Aug 30th, 2012

A new image of a black Wii U console has appeared on the web. The photo comes from Twitter, where a member of the Frag Dolls — the girl gaming team — apparently received a debug unit. Or at least, managed to get her hands on one. Judging by the photo, it looks like the real thing, but this is the Internet, there’s always the possibility of faking and trolling. The photo was originally posted on Twitter, but has since been removed alongside the Tweet. If it’s the real thing, she’s obviously breaking an NDA and will get into serious trouble for posting the image. Which is probably why the tweet and photo have been removed. Of course, once you post something on the Internet, it’ll always be there. Check out the photo and the deleted Tweet below:

Black Wii U

Wii U twitter

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  • liberalagenda


    jk. 😀

  • nintendofreak

    sucker i hope u learned u lesson u dont go breaking a NDA u should read d tiny letters but well d name says it all non disclosure agreement

    • theorangefish

      Didn’t the “NDAs” expire after e3?

      • TheUNation

        Nope… the NDA expires on September 13 (I assume) in North America/earlier date in Japan.

        • theaquacharger

          More then likely their expires at console launch since they recieved it early and are not developers but just gamers.

          • theaquacharger

            also more then likely not a debug unit but an early consumer units. Those should be going out about now-ish to test to make sure they’re not overheating or other issues.

          • Nintendofreak

            Well doesnt really makes a difference she doesnt have a wiiu game…….but still i wonder if she is pretty ill sacrifice myself for d wiiu

    • AKA-Link77

      Wat i wanna know is wat the hell “ZOMG” means!

  • Skozo

    Oh wow, if this was real I would be shitting myself.

  • Lugo

    Fail. She just messed with the big N, I hope her body is ready.

    • Johny

      MOST epic comment i’ve seen in a LONG time… you sire have won the internet

    • Spike…the dog from Rugrats

      Are you going to rape her?

  • Macarony64

    I think it was not debugg unit but a real console which means that the console is near his release ,or that she just was there the day that the e3
    or gamescom boths were made and she was trolling about it

  • Kibs

    So jealous right now :/

    • nintedward

      thats what me unboxing my black wiiu is going to look like.

  • theorangefish

    This doesn’t look like a fake one.

  • Swic11

    Looks real to me, either way I am jealous, I wouldn’t mind having a fake model of one, that way I can get used to seeing it on my entertainment center

  • PridgMSS

    SWAG ruined it for me.

    • Mida

      You got that right

    • Ash

      That’s the correct way to use that word though. Before all this style=swag crap it meant free things that everybody got at places like conventions and premieres. Like at a skateboarding demo where they would throw stickers and decks into the crowd, what they threw were called swag.

      My guess is that these girls were at some meeting of some sort and they all left with a free wii u instead of the usual swag, such as a t-shirt or wristband. Lucky lol

    • Adam Fox

      SWAG has always ruined it for me, unless i’m quoting someone or making fun of someone, i never use that word…..even though I laugh at the “Geek Swag” stuff they have on the market, I wouldn’t ever get anything with the word “Swag” on it…..

  • Nintendude

    Looks pretty real. However I could be wrong. Who knows, maybe she did get one, or she faked it.

    • Nintendude

      I just remembered seeing a program in one of VSauce’s DONG videos where you could tell if photos were Photoshoped or not. I saved the image above then went to the link only to find out the program was closed and you could not use it anymore. Anybody know program to do so?

  • Mida

    “ZOMG”…. let’s be serious… Who even says that anymore?

    • TheBoldman67

      Every teen-age girl on the internet.

    • Grodus

      What he said.

  • theorangefish

    guy guys oh my god guys guys guys guys …..okay okay okay oaky ….. look at the picture ther are tons of those wii u boxes

    • Kamon

      :O ZOMG!!!!

    • Grodus

      Omg omg guys guys hes right guys guys ZOMG!!!!!

  • Kamon

    Lol’ed so hard at “ZOMG!!” Come on…

  • D2K

    While is certainly is not impossible to fake things like this with powerful programs like Photoshop and 3DS Max, that looks like a real system. I don’t think it’s a big deal at this point for someone to have a debut unit. The system will on shelves in two months and Nintendo is finally about to take the wrappers off the candy on September 13th.

    I vote real.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Always remember kids: when posting on internet something you shouldn’t, always hide your identity and make sure nothing in the picture or on your words make it possible to recognize you. She may even lose her job because of that…

  • retlaw

    Looks like those boxes are wii u??! You guys see that?

  • Herox95

    I wished I had a Wii U… dammnit!

  • CubeClubKiddy

    everyone AND their brothers should be interested in this! this makes the next two months more news-worthy than the rest we’ve been through already! think about how many times you read about “Wii U Specs” in the past year or so. i have never paid more attention to any game company as much as i have with nintendo…

  • Jc

    Excuse my stupidity but what’s an NDA?

    • theaquacharger

      Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you’re in a beta, or get a product early, usually you sign an NDA which means you’re not allowed to talk about or share said product.

  • Dorfdad

    LOL she was trolling it’s their Wii-U’s for the Setup at PAX! Ubisoft is showcasing some stuff and the FRAG girls will be on hand… She probably removed the tweat because these articles are saying SWAG like shes teasing she got one free, which they dont at least not yet…

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    She said swag… It’s fake.
    But in all seriousness its fake, the front appears to be flat and the wii u does not have a rim that sticks out like that.

  • brawl

    can some1 please explain y this person might b in trouble 4 posting this pic? Its not like we havent seen the black Wii U b4.

  • Claudinou

    It’s a contract of non divulgation, people who sig,ed this c’an’t say szay anything about the wii U feautures or specs or anything that Nintendo hasn’t revealed yet
    P.S: You’re not stupid 🙂

  • Tovoklore

    I am not entirely convinced it is real. There are two very subtle differences between the model in this pic and the models shown in every other official pic I’ve seen. The eject button appears circular rather than oblong (hard to tell because it is conveniently black) and the text above and below the eject symbol seems slightly off center to the symbol. The unit doesn’t have that little projection sticking out the right side either. Of course, the model may have changed so I can’t be positive it is fake either.

    @Jc: NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Act.

    • Tovoklore

      *Non-Disclosure Agreement. Sorry no edit button.

  • John

    Am I the only one that noticed that there are identical boxes in possession by the people in the back? 🙂

    • SteampunkJedi

      They aren’t open, so I’m not sure the content is identical.


      Yup saw that too, I think it is the real thing not sure what or why they have them but I am getting happy to have mine soon as well…

  • SteampunkJedi

    I honestly can’t tell if it’s real. I don’t know the capabilities of photoshop, but this looks quite realistic to me. Not that it would matter too much, unless that person violated something and lost her job.

  • tronic307

    Stupid! Those Wii U’s will likely all have to go back now.

  • rafael

    It looks fake to me because it shines in a irregular way :/

    • SteampunkJedi

      I think there might be some clear plastic wrapping on it, but I’m not so sure about that.

      • rafael

        Not sure, the only plastic it seems to have is the one with the bubles…

        My black wii doesnt shine like that…anyway, it could be.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    It’s real cuz i’ve seen pics in vids on youtube of the black Wii U” and the way she’s holding it, i’ve seen other people hold the White Wii U’ which im getting cuz i don’t wanna have to deal with dust & finger prints & i’ve had my White Wii since 2006 and still looks new 🙂 so anyways this black Wii U is real.

    Often when people make fake photos, they’re usually not holding wat they faked just like u don’t see any pics on google of any people or some dude holding a fake Xbox 720 or Fake PS4 it’s just sitting there in a black backround, so anyways can’t wait to get my hands on the Wii U.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    sorry not black backround plain backround.

  • 345weas

    that is so fake. poor editing who made that

  • Nintenerd

    They look real enough to me. Maybe an updated model just like they did with the Gamepad when they changed the layout for the better. Looks like everyone in the back picture got one too. I will be scouring eBay for someone selling one of them lol

  • Michael

    The picture does not say much; in fact nothing at all. Never mind if the console is fake; if it was truly the best “swag” (really?) it would also be monitored as to who got it and why. Nintendo don’t just hand this stuff out without a reason. Most likely a picture from a friend to a friend kind of scenario; and the person who leaked this just wanted to pretend and show off like a moron.

    • theaquacharger

      No Frag Girls would get some since they’re sponsored by Ubisoft and are supposed to show off a lot of Ubisoft’s Wii U games are PAX.

  • Captain Potato

    What am I supposed to do with that rope that comes in the box with my Wii U? Is that a jump-rope for Wii U Fit? 😉

  • DerikGotro64

    Can someone tell me what the hell does the “Z” in “Zomg!!!” mean?

  • maxlazy10

    Don’t know if it was fake or not, but I wish Nintendo would mail me a free Wii U!

  • Shecky

    Played Batman Arkam City on a Black WIIU at Fan Expo in Toronto, ON last week.

  • Paul

    fake or not they arent going to make these girl gamers a better clan lol

    its like activision giving there sponsored team clan a limited edition ps3 or xbox 360 not going to happen

    but if true then ubisoft will be in trouble with nintendo

  • tj leeland

    I know for a fact that it’s real. I can’t say who told me, but the girl. Is an IMF agent, and this was the device she got her mission from. It self destructed five seconds after she took the picture. The other boxes have PC motherboards in tbem – as was supposed to be the case with this one, but you know how IMF is.

    She was killed during the mission

    • TIMMY!

      HA! Mission Impossible!

  • Big N

    Is this the one from the previous article here:

  • Garzard

    They’re sponsored by Ubisoft. Guess who’s gonna wreck their shit.

  • Johnny

    That console has no swag.

    That console has class.

  • Elite

    All she will have to do is send in a nude pic showing that her body is ready.

  • Elite

    If that is in fact the case i wonder if those other box in the picture contain Wii u.