Sep 27th, 2015

Since Super Mario Maker launched, players have been sharing their levels with others online. In the following video, I go over some levels created by the community here at Wii U Daily. Check them out.

Level codes in order of appearance:

Strat: 5CCC-0000-001B-96B7

Squirtle: 4E97-0000-0028-91B4

Robacles: CC68-0000-0028-8CDF

Diortem: D684-0000-0018-8F94

Swift: 983B-0000-0028-0FEF

Sage: 8A6D-0000-0029-E2E9

Jamborbelle: 0691-0000-0024-3F04

Johnny: 7BD6-0000-0022-A307

Lex-Jewthor: FD59-0000-0062-C2B7

Evelven: F074-0000-001E-E1F2

Bink: 75D0-0000-0019-8E70

DarkLink_13: 106A-0000-0077-EF86

Kris: 9C67-0000-0030-935E

Have some custom levels of your own? Share them in the comments.

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