Mar 4th, 2014


Occasionally we like to showcase great Wii U console deals for those who might be interested in picking up a Wii U. Currently is selling a the 32GB Wii U Deluxe bundle with New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U bundled for $259 on eBay. This deal appears to be for the United States only as there are no other shipping options selectable, and it’s going quickly, as eBay reports that 293 consoles have been sold in the last hour.

If you’re still on the fence about snagging a Wii U for yourself or your family, this makes a great deal.

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  • Sam

    293 in one hour? That’s great, but it is eBay…

    • cthreep

      Good point, Wii U sales don’t count if they’re sold on ebay…????

  • incoherent1

    Wow. This is an insane deal. I’m considering picking this up for my girlfriend’s house!

    • David Trail

      Do it!!!

  • Fred

    Check again they’ve sold 910 now

  • Dark-Link73

    “This listing had ended.” That was quick.

    • BIG Franky

      yep… listing ended with 910 units sold…. not bad for a little over an hours work! 🙂

  • ActivesiN

    wow sold 910 in around an hour, pretty crazy

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Should go down another hundred. 159$ could possible attract a few

    • Carl Fin

      Man, do you really go from place to place writing trash about Nintendo? Your picture tells it all. Troll. You need to GET A LIFE and stop annoying people. It’s sad really.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Who are you to tell him what to do?, he’s annoying you, don’t speak for everybody else just because you don’t agree with his opinion, I don’t think it should go down to the price he’s on about but given the state of things right now, being considerably cheaper would help a lot because lets face it, compared to what’s happening on ps4 and the future it has, we’ve got nothing.

        • Carl Fin

          Ok, so you just defended a troll who writes on every article and is paid to do so. Ok Cap’n crunch.

    • Nobody

      I totally agree, the Wii U is an awfully overpriced console with little innovation.

      • Adam Oesterreicher

        Actually I disagree with that statement. The ability to play off screen, being able to use the gamepad as a remote for not only the system, but for your tv, and the ability to be able to immerse yourself with two screens instead of one. there’s a ton of innovative things with the wii u that I will have to say wasn’t market correctly. and the ability to chat with your friends without having to pay for a fee, heck yeah.

        • Carl Fin

          The Wii U will be virtual reality head set compatible as it will run similar to the gamepad screen. This will give them a step toward the next gen when they will bring out an oculus rift style system that plays wii U game, is compatible with Wii U game pad and will, at that point be much more powerful than the ps4 or xb1 with a cheaper production cost.

  • Capt. Smoker

    This should be a 3D world bundle, it would sell far greater if it was

    • FutureFox

      I’d buy it without flinching. This got me thinking though. It seems Ninty really is struggling with developing HD games. There seems to be a pattern of Nintendo releasing Mario.

      Case in point: NES came with Duck Hunt and Mario (think both, but definitely Mario. The SNES came with Super Mario World. N64 had Mario 64 came with it as well though I learned that this game had plans (in some form or fashion) to be released on SNES.

      But then we get to Gamecube which wouldn’t see Mario until Sunshine. The game was noticeable mark up from SM64 and I’m sure took more of the developers time.

      Now, with the Wii it was smart move to introduce Wii Sports to get people use to the wiimote, though I’m starting to think it was a smoke screen to give devs more time with Mario Galaxy making a game that is now wiimote/nunchunk based.

      Since the move to HD we see the same thing with the Wii U now, with news that Wii Sports was hindered in development which forced plans to release it at launch as initially intended; and of course SM3DW coming out a full year later.

      • Capt. Smoker

        I agree completely, they have struggled, one reason I think why is they’ve been supporting 2 consoles since the old days, they’ve almost always done it alone, I think it’s time they realized they can’t do it alone anymore, they either need to expand by buying new assets to make games for them so they don’t have to worry about 3rd party support anymore or develop strong man love bonds with 3rd party publishers to always ensure they get exclusive after exclusive under a superior ecosystem, I’ve seen Sony go down this road for sometime now and I can see them growing, the ps4 is going to be very successful in this respect.

      • GremmPaltakin

        I don’t believe Super Mario World came bundled with SNES, and I know for a fact that Mario 64 did not come bundled with the Nintendo 64, and was not in development for the SNES. I was there. I had to buy them separately at KayBee toys. In fact they were sold out of Mario 64 so I brought home just the console the first day.

        You’re right though, I always feel gypped when I buy a new Nintendo console and it doesnt come with an A list Mario game. It just should. In the case of the Wii U it NEEDS to drop in price more and come with a free game.

        • FutureFox

          Yeah, I think SM64 was sold separately. At least according to wiki SMW was packed in with the console.

        • Carl Fin

          In Ireland I bought an N64 with Mario 64 bundled. My cousin in the UK got the same.

          Also, with inflation as it is the $299 price point in the US is a steal on a Wii U and already comes with a free game at that price and no need to buy something like Playstation +

  • Carl Fin

    Really…. over a $40 reduction? buy it on any site through ebates with
    your credit card = $30 rebate and use a coupon = more savings. Are
    people really this bad with money?

  • The Clockwork Being

    This is a good bundle!

  • Kristin

    After my savings on the Wii U I’ve gotten for my husband, I’ve only spent 19 dollars out of pocket.

    • Carl Fin

      how is this possible?

      • Kristin

        Shopped Game Stop. Used a store coupon and in store credit for trade ins. Bonus credit given in trade in for new system.

  • Matthew Bradley

    Lies can’t find it anywhere

  • T-X

    Day-One adopter woes…