Sep 9th, 2012

Nintendo made motion controls much better with the addition of the Wiimote MotionPlus controller and attachment. The same technology is found inside of the Wii U GamePad, but the new console also supports older Wiimotes, both with and without MotionPlus. The latest info from Game Informer suggests that Nintendo isn’t pushing developers to use the new and better Motion plus tech. Instead, developers are free to use the older technology if they wish. However, Nintendo’s own first party titles that utilize the Wiimote will use MotionPlus. Nintendo Land minigames such as Metroid Blast require the MotionPlus controller for greater accuracy.

The advantages of using MotionPlus are obvious — it provides more specific controls and true 1:1 motion tracking movement, where what players do in real life is perfectly replicated in the game. This was best showcased with the latest Zelda game, Skyward Sword. It’s safe to assume that most third party developers will opt to use the improved motion controls, it would make little sense to stick with older technology. Especially since MotionPlus doesn’t cost developers anything extra. As mentioned before, the Wii U supports both the new and old Wiimote, in addition to many other Wii accessories and peripherals.

Wii u motionplus


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  • Lamsaturn

    I sure as heck hope they use it, unless it’s simple commands like shaking the remote or something. The regular Wiimote just isn’t good enough for a lot of actions.

    • Amy S

      I hope that I don’t have to use motion controls at all, that was the worst thing about the wii, amazing games but I just cba waving my hands around, pro controller ftw.

  • Garzard

    Good, cuz I never had a Wii

    • Your mom

      Then why have u played a wii

    • Melk

      …You do know you will still need to use a Wiimote for certain games, right?

    • ConCity Soldier

      Motion Plus is a must! Their will be tons of games on the Wii U that allow the Wiimote to be used, so we need Motion Plus in full effect.

    • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

      So you have never lived ?

    • Garzard

      Why the hell am I being down voted? All I said was that I never owned a Wii. I didn’t say anything bad.

      • jat

        lol. i thought the same thing when i saw your comment. I voted up just to balance it 🙂

      • Yodin

        Your comments are not really bad its just we do not know why you said ‘Good’ but never played a Wii which does not make sense, i liked the wii motion plus but without motion plus are fine for most games unless otherwise if it says you need Wii motion plus to play a game but most games i have works fine without Motion Plus.

        • Garzard

          I meant “good that I won’t need one”…oh look, somebody downvoted the other comment.

      • revolution5268

        people think your one of them (a.k.a. troll)

  • Wii Uoops!

    Why would they? It’s a past-generation remote. Though, you make a good point– the MotionPlus has a very accurate motion sensor, especially in Skyward Sword. Maybe they’ll make a motion plus for the Gamepad, somehow? A little accessory that clips onto the bottom of the remote. But it already has a gyroscope…
    Forget everything I just said… -_-

    • roedburn

      I think the motion plus still has a lot of potential. It wasn’t used as much or as well as it could have been, with the exception of Skyward Sword. But in the end it comes down to what works best to enhance the game. If that’s motion plus, great. If not, great. As long as they make the right choice for the game.

      • Zeta

        i think even what we had with SS can be improved as even though the game responded properly to the movement of the wiimote it can be taken further where the game actually uses the position of the sword for things like parrying that, IMO would be awesome for combat and maybe make it so you can slash other ways than a few fixed straight line slashes.

        • StCam

          What… like Red Steel 2 perhaps? 😛

    • dr scoobie

      they would probably develop for the original wii mote
      because everyone would own one
      while not everyone has a wii remote plus

  • AKA-Link77

    This was kinda obvious cuz Nin. said that all accessories will be compatible. 😉 🙂

  • flashdrive

    motion controls in skyward sword were awesome. i hope people will keep on using it if they’re are going to be any new games with motion controls.

  • Shankovich

    Huh, I guess more kiddy and basic games wouldn’t need it. I always thought they updated the accelerometer chip by replacing the old one…that, or it can run in a less accurate mode?

    • Wii Uoops!

      Where have you been? I missed you! While you were gone, secrets were told, tricks were discovered, and the post count surpassed twenty thousand!

      • Shankovich

        3rd year engineering started lol. Summer was crap for me, long story. I’ll try to drop by the forums this week! : D

    • TheShmow

      You can use the Motion Plus or a Remote Plus with regular games. You won’t get the higher accuracy afaik, but you don’t have to disconnect the Plus or keep old remotes around.

      New customers without any Wiimotes will get plus versions when they ned Wiimotes, anyway. I don’t think they even make the regular ones any more.

  • TheUNation

    It’s a good thing that Nintendo have given developers the freedom to use whatever control they want in the game for the Wii U see fit. If the developers want to use the Game Pad and Wii U Pro controllers, they can do it. If they want to use the Game Pad and Wii Motion Plus, they can do that as well.

  • Nintentionally

    I like the standard wiimote FPS controls. Much more fun than dual analog when done properly.

    • motion is core motion camera isnt FACT

      not just more fun physically engineeringly and physics BETTER THAN TWIN STICKS

      its CORE FPS control its the best fps controller there is this is why we roll are eyes at PRETEND CORES aka sony and ms fans and there AUTO -AIM /QUICK SCOPING ETC its all there to gimp assist the casual whilst fps playing AND THEY DARE CALL THIS CORE GAMING LOL

      it makes fps controls fps aiming and fps camera and movment all 10 x better everything moves and behaves as if your actuall there running round a map shooting guys

      COD on wii has become very very impressive here the way you run move turn is sooooooooooooooo natural and real vs the robo cops head motion of COD on ps3 and x360

      it also totally removes scrolling from fps aiming and camera, you do not have to scroll the screen like a web page on a smart phone witch you do when mousing or analog sticking a fps game, analog stick is not only flat and 2 dimensional and robotic its un refined huge aim radius and cluncky camera and your constantly scrolling the screen as if your web surfing on a tablet ITS AWFUL

      how anyone thinks that is core has very deep sony/ms fanboy issues fps on a dualshock id rather give my dog head then eat his fart soryy im a gamer not a HARDLY – CORE

    • Zeta

      I agree, this was especially noticeable in the Metroid Trilogy, CoD also but just not as much unless you did some major tweaking and even then i still didn’t feel right.

      To be honest even though the gamepad is awesome and it may be good for almost every game i still think motion controls like the wiimote have some juice left over.

      • Mshenay

        I feel you there too… I’ll be honest I hated using the WiiMote for Metroid at first… but after about 2 weeks I loved it! It really is a much better control schematic

        Still it’s always great when companys don’t FORCE ppl to use better technology!

  • Nintendo Power

    How kind of Nintendo. Giving the developers FREEDOM

  • DarthCoder

    @Shankovich The new Wii Remotes would probably always run in high accuracy mode. I would assume the developers just don’t have to write the code to support the more accurate electronics.

  • link 5

    There’s only one word to describe the sui u awesome 🙂

    • link 5

      Sorry ment wii u

      • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

        it should be called the ‘see U’ like you originaly said , ”see U later microsoft and sony whilst i outsell you both by 30 million units”

        ‘see U’ >>>> wiiu

        • Nintendo Power

          Whats wrong with the Wii U name?

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m guessing most developers will use the MotionPlus. Or at least I can’t see why they wouldn’t. The movement is far better and would help any game unless, like Lamsaturn said, only simple commands are used.

  • Metroidvania

    This is news? Slow day huh? I guess it’ll be this way till about Thursday.

    Here’s what to expect this week. Nintendo announcement with what I assume will reveal tons of news. After this expect people to be either plesantly surprised, or rather angry because all of the rumours floating around were just rumours.

    Now after this expect a rather negative flood of pessimism from sites like Examiner ect. Basically sites that get front paged on Google news when you search “Wii U”. Regardless of how positive the news is expect negative Pachter comments almost immediately after. Which this site will most likely post.

    Now what to take away from this upcoming week. If your excited about the Wii U. Stay excited, dont let people try to ruin your happiness, and anticipation for the Wii U. Basically get ready for media D-Day on the Wii U regardless of how positive the news is.

    The trolls are about to be unleashed. I think its time we all find our excaliburs and get ready to stick this one out.

  • Kamon

    The only thing I’m worried about with the Wii U is that they’ll have us switching from Gamepad to Wiimote. (e__e) I just don’t know how I would feel about that.

    • motion is core motion camera isnt FACT

      it doesnt work like that , try thinking about this simply if interacting between the pad screen and thetv screen HOW WOULD YOU DO IT!!!!!!!???

      WITH THE Wii REMOTE why would you put down the remote and pick up the pad when the remote can interact with the pad ITS SELF think about this dude THINK LIKE A GAMER it all becomes so obvious and commonsense

      and a lot of games will support one guy on pad one guy on wii remote etc

      in a case were both are used by one player think how would they do this ANSWER a cradle that gamepad sits in at base of tv set so u remote interact with both screens DUDE !!

    • Joesatmoes

      yah thats the type of problem that could occur wen someome thinks that, for exampl in cod, u use ur wiimote and nunchuck to play and switch to ur Gampad to call in a killstreak. ud be killd while switching! and with new super mario U, it would in my opinion b incredibly stupid. only REALLY slow paced games could make that work, games like DRAW or (and even this could probably not work) scribblenauts

    • Zeta

      i agree this would be annoying but i would sort of allow it in a game like Zelda, where the wiimote would be for combat and the gamepad for everything else, cause i really don’t want to let go of what SS had or what the gamepad will bring.

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      You know, you don’t have to use both at the same time. Most games will use only the GamePad, others will use the Wii Remote, and multiplayer games will have one or two players using the GamePad while the others use the Wii Remotes. It’s not like you must have four hands to play with everything, there’s time and place for every controller.

  • pikapower0000

    Umm………. was i the only one who hates skyward sword’s controls? it was a great game, but the controls made it hack and slash.

    • motion is core motion camera isnt FACT

      id rather sward play than stupid non gameplay puzzles zelda is a adventure rpg the puzzle solving is getting in the way its time to make zelda about GAMEPLAY motion plus etc to new heights

      im fed up with zelda becoming a casual puzzle game for ass wipe gamers

      • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

        mmmmmmm , Zelda is all about puzzles !! where have you been for the last 25 year’s ???

    • venomjamaica

      How can you like the game but not the controls? Thats crazy. Skyward sword was a great game and a great control method.

      WII U MAD????

      Get N or get OUT!

    • rafael

      How was that so?

    • Melk

      “Poorly-rated comment – 0 u – 20 d”

      Yeah, you are the only one who hated skyward sword’s controls.

  • motion is core motion camera isnt FACT


    wm+ was always going to find its feet on wiiu not wii i new that from the moment it was revealed we haven’t even got close to what this thing can do its by far the most advanced motion controller there is and combined with pointer mouse its heaven sent for CORE GAMING (lol Sony ms fans and there casual nonsense)

    imagine the basket ball passing of wii sports resort in a full blown basket ball game football game and ball team game to think of it

    imagine full blown golf club physics of every club in the golf bag

    combining wm+ and motions with fps games and expanding them to new heights

    interaction between both screens like the E3 gold trailer thing

    wm+ is 1600 degrees motion per second move and kinect are 300 degrees and wm+ is 100% motion and force and physics at the point of movement the human hand NO STUPID CAMERA

  • Alienfish

    The Wiimote without the gyro is a crappy gimmick at best, replacing button presses as its best use. When I first heard about Wii, I was thinking Skyward Sword controls. I waited five years for that and I won’t settle for less now that it’s been proven.

    • rafael

      Well said.

    • Nintedward. WiiU . 3DS

      someboy’s never played wario ware touched , wii sports or ssx blur 😛

  • Christopher

    Well at least it opens another option for developers to work with if they wanted to. Nintendo is always the nice guy when it comes to options, giving developers a chance to use the new Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller and the Wii Motion Plus really does open up new things, and all of that in HD.

  • rafael

    Yay! True boxing simulation here we come! 🙂

  • Behind you

    I lIves all games that have motion plus so I am gonna support it to be on most games like zombi u because you can swing a bad at there face instead of pressing a button besides it makes game fell more real.i know I stuffed the sentences 😀 🙂

  • Nintentionally

    I hope they somehow come up with a wiimote+ and gamepad combo for Zelda U. I can’t see them dropping the gamepad or the motion plus controls because they could bring so much.

    Skyward Sword had the best controls of any sword adventure ever. If you don’t agree with this it probably means you had a broken controller or didn’t know how to recentre the remote.

    I’ll be hella annoyed if my 2 wii classic controllers are not supported by games that use exactly the same buttons on the wiiu classic pro thingy.

  • Stavros

    The funny thing is that he says its new technology while its 3 years old.

  • Nintendo Power

    3 Days away till the BIG N Announce their PRICE$$$$$$……..want a Wii U size cake?

    • Madmagican

      OOooo I’d love some cake 😛

  • Madmagican

    I think this is a perfectly safe move by Nintendo; this way they’re not gonna be pushing any third-parties into having to incorporate motion plus if they don’t want to; LET THE CREATIVITY FLOW!!!

  • joe


  • Kirbymon123

    “Especially since it doesn’t cost the developers anything extra” Well it costs the consumer a lot extra!