Dec 1st, 2012

Wii U DemoIt used to be that when you downloaded a game demo, you were free to play it for as long as you wished. Often demos only consisted of a single level or mission, just enough to give a basic idea of the game.

However, lately game demos have become increasingly absent, especially when it comes to much anticipated AAA games. Publishers are free to offer game demos on the Wii U eShop, but they are also free to limit how many times players can enjoy a demo.

This is the case with demos in the 3DS eShop, and the very first demo on the Wii U eShop, FIFA 13 from EA Sports, has a play limit of 10 times. Which means the demo/software can only be launched 10 times, whereafter access to it will be blocked. Re-downloading the demo won’t help, though, as the limit is set per-account.

It’s likely that Nintendo will offer the same freedom to publishers as they do on the 3DS, where game demos have limits anywhere from 5 to 25 times. But most demos have the limit set at 10 times, which should be enough for any player to decide whether he wishes to buy the full game or not.

Source (Twitter)

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  • Yohansel paulino

    thats the only thing that i dont like about eshop in 3ds and wii u -.-

  • Johny

    i didnt have any problems with limits on 3ds… so i bet there wont be any with wii u either =) 

    (except Heroes of ruin demo on 3ds… that game  had ONLY 6 uses while usually games had around 30… i know the demo had online play.. but still…. )

    • Captinn2

       It had 30????? Downloaded the demo and got 30 freaking uses XP.

  • Christopher Stone

    how do i download demos

    • Mickey Mouse

      You need to scroll near the bottom of the eShop front page, the FIFA 13 demo is a small picture down there so click it.

    • Pameliza

       You can only download demos for some games, mostly newer games.

  • Andrew

    What you can’t redownload it and get 10 more tries lame 🙁

    • Takarashi282

      It’s the same way with the 3DS.  At least you get to make another account and play it that many more times.

  • D2K

    Lame, but not a big deal.  There are some games that the demo is good enough and I don’t bother purchasing, which is probably one of the reasons companies want to limit demos.

  • Hugh Ormond

    i dont see anything wrong with this even 5 would be more than enough. its only like 5-10mins of gameplay

  • Kyle Jovanis

    Well it probably wont be that way for all demos. The 360 and PS3 do this for some demos but i bet some demos will be for a certain time period or for a predesignated chunk of the game

  • Why does this even matter? Are people honestly going to play the demo more than 10 times? I know if you are playing a demo that much you might as well say “Hey I think i’m going to buy this now.” 

    • Megan Allen

      depends what the demo is like world of goo was a pritty long demo

  • Anubis

    Nintendo is telling you that if you want to play a demo, but you don’t have any uses left…BUY IT!!!

  • Lewis

    First day of playing wii u and its awesome! If anyone wants to friend me my nnid is boxmonkey

  • Genesect4ssb4


  • BAD IDEA i mean i like to download demos a play many times. I don’t like it.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Yeah, my son hates the limits on his 3DS demos

  • Megan Allen

    where is it,is it avable in canada

  • claudio garcia

    HOW DO YO FIND DEMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jjerker1

      only in

      • armando perez


  • Master

    Finally! I was waiting for a demo…also do play limits matter? All I need is at least 5 tries in case my demo play gets interrupted. Also glad it’s Fifa! Demos should keep me occupied until the holidays begin!

    Written on my Wii U.

  • jjerker1

    Thanks John Kinsley for letting everyone know this, but next time be more specific and tell people it’s only for Europe.  I was searching everywhere and couldn’t find it. 

  • Linskarmo

    I don’t really like the demo play restrictions, but by ten plays I’m pretty sure anyone would be bored by most demos. Some demos have a lot of replay value, but at that point the full game is probably worth it.

  • yes, there are desperate people out there who would rather spend 2 years with a demo because they have got zero money to spend. this is sad, but happens way too often. personally i don’t do demos. at all. it is a waste of time. i know what games i like and what games i will not play. a demo will not make the difference. 

  • Does anybody know when other demos are coming out? Right now there’s only Fifa 13 and Rayman, but will there be demos for Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, NSMBU, Assassins Creed III or Black Ops 2?

  • Damn it! now im gonna have to sell my Wii U because it has limited amount of demos >:( 

    • Kirbyomega

      Too bad the dislike button is gone…

      •  Too bad nobody has a sense of humor 🙁

        • Kirbyomega

          Too bad sarcasm is difficult to convey through text…

          • ceramicsaturn

            Too bad I just farted.

          • Kirbyomega

            Too bad Badadadaaa I’m loving it.

  • Jonas

    i usually never play a demo. Only games i dont know yet.
    For the wiiU i KNOW which games i will buy and which not.

    Even if i needed a demo, i would never ever play it more than 10 times.
    I think its ok what they are doing, even if some people dont like it.

  • I see no demo of this game on Wii U eshop its not even there, only Buy it option .

  • Lev M

    but who plays a demo more then 3-5 times, let alone 10

  • Fuzunga

    Does anyone really play a demo more than once or twice anyway?

  • Very against this idea in general. there have been times where I cant fully enjoy the demo for one reason or another. in fact, many times i set it up but distractions cause me to shut it off before playing. besides that, when I can’t actually find the game, or it isnt out yet, a demo can help build up hype/improve my skills, making the purchase much smoother. in my opinion the best demos i have played were the phantasy star portable demos, which let you level up, access it unlimited times and get a hidden quest or two, while also being multiplayer (i think).
    it let you save the game and continue where you left off in the retail version, which is what i would LOVE to have happen more often for demos.

    Most times, a demo with a low play count is a game I will pass. if they dont want me experiencing it so much to see the little details, what does that say about the effort in the game.

    the first demo i played on the 3ds eshop that had 10 uses was spiderman. it also did not let you restart the demo without shutting it down, and the game in general felt “bad”. those Phantasy games? bought em, loved them, and respected the Developers for giving such a good demo.

    …at the very least.. remove play amount restriction and put individual play time restriction, like they did with the wind waker demo.