watching this on a kindle fire and its just all black.

  • Sir Kaz Hirai

    Great color.Shows how ‘Hardcore’ Nintendo is…

  • Linskarmo

    I’m glad the plastic is blue too. While I’m not a huge fan of the holes in the eco-friendly plastic I don’t think it will be a problem.






  • Adam Fox

    I like the color of the case, hate the eco-friendly cut-outs……I’ll probably end up taking the Wii U games out of the cases and putting them in a non Eco-friendly case….although i’ll miss that blue on it….

    • Graham

      I’m sure some company will bring out Blue boxes for us to buy, like someone brought out green for Xbox and white for Wii

  • Ninteggedon

    sup…love the blue

  • Ninteggedon

    on another note i played the wiiu demo at gamestop yesterday it was awesome i love the gamepad cant wait to get my own

  • Crazy Eyes

    This guys been playing to many games :))

  • ConCity Soldier

    To be honest the first unboxing I wanted to see is from myself lol. Oh well, it’s too late to be that now.


    This guy looks like what I imagine a β€œhardcore” gamer would look like.

    I couldnt disagree more. This guy is pathetic looking in need of personal hygiene. Hardcore gamers treat their game property with respect. And BATHE.

  • Kirbymon123

    Thumbs up if you do the same thing with the plastic wrapping.


    Hardcore lmao. Ask him what a neogeo or pc- engine is. He probably hasnt a clue. Lightweight.. Lol.