Dec 4th, 2012

The Wii U launch has overall been a successful one. However, there were a few technical issues, mainly, the lengthy day-one software update that for some users took hours to download. Worse, if the console is turned off during the update, it will be permanently bricked.

Nintendo has since apologized for the issues, and according to Reggie Fils-Aime, the large day-one update will be pre-installed on new Wii U consoles in 2013. Reggie says that Nintendo developers were working on the system and software until the “very last point possible”, which obviously means that it cannot be pre-installed on the console at the factory.

Wii UNew Wii U models manufactured in Spring 2013 will have this update pre-installed. The delay is intentional from Nitnendo’s side, as Reggie said that only after the firmware has been on the market for a few months will they start pre-loading it on consoles at the factory. This is likely due to safety issues, as Nintendo wants to make sure the update works perfectly.

Reggie assured that the initial issues with the Wii U online features and Miiverse will be fixed by Christmas, and that they’ll be ready for the many new gamers who received a Wii U for Christmas. “Come Christmas morning, those servers will not be challenged in the same way”, Reggie said.

He also commented on Nintendo TVii, saying that on launch day, it wasn’t “the compelling innovative product we wanted it to be and we needed it to be”. Nintendo TVii is scheduled to launch later this month in North America, but will be available on launch day on December 7 in Japan.


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  • Martin Kearney

    And I thought an update in December would fix this overall. By the way, how long does it take to download a game on the eshop (the average amount of time)? Just curious.

    • Mickey Mouse

      It took my 8Mb broadband about 30 mins to download Trine 2 which is about 1890 MB. Did u know you can play a game whilst downloading, there are exceptions though.

      • D2K

         I have 15MBPS and it took me about the same time.  Don’t know why it was slow for other people.

        • Nintendofreak

          probably to anxious to wait

      • I don’t see much problems for me when I get me a WiiU (hopefully around Xmas) as I’m having a 40Mbps Broadband connection.

  • Trenton Quick

    I think they should work on a update for the freezing and loud horn sound on Nintendo Land. Is anyone else getting this problem?

    • fireheartis1

      I haven’t had a problem with Nintendo Land so far.  It works fine every time my family and I play it.  Weird that you are having problmes with it.

      • Game Master

        I haven’t had a problem with Nintendo Land.  My cuz. Londa and I played it for a long time, when she came over.

    • Captain Falcon
    • I have had this problem along with my brother.  For me setting the language to English Only in MiiVerse and in NintendoLand seems to have cleared it up.

      Nintendo also released an update last night but I could not find any notes on what the update contained to see if part of it was to fix the lock up issues or if it was just a feature update for new functionality such as the TVii service.

  • Marioravestozelda

    Download in progress now going pretty fast.Played nintendo land and batman so far fantastic both games with the gamepad takes it to different level  amazing stuff.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    I’m worried for Nintendo about this launch.

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    The Wiiu is awesome, but it does have a few issues. 
    Some dodgey OS kinks.

    And does anybody else have blops 2 or zombiU ? Because in blops 2 during cut scenes Sometimes I can’t hear them talk. Same in ZombiU sometimes I can’t hear certain sound effects and people will talk and I can’t hear them.

    Whilst the wiiu is rapidly turning into my favorite console ever. I didn’t expect these problems to come from Nintendo. Who is usualy the most solid reliable company in the business.

    Hopefully they fix everything 🙂 .

    It’s not a deal breaker though (as some trolls are making it out to be) the wiiu is an absolout must own for any true gamer…. 

    • D2K

      These are all issues that future updates will address.  Every new piece of technology has it’s ups and downs when launched.  It’s no issue for me either.  I’m ‘satisfied’ with what I have, but I’m not exactly excited about the Wii U right now.  I think for me the ball won’t start rolling until Aliens: Colonial Marines.

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        I am in love with mine lol. It’s just the refreshing change has just reinvigorated my love for games. The 360 , ps3 and wii are pretty much dead to me now. I just sold my ps3 and all of its games. And my 360 is with my little brother. I am just gunna borrow it back when GTAV comes out….

        NSMBU , Nintend Land , ZombiU , Blops2 and SASRT.

        I just love this machine. From playing in bed on the gamepad to the AMAZING multiplayer features.

        The gamepad is so comfortable to hold aswell. It annihilates pro controller. That thing is just for multiplayer for me…..

    • RoboConker

      if you dont have your WiiU connected to a true surround system and you have it on surround sound your not going to hear some stuff, if you changed it to stereo your going to be able to hear the voices, that happen to me with ZombiU.

  • fireheartis1

    Even with the update the Wii U is an amazing console that has changed gaming again.  Nintendo maybe testing the servers on this launch but too me it’s no big deal.

  • Marioravestozelda

    zeldarocks my id guys had us if you want.First of played nintendo land and batman both fantasic.Download took no more then half hour very impressed.People complain of the speed no kidding this is faster then my laptop.Miiverse looks amazing am in quite a shock the hole system is amazing.Downfall I won’t be on it tomorrow as I have to work!

    • Wow. My ID is zeldagamer64 and I ALSO have Nintendo Land and Batman both.


  • Dang, it wont have it in January!?  I plan on buying a Wii U next month if Lord willing I have the money. I want the update pre-installed. Sigh, Oh well….

  • has anyone downloaded the new update? I’d like to know what it’s all about or what additional functionality it has if any. 

  • Robert Papageorge

    Wrong. Wii U does NOT get bricked. I turned it off accidentally, turn it on and…. it completed the update an hour or two later. It now works perfectly, without a single problem.

  • richrussell

    I’d read all the scare stories about the length of time taken to download the day one update from the US people on here (and elsewhere), and so as we only have a 2Mbps internet connection at home was all prepared to take my Wii U to work and update it there when I got it here in the UK. As it was, I simply selected ‘cancel’ to the update, and then we played Nintendoland for about 2 hours. Then when back to the WiiU menu and found the update had downloaded and was ready to install. 15 minutes later it was installed – totally painless. Maybe the lower number of Wii Us on launch day in the UK meant less load on Nintendo’s servers – but even with my very slow connection, the update really wasn’t an issue at all. I do have occasional issues with muffled sound on Nintendoland (have set both console and pad to stereo), but I’m sure they’ll sort that.

  • Guymelef

    that would just make sense to include it… coz really guys like me who’s got quite a slow internet connection would have trouble downloading a 4-5GB update.

  • Jonathan Hickson


  • Master RD

    Yeah, the update didn’t bother me, I just sat on the sofa for 2 hours playing MK7 online, and I have to admit, the Wii U is the best console I’ve ever owned. Also who cares how much more  powerful the PS4 and 720 are graphics wise. Nintendo makes unique experiences, plus graphics can only get so real, gameplay and the story are the most important parts of a game. Good to here others won’t have to go through the 2-5 hour update, or get their console bricked.

  • Johny

    smart move =)

  • when will the freakin online services be fixed? i cannot use youtube, love film, myverse, and i cant even link a nintendo id couse “online services are not available in your country of region” i love wii u but this freakes me out!