Oct 10th, 2013


The once exclusive Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will be sold for $50 on the Wii U, while versions released on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 will cost $30. This premium price point was confirmed by Square Enix, but no information has been given as to why the Wii U version of the game will see a $20 increase.

It’s logical to assume that Square Enix hopes the lower price for other platforms will mean those who played the game when it originally released in 2011 will double dip for the lower price in order to play the director’s cut version of the game. Since the game was never released on Wii U, the asking price is $50. What do you think of this premium price? Are you still interested in getting this game? Remember, it’s supposed to have special GamePad enhancements that are designed to be used on the Wii U GamePad.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will be released on October 22nd.

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  • Why the justifcation on the price hike? I know they added gamepad features but to add 40% to the cost of the game because of that is outrageous. It’s like they want the game on the Wii U to fail.

    • Mohammad Badir

      and the Gamepad features are also coming to the other platforms, so there really is no justification

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Was the price on Zelda WW HD outrageous too?

      And added gamepad features is not an argument. Its actually an argument against buing Nintendo products and not pro paying 20 bucks more for a game. If the pad legitimizes 20 bucks more expensive games on Wii U instead of other consoles, then the pad feature is the most stupid thing Nintendo ever done.

      • It’s not the price that is the issue.. It is the price differences based on the platform it was released for the same game. If this game was $50 or the same price on all platforms there would be no issue.

        C’mon you are smarter than this. You know what the real issue is.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          No, actually, you should be smarter than this. My argument is consistent. Yours not.

          Heres my argument:

          Well, if the ten year old restauration of Zelda Wind Waker is worth “Only 50 bucks” (as stated on this very page before) then this is clearly worth it no matter what it costs on other devices. Its not released before on a Nintendo Console. It is much more a remake than Zelda was. Its not ten years old. It took way more time than 6 months to “port”.

          The question we should ask us is instead: Shouldnt Zelda WW HD be 20$ cheaper than it was? According to the pricepoint on other consoles when remakes are released this would be the right thing.

          Edit: A Zelda WW HD remake should cost 50 bucks IF it was released on PS3 or XBox360. But it should cost 30 bucks when released on a Nintendo console. That would be the ungreedy thing to do.

          Edit2: And no, the pad argument is really bad. That would mean that every game on Wii U should be 20 bucks more expensive just because of the pad. This is actually a con argument on Wii U and not a pro.

          Edit3: Fanboys, bring on the downvotes!

          • Really?? You are the one comparing a single platform game to a multiplatform game. I think the only thing I mentioned here was why is the game nearly 40% more on the Wii U.

            Every console has unique features that games have to be tweaked or modified to work with so your other argument is invalid as well. Based on your argument a game publisher should be able to charge more just for making the game compatible with XBLive and their achievements system. Heck if it uses Kinect they can hike the price another 40% right?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, thats not my argument at all. Please read again.

          • I think I understood it fine

            You are trying to argue that since another game cost $50 and it was an an enhanced remake that this game should cost $50. I am fine with that part where you fail is the fact that the same remade game is $20 cheaper on another platform. You try to argue that if Zelda WW was made for more platforms other than Nintendo then it could be the same situation but it is not so you cannot argue in something that did not and will not happen.

            Once again (and read slowly) the issue is not the $50 price tag for an enhanced remake of a game. The issue is the same enhanced remake of a game is 40% more for one platform compared to the other platforms it is made on. It is a simple and straight forward concept. You are the one that is dealing with hypothetical information that has no basis for comparison.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Of course you can compare hypothetical. If you think Nintendo is the uncomparable paradigm in the industry you are clearly wrong. Zelda COULD very well be released on other consoles from a practical point of view. The only reason its not is that Nintendo wants their games to be played on their hardware. IF Nintendo decided to go multiplat with Zelda WW HD, they could perfectly well be doing this on a pricepoint at 50 bucks as they never released it on multiplat before. BUT their own console should sell it for a 30 bucks as it was released on one of their own consoles ten years ago.

          • No I do not think that Nintendo is an uncomparable paradigm. I think you need find another game that was enhanced and re-released for multiplatform to justify your argument. Lets take Duck Tales Remastered for example. It was $14.99 for all platforms when released despite having working with the unique features of each platform. No price difference there just because it was on the Nintendo system.

            This is not a Nintendo thing. This is an observation and if the game was higher on XBOX or Playstation than the other platforms the same argument applies and I personally would have the same feelings about it. Even if there was a bizarro world where Nintendo released a game (any game) mutliplatform and charged a lot less for one platform over another I would call them out on it as being unfair.

          • Elitepwnsface

            Your the one missing the point. We are talking about a multiplatform game. Not a game that you can get on just one console. On top of that the same game on one platform is $50 while $30 on another 3 platforms.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            It doesnt matter. A singleplat exclusive is not an argument in favour for a higher pricepoint initself. Its the content of the game that is the argument. If it was released on a system before, than it should be cheaper as a remake. D.E. is cheaper on the other consoles it was released on, but never leased on Wii U so its a new game for that console. Wind Waker on the other hand… THAT should have been cheaper than it was. But the fanboys continue to celebrate Nintendo for being a great company, when its actually quite a crappy one.

          • Rick van der Linde

            Wind Waker is also a new game for the Wii U.

          • That is not the issue at all and you know it. You have the audacity to call us fanboys but you are being one yourself. Several games released previously on XB360 and PS3 came out for the Wii U after the other systems and did NOT have a price hike because of it. Batman Arkham City was enhanced for the Wii U and was the same price as it was on XB360, same with NFS Most Wanted for example. This is NOT about Nintendo it is all about a game company releasing the same game on multiple platforms and charging a 40% premium on one console over the other two and that is the bottom line and the only issue.

          • beerkin

            I never played wind waker so for me it’s like a new game and totally worth it. You’re just a loser with some sort of issue with a gaming company…..its sad really. You need to get a life homie.

  • Zuxs13

    I will still pick it up. Its supposed to be a great game, and I really want Square Enix to back the Wii U.

    • Petri

      I’d like to think that way as well, but they will use this title not selling on Wii U as excuse to not bring any other games.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I will buy a PS3 soon. Will probably pick it up for that console instead of Wii U.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I would pick it up for PS3 too, though I don’t think I wanna buy this game again.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Wasnt it good? Or just a one-play experience?

      • beerkin

        Enjoy all that screen tearing, flickering, stuttering, shite graphics on your ps3 pos.

        • Ravyu

          Not that Im against Wii U (love it actually), but unless you’re a PC gamer, you don’t have the right to call it shit, cos Wii U is not going to be much better than that.

  • Josh

    And if it sells the least on the Wii U platform, they have no one else to blame but themselves. Why sell it at $50 when they can get sell it for $30? Now I’m going to wait for a price drop.

    • Elem187

      the vast majority of Wii U owners have other systems…. I don’t know why publishers keep assuming that the current Wii U owners are casuals. Casuals wont be on board with this console until it drops to the $250 range. Mostly what you have is core gamers who own other systems and bought the Wii U strictly for unique experiences, not the same experience that can be found on their old system…. its why ports perform so poorly on the system, while other games that are unique sell decent (ZombiU despite what Ubisoft says, it sold over 500,000 copies, Monster Hunter 3 U sold over 150k, and Wonderful 101 thats currently at 50k, but will probably reach 100k by the end of the year)

      Compared to ports like Mass Effect 3, NFSMW, AC3, Resident Evil: R, Injustice all sold under 20k copies.

      • Michael Ocampo

        You mind sending me the link please? I kinda wanna check on software sales from time to time. Thanks 🙂

    • Chad Dodsworth

      I got this game on PSPlus for free…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Gotta love PS Plus.

    • oh hey. it’s you 😉

  • Jon

    I will get it….. but when it goes down in price by $20 at least

    • Elem187

      bingo… me too.

  • Ony


  • Veries Seals

    I have never played it before so i have no problem with the price. I will pick it up. It will be a new experience for me.

  • John Andalora

    Good thing I’m not getting this game.

  • trevelyn412

    lol goodbye WiiU

    • Gregg

      Right. This ONE games price is gonna tank the whole thing. Lol. *Facepalm*

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Of course it will. Why wouldn’t it be otherwise?

  • Ace

    I was going to pick it up, but that was back in August when it was first rumored to hit stores. Now with all of the games coming this Fall and Holiday season I am going to have to wait.

  • JBeauregard

    You had me at $50 bucks, but lost me at $30 bucks.

  • AlienFanatic

    “Wii-U owners are starved for titles. Screw ’em”

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Did Nintendo screw us with the Wind Waker HD release?

      • AlienFanatic

        I was referring to Square/Enix’s attitude, not Nintendo’s.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          The question was never answered.

          • AlienFanatic

            If I must address a question to an issue I never raised, no Nintendo didn’t “screw” anyone with the HD Windwaker. Notice the quotes (“”), an artifice I was using to infer that it was Square/Enix talking.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            And there is a good example of fanboyism.

      • Did Nintendo release the game on other platforms with a 40% price difference? No… How can you continue to compare one game on a single platform to another game that is one multiplatforms with different prices. Honestly

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Something tells me that if they did you would find it reasonable.

          • That is an assumption based on your blind bias and hatred.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Im a lover, not a hater. I even love you Bob. 🙂 But even though I love you, I love the truth even more.

  • Lil J Moore

    These upgrades better be worth it.

  • CEObrainz

    The price is just asking people to look at the other versions. Hopefully the added features are enough to justify the added cost.

  • Nintenjoe82
    • CEObrainz

      It’s still for pre-order, so couldn’t Amazon just increase the price now as the RRP is now known?

      • audi lover

        Amazon stick to the price you buy at they even then give you a drop if price drops before shipping

        • CEObrainz

          Ahh, thanks didn’t know that. Quite good of them then…..

      • Nintenjoe82

        they must want the sales because it’s still cheap!

  • ZeldaFan83

    I think the price justifies all the work that went into creating the game for the Wii U. The extra time and resources that it took to enhance the graphics as well as other new features of the game but the main reason is probably all the work that went into creating a unique experience with the GamePad. The game was exclusive for the Wii U which is why they said the definitive version is the Wii U version just like Rayman Legends and the other versions of the game on other platforms are just ports of the Wii U version.

    Also the game had been released on the other consoles at $50-$60 previously and they know they won’t be able to sell the game at the same price so lowering it would increase sales of the game for those who had purchased it previously. But the definitive experience is on the Wii U, some of the GamePad features are coming to other consoles but not all of the features will be there. There are certain things that you can do with the GamePad that you can’t do with other devices on other consoles.

    • CEObrainz

      The problem is, will everyone see it that way.

      • ZeldaFan83

        Most likely not, but I guess we will see how it goes when the game is released. The Wii U version did have the most advertising and hype for that version of the game.

        • CEObrainz

          True, but if the game doesn’t sell well, they will blame it on Nintendo, not their price scheme.

          • And that is the issue here.. It is a pretty big price difference too. I think they could use the “extra work” as an excuse to get $10 more maybe but $20?? Maybe they should have made all games $40 on all platforms and called it a day.

  • tom

    What a rip off! When the price goes down to 29.99 i may pick it up.

  • audi lover

    This makes me laugh cause its cheaper on wii u in uk only paid £23.99 for it when i preordered 3 months ago on amazon

  • Sean

    dats some bullshit

  • Petri

    I was willing to pay 57€ that its on pre order at my retailer currently.
    For Wii U exclusive game that is.
    Now that there is nothing exclusive about the Wii U version,
    except the price tag + the delay to make it for other consoles, I might wait to pick it up.
    I could swallow 5€ or 10€ more, but 20 is just too much.

    As this will result people not buying this game,
    Square-Enix will use this as an excuse to not bring any further games to Wii U.
    So I will only buy this for my collection just to have it, once the price drops.

  • AAAkabob


  • Gregg

    I find that odd, but, of course, I will support the WiiU version. And why must developers continue to make owners of multiple platforms, who would LOVE to support the WiiU, and the Wii before it…. chose between lesser versions, or odd price differences?!?! It’s all driven by fear. We can help end it, buy BUYING THE WIIU versions of software. I will.

  • Christopher Acuna

    Boo. Still a WiiU buy for me but Boo to you Squenix! Release FF:Realm Reborn on the WiiU and I may forgive you 😛

  • Well, they did more work on it, so it’s pretty fair. Plus if we support this game we could get KH3!

    • William Short

      Ah anything can happen

    • I see no way that a 40% price hike is fair. The would have to raise a very compelling argument on how the Wii U version required 40% more work than making this game or any game for other platforms.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        If it isn’t fair to you, then wait for it to drop. Otherwise, don’t buy it. It sucks, but that’s business and not all of them are fair to their consumers.

        • I understand that too. They can charge whatever they want and no one is arguing that but just trying to illustrate how the price difference is hard to justify especially when so many developers have argued that their games do not sell well on Nintendo platforms when there are obvious signs why that its. In most cases it is because of the games being stripped of features such as content or online play but in this case it is a 40% price difference for the same game.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think it has to do with that. The fact that it won’t sell much on Wii U so they raise the price to make up for the losses. I would say in any case, the game should have been scrapped for the Wii U if they were going to charge so much for it.

          • Seems silly because the price is going to turn more people away and I believe more losses. Maybe making the game $40 across the board would have been smarter.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Perhaps. I don’t think the game would have sold much on Wii U, but that’s just me. The game has more appeal to Sony and Microsoft gamers than Nintendo. I would guess that’s what caused the price hike.It’s dumb, I agree. If they weren’t confident that the game will sell, then the better choice would have been not port it to Wii U.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            The reason they ported it in the first place is probably that they believed that Nintendo could atract more from the “core gamers”. When that didnt happen they realized that they had to go multiplat just to make in the loss.

      • YogiGRB

        plus it is actually about a 60% price hike :'(. 30 to 50 is 20 more (which is 66% from 30)

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Well, if the ten year old restauration of Zelda Wind Waker is worth “Only 50 bucks” (as stated on this very page before) then this is clearly worth it no matter what it costs on other devices. Its not released before on a Nintendo Console. It is much more a remake than Zelda was. Its not ten years old. It took way more time than 6 months to “port”.

    The question we should ask us is instead: Shouldnt Zelda WW HD be 20$ cheaper than it was? According to the pricepoint on other consoles when remakes are released this would be the right thing.

    Edit: A Zelda WW HD remake should cost 50 bucks IF it was released on PS3 or XBox360. But it should cost 30 bucks when released on a Nintendo console. That would be the ungreedy thing to do.

    Edit2: And no, the pad argument is really bad. That would mean that every game on Wii U should be 20 bucks more expensive just because of the pad. This is actually a con argument on Wii U and not a pro.

    Edit3: Fanboys, bring on the downvotes!

    • Your whole argument does not make sense at all. I hope you realize that.

      You cannot compare a single platform game to a mutliplatform and argue price differences when the argument is the same game on different platforms have a pretty substantial price difference.

      This has nothing to do with being a fanboy and everything to do with being logical. A smart person knows that every console has unique features that require “extra” work to make the game work with.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        It makes perfectly sense. Dont blame the argument only because you dont understand it.

        • If Zelda was made for multiplatform and there was a price difference based on the platform it was made on your argument would be valid but since that did not and will not happen you have no basis for comparison to argue. This is NOT about Zelda or if an enhanced remake of a game is worth $50. It is simply about the FACT that an enhanced remake of a game is $20 (40%) more expensive on one platform compared to competitive platforms. I would raise the same argument if the game was $30 on Nintendo and XBOX and $50 on Sony. It doesn’t matter,

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Do you know what a hypothetical argument is?

          • Yes.. It is a guess made up of unknown variables in your case the unknown is if Zelda WW was made for other consoles. The problem is you comparing that to something that is factual like the large price discrepancy of the same game across multiple platforms.

            I am done arguing this point as I do not agree with your opinion and you do not agree with mine. I just wish that you could be reasonable and realize that you are comparing two completely different things based on something that did not and will not ever happen.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I am reasonable. But really, why talk about me? Talk about Zelda and D.E comparison instead. The comparioson is highly valid, you just say it isnt because you have some sort of emotional bond towards Nintendo.

          • You are the one focused on Nintendo and Zelda. I am just focused on Deus Ex and how the game is coming out for multiple platforms yet one platform is way more expensive than the other. I have said over and over if this was the other way around and another platform got the way more expensive version I would have the same argument but you keep bringing up Nintendo.. I think it is you that needs to let go of your infatuation with Nintendo… not me.

  • Justin Bailey

    I can see why the third parties do this. Considering that when Nintendo ports their games their prices are Pretty high and they still sell very well.

    The one thing third parties fail to understand is Nintendo games have a long shelf life not mention a strong fan base that supports them. I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it is very good game but I wouldn’t buy it again for 30 bucks let alone 50.

    Some may argue that they are trying to sell it to the people who haven’t played it yet.
    All I have to say to that is this game has been out for a long time now, you can easily find it for under 20 dollars. If they haven’t picked it up yet they probably never will.

  • Agent721

    I dont know…seems a bit unfair. I might now pass, until it drops in price.

  • William Short

    In other new, Rumor has it that we may be getting a Cherry and Mango Wii U

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      A system with just a new color. Not really much news there. I don’t really get why people care about the color of a console. Black or white is fine to me.

      • SleepySkullhead

        If you don’t have a Wii U, and assuming it’s the same price as the deluxe bundle of your choice, would you buy this instead?

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Agree, Nintendo uses to much time on crap like this instead of focusing on whats relevant. I start to get really tired from that company now. Its highly probably that the Wii U is my last Nintendo console, even though I had every console til this date besides 3DS. I actually thought about buying the 3DS earlier this year but changed my mind. I dont think I want to support them anymore.

        • Andrew Chambers

          Console color does help sales. It may not matter to heavy gamers so much, but for the people that only play their system once a month it does. If you’re just going to have some block of plastic sitting there for 90% of the time, it better look pretty. Plus, Orange is my girlfriends favorite color, so she’s quite excited about this.

          If you need proof just look at handhelds and iPods.

    • SleepySkullhead

      Ooh, shiny! Me likey!

  • Mitchell

    It will not sell well, I hope Im wrong but the mistake of delaying this game so much in order to give the other consoles the Wii U exclusive features was a bad call. We have new, fresh and exclusive games comming in the few weeks.

    It was a day one purchase a few months ago, now I have sonic, assasin creed and whatchdogs to spend my money on. perhaps when it reach $30 or $20 I will buy it.

  • SleepySkullhead

    If the Wii U version gets additional content, then it would be ok with me.

    • It better be a whole lot to justify an extra 40% in price increase

      • SleepySkullhead

        Well, I was expecting it to be $60 anyway, so I don’t mind.

  • Rinslowe

    Yeah I played Deus EX way back when it was first released. But not the latest DLC.
    Honestly I think I may have to pick up this version on current gen instead being $20 cheaper, is impossible to ignore.
    If the game was $10 over on the Wii U version then ok then, I would have an easier time convincing myself to go there. But $20 bucks? Just wouldn’t seem like the smart thing to do.
    Alternatively, could wait for the reviews and comparisons to roll out before making a final choice, but even then I’d choose to wait until Deus goes to the Wii U bargain bin before buying.
    People may not agree, but it’s just not priced right to begin with IMO…

  • discuss

    I’ll just wait untill it drops 🙂

  • Jason Szulc

    Amazon UK
    WiiU – £23.99
    360 – £24.99
    PS3 – £24.99
    PC – £14.99
    Go figure.

  • sd

    Maybe if they had released it back in May/June. But to be honest there are far too many decent Wii U games to play now. Not to mention my X-1 next month. So in short, No.