May 11th, 2013

Wii U Famicom
There are several different Wii U skins out there, from old NES ones, to all sorts of colorful ways to spiff out your Wii U. The latest skin comes from Datel Japan. The Wii U GamePad faceplate skin is made in real aluminum and can be had for just $20. But sadly, so far it’s only available in Japan.

The original Famicom, or “Family Computer” was based on the NES and released only in Japan. Check out more awesome Wii U skins that are available. Then there are also the ugly faceplates as well.

Have you purchased a skin/faceplate for your Wii U? And if so, which one did you get? Let us know in the comments section!

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    The FamiCom was not based on the NES. The NES was a re-design (made in around 30 minutes by someone I can’t remember) for the English and American markets to look more business like

    Something that was cool and maybe international was how the Wii U game pad got it’s name from being like the old NES/FamiCom controllers and now it looks like one.

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      You would think that a website devoted to Nintendo products would have a basic understanding of Nintendo products…

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      More than “business-like”, they didn’t want it to look like a video game console, since at the time of its release there was a video game crash caused by a ton of consoles and trash games being thrown in the market.

      And yes, the Famicom (Japanese version of the NES) was released before, so it’s impossible for that to be based on the American/European version. The NES is just a redesign made for business purposes.

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      The NES was made to look like a VCR of some kind, and the words “Entertainment System” was to make people think it was more than just another console.

      I still have mine fully working, and it does not play VHS-tapes, nor does it play casettes or CD’s. I feel robbed!

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    Wiikest skin I have seen. Wiik skins for wiik consoles.

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    Wow!!! Amazing!!! But, sadly, only available in Japan… 🙁

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    skins worth it just because of anti dust build up

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    i like this. i want it.

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    As someone who missed out on the Famicom edition of the GBA, I can appreciate this…