Nov 19th, 2013

White and black Wii U

If you booted up your Wii U this morning you were probably greeted by a prompt that asked you to update your Wii U, which made you head to Wii U Daily to discover why. This firmware update is a minor update that contains “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments”.

While that’s not quite the changelog you were probably looking for, it should be noticed that this incremental update is probably a symptom of the December update that Nintendo is prepping which will bring much bigger things like combining the balances between the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. We’re almost there!

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  • yea!!!!
    More stability.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Don’t want firmware, want games

    • Laud

      Yeah because software engineers make games.

      You want them to make games instead of improving the performance of the console itself.

      These software engineers who have studied years in computer science or other sciences and have probably never developed a game in their lives.. They’re the reason why the Wii U is lacking in the games department, totally their fault I’m not even going to argue that because you’re so right on it’s crazy.

      Seriously though, your statement is about as much of a contribution as investing a penny to an oil company.

      • jjbredesen

        I don’t know if you a being sarcastic, but the software engineers are needed to make the Wii U usable… If it was not for them we would running DOS…

        • Simon Stevens

          The secret of monkey island for DOS coming to a Wii U near U

        • Laud

          It’s sarcasm up until the ‘seriously’ part.

    • Is… Is this guy for real? It’s not like we were stiffed a game for this update or anything…

      • Ace

        Speaking of games…which game did you get with the gift card that you won from the contest?

        • Smash Bros! πŸ˜€ Got it preordered

          • jjbredesen

            Very wise choice πŸ˜€

          • Ace

            Great decision! I can’t wait till Friday.

    • Cesar Barroso

      you have living under a rock my fellow gamer!

    • Majora’s Mask

      it only lasted 0,5 minutes

  • jjbredesen

    Nice, ashley check out this:

    Nando Monterazo, a Software Engineer at Nintendo of America, has shared that the company is testing out a tablet device primarily aimed at both children and schools. The tablet is apparently based on Android and is fully modified. Nintendo is testing the tablet using Android, but they ultimately want a system written in C/C++ in a Unix environment. The tablet will won’t feature traditional Nintendo games and will instead be for educational games only. Whether they will be able to compete against low-cost Android tablets and Chromebooks at schools remains to be seen.

    So nintendo is making tablets?

    • Simon Stevens

      One step closer to the npad or the Nintendo Fire ^^ this’ll be interesting.

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah i guess it would be cool, just as long as they dont go blackberry…

      • Javy G

        It would awesome for Nintendo to make an HD tablet. Only thing is they need thier own app service (eShop, so we can still use that combined balance) along with Google Play or App Store and not let these other big companies buy into thier IP’s…and maybe the design should have button controls on the side. Invent some new games and establish the Virtual Console and I’ll make it rain on you Nintendo.

        • jjbredesen

          Yes, but that is the 3DS XL in a nutshell sort of. If they made a 3DS2 HD or something like that and gave it a 8″ screen with multitouch etc. That would be pretty awesome.

          Yeah i know the name is stupid.

          As long as they dont abondon the handheld DS style of gaming i am ok.

          • Javy G

            Kind of but not fully. I still enjoy watching Walking Dead on my Gamepad with a nice set of headphones but I couldn’t say the same for the 3DS. Plus the services that these other companies provide allows you to watch upcoming movies (Man of Steel) and provide mulit-touch screen to make things interesting. Still love the 3DS and its Dual Screen but its a whole different ballgame from a tablet.

        • Simon Stevens

          That would be wise, exclusive Nintendo content would easily sell their android based tablet so long as google play store was still available for the rest, goodness knows how it would work though, would it be their new handheld or would they make mini games alongside mobile games?, I’m not sure I’d be a fan of angry Mario in space or Kirby crush saga and please Nintendo, no Donkey kong tetris xD

          • jjbredesen

            LOL now that would be horrible, and what about Cut the Zelda

          • Simon Stevens

            Plants vs Wario’s, Villager rush, Cut the pope (rayman legends), lol it would be madness, the sad thing is though, we’re starting to see this trend with Playstation now, before you know it there’ll be Franchies with side Franchises on the Vita and Mobile platform, for example.

            PS3 : The last of us
            Vita: The few of us
            Mobile: The two of us

            Its gonna happen lol

          • jjbredesen

            LOL, but the thing is we have the problem with Mario… The games are great, but there are so many side franchises.

            Mario 3D games

            Galaxy Games

            New super mario games

            Mario Golf

            Mario Baseball

            Mario Tennis

            Mario Soccer

            Mario Basketball

            Mario and Luigi

            Mario and Sonic

            Mario VS DK

            Mario Party

            Mario Kart

            Paper Mario

            Super Mario

            Mario Bros

            and then there are a couple of others, and stand alone games like Sunshine and 64.

            That is a lot of “sub-franchises”

            I love mario, but dam thats alot

            Whats next mario surfing or snooker?

          • Javy G

            I know to big hitters working side by side usually doesn’t sit well. One or other will want the bigger piece of the pecan pie! (Sorry pumpkin pie comes in 2nd this Thanksgiving)

          • Simon Stevens

            Google would be pissed because Nintendo IP’s are one big chunk of strawberry cheesecake.

          • jjbredesen

            The NPhone πŸ˜›

          • Simon Stevens

            I would so buy that πŸ˜€ this is what the xperia play should have looked like!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Good or bad sign?

      • jjbredesen

        Dont really know. It’s good if nintendo does good, and bad if they go Blackberry only time will tell…

    • Moreck

      That seems like a waste of resources. Apple, the richest company in the world, has a 94% share of the tablet education market. Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Amazon have barely made any headway in this arena, (And these companies can afford to spend more on tablet R&D than Nintendo) so I can’t imagine what would possess Nintendo to throw its money at something like that.

      • jjbredesen

        Let me just correct you Walmart is the “richest” conpany in the world with $469 billion dollars in revenue.

        Samsung is the 15th richest company and apple is the 17th richest company.

        Android currently stands for 50% of the marketshare of all phones and tablet devices.

        Apple is not that great of a company, their products cost a shit ton of money and you get verry little for your money. You cant do anything with a IOS device compared to a android device. Most people jailbrake their iphone so they can do what androud already can do.

        Samsung can afford to not make any profit for years and not go bankrupt.

        And Google well i dont think i need to explain anything, they are the largest and most powerful internett company in the word and have about 80% of all internett trafikk.

        But yeah they all have more money than Nintendo and Apple does have a lot of marketshare in the Tablet area, but who knows?

        Apple sells more, exspensive flagship models rather than cheap ones.

        I think Nintendo can afford to go in to the market and would be verry sucsessfull. If they get the marketing right.

  • jjbredesen

    Can’t wait for the desember update πŸ˜€

    My 3DS has been ready for MiiVerse for a long time now,

  • Shaise Mughal

    Hey Ashley! Seems your a confused consumer yourself. ‘combining balancing between Wii & Nintendo 3DS’. LOL!

  • A SNES Day Off

    I’m looking forward to the December update, but let’s not get carried away here. Whatever features Nintendo decide to the OS are precisely that; they’re additions. I believe the real test will be rethinking how the U.I is actually displayed on the TV, because at the moment, the upgrade to HD is being wasted by graphics that are designed for the GamePad alone.

    I can only put this down to time saving measures when the console was under development, or an over-simplified approach to the menu system. The point is though, until Nintendo find a discipline for offering more (or different) kinds of content on the TV rather that simply mirroring it from the GamePad, the experience will continue to be lacklustre.

    • Javy G

      This why SSB should be Pro Controller only and use Wii U power to its full potential. Nintendo should package the game with a custom made SSB theme Pro Controller

      • A SNES Day Off

        I’m certainly not suggesting that the GamePad screen should be limited, but I just feel it’s important to utilise the scale of the TV screen in 1080p. Blowing up images that were designed for the GamePad and a touchscreen is wasteful.

    • Dennis

      I don’t agree with you. If you mean the screens shown in Miiverse and the eShop for example, it is supposed to mirror because the Gamepad works as a touchscreen but you want to see it on the TV. If it will show different information on the TV than on the gamepad it all gets a little odd and vague. And the images aren’t blown up or something. The warawara plaza isn’t mirrored and if the Wii U was designed without a Gamepad, it still had looked like this.

      • A SNES Day Off

        I was referring to the scaling of the graphics in general.

        • Dennis

          I really don’t understand what you mean. Not every game is made so it is also playable on the Gamepad. And if so, the scaling is just right so…

  • Justagamer

    Awesome..Hurry December We want that Update!!!!!!!!!!

  • Torgeir Skogen

    So there’s a setting to recieve new software, that might not even want, automatically from Nintendo. But you can’t get updates automatically without turning the console on yourself?

    • Dennis

      The system already automatically downloads updates in stand-by mode for a few months now. And you can turn of the spotpass feature which will download software for you. So, there you go!

      • Torgeir Skogen

        This still doesn’t explain why I have to look at some download or install of updates, while it’s perfectly possible to just randomly get a new game when booting up the system one day.

        • Dennis

          I don’t get what your problem is. Spotpass downloads act precisely the same way as new updates… Your system checks in standby mode every hour for new updates and software. Only if an update releases after your system got in standby, yeah than you have to wait for the update when you open a game. But I have had many times that I turned on the console and an app or game was updated when it was off.

  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo, please add folders to our home screen. Also integrate the friends list and miiverse messaging, it’s extremely clunky.

    Thank You

    • Dennis

      Yeah you’re right. Going into miiverse isn’t that big a deal but entering friendlist every time gets annoying. Why not in warawara plaza with a swipe or in the home menu (with a swipe too or something :P)

      • I also want to be able to DELETE messages for krraist sake. =]

    • teknik1200

      folders would be nice, I’m already at three pages!

      • Jon

        yeah. I got the first page almost filled, then the next page is completely full with E-shop titles, then i got two more pages almost full of VC titles. one page for SNES games and the other for NES games…. if they release GC or N64 games…. I am going to be really running out of space.

    • [000]

      It would also be really nice if friend messaging was instant.

  • Just give us a message DELETE possibility in Miiverse finally! Also for admin messages. OK, you make a mistake there and you are reminded about it forever. Is that cool? No. And what’s up with TVii? Is it going to be finished ever? Been a year now and nothing happens to these things.

  • Dez

    Speaking of updates, any news on the now forgotten Fall update which was intended to boost the load times of games? I don’t recall that early October update mentioning anything about it other than another “improved system stability” listing. Is it still coming, been delayed till next year, in traditional Nintendo fashion, or was that October update simply it?

    • Pikachief

      That October update was supposed to be it.

    • Jelle Knibbe

      It’s already been released. And while it didn’t affect load times (it didn’t need to), it added,a whole bunch of other stuff.

  • Graeme Lynch

    I’m guessing Nintendo have abandoned the TVii for Europe then? Sigh.
    It would also be appreciated if Nintendo would make it easier to switch to the Wii mode.
    Nintendo please I am trying really hard to love my WiiU but you make it so difficult!

  • Is this the update that suppose to bring update to youtube app for Wii U?

  • bizzy gie

    Still waiting for that Summer update.

  • Chompy

    Here are some suggestions on what to add in the System Update

    – Cross Game Chat
    – Group Chat (With 3 or more people)
    – Be able to play Blue Ray/DVD’s
    – Like posting screenshots on Miiverse, we should have it where you can record a video of your gameplay and upload it on Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook, etc.!
    – In game notification (Similar style they did with 360 where it tells you who just signed in or logged off, while your playing.)

    • Levi Johansen

      The Home Button blinks blue when there is a notification for you. If you press the button, you will see the notification at the top, like someone logging in or sending a message.

      Technically, there is cross game chat, but you’ll have to go to Miiverse during game to send each other messages.

      When we can make our own communities, then we can use those as chatrooms.

      What we need is for Miiverse to jump to the place we left off when we open it. Everytime I open miiverse, it takes me to the start or to the community for the game I have. It should take me to where I was the last time I used Miiverse.

      If they fix this, we can open the page for sending messages, and everytime we open Miiverse, we will be right there ready to read and respond.

      • Arobadope

        The guy asked for the wii u to play Blu-ray and DVDs, sorry but I don’t expect him to know that the Home Button blinks blue when a notification is ready for you, call it a hunch, but I feel like he is an idiot.

        • ThePolarKuma

          well i think the blue home button blinking can be over looked i was playing a game when my friend was trying to wii u chat me it i didnt notice it. and going through miiverse is too tedious watch my video on what i dont like about the wii u clear and not bashing the system just speaking out

          • Levi Johansen

            Would be nice to have the option of showing notifications during gameplay, not just have the button blink.

            Personally, I would not turn such a feature on, I feel like it would interupt the gameplay.

          • Arobadope

            So basically you just used me as a forum to post about your whack video, thanks.

          • ThePolarKuma

            i gave you my take on it. i WROTE something back to you i just attached the video to express more on the matter