The Wii U eShop is part of the Nintendo Network and will offer players to purchase items online. The Wii U eShop will offer full retail games, game demos, downloadable content for games, and more. Because of Wii U backwards compatibility, players will be able to use the eShop channel to download older games from other Nintendo systems, such as Nintendo 64, GameCube, NES, and more.

Wii U eShopPlayers will use the Wii U eShop channel through the main menu from a selection of Wii U channels. However, players will also be able only to use the Wii U controller, even if the TV set is turned off (rumor). Players will make purchases either with a credit card, or via pre-paid game cards that will be sold at retail stores. Prices are likely to be in Wii Points, much like the old system. 100 Wii Points = $1, and prices will vary depending on geographic location and exchange rates.

Wii U eShop features

  • Download full retail games and other games on Wiiware
  • Downloadable content (DLC) for games
  • Wii U Virual Console game downloads
  • Players can also use pre-paid gaming cards to purchase content
  • Prices will be in Nintendo Points
  • Games will be stored on Wii U’s local flash drive, but can be stored on external USB and Flash drives as well.
  • Application downloads will be available through the Wii U apps channel.
  • Media and video are rumored to be available for purchase and rental.

The Wii U eShop channel will be online when the console a lunches, and will be available to all Wii U users. In order to use the eShop and purchase content, players will have to create a unique account. Games and content downloaded will be linked to this account only. Users will not be able to sell the content and games they purchase on the Wii U eShop.

  • gNat

    There should be a system where you play your games and get points for making kills or completing a puzzle etc. and then you can use those points to buy minigames or even demos for actual games [such as mario galaxy ].

    • mobius

      Tiger woods 13 allows you to gain course mastery points and use tjem to buy pin packs and other courses

      • tiger uppercut

        Tiger Woods 13 lets you get achievements for many girl friends. lol jk

  • joe

    Let’s have games from the greatest system yet……….The Sega Dreamcast.

  • Charlie

    I hope the games will be cheaper, on the 3ds, they are so expensive… :/

  • Iknow

    Nintendo should include a free HDMI cable because it’s the first time they have it in HD!

    • Tobbe

      Dude :•High Speed HDMI™ Cable
      Plz read before u comment

    • they do…

  • gaber

    man! bringing back points. i like the chash system on the 3ds better. points almost feels more exspensive.

  • Haza

    I would like cash as 3DS. I think it will be better since 3ds ESHOP use cash the wii u ESHOP would have, too.

  • jman4102

    what does the e stand for

    • ninjabake

      Most likely ‘electronic’

      • Shobhit

        For you to have a greater than 25 pontis average (it means you average 25 pontis per game + 1)10 games X’s 25 + 1 = 251 pontis right?You already have played 5 games so subtract those games (251 pontis 115 pontis) = 136 pontis total for the next 5 gamesANSWER EXPLANATION: You would need to average 27.2 pontis per game to have an average greater than 25 pontis per game.I hope this helps

        • Shiran Weber

          What’s this all about now?

  • Jordan

    Fingers are crossed for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Squad and Gamecube titles.

  • Rohan

    Can we download games for free in the wii U ESHOP?

    • Anton

      Game demos usually are free

    • Quackit …

      No or else they wouldn’t make any money.

  • dman

    To play the virtual console games what controllers are used. Can the wii controllers be used to play the virtual console games? How does it work?

    • The Detonator

      the classic controller or classic controller pro must be used.

  • GAMER101


  • susan

    I can’t find any classic games like super mario in the wii u shop. I thought this would be available, any ideas or help.

    • it is there, search for it or select “NES” under categories (or something)

      you might be in the “Wii Ware” store that only contains new mini games made for the wii. 
      When you open store channel, be sure to select “Virtual *something*”

      • Quackit …

        There isn’t a NES catagory. The only categories are Wii U retail, Wii U digital download, Wii U retail and digital, 3DS Digital download, 3DS Retail, and 3DS Digital and Retail.

        • I could’nt find any before work this morning. They said C64, NES, etc. and I can not find even one!!

          • MasterOfSwords1

            Just because they said they would have them doesn’t mean they already do. Just be patient, they need to make the games first.

      •  there is no catagory like that

      • you’re thinking of the original wii, not the wii u

    •  they might just be waiting for an update

  • Asha

    a lunches lol