Jan 15th, 2013

December’s NPD results are finally available and there’s been something of a shocking revolution for Wii U software sales. No Wii U exclusive title was found anywhere in the top ten sellers for the US. This leads many analysts to believe that the Wii U’s early sales could mean an uphill struggle is on the way for Nintendo. According to Analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company, sales were below the last two consoles.

“Totals for the November-December period were -43% lower than software sales for the Wii and -50% lower than those for the GameCube.”

Currently the only US Wii U software sales number to be released by Nintendo has been sales of New Super Mario Bros. U, which clocked in at 580,000 units for the months of November and December. With sales going this poorly, Nintendo is going to need to step up courting third-party developers to make sure they’re targeting the system instead of the constant news reports of games that aren’t coming to the Wii U.

[via CVG]

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  • GeDDeN

    The ads need to start! AND we need way better games for the Wii U.. Cmon Nintendo!

    • You’re absolutely right about the ads.  People who don’t follow games don’t even know what a Wii U is.  I’ve had family over a couple of times during the holidays and they loved Nintendoland (well Ghost Mansion…I never get a chance to show them anything else!)  Their first question after playing- “So, can I get this for my Wii?”  To them it’s just a Wii with a different controller.  C’mon Nintendo!

      I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom though.  If Aliens on the Wii U turns out to be the best version and Bayonetta 2, Pikmin, MH, and Lego City are all solid I think they’ll move some product.

      • Death47

        Bayonetta 2, Mh, and Pikmin can be nothing BUT solid imo

        Especially mh

    • Cole Holbrook

      Oh jeez. You have obviously not played Sonic Racing Transformed. I didn’t expect it to be that great. Just a Sonic racing game right? WRONG. It is amazing. I don’t like it as much as Mario U but I have a TON of hours clocked on it. Also, I really injoyed Nintendo Land. The only problem nintendo had was that they had some multiplayer games that actually had to have 3+ people to be fun. Scribblenauts Unlimited is spectacular. I you have played a game from the series it is like that but 10 times better. I think they need to get a move on with Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2. Those should draw in some people. Also they better plan on announcing a huge Zelda game at E3 as well as a 3D Mario and Retro’s secret game. At least. Throw is a couple more big, not huge, games. Maybe a trailer for Smash Bros. Something that will make people pay SOME attention while the other companies announce their new systems.

  • A SNES Day Off

    I’m unsurprised the Wii U has had such a low volume of sales so far. Anyone can blame the state of economies at the moment, but that aside, the product doesn’t communicate well in Nintendo’s marketing since the company has failed to differentiate the differences between a ‘Wii’ and a ‘Wii U’. Many fans or gamers will take these facts for granted, but for consumers that pay less attention to the video games industry, it’s not so obvious. 

    Put the two machines side-by-side and it’s not enough to simply replace the Wiimote with a GamePad as both devices can be used on the machine. Yet when you present the GamePad on its own, customers are understandably confused as to its purpose. Is this an enhancement for the original Wii? And what are the differences?

    I hope the Wii U manages to become coined as a best-selling console as its offers so much potential, but I just can’t help thinking that Nintendo have rushed into the market in order to stay ahead of Sony and Microsoft. 

    • Revolution5268

       the only place in the world its no selling well its Europe, idk why?

  • Ford Crews

    Thanks to 6 years of democrats in total, the world’s economy is in worse shape than it’s been in 50 years.   Real unemployment calculated as it was 8 years ago is over 20%, 1 in 3 kids are living in poverty, 1 in 4 are on food stamps, insurance costs skyrocketing, huge tax increase on the middle class, most of the rest of the world isn’t fairing much better, you can’t expect bustling sales of a luxury item.

    • AlienFanatic

      Video games and movies tend to remain profitable during recessions.  The simple fact is that there isn’t much compelling about the Wii-U.  There are no critical hits right now.  The Gamepad is more of a gimmick than a necessity.  And the machine, at least on the surface, doesn’t offer anything visually that the XBOX and PS3 don’t offer for less.

      And this is coming from a Wii-U owner.

      Nintendo must absolutely KILL it at E3 this year or they will be buried in the wave of hype surrounding the next XBOX and Playstation.

      And this statement, “Nintendo is going to need to step up courting third-party developers to make sure they’re targeting the system instead of the constant news reports of games that aren’t coming to the Wii U.” is scary. Third party developers are already skittish about the Wii-U. Do you think that anything Nintendo can say will convince them to take a risk when the machine is selling so poorly?

      • NintendoNoob

         Gimmick? GIMMICK?? Good sir I do believe that the Wii U is not a gimmick, Sure it may resemble a 3ds but trust me, it’s a lot more. And what about Xbox Smartglass and Sony cross play, if you say the Wii U gamepad is a gimmick does that mean Smartglass and Crossplay are gimmicks of a gimmick?
        Consider this kind fellow

  • Chris Russell

    The problem with these statistics (and ALL software game statistics) is that they do not currently include digitally downloaded content.

    There is a HUGE issue with transparency when it comes to digital downloads. The bottom line is that analysts are reporting and analyzing based on what data they have, since they have to… however they just simply do not have all of the data.

    Here is an excellent article highlighting the issue: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-11-28-a-dearth-of-digital-disclosure

    I’m not saying that Wii U is or isn’t “in trouble” with their sales… what I’m saying is that there is a lot of “doom and gloom” numbers coming out for ALL games numbers because there is a chunk of sales that can’t be accounted for… Since Wii U has truly embraced digital download (as is evident with almost all of its “big name” games available on eShop), I suspect that the numbers in this article don’t tell the full story.

    Edit: Note, that most “doom and gloom” articles don’t highlight this fact. Perhaps because “doom and gloom” gets attention… As responsible members of the community we should be aware of this missing data and do what we can to push the market towards releasing it.

    • Chris – with all due respect, you don’t really need statistics/metrics to tell you the launch and on-going software support isn’t going well. You can tell in the gaming community, media, local game stops, best buys etc. that no one’s really excited about the Wii U platform. The community’s quiet, no one’s talking about it. I bought a deluxe + Mario U when it came out and while I’ve enjoyed it, I’m still sitting here waiting for more DLC + new/solid titles.

      Nintendo’s got a small window before E3 and/or Xbox/PS announcements, they’d better get this right in the next few months.

      • Chris Russell

        You are correct.  There does need to be an increase in software support if the Wii U will succeed long term and that is apparent; evidence exists, not only in community attitude, but in the history of past Nintendo platforms.  

        Nintendo has struggled with 3rd party support since the N64, when it decided to stick with cartridges despite the competitors moving to disc formats.  Unfortunately, the ridiculous delta in production costs combined with the limited media space drove developers elsewhere.  Since then they have been playing “catchup” on winning back 3rd party support — an effort which has been held back by repeated decisions to stay one step behind the competitors in terms of hardware sophistication in exchange for (rather than in addition to) innovation.

        Mixed with their inability to effectively differentiate the difference between consoles to non-gamers (e.g. Parents during the holiday shopping season), the Wii U indeed needs to take advantage of the small window of opportunity that you mentioned.

        That said, this article (or more specifically the analyst quoted in the article) *is* using software metrics as an indicator to the state of the Wii U.  The article is specifically citing the fact that “no Wii U exclusive title was found anywhere on the top ten sellers for the US.”  

        The fact of the matter is that nearly every (if not every) Wii U exclusive was offered as a digital download on day 1 of their launch; additionally, the vast majority of non-exclusive titles were also offered immediately.

        Why is this relevant?  Well, as a gamer who must have (some) games on launch day, I have no choice but to walk into a store for many XBox games.  With the Wii U, I have a choice.  Given that day-1 choice, how many gamers have chosen to digitally download?  How does that impact the interpretation of the popularity (not necessarily quality) of Wii U exclusives? 

        So… Does Nintendo have an uphill battle?  I’d say so.  But I feel that we (the community) need to focus more on the real indicators and spend less time looking at incomplete metrics.  The problem with highlighting these metrics (without mentioning the information gap)  is that the market is making decisions based on these metrics.  These (perhaps) understated sales figures will turn potential Wii U buyers away; they will influence publishers’ decisions about whether or not to invest $$ in software for the platform.  

        It’s simply a self-feeding system.  Experts lower the confidence of the market and consumers; support wanes.  I understand that it is the role of these experts to advise… but why aren’t they taking the time to also say that they don’t have all the data? Perhaps because it would lower confidence in their predictions? I don’t know.

        In conclusion, I’m not saying that Nintendo doesn’t have it’s work cut out for it (as shown through other indicators), but merely that incomplete metrics which are disclosed in a way to suggest that they represent the “whole picture” is damaging to all those involved. I am not a business or market expert… just a long-time gaming consumer. Maybe the missing data is irrelevant.. Maybe *I’m* missing some critical data which invalidates my conclusions…  My statements are merely based on what appears to me as common sense and logic.

        (Btw, I am an owner of the Wii U Deluxe, and I want nothing more to see Nintendo succeed. I am still hesitant to say that they will.)

    • The

      If I was Nintendo I would go back to the drawing board and first and formost rename the console Super Wii U. Second I would market the crap out of it and make sure every person who see’s there add or commercial know’s this is not only a new game console from Nintendo but also that the hardware is superior to Xbox 360 and PS3 and way behond Wii capablities but I would bring up that its 100% backward compatible with Wii games and accessories!
      Last, to lesson the confusion for everyone I would release a new model of Wii U that included the 32gb version of the hardware with a free download of Super Mario U and there would still be a choice between black and white colors for the console but to save money to get to the $299 price I would remove Nintendo Land and the extra accessories that really are not needed anyway’s that I would sale as additional accessories.
      Think about it just one choice at $299 at the store in either white or black with a big picture of Mario on the box with the name SUPER Wii U in red, black and blue!

      • Revolution5268

         no thats a bad move renaming it that will lead to even more confusion. either way people will say its just a wii, just look at vita and tell me renaming it differently was a good idea.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Worrying, but not as bad as it may seem – Wii and Gamecube are older consoles with a larger number of owners than the new Wii U. Still, it is worrying news but I remain hopeful, by the time Pikmin 3, Lego City, Zelda and a 3D Mario are out then sales will skyrocket. Maybe more Wii Us and games would have been sold if Nintendo’s advertising wasn’t awful. Show more ads that do a good job of showing the games and available and footage of the game, no actors no dubstep. let’s see more features of Wii U in the commercials like the TV remote, movie streaming, Miiverse, off TV play etc if all they do is mention a new controller without showing how useful it is then people will think it’s a gimmick. turn it around Nintendo!

  • audie bowler


  • Whats the installer base for the Wii U?  2 million?
    How else was the WII U going to fare when up against TWO well established consoles? already in homes for more than five years?
     Of course system sales are going to get dwarfed. add to that backwards compat of Wii games.. this isnt really a surprise…. also 500K + in sales for one game with an installer base of approx 2 million isnt bad. That means a quarter of system owners own that particular title.

    • Laud

      Currently sold: Over 2.85 Million

      • TheLordOfDarkness

         Are you just guessing based on likelihood? Because 2 weeks ago it had only just hit 2 million wiiureview.com/wii-u-surpasses-2-million-sales/

        • Laud

          Nope, I read somewhere that it was over 2.65 million sales worldwide. 

          I guesstimated 2.85 million based on likelihood.

  • Colin Tosh

    Not surprising. Its a new console launched in a bad economy. I’m curious to see how badly games on the others flop when they see £60 price tags due to higher dev costs.

  • MetroidZero

    When the trailer for the Super Smash Bros game is revealed, all heaven will break loose.

  • Michael Mullins

    I call BS, since both the Wii and the Gamecube had a very shitty lineup of games when they launched.

    •  The point is, the Wii sold more so they could sell more software – compare to Wii U.

      • NintendoNoob

         The point is.
        Wii U sold 2.21 million 2 months after release
        Xbox 360 sold 700 thousand 2 months after release
        Ps3 sold 470 thousand 2 months after release

        I think Nintendo has a very sucessful console on their hands. Get off this site if all your gonna do is insult the Wii U. Just go make love to your hand like you usually do

        • Your name says it all.  I don’t make comments like i’m on Nintendo’s payroll Ok?  Do you want to talk about what the 360 ended up doing?  How about the fact that the 360 outsold the Wii U NOW, and I am not talking totals, I am talking during the Wii U’s release.

  • SirDjss

    i think 2 million sold wii u since release 2 and a half months are quite good 😛 and without any exclusives , when they come it will suerly be a huge boost in sales  🙂

  • Luke Wilson

    Naw the problem is the lack of GOOD new games! what do you expect the wii u released with ports of previously released games and a mario game that has been using the same formula since the first NEW super mario bros game, im not surprised. Also mediocre games.

    • Agree, advertising/marketing can only go so far. Need some solid renditions utilizing the gamepad in clever/effective ways, as well as excellent exclusive titles. I have an Xbox already for single play gaming but would prefer to use my Wii U for parties, multiplayer gaming etc.  Nintendo needs to release games like Mario Kart & Wario Party games asap!

    • TribeLeader Kuda

      So you are saying that Call of Duty is using a different formula, and hasn’t been the same game over and over?

      • All Call of Duty is is same game over and over…and since i didn’t like the first one, I haven’t liked any other one since….the only Call of Duty game I played for longer than an hour has been BlackOps (not the 2nd one) for the zombie mode on multiplayer

    • NintendoNoob

       I was waiting for my Copy of Crysis 3 Wii U yet EA wont make an agreement with Nintendo for it. Nintendo… CRYSIS 3 WILL BE A SMASH HIT!!! IF YOU DON’T PUT IT ON WII U YOU GUYS WILL LOSE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFIT!!! geez

      • Revolution5268

         crysis 3 is not made by nintendo, get that in your head, plus they will earn profit without it. why is in it on wii u? because of EA is piss on nintendo for origin thing.

  • ECM

    ‘Oddly’ missing from this summation is the fact that game sales are down *across the board*. Why? Analysts will tell you the console gen is too long, but that’s idiotic. The problem is 1. THE ECONOMY, worldwide, is an utter and complete NIGHTMARE and 2. the Wii and DS were *carrying* the biz for several years which masked the overall decline. Now that both those machines are effectively dead and the economy is on the ropes, it stands to reason that *everyone* would be ‘hurt’ by it and guess what? EVERYONE IS.

    Factor in tablets and phones and a huge chunk of that audience has left town, never (?) to return. If you think this won’t hurt hte 720 and PS4, as well, you are delusional. You cannot sell a machine north of $250 in an economy liek this and expect crazy numbers. It just isn’t going to happen, which is why the 360 had a great(ish) Christmas: it’s cheap, it has tons of games, and it’s cheap.

    (Maybe it was the myth promulgated for quite some time that games were “recession proof” which was nonsense on its face–it may have been “proof” against a shallow recession, but something akin to a depression? Uh, no.)

    •  All of that is irrelevant because Nintendo did not crack the top ten.  If anything, they should have had at least two games in the top five since it’s a new system.

      • Laud

        They probably didn’t crack the top 10 because the top 10 consists of 3DS games, lmao.

  • Billy_Perry

    This is a problem. 

    A key way of Nintendo retaining 3rd party support throughout this generation is to make it profitable for developers to make software for the console. If they can’t prove that as a console they can sell software, then they will have a problem retaining the 3rd party support. 
    I fear that the damage has already been done to the Nintendo brand, that gamers simply don’t want their Nintendo console for 3rd party software, even the hardcore Nintendo players are only getting the console for the first part support. 
    Nintendo could be dead in the water next gen.

  • Bravyoura

    And this is a surprises to who exactly, just look at the mii verse forums the games bundled in are tens of thousands ahead.

    In Black Ops 2 despite millions of Wii U’s sold I’ve never seen more than 4000 online, when you compare that to the 300,000 plus on Xbox live you begin to understand how software sales are so low.

    • NintendoNoob

       Thats the sad truth, I look at my Black Ops 2 multiplayer and see 1,000 online. It’s probably because people think that the Wii U still has sub HD graphics and wanna stick to their Xbox, Ps3, or Pc versions of the game. Well let me tell those people they are missing out on a lot


        Its a damn good thing to. Call of Duty can stick with the other consols, a stupid game like that would ruin Nintendo. I own an XBOX360 and play it a lot BTW. Call of Duty is just a stupid game series that thrives because stupid little kids begg their parents to buy them the next instalment each time one comes out.

  • I don’t have a wiiu yet, but I definitely want one, or atleast “wanted” one, at this moment I’m not to sure, sadly it’s true, advertisement is shit for wiiu, it’s out for about 1.5 months in Europe now, and I haven’t seen any advertisement for it the past 2 weeks or so.

    They wanted to rename it at first but later sticked to wiiu, they should have given it a different name.

    All the news of games which are NOT coming is VERY bad for business too. So far WiiU does NOT impress me 🙁 I love Nintendo, but for now I’ll stick to my 3ds, some good games coming soon for both Wiiu and 3DS, but I just wonder, the games coming to WiiU is it enough for Nintendo to keep their head above water with new xb and PS around the corner? I really hope so, but honestly my feeling makes me think otherwise… I so hope for once I’m wrong, but often I’m not wrong…

    • Gabe Hoffman

      The reason games like Lords of Shadow 2 MGSR, and Crysis are not coming to Wii U is mainly due to two things A. Those games were probably so far along into development, the developers likely didn’t think it would be much sense to start work on a Wii U version Metal Gear Solid Revengence was in development since 2008 way before Wii U was revealed. B. The developers likely didn’t have the resources to develop a fourth version as from what I heard Crytek only had like only 1 Wii U development kit

    • NintendoNoob

       Sadly, Nintendo is getting cocky and think that word of the Wii U already spread out everywhere. Sadly thats not the case, since there are no commercials for Wii U barley anyone knows about it. If Nintendo would pay to put advertising a lot, tell about it’s new features, tell about it’s hardware and games, and not make crazy commercials (I’m looking at you Super Smash Brothers N64) they would have people dying for a Wii U

      • Revolution5268

         yet PS vitanic has a different  name and nobody know sit even exist.
        whats your point?

  • Johny

    well.. what about the digitally downloaded retail games ? should be included imo

    besides… its kinda logical… the big games are yet to come soon like Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Monster hunter 3 U .. 

  • The

    If I was Nintendo I would go back to the drawing board and first and formost rename the console Super Wii U. Second I would market the crap out of it and make sure every person who see’s there add or commercial know’s this is not only a new game console from Nintendo but also that the hardware is superior to Xbox 360 and PS3 and way behond Wii capablities but I would bring up that its 100% backward compatible with Wii games and accessories!

    Last, to lesson the confusion for everyone I would release a new model of Wii U that included the 32gb version of the hardware with a free download of Super Mario U and there would still be a choice between black and white colors for the console but to save money to get to the $299 price I would remove Nintendo Land and the extra accessories that really are not needed anyway’s that I would sale as additional accessories.

    Think about it just one choice at $299 at the store in either white or black with a big picture of Mario on the box with the name SUPER Wii U in red and black and blue!   

    • Laud

      If you were an incredibly successful corporation you would go back to the drawing board and change so many things.

      Problem is that you have no idea what goes behind making these decisions because if you did you’d be competing for market share dominance with the three of them. You aren’t.

    • Revolution5268

       thats a smart move if they were sega and look what happen to sega.

  • I told you the Wii U flopped.

    • Laud

      Who are you?

      Anyway, it didn’t flop, it’s actually done better than the original Wii and GC in terms of income.

      Anyway, the other companies don’t know how to handle anything seeing as how one of them is in their 6th annual loss and the other ruined all of their income with their hardware issues. (Same company putting ads on their dashboard, lol.)

      •  I thought Nintendo said that they were taking a loss on each system?  How is that doing better than making a great profit on the Wii?  When systems don’t sell as well as expected, they can make it up with software sales, but they did not have those either.  It’s over for them.

        MS and Sony’s money is long. MS just wanted to establish a large user base, which they have.  Now the X-Box is the standard in video gaming.  Nintendo is the played out brand who concentrates on baby games and graphics suitable for the SNES.

        • Revolution5268

           um stop living on fantasy, Nintendo said that wii u will be taking a loss but software is sky-rocking. meanwhile 3ds is earning profit while software for 3ds is sales are increasing so no they are not dead so stop been an xbox fanboy

    • Revolution5268

       it sold 2 million yet you don’t called vitanic a fail and it sold 4 million in a year, yeah i believe you ( not)

      •  The Dreamcast sold and had a much better library but Sega had to fold.  When you make bad business decision you can bring down a company.  The same with a country if the you the wrong decisions.

        • Revolution5268

           ps2 kill it, easy piracy kill it, 3rd party support kill it, and sega saturn kill the dreamcast.
           i don’t see that happening to the wii u anytime soon.

  • Nintendo messed up by  promoting baby games and graphics that did not separate itself enough from the Wii, even though the new system is capable of better.  Calling it the Wii U was not smart either!  Well, finally Nintendo can get lost and let companies who know what they are doing handle things.

    • NintendoNoob

       Yep, because companies that think graphics make a better system. Get off this Nintendo site you Bitch, you just don’t like innovation and care more about how many pixels are on the screen and if it displays in 1080p 3d. You will never know how awesome Nintendo is because your a hater. SIT DOWN

      •  Lol!  Hey, you paid Nintendo posters spent so long talking about the Wii U’s GPU as if it was the best thing in the world, now you are back at putting down graphics!  Lol!  You are overpaid buddy!  What innovation in that controller?  It’s just a cheap tablet with no use at all.


      Wow dude…eat a dick, and wait. Nintedo will pull through. By the way, what “baby” games are you refering to? BTW AGAIN. Not a single game on Wii U has ” Wii graphics”. They might not be jesus graphics but they are much better then the Wii’s.

      •  Anything is better than the Wii’s, but they should have been better than the 360 or the PS4.

    • Revolution5268

       hey dumbass you can’t abandon the brand, for a company thats not a smart move at all, here an example: if M$ next console does not relate to xbox heck does not have the name xbox, people will be confuse weather its a console or not.

      •  You are the dumb ass because the brand is NINTENDO, not Wii!  The marketing idiots were thinking that the Wii casual buyers would attach a Wii U because they thought that they were Wii crazy when people bought a Wii like a Rubik’s Cube and never came back to it after they solved it.

  • X3Charlie

    The Wii U is going up against established consoles with cheaper price tags. Once you get to that #300 people are less willing to spend their money, plus there aren’t any real heavy hitters. There is a lack of advertising as well and it hasn’t got much word of mouth advertising either (it’s not in the spotlight), Nintendo needs the general public to at least know it’s here. We are in a time where laptops, tablets, and smartphones are much more popular and price friendly than 7 years ago, the gaming industry has currently passed it’s peak and will not return to prominence until major developments occur. Finally the global economies have only gotten worse and most developed government continue to spend recklessly leading to dangerous instability in the world economy. No one is getting kicked out this generation and no one is going to see another Wii success story.

  • ARtilleRy Musikk

    they need to make a pokemon,yugioh, DBZ  games and people will rush on buying a wii u

  • Nintenjoe82

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, analysts just make stuff up. They extrapolate sales figures based on a figure they got phoning a local gamestop.

    Also it’s worth pointing that the GC had better sales than Wii and that didn’t exactly help it to to do better than its successor.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    For petes sake this is coming from an analyst! An analyst who is appearantly the same breed as pachter. And get real people, did you really expect a console that is newer and more expensive to outsell two systems that have been out for years, are cheaper, and have a much bigger install base? And to be honest Wii U did quite well for launch considering its coming out at a time when the economy is still in the toliet for the most part. Give Wii U some time people

  • Gabe Hoffman

    And this came from CVG who I think is pretty biased toward Nintendo.

  • NintendoNoob

    You have to remember WiiUDaily, The economy wasn’t like back then. Not many people simply just buy a game console, they have to account the food, clothing etc. Wii and Gamecube were different because the economy was pretty good and people could buy 100 Wii’s if they wanted to. Just sayin

  • Srpg2ishere

    The reason why is because people can’t afford it, they don’t watch tv that much, they don’t care because they already have a ps3 or 360 and they’re waiting for the next console, they don’t follow games as much, the wii u commercials almost NEVER show on tv, or they may just be a pachter junior. (meaning they’re a fanboy)

  • grandlx2

    This is expected.. Aside from a game or two.. All the other games are ports of games that had been made available before on other consoles. And even the newer ports, are poorly ported. Wii U software is really bad.. really bad right now. But it can change soon. This is still the beginning. You can’t expect people to want to buy games that don’t interest them. A larger library of games will be arriving shortly.

  • What the Wii U really needs is strong titles from Nintendo. Third parties are great, but rarely a third party game will be a console seller. We need a Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros., something like that. I guess Nintendo are saving those kinda stuff for the PS4xbox launch, but… at least some great Mario game! Something really brilliant!

    •  What Nintendo needs is to STOP promoting it’s archaic 1st party games and as they should have done what they claimed that they would do – get hard-core games!

  • Revolution5268

    they release strong 3rd party and it still low, wtf?

  • Adam Porter

    Anyone wondering why the WiiU isn’t selling well in europe, i can tell you, i live in ireland, and we get all the uk tv channels aswell, i haven’t seen ONE WiiU add since a fortnight after it released, and i’ve only seen 2 in total. tbh i think nintendo are probably working on new addvertisments for the uk and ireland, cause if they aren’t it maybe that they’ve abandoned us altogether.

    •  We don’t live out there.  What the fuck is a fortnight?

      • Adam Porter

        a fortnight is 2 weeks

  • Guilliman

    The issue is a tiny library of good games.  I mean hypothetically, if I’m one of the self-proclaimed “hardcore”, then what is there to appeal to me that I don’t already own on 360/PS3?  ZombiU looks pretty good, but you can’t expect someone to buy a new console for one game that looks pretty good when they can spend less on top quality recent games out on other systems and with more choice.  Wii U is a new system and of course no one seriously expects it to a have a long list of titles, but the console needs a reason for people who are a happy with the current generation, or waiting for Xbox720/PS4 to look to Nintendo.

    Of course the problem of a small choice of games available will to an extent (although to a much lesser degree) be faced by Microsoft and Sony when they release their next consoles, but they benefit from better relationships with 3rd party developers.  Nintendo needs to tap up talented smaller developers who perhaps don’t have the resources at present to develop for the next generation Xbox/Playstation.  In the long run it’s not necessarily about exclusives, but it is absolutely imperative that before we see next gen competition for the Wii U, a genuinely excellent proof of concept game sees the light of day that at least potentially demonstrates the capabilities of the gamepad without resorting to gimmicks, and with graphics that are at least comparable to some of the better 360 games around.  Alternatively Nintendo needs a relatively big announcement about a first party title that will generate industry excitement and curiosity.

    The Wii U OS is still clearly unrefined, but I think the biggest mistake Nintendo has made with the Wii U launch is not having lined up a game that would wow people.  Instead with Nintendo Land they tried to repeat the Wii Sports trick, which unexpectedly both demonstrated the Wii concept, but was also got people talking.  And whilst is does show some of the gameplay possibilities with the gamepad, it is not in itself enough to excite people.  And neither it nor any other Wii U game currently available is enough to give people who aren’t loyal to Nintendo a reason to purchase the system.

  • InterTriplete

    Is it the same world-wide context of six years ago? Does the word “crysis” tell you anything? Even though, Wii U INCOMES are more than the ones of Wii and GameCube. This is the piece of news.

  • Gary West

    The fact is, it’s not acceptable to be selling games for £50 even more so with the worlds financial climate, people just cant afford to buy games often.