Jul 1st, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 15th, 2012, 10:29 pm

A couple of days ago, Nintendo held a “Wii U Experience” event in New York City, showcasing the Wii U and a ton of games to Nintendo fans and gamers. There’s plenty of footage of almost all of the Wii U games we’ve seen so far, New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and more. There’s also footage from Ninja Gaiden 3, and Batman Arkham City. So far, the Wii U games looking pretty good, and the third parties seem to have really embraced the new controller and its features. Check out the full video and let us know what you think of the event.

  • thtdude

    haha!! “we built this city!”

  • The Baconater

    I think you forgot the T in event in your first sentence… but how am I to know. Maybe you meant it was showcasing in a couple cities even New York.

    • The Grammar Nazi

      You are right, this sort of mistake is unacceptable! How dare they, there will be severe consequences.

  • thtdude

    oh and theres a typo, i’m sure you meant to have “event” not “even” 🙂

    • Wii U Daily staff

      Fixed, thanks 🙂

  • Envy

    My name says it all.

  • wtf

    Batman: Blurry textures?! Do they look like this on 360/ps3, too?

  • loko

    console for babyfuck.

    • Ryu

      Than get off this site, if you hate it than why are you here?

    • Skozo

      They should really ban you from this site, all you ever do is complain.

    • Wii Uoops!

      Oh, hey, by the way, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but, uh, well…
      This site is for people who are looking forward to the Wii U, not for people to hate on it. Did you already know that? Sorry… well, meh. Plus, you know a comment like that is gonna be low rated by other people when you post it, so what’s the point?

    • Shadriczo

      yer mom, gtfo of this site sony/ms noob.

    • The Grammar Nazi

      ‘Console’ and ‘Blah’ you’re welcome, please comply with the correct grammar or face severe consequences.

  • Firebro

    yo where else will they have this event or events like this in America???? Does anyone know because i am anxious to try this bad boy out

    • The Grammar Nazi

      The yo that you just used should’ve used a capital y, this is unacceptable.

  • Eddy120876

    I was at the event and it was great. Lots of fun,great snacks and you get to sample the same games that the attendees at E3 had. This is the way to get people to like the WiiU even more.

    • Eddy120876

      I wonder why i got a negative had to be a hater. LOL Yes i was there at the end of the video Im the guy wearing the Red Sox jersey.

      • Ninty fan

        I think it was loko, he hates the wii u *mofo*

    • stareanddream

      How do they check you in?

      Did the people just ask to see your ID, and check on a computer if you were on the list?

  • loko

    You want a lollipop? 😀 hahahaha
    be objective..

  • Indoctrination

    Wait there wii u water ?

    • Eddy120876

      Yes WiiU water 😀

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