Oct 20th, 2012

As expected, Best Buy has set up Wii U demo units at several of their stores across the US. The first photo of such a demo unit has been revealed, via Reddit.

We previously reported that Best Buy would be getting Wii U demo units on October 17, and it looks like Best Buy stayed true to their promise. The demo units look a lot like the ones we’ve seen at the Nintendo World Store in New York, and at various Wii U experience events throughout the US. Some users are also reporting that GameStop has begun setting up demo stations at some of their stores.

If you’re close to a Best Buy store, go and try out the Wii U and tell us what you think!

Wii u demo at Best Buy

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  • Gamechemist8

    Yes! Finally! I am so going over today to try it out!

    • third

      Now the era of Wii U shall begin!

      • Wii U™

        Yes. . . .

        • Nintendude

          HAIL WII U!

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        OMG GUYS I TRIED IT AND ITS EPIC!!! It’s almost lighter than an iPhone, and it is HUGE (gamepad) it’s ULTRA responsive and believe it or now, no fingerprints. The touch screen is ALOT bigger than it sounds and it feels so natural in your hands. CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY TEKKEN ON IT

        • nano

          yeah right

        • Mida

          How come the best buy near me STILL have no demos? Is anyone else’s like this?

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        Also, Wii U branded wiimotes are now in

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        I apologize for commenting so much but I forgot to mention the wii U branded wiimotes are 5$ cheaper (are 40$)

        • Lusunup

          they’ve been out for quiet a well now and also I cant wait for tekken also!!but ima play zombiu first

    • Asiancake

      I try it out Today it so boss get it everyone

      • Yodin

        depends which Best Buy stiores have them 🙁

        • ziggy

          in ks best buy said within this week nintendo reps should have demo unit stations set up thats there words not mine

    • Colton S.

      Nah, not going there for 1 reason.
      1. I want it to be a first-time player of it.

    • ziggy

      hella yeh nintendo nation! 30yrs and still going

    • SOO SOLD

      I tested the Wii U at my GameStop, unfortunately none have been set up at any Best Buys near me, IT IS AMAZING!!! I was only able to play Rayman Legends but the gamepad performed astonishingly. My little sister and I switched on and off, and even she thought, with her tiny 9 year old hands, that the gamepad was really comfortable to hold and enjoyed playing. Overall, I’m SOLD ON THIS SYSTEM!

    • ziggy

      for wii u gametrailers be sure to check out gametrailers.com

      • ziggy

        allso wii u supports external flash drives up to 3 tb idk about you but i dont know of a game consol to do that yeh nintendo ! rock in the new year

    • ziggy

      ok new news those not wanting to pay for zombi u game guide type zombi u on your phone they have a android app zombi u gameguide it wont show info till nov 18 on how to beat the game

    • Gamechemist8

      Am I the only one to comes back to my comments and see how many likes and dislikes it has?

  • Name

    Now i have to go to best buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Thom

    nintendo will do great 🙂

  • Nko Sekirei

    nice cant wait to give it a try

  • jason

    my body is soooooo ready…oh, god….

  • kingtendo




    • CRT_hater777


    • kingtendo


      • kingtendo



        • Nintendude


          • KINGTENDO

            so let me get this right.

            everyone thumbed me down because i thought the tv was to close? lol

            there are way toooo many troll’s on this site,monkey see monkey do if i thumb down then so will you……..get you’r own brain people.

          • KINGTENDO

            iv been thumbed down a total of 154 time’s, 1 word ”AWSOME’. lol

        • Wii U next gen

          @kingtendo Then don’t buy it and really stop trolling here

          • ziggy

            and you wonder why i dont play games online same damn behavior somebody has to ruin it for one person

        • Nko Sekirei

          enough with the caps man it sounds like ur whining about being too close to the tv and everyone else knows wat happens if ur too close to the tv while playing

        • Elite

          Now now, he doesn’t want to fuck up his 20/60 vision

        • FireRed

          cool story bro

    • ziggy

      wichita ks does not have them in store to try them out yet so the date of the 17 was false for us oh well i got mine paid off in full

      • Madmagican

        Hey, you’re from Wichita? I got an old friend that lives there since he moved away back in third grade. Anyway, too bad you guys didn’t get a demo unit

        • ziggy

          thanks mad

          • Madmagican

            Hey, at least you got a pre-order; I gotta be one of the first people in line day one if I ever save up enough money to buy one… I’m 15 and my parents won’t pay for more than $100 of it

    • James

      wtf is the fearless? Do you mean the Wii U?

      • Wildman

        kingtendo calls it “THE FEARLESS” for some odd reason.

      • KEVIN

        it’s whatever you want to call it the ”FEARLESS” or the ”WII U”

      • ziggy

        its fearless because nintendo after 30 yrs still plays by there rules not xbox nor ps3 they are the ones copy cating nintendo tec like ps move xbox smartglass

    • Yodin

      kingtendo why FEARLESS the Gamepad has extention cord attached to it and you will not be up that close, you are paranoid.

  • derty

    Wooohooo! Time to go to bestbuy 🙂

  • link 5

    Darnet my dad was going to best buy today and I didn’t go man I have bad luck

  • NintendoMan :D

    Do you know where this Best Buy is?

  • CheckItNow12

    This is at every Best Buy in the U.S. right? Because I don’t want to go there a second time just to find out the demo units haven’t arrived in my area.

    • JumpMan

      they should all be up by the 22nd across the US is what a Bestbuy worker told me, and there isn’t one at my Bestbuy yet. HURRY UP!

      • ziggy

        i hear you bro none here in ks yet

      • NintendoMan :D

        Thanks. My Best Buy doesn’t have one yet, but they told me they were getting one on the day it came out. I don’t know which to believe.

        • NintendoMan :D

          @jumpman Are you sure this is true? ARE YOU SURE? I NEED TO TOUCH A WII U NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • zonda777

          When I called there on the 17th they told me they wouldn’t have them until it launched. I think he just hadn’t been informed yet, because if Gamestop and other retailers are supposedly jumping in on this, then I’d be surprised that Best Buy wouldn’t.

          • Michael

            Wait, gamestop has them too? What other retailers?



  • Marioravesto3d

    Give us updates on wii u not everyone can get to store especially me as I live in england ! Thanks guys

  • Alex

    Finally so all the people can play the WiiU and show its awesomeness.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Best Buy… Well, very soon I will have been!!! (Hopefully. The nearest Best Buy is an hour and a half away. 🙁 )

    • Braulio500

      I’m in a similar situation, just a bit different…

      I live in Mexico City and I’m not sure that the Wii U demo stations will come this far… =C

  • xamy

    finally !

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    When is something like this coming to Brazil?!

  • NaX

    LOL finally i went to best buy after class on wends and i was played no Wii U in sight i guess ill go on monday after class to see if it’s there 🙂

  • nintendoododo

    Hmm itse menen kirjamessuille kokeilemaan Wii U:ta ja voin sitten kertoa teille tyhmille amerikkalaisille tunnelmat kun tulen sieltä.

    • CheckItNow12

      Translation: Hmm I will go to the book fair itself to try out the Wii U, and then I can tell you stupid Americans when I get there.

      Response: Onko sinulla jotain amerikkalaisia ​​vastaan ​​ja meidän kieltä?

    • RoboticLink

      Poor stupid foreigner. Google translate must not exist in his country. Btw according to google translate he said something about Him going to the book fair istelf so he can tell you stupid Americans moods when he gets there.

      His words, his lack of sense and his stupidity, not mine.

      • nintendoododo

        actually the translation is: I will go to the book fair to test Wii U and I can tell you stupid Americans vibrations when I come back.

        • revolution5268

          so you know English then.

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Yeah that’s exactly what i was thinking!

    • Nintedward .

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      • Holinshin

        What the hell is your problem?

        He has every right to post on any site with his native language. Just like anyone. English isn’t the only language in existance, and unfortunately its spoken in areas where the majority of people dont seem to understand. That people around the world speak different languages, and have different cultures.

        Get real man. Stop being an “English” douche bag.

        • Nintedward .

          Stop being an English douche bag ?? This guy keeps posting offensive comments such as ”Americans suck and are fat and stupid” – is that okay with you ??? then posting finnish comment after finnish comment.

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          • Holinshin

            Wait when did anyone care about Americans?

          • Holinshin

            American’s do enough caring about themselves to care for everyone.

          • ziggy

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        • revolution5268

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    • Troll patrol.

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      • Nintyfan

        Ur no troll patrol! LOL :p

        • Lusunup

          its him he just used google translation people…

      • Lazara The Last

        Are you from Norway, Denmark or Sweden ?

      • Name

        Troll patrol did u just troll
        Looks like we have a corrupt cop. Its a sad day

      • ziggy

        speak english or get the f out that simple!

    • Nintendude

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      • Crapcake

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        so why are you offended

        • Nintedward .

          I’m not offended personally , but know that he is upseting , annoying , trolling people for no reason .

          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            I, being a proud American, am unable to not smile at your comments, Nintedward. Just a piece of information for you: almost (I stress almost) every flipping country HATES America for one reason or another. I, as well as everybody I know, have come to accept the fact that we’re disliked by over half of the 7 billion people on the planet. Haters are gonna hate, and if it makes their insecure lives a little better, then more power to them. Go ahead and defend us all if you want, I really appreciate it, but not everybody has the guts to admit that all of these Socialist/Communist governments don’t work as well as Democracy and Capitalism.


          • Nintedward .

            @frank . The UK is the USA’S biggest fan!!! Half of our culture is American , food , film , books , games , music…….

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          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            @nintedward My point is, let the idiots be idiots. This isn’t a war, and while I agree with everything you’re saying, and how the American culture (like it or not) has spread to pretty much everywhere in the world, unless you really feel the need to defend your younger brother country, it’s not necessary.

            However, your “war” against the anti-US/UK (and Australia, I guess) haters does not go unnoticed 🙂 . English speaking countries have always been the least screwed up (not saying they aren’t, though).

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          That’s not very good spanish (that’s what language I think that is)

          Since nintedward is always going to be english, you need to use “eres” instead of “estás” (which is for temporary things). I’m not sure if “inglés” is correct, but I know it shouldn’t be capitalized. I’m pretty sure “inglés” is a noun, not an adjective (and yes, with Spanish the two would be different).

          • SteampunkJedi

            Right on the money based on my year and a half of Spanish class so far.

          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            That’s about the amount of class time I’ve had, and the major problem with google translate is that is spanish they’ve got two verbs for to help, to be, to know, to call, and who knows what else, and google translate fails to differentiate between the two.

  • 7upland

    pff… I am so gonna go to kirjamessut at Helsinki Finland on thursday. I would never even ruin my reputation to go at gamestop. I am happy there’s no gamestop here in Finland. Almost feel sorry for all americans…. wait I do feel sorry.

    • japanese,america,europe,brazil ftw

      jelly u dont have em bro? XD

  • Wii U Fan Central


    • ziggy

      who is getting zombi u i know i am

  • D2K

    I didn’t see one yet at the Best Buy near my house. At least it wasn’t in the game section.

  • koalajay

    I knew I should have called off work today. Damn.

  • Shankovich

    Come to Canada ;_;

    • SortableShelf19

      In my mind I’m saying the exact same thing.

    • EnragedPenguin

      I just battled through a bunch of snow ( lol canada ) to get to bestbuy. ( October 22nd ) And not a single Wii U was seen, there was nothing Wii U related at all. EB games does have a display up, no demo units though.

  • RoboticLink

    Anyone knows if it’s here in Canada

    • Gourmand

      Wondering that too, i have pre-ordered, but still would like to try it.

    • SuperNFan

      Theres No Wii U In MONTREAL

    • revolution5268

      have you call your local best buy?

    • Enraged Penguin

      Just went to Bestbuy yesterday, nothing Wii U related at all 🙁 EB games does have a display up, no demo units though.

  • efren

    my best buy got delayed :[

  • SuperNFan

    Wii U Is Cool !

  • Wii U next gen

    @nintendoododo TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    best buy is far away from me, where i live

    • D2K

      But you’re Chuck Norris. Should Best Buy come to you out of fear? 🙂

  • Nintendomus Prime

    Amazon delivered my wii u a month early. I’m playing it now.

    It’s ok

    • ziggy

      i dnt belive you post a pic of it for proof

      • Case

        Yeah right!!

    • Kyron

      pics or gtfo

    • YAK(youraveragekid)

      No wai. What games?
      Mario U? Pikmin 3? I bet since you`re so special to Nintendo, you already have Smash Bros 4 and Zelda Wii U. Please, tell us about the cuts in SSB4.

    • Grodus

      Oh, yeah. I’m from 10000 years in the future posting this. we discovered unicorns are real, and what you know as “rockets” are as common as your “TV.” Everyone has their own personal robot butler. it is possible to pronounce qwxlpzas. It’s a word. I’m playing the 7,642 Nintendo system. Nintendo is competing with JikJakloo and sffffblam. I am writing this with my iPhone 999,999,999. I have a pet leprechaun, which we also discovered. Also, keep looking for jackalopes. They’re real. I can’t believe you people are exited for this. We have 10000000p in the future.I still not used to theses horrific graphics on these kilocsddsaes. Oh, sorry, they’re “computers” in this time. Your time is afgkl gkhjk. (In your language, that’s highly inappropriate.)

      • Crapcake

        can animals talk in the future? *sarcasm*

        • Crapcake

          wow 7 thumbs up!

      • ziggy

        and everybody on earth has there own personal thoughts of nintendo like your going to stop me or them from getting one f u git lost my english where i come from keep your shit in your own backyard dont bring in ours, chump

      • Bacon

        I wonder what happend to sony and microsoft in the future lol

    • Nintendude

      Ya, and Sony was sold to Honda.

    • Nko Sekirei

      ur a lying b itch theres no way u got ur wii u thats a load of bull maybe u should post a pic to back up ur comment if not gtfo troll

    • the urge

      Nintendo and amazon kinda dislike each other, Nintendo never shipped any Wii Us to amazon.

  • ME…WIIU…..sexiness :)

    best buy is far…its literally overseas…cause im in UK 😛

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Waited 2 hours before I got my turn 🙂

  • Manni01

    Not at the best buy near me :/ does anyone know any best buy in Maryland that has it?

    • ziggy

      you could google the stores and then call them saves you on gas

      • NintendoLover

        I tried what you said ziggy and I’ve been doing it for about an hour and a half. I’ve been calling so many BestBuys and GameStops! And not ONE of them has it! I’m so pissed. Where are the demo stations DAMNIT!?! I can’t find any! Also Manni01, I live in MD too! I can’t find any demo stations! I’m so angry, but the release is only 4 weeks exactly left! But where are the demo stations!?!?!?!

        • ziggy

          from what i have read online one of the factory”s had a fire then one company that help”d assemble the wii u was having underage kids working to meet demands in china nintendo i think is going to sue them .

  • LyingTuna

    I just got back from Best Buy. They said they didn’t know when too hook them up. This angers me…

  • Anubis

    I’m gonna play the sh*t out of that. *leaves house*

  • DannyMann

    i was at bestbuy this mornin and they had no wii u 🙁

    • NintendoMan :D

      How many people would you say live in your town? I’m trying to judge if mine should or shouldn’t be getting one soon. Thanks in advance.

      • DannyMann

        i live near metro atlanta GA so i would say a lot. at least the bestbuy i go to services a third of my highly residential county so i would say maybe 50k or so go to it

        • Joesatmoes

          dude i live near ther. idk if u know or not, but does the best buy in north point mall hav it?

          • NintendoMan :D

            Oh then I guess my best buy won’t be getting a demo soon since my town has less then 30,000 people. I guess il just have to wait. 🙁

          • DannyMann

            not sure i live near the mall of GA so i dont go to north point. it might

  • Starfoxguy

    The only reason im going to Best Buy!!!!!

  • Tobbe

    Ill try it first when i get home with it. No sneek try here

  • Grodus

    I doubt my local best buy has it… My best buy sucks.

  • sean samms

    Played rayman legends at gamestop .. I’m so excited for Mario and Zombieu ..

  • erik

    i wonder if they will have them in every store even the grocery store where theres electronics

    • revolution5268

      watch as someone trying to either rob it or break the wii u.

  • Daniel

    We don´t have a best buy here in Brazil 🙁 Next year I will try one at Brazil Game Show

  • darkserpent012

    I played the Rayman Legends demo at Gamestop yesterday. The controller feels so comfortable for it’s size it’s almost unbelievable!! The graphics are very polished and a masterpiece to look at. I was amazed and two ppl can play also it’s on 5 players, thats right. If u haven’t played it yet, leave ur house now! Or u will b missing out

  • Hypnotic Alligator

    I called all the Best Buy’s in Jacksonville FL and none of them have a Wii U demo station set up yet…………Will keep posted………….Out

  • Justis

    I tried the wii u out today for the first time and the only demo they had was ray man legends it was awesome.

  • Geemes

    I’m surprised most of you haven’t been able to play it yet. I went to my local GameStop in Provo, UT. They had the demo station and said they put it in on 10/18/12. It was great to hold the gamepad. It feels really good. Thought it would be too heavy, but it feels just right. The demos themselves were kinda lame. Rayman Legends was the only playable demo. Sorry to all those that like that game, but seriously, that game sucks. The game did utilize some of the the gamepad features like swiping on the screen to cut a rope and drop something to walk across, or sliding on the screen to move a pedestal, or pushing the fire that was shooting at your guy to make it disappear to allow you to pass through the level safely, and (my personal favorite) pushing on the screen where there was a big boss to tickle him so your character could punch him and get passed.

    You could scroll through on the gamepad to look at pictures or watch videos of upcoming games. Mario U looks great on the video. But it still looked like it could use better graphics. Could look better in actual gameplay. ZombiU only had pictures. NintendoLand had a video. It was okay, but I’m really surprised they haven’t made more of these games playable at the demostation. All in all, I’m glad I went in to see it. It’s getting me so excited for my preorders!

  • Behind you

    Aww what if you live in AUSTRALIA there is no best buy store over here

    • ziggy

      try wal mart, target soon they will have one at the latest i heard by november but i say before oct 31

  • pikapower0000


    • I Can’t Think of a Name

      … okay?

  • Treebeard

    Everywhere but Utah, brarum!

    • Christian

      Yeah. I’m still going to go to Gamestop or Best Buy though. BTW, LOTR is awesome!!

      • Treebeard

        Thanks, little orc.

  • Bob

    Game Stop also has them. The only playable game is Rayman. It looks fantqastic. I wonder if the display is custom mad to make the game look better than home HDTV. The other game on it are only videos. They looK awlful. Ther are pre rendered video clips in a low resolution or bit rate. The gamepad is not too responsive. You have to press hard to make connection with the sensor. As you play Rayman the game is mirrored on the gamepad. The TV button does not bring up Wii TVii. Until I can play other games I can’t give a yeah or nay to the system.

  • Rob

    There are 4 Best Buy stores all within 30 minutes or less of my house. Not one of them has gotten one since this was supposed to have started on the 17th. Damn you Best Buy! Oh well…I’m going to Nintendo World next weekend but I really wish I didn’t have to wait.

  • Lusunup

    I try posting valuable info but weirdly enough it never can get posted on this site… similar to this

  • supermariolinux

    My Best Buy says there getting it in 2 weeks…

    hopefully my Gamestop has it.

    Not a huge deal, i actually got to try it at Nintendo World Store in NYC,
    so its not like i never touched it.

  • WiiUhyper

    I tried it yesterday (10/20/12) ITS EPIC! its so light for how big it is, I think nintendo is going to make a good profit off this, so epic 😀

  • noahforwiiu

    definitely it’s not for kid, i’m mean what if the gamepad accidentally get drop on a marble floor or any hard surface

  • BradBoZ

    I do not believe this at all… After the first lie, I’m not going..

    Besides, I already pre-ordered it…

  • RonaldCoLtd

    “Honey, I’m going to Best Buy!”

    “For how long?”

    “18 hours. . Take care!”

    “Wait, wha–” *Slams door*

    • AcesHigh



    Oh cool! I for got about it! I might try it out next time I go too Best Buy or Gamestop if they have it but I don’t think I’ll be going anytime soon.

  • Wii U

    Why dont u show me a little love

  • NintendoLover

    I’m so annoyed! I’ve been calling so many GameStops and BestBuys and they are all saying that they are not set up yet or available. Where are the demo stations!?! >:(

  • D2K

    My friend whom is a GameStop manager just told me that have one at his store.

    *door slams* VARRROOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

  • Phoenex68

    Just tried the Wii U at Gamestop, absolutely amazing, fun, and very responsive.. I let my 4 year old son try it and it is also very kid friendly.

  • 0soul

    Its a strong consol, I think it will do fine since we kinda reached a peak in consol gaming, all ps and xbox can do is improve experience so now people can stop with the “my consol is more powerfull” shit.

  • Fireheart

    It sucks that I don’t have a Best Buy in my town. I would love to try out the Wii U before I get it on 11/18/2012. I don’t know if my Gamestop has it for demo but knowing my small town I doubt it. I wish I had to a place to try it out at, but I guess I’ll have to wait till my pre-order gets here dang it lol.

  • Beenya

    It’s official – I was able to play with the WII U Demo setup in a Gamestop in Allen, Texas (Just North of Dallas). The Rayman demo graphics were awesome. Hopefully they will enable other options instead of showing videos.

  • Aaron

    No demo stations in Lincoln. What the hell? Is this only select places?

  • AcesHigh

    Still no units as of 10/22 at BB in Las Vegas stores


    i was at best buys and there wass lots of peeple wanting to plaay.
    hehehe hahaha…kekekeke…..i mayd them wait and wait….
    i played for hours. I coulds see themm squerm likes crazyyyy
    frum the refelections on the screeen wanting too plays but nooooo….
    its all mines!!!!!! hehehe….hahaha…kekeke….i just egnored them
    and laughed tooo my harts desires…hehehe hahaha….kekekeke….
    this little kid starting to cry cause he cants play the wiiii uuu
    hahaha….his daddy walkks by and gives me the faces like imm
    sum jerks…..hahahaha….nice try ollddd mannn. THE best issss
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    behinds meee couuld get a taste of of my smelllyyy gasss.
    i gasssed them sooo goooddd…hahahaha….hehehee…kekekeke…..
    summ of theem left…hahaha….this one mother looked like she thougt her son pood his pantss….hahahaha…..peeple started to complayn but
    I did snots caree…it wassss allll minesss the wiii uuu wasss alll minesss…..
    hahaha…hehehe…kekeke….i will never forgets the faces on allll the
    loooosers who could nots play becos of meee…i beet my record of
    1 and a half hours play timess!!!!!!!!! i onlys left when the managur
    saidd i haddd too leave to give other peepls a chances too plays…
    I gave up my spoottt….but I soon came backs too lettt outt some mores
    rotten smelly burrito fartss….hahahaha……gassed the person playings
    the wiiii uuuu….everyones thoughts it was himmm whoo did ittt!!!

    i wills be back for shuuureee….but first gooing too go too
    gamespot too make thee wiii uuuu alll minesss….hahahaha……
    taquitos ands granditos burritos will bee my weapon of choise.
    lock and loaddd.

    • I Can’t Think of a Name

      Your grammar and selfishness makes me cry for our society.

  • dcx10

    Just tried it out today (Saratoga, NY, the Best Buy in Albany has a station but the controller doesn’t work for some reason). I was skeptical about Rayman Legends’ single player mode, but was really impressed with the 2 demo levels. There’s a lot of creative uses of the Game Pad, and you get to play as both Rayman and Murphy as opposed to just one or the other. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous on both the TV and the Game Pad screen, and the controller is remarkably comfortable and lightweight. All in all, I can’t wait until Nov. 18th!

  • Jonny5

    I just seen my first Wii U Demo station in Canada today at the Toysrus in Hamilton Ontario. I unfortunately didn’t get to try it out for very long but it was great to finally see the actual product. Only a couple of more days before I can pick it up. Can’t wait!