Wii U exclusives
The Wii U features a number of exclusive games made just for the new Nintendo video game console. While most of the games for the Wii U are still to be announced, there are already some exclusive Wii U games. Nintendo is taking third party developers and games more seriously with the Wii U, which could mean more exclusive titles for the console. Here’s the preliminary list of games:

List of Wii U exclusives

This is the current and up to date list of Wii U exclusive games that have been confirmed to be in development:

When the new console launches, a lot of third party developers are expected to announce their Wii U exclusives. Nintendo, which owns a lot of first party franchises, is expected to bring all of them to the Wii U. This includes Mario, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Metroid Prime, F-Zero, Mario Kart, and many others. Additionally, Nintendo will bring their suite of motion control mini-games to the console, games like Wii U Play, Wii U Sports, and Wii U Fit and others. However, these titles are rumored to be in development and haven’t been confirmed by Nintendo.

Possible future Wii U exclusives

Some of the these titles are possible to be exclusive to the Wii U sometime in the future. Note that these titles are speculated and that none of them have been announced or confirmed by developers or publishers. First party Nintendo titles will always be exclusive, so this list only includes third party titles.

  • Red Steel 3
  • Battalion Wars 3
  • Conduit 3
  • EA Sports Active 2
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • GT Pro series
  • Elebits 2

All of these games have been successfully released on the previous Wii console, and we expect most of them to find their way to the new console as Wii U exclusives. be sure to also check out the Wii U games list for a complete breakdown of all the Wii U titles.

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    • Shawn Lic

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  • Let us not forget YUGIOH & POKEMON for the WII U!!!!!

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      Ah yeah! Still hangng on for the Pokémon MMO, aren’t we?

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          That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

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      Well, the NFC would actually give in game use for the cards, if they were printed with them inside. Or they could start making those pokeballs with the pokemon keychain figurines inside, put in NFC chips for those. That’d be pretty cool. Nintendo’s money making new age mystery gifts. We don’t just give em away anymore, you buy em. Then again, you could buy yourself a team of legendaries if that was the case.

  • (>”)>Kirby

    Get stuffed, have you even tried pokemon, your so judgemental and beside, pokemon requires more skill then games like cod which is just holding a button and moving around.

    • TheMaddMan

      Pokemon is just sitting there and spamming attacks until your opponent dies. And btw, COD is super hard.

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        actually CoD is really easy unless your a noob try pac man that’s super hard

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    Those exclusives sound AWESOME you have to admit nintendo has their guns blazing for next gen consoles Sony and Microsoft better be ready to eat nintendo’s AWESOME DUST! I mean they cannot top this this is the best console i’ve seen since the gamecube SCREW YOU SONY AND MICROSOFT ( please note this is just my opinion and might be different than yours please don’t insult me on my opinion.)

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      They keep on stealing Nintendo’s ideas. I bet that microsoft or sony are going to have a tablet controller on their next console.

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        i think i saw some where that xbox or playstation is getting the same thing correct me if im wrong though i think thats the case

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          I’m just sure Sony is gonna try to one up Nintendo and build in Bluetooth. Seriously, that’s almost definitely gonna happen. Only, since it’s more expensive, it won’t be used nearly as much as the NFC probably will

          • Lalalala

            Xbox is getting SmartGlass and PS3 has Vita as a controller soon. Both setups are way more expensive than wii u.

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        I know everyone keeps saying how awesome Bill Gates is but truthfully all he’s ever done is steal ideas just like that Facebook idiot getting rich off others ideas

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    The Games look awesome just one question does the wii u have two parts a tablet and a console?

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      yes two parts

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    …why is zombie U on the list twice? Also, you forgot project P100 and Nintendo land. Also, Zelda shouldn’t be on there. And Nintendo is also publishing 6 total titles for the launch window (including some second/third party games like project P100). I don’t remember all of them, but they’re there. Also, that New Super Mario Bros Mii is supposed to be U not Mii. So the list of exclusives is pretty impressive for a console launch. Maybe not the best exclusives, those will be saved for after the developers can really tap into the consoles potential (Zelda, Metroid), but these are pretty good and I can’t argue with this list. Especially since we’re also getting console exclusive content on some other 3rd party games.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Wonderful 101 (used to be p100) looks neat, no?

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    Madworld 2?

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    DDR, yeah…. It’s possible to predict this DanceDanceRevolution.

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    The Wii U starts the future of game consoles. Playstation and their online service that shuts down or gets hacked every week isn’t worth it.
    I also think Xbox is screwing people by having them pay for a gold membership. If someone buys a game, (for example) Call of Duty, almost half of of what they are paying for is the multiplayer mode. They shouldn’t also have to pay (for a gold membership) to be able to play the multiplayer mode. I understand a gold membership does things other than let you play online, such as using certain apps. But they could’ve let people play multiplayer for free and just charge for the apps if anyone wants to buy them.
    I also noticed Nintendo was the first developer to make a full product that uses motion controls ( I count Playstation’s eye-toy as more of an accessory) and Xbox and Playstation tried to copy them.
    So you know what Microsoft and Sony, UP YOURS!!! You’re gonna be in Nintendo’s shadow for a long time. (Like “Gamecube FOREVER” pointed out for his comment, this is my opinion and yours may be different. Please do not leave any bad comments or complaints. Thank you.)

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    And Bayonetta 2…

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