Aug 10th, 2013

It’s not often that the Wii U is featured on TV — we’ve seen Jimmy Fallon play the console on his show (where he thought it was an accessory to the Wii), and recently a Wii U bundle was featured on The Price Is Right. The show had bundled together a Wii U and some games and asked the contestants what the whole thing cost. One of them got it just right. Here’s a rundown: the bundle contains a basic Wii U set and six games. How much would that cost? Pick your number, then watch the video above for the answer.

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  • Vialtoclef

    She’s probably going to buy an Xbox One with that $500 now….

    • Bob Singh


    • Shaise

      You mean that console that has a mandatory Kinect, the size of a VCR & requires a subscription for online?

      • Merrfn

        Yes, yes he does.

      • NkoSekirei

        microsoft made too many mistakes with their new system so no xboxone for me ill just stick to the wii u and hope ps4 beats xbox one

      • Its justifiable but I can see where you’re coming from.

      • the size of a VCR and the weight of a car.

    • jay

      ‘chievement Unlocked

    • Squid

      Or Wii Fit U. Not to be rude, most of the games there were motion,

      • Vialtoclef

        Very true! But since that only costs $100…. a PS4!

  • John Smith

    Let me guess, is it $620 ?

    • RockieOllie

      LOL! it’s not a PS3 at launch woman!
      The other lady said 820 LOL!

  • Zombie Boy

    So which price did they use? The Target price? The Walmart price? The Asda price? Or the real price? Did they include the voucher? Lol

    • gtosheex

      The Nintendo Price!

    • Kotargnskit

      The iron price…

      • Nintenjoe82

        if only

      • incoherent1


  • LopsidedPasta

    I said 620 when it was first unveiled w/ the games. #swagsalot

  • Josiah Parsons

    They picked (many of) the absolute worst games on the system for their display! Why not showcase the GOOD games? What a novel idea!

    • Volfos

      Looks better to non-gamers but is cheaper for them?

    • Forbsz

      There is hardly any good games for wii u so I don’t know what you’re talking about there is only like 2 good games for the system anyway

      • Zorlac79

        Pikmin 3, NSMBU, ZombiU, NFS, LEGO, NintendoLand, Assassins Creed 3, Monster Hunter 3, Scribblenauts, Sonic Racing…

        There is at least 10, 7 of which are exclusives.

        • Josiah Parsons

          I would reply, but you just took the words right out of my mouth.

        • some other bad ports’re good, like mass effect, i buy it and i like it.

      • fireheartis1

        Hey troll if your going to talk crap about the Wii U, take that Zelda profile pic down.

    • Bill Bong

      The just went to a local Best Buy and picked 6 random games not looking at the titles. I hope she gets to choose the games she wants.

    • fireheartis1

      Dude at least Batman: Arkham City was on there. That game is freaking awesome. Plus Just Dance 4 isn’t a bad game at all dude.

  • mastercutsac


  • DragonSilths

    Honestly I thought the answer was $350…Then I realized with 6 games yeah…I guess $60 a game times 6 games…

    • Zorlac79

      But then 350 + (60 * 6) = 720……

      • Aamir Islam

        It’s a basic though….

      • DragonSilths

        But thats not a bundle then is it lol. Had to be $100 off to make it a worth while price.

  • MrBuney

    WTF 800???!?? No wonder microsoft set xbox1 at $500 bucks, adults probably think its cheaper than that darn $800 Nintendo System lol

    • Squid

      It’s not 800 dollars, the Basic Wii U is 300, while the deluxe is 350, the games go for 50-60 I believe.

  • MrBuney

    Drew Carey: “Guess the actual retail price of this BRAND NEW XBOX1 AND WIN!!!”

    Me: “No thanks”

    • The price of the XBOX One (not including tax) is $500 + your privacy.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Not even if it’s free?

      • Kev

        I don’t work for free. If Microsoft wants all access to my home they’re gonna pay a monthly subscription for the show

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          Do you have internet in your home? A computer? A tablet? A Smart phone? A car manufactured in the last 5 years? If so, the NSA already has means of spying on you. And don’t forget about satellites and drones… Hell, the American govt can even get into your Wii and Wii U if it’s connected to your home network. Especially since the Wii and Wii U are “Always On” πŸ™‚

          • Kev

            No facebook or cell phone and I have a relatively unknown canadian isp which cuts big tel out of the loop. I don’t mind Nintendo collecting certain information from me (I register all my games) but if they start listening to my verbal commands through a spy cam and asking my friends to identify themselves and wiping everything off my system after 24 offline hours, that’s when I will draw the line.

          • Entropyguy

            It’s kind of cute that people think not having an Xbox One will immunize them from being spied on.

          • like i say, not having FB or G+ will not immunize you.
            but a camera on your home, will be a great help to them. πŸ˜›

          • Peter Lythaby

            Not if you’ve got my ‘reliable’ BT wireless connection lol

    • Squid

      Me: *Purposely gets it wrong* 1200 dollars!

    • di g

      one dollar drew!

  • Pedro Natera

    Well at least the wii u got advertised

  • WellWisher

    Did they include the subscription fee to play online? Oh wait, Wii U doesn’t have one!!

    • Lophs

      Nobody plays online on the Wii so its a moot point.


        Thanks for taking the time out from your fanboy sausage fest to tell us that.

        • jlsniper

          Too be fair, he did say “Wii” no one plays the Wii online still. But everyone plays the Wii U online.


            I think ‘Wii’ may of been a typo on his part!

          • jlsniper

            Well, I’m hoping he’s not that big of an idiot, but I guess he could be.

          • Clel

            How about Mario Kart Wii?

          • jlsniper

            Oh yeah, forgot about that game. I myself haven’t played that in a while. Been busy with the Wii U and 3ds… and Gamecube. lol Trying to do a playthrough of Windwaker before the HD version comes out. lol

          • i still play mario kart wii online once a month.

          • The_Last_Metroid

            I still play goldeneye online :/

          • jlsniper

            Ok, so there are some games still worth playing on Wii. Sorry. lol

          • fireheartis1

            Actually I know this game get’s a beat down every time, but people still play COD World at War online all the time. I just played an online session and it was on my original Wii. Yah I know Wii U plays Wii games, but I felt so guilty trading in my original Wii I had to buy another one just for my bedroom lol.

        • Samuel Mungy

          Ooh, right in the fanhood! Liverpool fan? That’s new! Same here. YNWA.


            YNWA Samuel πŸ™‚

          • fireheartis1

            Um what’s YNWA stand for? If you don’t mind me asking.

          • Samuel Mungy

            Well Liverpool is a football club (In America they call it soccer) and YNWA stands for ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ which is the main part of the club’s anthem. Listen to the fans sing, it’s beautiful.

    • CharmanderRulz

      This was kinda a low blow but I will let it pass with how the PlayStation fan base went from “Take that 360 users” to “We get more value then XBO” (the argument the 360 fan base used on the PS3). I wanted a PS4 for things like Final Fantasy XV but I’m put of by needing to pay for something others do for free. I’m sure there are many Sony users that bought the PS3 only for online benefits and are now less/not interested with the PS4.

      • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

        I still didn’t get it (well…I didn’t really look into it neither lol), but I’ll still be able to just Play my Final Fantasy ‘n God of War (if one is released) offline right?

        • Decker Shado

          Should be. If it works like Xbox Live, not paying them doesn’t mean no online access whatsoever for needed updates/day 1 DLC or anything like that, just restriction from playing online multiplayer. So, the two mentioned games should be fine.. unless one of the producers forces the dev team to turn either into a CoD clone. In that case, you should simply avoid the game altogether anyway. πŸ˜‰

          • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

            very nice…not that 50€ are much for a whole year, but I refuse to pay for using stuff I bought, that’s the same reason I hate Pay2Play games like WoW ALTHOUGH I enjoy playing them xDD

            Thanks for clarification (and thanks for supporting my lazyness :P)

        • WellWisher

          Yes you can play a PS4 offline for free. Only the multiplayer components will be locked behind a paywall.

      • WellWisher

        I use my PS3, PC and now Wii U for online multiplayer. I really don’t agree with charging for it as I find online multiplayer perfectly fine on those systems. I know AU$70 a year isn’t that much, but they’re planning a 10 year life cycle so it’s and extra $700 for the life of the console (assuming they don’t bump the price up).

  • Too bad they gave away some pretty bad games with it XD I saw ESPN sports connection up there

    • Forbsz

      No many good games to give away on the Wii U anyway……. so yeah

      • Squid

        Pikmin 3, Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, and Lego City are my favorite games on the system so far.

        • Entropyguy

          *Now* there are some good games. The Wii U’s games at launch were kind of pathetic, though.

          • half of the games he listed were launch titles though XD

        • crocodileman94

          I LOVE Lego City!

      • play pikmin 3 and monster hunter and say that again

  • Hugh Quinn

    i got $720

    • Bill Bong

      So did I. I guess they got the Wii U on sale and not directly from Nintendo.

  • Guest

    I would have done quick calculation in my head. 250 for the console and 6 games at 60 bucks a pop for a total of 610.

  • jay

    See even the first 2 contestants thought it was the original Wii.

  • EhenTi LaNero


  • Sam

    I’m being completely honest here; I estimated $620. Do I get a WiiU and $500 too? Please?

  • Energonkid

    660 bux

  • konyuna

    Kinda funny how a game show advertised the System more than Nintendo. I’m not trolling of course.

  • Laquandra Washpon

    $1 DOLLER DRU!

  • kevin nun—-

    350? really, you no gamer.

  • Saul Strange

    This… is news?

  • Guest

    new xbox ix xbox 180 were just like your xbox 360 lol

  • Joseph Parsons

    new xbox looks like it may have ben fun butt it maker is ms so no thx

  • zhenyaivan

    i guessed $660
    used the Wii U’s price basic $300
    then multiplied $60 times 6 got $360
    the I added it up… got $660.. was there something wrong with my math?

    • Cubester_64

      did the same math. apparently, not all games featured were $60.

      • zhenyaivan

        that’s what I thought lol

  • Sdudyoy

    At first I didn’t notice that they were adding all the games so it confused me on why they were all guessing so high.

  • Kirbyomega


  • Guest


    • fireheartis1

      Hey that’s actually funny because most people who bid one dollar actually end up winning. You must watch a lot of The Price is Right my friend.

  • Stephen Davis

    Hey I sent an email to Ashley (I guess they don’t make a habit of responding to requests for articles) Anyway I know there is over 3.12 million units sold worldwide (give or take a few) If anyone takes a moment to sign this petition I know we can outnumber pc petition for GTA V

  • RoboticLink

    I would of guessed $660 That would of been the real price (300+6×60)

    • Christian Schoff

      Pretty sure some of those were cheap, lame games. So not as expensive. You’dhave still won. Lol

  • fireheartis1

    LOL how much do you want to bet this lady already purchased the Wii U basic system with all those games and that’s how she got the price correctly.

  • NatT96β„’

    Seriously 620, come on. Well um, free advertising, I guess is good for Nintendo. Im surprised it was not mentioned on “Wheel of Fortune” by the now dead THQ

  • Kristopher Bjurman

    To the writer of this article, how do you say Jimmy Fallon thought the Wii U was just an accessory for the Wii? Not trying to attack in any way, I really like this site, I just find it a little strange that you reported it this way; as Jimmy said Wii U more than a couple times and seemed like he was quite excited for it. I watched the video, did you?