Jan 28th, 2014


When the Wii U GamePad extended battery was finally announced for the rest of the world, many people were excited. The battery adds nearly double the hours to the GamePad, sitting at 2550mAh while the standard battery that comes with the GamePad is only 1500mAh. So what is the weight relation between the two? According to one redditor who took the time to weigh them, only an ounce of difference is added.

The standard GamePad battery weights in at 1.5 ounces (42g), while the extended battery weighs in at 2.65 ounces (72g). With the battery adding nearly double the play time and a very miniscule weight difference, we’re having a hard time seeing why Nintendo doesn’t just put these things in the Wii U as standard, instead of making people buy an additional $32 accessory.

The Nintendo Store just restocked the new high capacity batteries if you are interested in picking one up.

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  • RyuNoHadouken

    im gonna need to pick one of these up…i sense some serious gaming sessions coming up soon…1oz wont even be noticeable

    • val berger

      Using this for weeks now and I love it. What doesn’t get mentioned here is, that that additional 1oz actually improves the whole valence of the gamepad. Since I built the new battery in, the whole behaviour of what to do with that thing somehow changed (as explained in some other comment here) BUT it alos felt different. Since the Gamepad got criticised for feeling like a cheap plastic toy, the additional weight somehow added this genuine feeling of a electronic computer device as you now feel like having something in your hand, that just weights as much as it looks like it should do. Don’t wanna get philosophic about that, but all I can tell, it actually changed the value of the whole thing. If Nintendo would change the Gamepad’s resolution to 720p and make that battery a standard for every newly bought WiiU, they could actually start a completely new beginning of that console.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker


  • flair11

    so why didn’t the Wii U GamePad come with this higher capacity battery?

    • Justin Carlson

      Most likely trying to reach a cost goal for the gamepad.

  • Yen

    “we’re having a hard time seeing why Nintendo doesn’t just put these things in the Wii U as standard”

    Maybe because some people don’t need it? I rarely play more than 4 hours continuously without standing up for a break of some sort and I put it back on the charging stand. Even when I do play for even longer, the charger cord is long enough to not really get in the way of gameplay. I don’t really see why people need the extra battery unless your house is REALLY lacking on outlets.

    • AAAkabob

      Because wires spread across the floor are for cavemen

      • Yen

        It’s going to be there even if you have a bigger battery…

        • AAAkabob

          Really? cause I never see the wires for my pro controller.

          • Yen

            Not really sure what you meant by that, I don’t have a pro controller yet. Don’t you need to charge those too? Just with a USB cord instead?

          • Nintenjoe82

            Yeah but the scary thing about the pro controller is that it seemingly lasts forever. I charged mine fully in January 2013 and only recharged it recently. I used it for a couple of hundred hours of playing. Its charging cable is a little too short for playing and charging comfortably though.

          • Jelle Knibbe

            It lasts 80 FRICKIN’ HOURS on a single charge.

    • Graeme Lynch

      Well for me the distance my tv and sofa are mean the charger cable doesn’t reach.

  • “we’re having a hard time seeing why Nintendo doesn’t just put these things in the Wii U as standard, instead of making people buy an additional $32 accessory.”

    You answered your own question. 😛

    • Nintenjoe82

      True. They should have at least made the standard battery look the same size and pretended that battery technology moved on since release because the comparison shot just proves they had this planned all along.

    • Dark-Link73

      The two things I hate the most in “professional” journalism are lack of proofreading and asking rhetorical questions. Such errors undermine the professionalism of the author and the editor (provided this place has an editor) for not catching the errors.

    • Tecpedz94

      Basically i think its their method of making back their money from the price cut. because they are selling the wiiu at a loss by selling this they make more money and people buying a pro controller to add on just makes them back the money they lost but the good thing is neither are mandatory.

    • Rinslowe

      Ouch. True.

    • Michael Hancock

      What question and how did she answer it?

    • val berger

      Nintendo was crazy about trying to save every cent when producing the WiiU 14months ago. They of course wouldn’t be so stupid to make customers take a screwdriver and open their product to exchange hardware their best choice. They just knew it’s some kind of an option to let users exchange their battery later on. I guess, they didn’t think of such a bad response to their standard battery, so they threw the better battery out earlier than planned, as they were first announcing it like 6 months after the WiiUs launch. They may just have kept the batteryspace open to see how long they can go with the smaller battery.
      Still, to claim it would have been just on purpose is wrong. Nintendo might not be marketing superbrains, but they aren’t as dumb.

    • Marcus Larsson

      Wont give nintendo the satisfaction.
      I’ll buy a chinese knock-off

    • Jelle Knibbe

      It’s borerline too heavy. When playing for more than 1 hour, it really gets uncomfortable. If it even were 1 ounce heavier, that problem’d be worsened.

  • Rick Valenta

    Should have came with this thing in the first place. The factory battery life is a joke. I got the bigger NYKO battery ages ago and the NYKO booster pak and I have never run out of batteries since. My gamepad has probably close to 24hrs of life…AC4 marathon!

    • You’re lucky you got the NYKO battery when you did, as Nintendo stopped them from producing anymore. You can’t get them.

      • Rick Valenta

        I had it on reserve on Amazon for what seemed like forever and it finally shipped. Didn’t know they weren’t available anymore interesting… I bought the Boost Pak while I waited because lets be honest; who wants to play with their Gamepad plugged in?

        • Drowrin


          • Rick Valenta

            Well your couch must not be very far from your TV.

          • bd-lt-dnkr

            The gamepad doesn’t plug in the TV.

          • Rick Valenta

            Actually it does. Most TV’s have one or several USB 2.0 Inputs these days, but since Nintendo made it proprietary it won’t charge. Although; if you plug the charging cradle into your TV or laptop it will charge. I meant that presumably your Wii U is about the same distance from your couch as from your TV. Unless you pull it way out to get the cable/controller to reach your couch, like we used to do with the 64′ and SNES and NES…

          • bd-lt-dnkr

            Actually, it doesn’t. I don’t know what Wii U model you have, but the one I have doesn’t plug into USB. The charger plugs into a 120v wall outlet, and most people have an outlet near the couch.

          • Rick Valenta

            I stand corrected. I am thinking of the $10 cable you can buy at best buy that allows you to charge your gamepad from a USB port. definitely NOT included in the Deluxe Wii U set. My bad. Worth the investment though if you don’t want to bother with the bigger battery…

        • Shy Guy

          I have a feeling their was a run on the 1st party extended battery packs when Nintendo first announced them, I bought mine directly from Nintendo and I had to wait since the day after Christmas to finally get it.

        • Sam


  • jhell

    one day

  • Sam

    Who’s going to be playing for 5 hours consecutively anyways? I’m not. I don’t even play three. Just plug it in. Who cares?

    • incoherent1

      I have to agree here. I know I’ll get down voted, but they made a cost-driven decision based on what works for 95-99% of people. The Wii U is a BARGAIN compared to other new gen systems out there, and they keep it that way by making trade offs like this.

      If you’re in the upper 5-1% of people who play in 4+ hour increments and don’t want to plug it in, then you can pay extra to get this.

      • Sam

        completely agree.

      • thedeciderU

        it’s a pain since i often play for a couple hours then sit back and browse internet or youtube to watch tv shows.

        • Dimitri Soto

          Then just plug it in while you do that and set the plug next to where your sitting

      • Jelle Knibbe

        ‘I know I’ll get downvoted’
        gets 35 upvotes 🙂

    • Ernie Sanguyo

      I agreed and also the battery charges so fast. You can just continue your game while plug in and it shouldn’t take long to get fully charge not even 10 mins. It’s really fast to charge the battery.

      • Sam

        I know! I was pleasantly surprised at that; all I had heard was that it took SO long to charge, didn’t stay charged for long at all, and the touchscreen was very unresponsive. None of which are at all true.

      • thedeciderU

        your battery charges in 10 minutes? mine doesn’t. do you have a launch day console? just curious, thanks.

        • Ernie Sanguyo

          Bought mine february so it wasn’t launch day. It charges under 10 mins fully. I couldn’t believe it how fast it was.

  • Softballumpire

    I don’t see the big deal with the battery life and my cord is long enough for me… its fine for me to play and charged without an issue.

  • Negatron99

    Is it possible that the cost of the materials make it more expensive to start with. Do you know what Nintendo’s making on it? They may be putting a cheap battery in with cheap materials. Then making this expensive, with higher quality, lighter, materials in this battery for those that want it. If they put it in the GamePad to start with it would increase the cost of the entire console would it not?

    • Shy Guy

      Except for the size the batteries the materials and build quality seem identical.

      • Negatron99

        Materials? Build quality is nothing. But the purity of the metals and the different chemicals that go into the battery will make a difference in the performance of the battery itself.

  • ~OMEGA~

    how much does the bigger battery cost?

    • I am Error.

      It’s… in the… article…

  • Will W

    If I didn’t have my Wii U plugged in, all the time, I’d think about investing in one of these batteries… Having the batteries as standard wouldn’t be nice…

  • Antonio Jose de Sousa

    I’m wondering when Nintendo is planning to release the white version of the Wii U 32GB outside of Japan. I have been waiting so long for that bundle. 🙁
    I own the black Wii U 32GB and I really hate see every single fingerprint in the Gamepad because the case is so shiny!! >.<

    I really hope they make an announcement about it this year.

  • Ace

    Ordered one on the 3rd (while they were back ordered but still available to purchase). Because of the long wait they gave me free expedited shipping. Can’t wait for extended gameplay. Worth the money IMO.

  • Con

    The only game worth playing for more than 5 hours are probably assassin’s creed, Injustice and black ops, its not like Nintendo has alot of games worth staying up all night playing

    • LJay

      Lol AC4 n COD…

    • AllCreation

      If those are your top pics on the Wii U then you definitely bought the wrong console friend… Nintendo’s first party franchises are among the best (and best selling) in the industry… I invite you to expand your horizons and try a few.

      • Con

        What best. Theres barely any games and all the good games doesn’t even come out until Who the hell knows when. Its kinda hard to expand my selection when theres not much to choose from.

        • Joey

          I got Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, Lego City Undercover, Skylanders Swap Force & Giants, Super Mario 3D World, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Zelda Wind Waker are good games and some of the games i played all day sometimes i do not play any shooting games.

          • Con

            These games sound great, but those types of games isn’t for the average adult gamer. I l’d like to see better games o the WIi U, and so far the only thing that sounds epic are only Bayonetta 2, smash brothers, mario kart, and of course Watch Dogs. But its still a shame no one knows when those games are coming out, they need to produce more than 4 games a year if they want people to actually enjoy having a WIi U, anyone older at least.

          • Joey

            heh i am an adult as everyone is different like i said i do not play shooting games such Bayonetta 2 and Watch Dogs etc… and it doesn’t have to be an average adult gamer. Mario Kart 8 is one of the games i am getting plus Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is gonna be my first game as i never played it on other Nes consoles. Like i said everyone is different 🙂

  • Skelterz

    to be honest i never really run out of battery but i’ll probably get one specifically for mario kart i know im gunna be on that for ages.

  • BuckStud

    Nintendo is losing money on each Wii U sold. These new batteries cost
    even more to have manufactured and either would add cost to the system
    or Nintendo would have to lose even more on each system sold. I fully
    understand why Nintendo doesn’t include them.

    As for me, I’ve
    had the Wii U since release day and have only a couple of times had to
    cut my gaming short due to the battery running too low.

    • Shy Guy

      I think what really wore down the stock battery for me is how much I like to watch Netflix and Hulu on the gamepad.

  • C4

    It’s a nuisance but I put in on the charger after each long session anyway. It’s not really convinient. If you (or someone) else forgets to charge it then it could by empty within the next session, and you had to plug in the cable. If you need more convinience it sounds like a good (and expensive) solution not having to charge after each session. Also if the battery gets worse after a few years it’s good Nintendo offers these in stores. Maybe I buy one in a few years, in that case 2 birds with one stone, new and larger battery 😛

    • Guest

      It’s not that expensive, about twenty bucks less than a new copy of Super Mario 3D World. 🙂

      • C4

        Or ~ one 3DS game. Priorities 😛

  • Shy Guy

    I finally received my extended battery pack a few days ago after being on back order since December 26th, and I am very pleased with the performance but a word of warning, before purchasing this you may want to look and see if you have a screwdriver small enough to open the door on the back of the Wii U gamepad or can find one in a store near you, the ordering information claimed the battery pack comes with a screwdriver, but mine arrived without a screwdriver, thankfully my trusty Leatherman (the only personal multi-tool endorsed by MacGyver) saved the day yet again and I was able to successfully replace the battery without having to wait who knows how long for Nintendo to send me a screwdriver.

    As far as the actual performance of the battery it is a considerable improvement over the stock battery that comes with the Wii U gamepad, often I would watch some videos on one of the streaming services then play a game only to have the battery die on me a short time into the game. I have yet to experience this with the extended battery, last night I played various games for about five hours after watching a movie and when I put the gamepad back on the charging stand the red light hadn’t even come on yet after at least seven hours of continuous use.

    Concerning the cost and Nintendo not including this with the Wii U, as others have already pointed out people complain enough about the price of Wii U as it is, this was one of the ways Nintendo was able to lower the cost of the Wii U while still providing the extended battery for those willing to pay a little extra.

    So if you use your Wii U for long periods like I do, or have a habit of not putting it back on the charger when you’re done, or simply don’t want to play with a wire hanging off the gamepad, for $32 the extended battery pack is a good buy and I highly recommend it. Just make sure you check the screws on the back first and have a plan B in case Nintendo doesn’t send you a screwdriver either.

    • bd-lt-dnkr

      I do maintenance/tech/electrical work, and the Leatherman Wave is the pinnacle of human engineering.

      • Guest

        I 100% agree, I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a situation where I needed a specific tool for something and the Leatherman Wave either had the tool I needed or had a tool that let me improvise.

  • Pikachief
    • Mario

      Get out of here Lemongrab!

  • nexxus6

    I am not worried about the cost of the battery, but the amount I will need to spend at a gym to bulk up so I can hold that extra ounce.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Am I the only one who has absolutely no problems with the original battery? I just put my gamepad on the charger when I’m not playing and I seriously never have to question how much is left

  • Anthony Ank Mudshark Owdienko

    only use the offical battery, the other one is dangerous

    • thedeciderU

      curious to know why. did you experience an issue firsthand? with what battery?

  • FutureFox

    “…we’re having a hard time seeing why Nintendo doesn’t just put these things in the Wii U as standard,…”

    Its stuff like this that prevent me from buying any new console (any new device really). I’m waiting for the tech dust to settle; and if that includes a price drop then all the better.

  • greengecko007

    “we’re having a hard time seeing why Nintendo doesn’t just put these things in the Wii U as standard, instead of making people buy an additional $32 accessory.”

    The same reason the Wii U doesn’t have 500 gb of storage space. Cost efficiency. Why raise the price of the console for everyone for something not everyone needs?

    • Rinslowe

      I personally think it was very forward thinking of Nintendo to do so. At the time Wii U released I had already lying around 3 or 4 500GB drives. I did go on to pick up a 1TB self powered. But that was more for something new than something needed.
      And the battery thing, again… Whatever. It’s so easy in my set up to connect power to the gamepad and still play. But not often have I been gaming for more than 3 hours straight in the last 12 months. Again whatever. The additional battery is neat. It was thought of in advance, great and greater IMO.

  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    Good to know!!!

  • David Horowitz

    I’ll get over it.

  • Cahone

    shame it didn’t come with system. thank god i sold my wii u.

    • Joey

      I can see that your not a Nintendo fan, too bad so sad.

  • Dimitri Soto

    Hey everyone I just recently bought a wii u and I have to say I love it. I’m having more fun then with my ps4. Wind waker hd and 3d world are amazing. I can’t wait till Mario kart 8, super smash bros, and especially zelda wii u. I love the gamepad, the dual shock 4 seems like a downgrade compared I can’t wait to see the ideas implemented in zelda wii u. I love both my systems wii u and ps4. But as far as gameplay and social intregration, the wii u is the true next gen system. I actually like using mii verse but i don’t ever use the Sony equivalent

  • Guest

    duped by shitendo.

    • Rick Valenta

      Go back to under the bridge from whence you came!

  • val berger

    I’ve put a little photoset online showing how easily the battery is implemented:


    I really, REALLY like the extended battery and think, Nintendo should implement it into every newly bought system. I understand that 14 months ago, they somehow needed to save every dollar they could but now that they released this, they should just build it in. I could play with this thing for 3 evenings (ok, no hardcoreevenings, but good enough) it now actually feels like a proper Tablet, at least in terms of its battery life. You don’t even have to always put it into the dock anymore which I did like everytime I stopped playing. So the whole way to use the WiiU System kinda changes a bit, as the Pad now keeps lying around somewhere in your flat which somehow feels different, always ready and fun.

  • Stop whining. Nintendo doesn’t have to give everything for free. It’s well worth the money. Good additional peripheral. Easy to install.

  • lonewolf

    What if they wanted to implement this batter in the standard package but couldn’t because they wanted to game pad to be lighter and when they were developing the battery it came out to be much heavier so they just tried to make it lighter and for the time being produced a smaller battery which they knew it will be lighter. anyway its quit hard to include this battery in the the gamepad from the start they need to change the production line and the ones that are available are already out so they would need to unpack every console and start changing batteries then pack them again which is really stupid and it costs a lot of money and reinvesting but after a year or so when a new production line is going to start they can include the battery.

  • Rocky Math

    When you have to add on the rumble pack for the n64 it was okay, than it was the add on for remote motion plus, add on for a second stick for the 3ds, now this “new battery add on”, the hell is wrong with you Nintendo. Starting to appreciate Sony more because of this stupid marketing you do.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    im not paying that much for a battery….ever

  • Skelterz

    i know this is completely off topic but does anyone know how to sort out nat type for the wii u like could anyone run me through the exact way to sort it either by port fowarding or any other way its fucking doing my head i was on the phone to virgin media my internet providers for like half an hour and nothing worked like at the moment it goes from moderate to strict after like playing call of duty for an hour i dont want that to happen when im playing mk8 when it comes out please someone help me!!! by the way ive checked the internet like loads im not that tech savvy to understand all the jargon someone help lol!!

  • Cyberus

    They can’t sell Wii U’s as it is, and you want to make the controller + console 32 dollars more?

  • ETeach

    Ordered mine about a month ago. It shipped about a week ago. JUST GET HERE ALREADY!

  • Philip Lawes

    Err.. 72g is just over 70% heavier than 42g by my reckoning. Nearly double the play time with just over two thirds extra weight doesn’t sound too incomprehensible to me.

  • Nintenjoe82

    The only thing that bothers me about the stock battery’s life is the inconsistency. Yesterday I played for about 6 hours of internet and games, occasionally with sound but never with rumble. It wasn’t on charge when I started playing but completely ran out by the end. Tomorrow a slightly different routine might only get me 2-3 hours of battery.

  • Donaald