Wii U exclusives
The Wii U features a number of exclusive games made just for the new Nintendo video game console. While most of the games for the Wii U are still to be announced, there are already some exclusive Wii U games. Nintendo is taking third party developers and games more seriously with the Wii U, which could mean more exclusive titles for the console. Here’s the preliminary list of games:

List of Wii U exclusives

This is the current and up to date list of Wii U exclusive games that have been confirmed to be in development:

When the new console launches, a lot of third party developers are expected to announce their Wii U exclusives. Nintendo, which owns a lot of first party franchises, is expected to bring all of them to the Wii U. This includes Mario, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Metroid Prime, F-Zero, Mario Kart, and many others. Additionally, Nintendo will bring their suite of motion control mini-games to the console, games like Wii U Play, Wii U Sports, and Wii U Fit and others. However, these titles are rumored to be in development and haven’t been confirmed by Nintendo.

Possible future Wii U exclusives

Some of the these titles are possible to be exclusive to the Wii U sometime in the future. Note that these titles are speculated and that none of them have been announced or confirmed by developers or publishers. First party Nintendo titles will always be exclusive, so this list only includes third party titles.

  • Red Steel 3
  • Battalion Wars 3
  • Conduit 3
  • EA Sports Active 2
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • GT Pro series
  • Elebits 2

All of these games have been successfully released on the previous Wii console, and we expect most of them to find their way to the new console as Wii U exclusives. be sure to also check out the Wii U games list for a complete breakdown of all the Wii U titles.