Mar 5th, 2013


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting numerous emails from you guys about certain people on the site who have been inciting arguments and being generally rude in the comments. The old Disqus system didn’t allow for comment moderation by commenters and going through each article that’s posted, finding arguments and moderating them is a near full time job. Today, we’ve updated the Disqus comment system to its newest version, so that you can upvote and downvote posts similar to reddit.

For posts that you enjoy and feel they contribute to the topic, upvote them so they’ll move up the comment ladder to the top of the article. For posts that are full of foul language and are unacceptable, downvote it and move on. Don’t contribute to the trolling process. After three downvotes, that post will automatically be hidden from the timeline and you won’t have to put up with it anymore.

This update is part of our commitment to the community to make sure you guys have the best site available for discussing Nintendo and the Wii U. Let us know how you like the changes in the comments below and if there’s anything else we can do to make your experience using the site better. We’re currently in the process of updating our game database that’s full of release info to contain more relevant information, including games that are upcoming and rumored.

Thanks for being a loyal reader!

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  • Joey Perez

    not cool.. not a real opinion forum..

    • Opinions are one thing, but being rude and providing one sided information based on broken expectations as facts is another.

      • being rude entirely is another

      • Joey Perez

        being rude or name calling is childish but if i think a game sucks….. and i voice my opinion .. i should not get removed because people think monster hunter 3 is good when its bad…. i am a wii u owner a fan and i should be able to have my own opinion.. yes there will be arguments and yes there will be disagreements but unless someone is being ugly nasty it should be fine intelligent argument is playful banter that should be accepted

    • Gamefreak361

      It is, just not a troll forum. Unless you came here for that yourself.

    • One can have an opinion without calling names and using insults.. the problem is some people (trolls) throw insults and use misinformation or plain out lie to try and validate their opinion

  • Watch_Dog

    The only Unfortunate Truth is, that if someone speaks negatively about the Wii U, or Nintendo in general, it’ll be most likely downvoted, even it it is the truth…

    • Well, that really depends if its actually true. There’s a lot of misinformed opinions that get tossed around that will be debunked by intelligent individuals that think first and act second. With this update, I feel that we might not see much of that bias.

      • Watch_Dog

        True, in a sense. Like I said in my other reply comment to BuckStud,

        “Yes there are “Trolls/Fanboys”. However, People of any Fansite, or
        followers of a certain following tend to be biased. For example:
        IF there was negative information of Wii U/Nintendo AND if it was true,
        people on a Nintendo-Type Fansite [i.e. Wii U Daily] would downvote it.
        That’s what I’m trying to say. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who lie,
        and just trash a certain topic, but there are a select few who speak the
        truth and get downvoted. Also, if there was any simple news from
        Nintendo, Fans would cheer. If there was Truly fascinating news from a a
        rival company, we the fans might bias-ly brush it off as nothing
        spectacular. And Vice-Versa.”

        • Well, that’s where the intellectuals come in to save the day by not only stating correct facts (if warranted by a article/post) and or by challenging another’s position by genuine and respectful plea instead of using insult and biased binary positions as logic. However, I do agree that some will continue to misbehave.

    • BuckStud

      Saying you don’t like a game or are not happy with something in particular would be fine. The problem is the morons that come onto this Wii U specific site just to cause trouble. I for one get tired of having to read their crap. If we try to carry on anything positive, someone comes along and tries to derail it. I welcome the change made here.

      • Watch_Dog

        Yes there are “Trolls/Fanboys”. However, People of any Fansite, or followers of a certain following tend to be biased. For example:
        IF there was negative information of Wii U/Nintendo AND if it was true, people on a Nintendo-Type Fansite [i.e. Wii U Daily] would downvote it.
        That’s what I’m trying to say. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who lie, and just trash a certain topic, but there are a select few who speak the truth and get downvoted.
        Also, if there was any simple news from Nintendo, Fans would cheer. If there was Truly fascinating news from a a rival company, we the fans might bias-ly brush it off as nothing spectacular. And Vice-Versa.
        It’s just the way the world works I guess, and it’s probably impossible to stop.
        Sorry for the misunderstanding and/or inconvenience.

        • BuckStud

          If I want to talk about something that I like about my 360 or PS3, I do it in those forums. There is not a need to discuss it here unless it is in a productive manner. Trolls are not productive, they just get off on causing trouble.

          • Watch_Dog

            What if someone is a Fan of Gaming in general, and they see inaccurate info here, somwhere on another Fansite, or try to prove something of fact, and they get downvoted. Truth is, despite the person being “right”, Biased people of a fansite will remiain biased and ignorant and ultimately downvote the person. That’s all I’m trying to say…
            I’m not blaming any one Fanbase; since all Fanbases tend to share this trait.

          • The problem with labeling people trolls is that they are usually called trolls when fanboys disagree with them – right or wrong. Not liking comments does not =trolls.

          • you struck a nerve of some of those lol but I give you a thumbs up for your honesty and informative information which some may ignore or may or may not know or comprehend

          • Thanks. That’s how the rest of these people should see it but many are paid to post and only want happy, pro-Nintendo comments regardless of truth or not. This type of propaganda is what pissed me off about Nintendo when the Wii was coming out. I would go on the newsgroups and it was filled with nothing but propaganda. I miss the newsgroups.

          • david jarman

            The trolls normally say things like wii u sucks and nintendo is going to fail. Saying you’re opinion is one thing, but if you’re saying your opinion to start a fight that’s another thing.

          • See, you start out biased, Saying Nintendo sucks (because of what they do) or that the Wii U is going to fail (which is VERY likely) is not trolling, it is the truth based on the available facts – or you could call it forecasting. If an opinion or facts are true and people hate it respond, then that is not anyone’s fault for starting a fight but the whacked out Nintendo maniac who cannot control themselves.

          • Nikita Kulakovskiy

            Watch Shokio’s videos on Youtube, mate, he will throw you out with a dozen of facts on how Wii U will not fail, and how Nintendo will definitely not go bankrupt. Where are people like you getting this information? Only TWO first party games and already the Wii U sold pretty successfully. I don’t exactly see how Nintendo sucks, but okay.
            The two things that you have as examples are definitely not facts, they are blind predictions with no proof to back it up. Consoles don’t fail often. ESPECIALLY Nintendo’s consoles, knowing the ratio of their success. Vita on the other hand is something you should worry about.

          • Of the players out now, on Nintendo has had failures…

        • there was nothing to misunderstand there least to me, I agree 100 percent, the guy who keeps responding to you seems like he’s a little biased or something you can usually tell when they go around calling everyone trolls and in fact that can be affiliate themselves as one

    • Not true.. There is a difference between negative speak and constructive criticism. The problem is when some people (trolls) speak negatively they believe they are speaking truth but all they are doing is talking out of their ass.

      • If it can be proven (when asked) then it is the truth. Pull your pants up.

    • Nintedward

      Saying things like ”Nintendo only makes baby games , that’s why they have a bad wrap” over and over is just trying to get under the skin of Nintendo fans….

      Constructive criticism s another thing all together

  • Eli Valentin Villanueva

    People really stop feeding the trolls, specially donald. We acept constructive opinions, but only comment for trolling shows your lack of education. Have a nice forum πŸ™‚

    • Gamefreak361

      Well said.

      • Eli Valentin Villanueva

        Knowledgeiswhatsup yeah he already changed his name and send a message xD

        • Nothing5555

          Yea but Knowledgeiswhatsup at least tries to explain his stances and has some insightful things to say or discuss.

    • I think Donaald changed his display name…

      • Eli Valentin Villanueva

        And he is voting negative in all comments :/.

        • Just like trolls do. So we all just have to do our best to ignore them and simply vote it down without a reply if it is an inappropriate post or a post with false information and not comment or reply.

        • Revolution5268

          i was afraid of that, now Donal mcduck will try to make many account to down vote all good comments.

          • Good is subjective and it looks like a lot more than one person is voting down comments!

    • Arthur Jarret

      You have three downvotes and I can still see this comment… I think this means it’s three downvotes while having no upvotes

      • Eli Valentin Villanueva

        Yeah thatΒ΄s odd….maybe you need only negatives after all :/

  • This is great! I hope that most of the negativity that has kept me away from posting will cease so I can start a real discussion rather than try to argue with narrow minded individuals. Thanks for the update! =)

  • Noteak

    No troll will ever be safe

    • Gamefreak361

      They’ll continue to try, but they can now be downvoted and their comments will at least be hidden.

    • if you mean troll by opinion then I agree

  • Silent


  • diqus sucks

    now i cant auto read them with my phone! πŸ™ my vision dosent last long enough to read them all πŸ™ it just sees them as a pic picture on my phone and not text -.- damn


    Ok dealing with trolls is one thing, they due get annoying and it is all negative from them so I understand that.

    BUT if your post only gets 3 dislikes, it goes away…that is just not right at all. WHY?

    1) Freedom of your opinion needs to addressed and upheld here. If you only accept the likes then everything that is pro Nintendo will be allowed, which is wrong. I am a true life-long Nintendo Fan-boy but I can’t agree with everything they do or every game that comes to the U. If I or anybody else has something negative to say or not a popular opinion about a game/U/Nintendo and someone doesn’t like it, several dislike it and all that is left is Nintendo is happy happy fun-time…I think no one will like this approach.

    2) If all it will take is 3 dislikes to remove any topic than don’t you think the trolls will just dislike any and all postings and then there will be nothing on a post.

    3) My solution is;
    A) How about putting in some coding in that only allows users logged into the site to be able to post and like or dislike a posting (right now you can like/dislike as a guest).

    B) Only allowing one vote per post (like on youtube).

    C) Increase the like/dislike total to like a spread of 25 votes. So if one comment gets some negative heat but at least has others giving it likes it stays up on the posting. That way the WiiU Daily community users can have good debates on the site and truly have all others see the pros and cons of what ever is being posted about.

    I believe that this system will stop the trolls for the most part and also make all the rest of the users on here be content for the most part. Again. SH*TBLOCK for president!!! hahaha…

    • paddle008

      The comment doesn’t actually disappear after three downvotes.

      • SH*TBLOCK

        Last line of the second paragraph quote, “After three downvotes, that post will automatically be hidden from the timeline and you won’t have to put up with it anymore.”

        I just think this is way to extreme and unfair to people with opinions on topics…don’t you?

        • Bill Wildaman

          I think it will be hidden in the way that youtube and reddit hides it. It will say comment hidden due to too many negative downvotes, but you can click see comment if you would really like to read it. At least, that is how it should be done…?

        • paddle008

          As you can see, all of the comments are still there.

    • dgallo911

      wow, thats alot more work that simply ignoring the comment….

    • Nikita Kulakovskiy

      Or making a completely separate button indicating that the commentator is a troll. That would balance it out.

    • Tecpedz94

      It balances out if you have likes it still stays like your comment. It has 5 downvotes but i still see it cuz you have 35 likes.

    • DemonRoach

      Wii U Daily: You don’t like what Nintendo is doing, You be Troll. Delete.

  • Thank you for listening and making an attempt to keep the trolls away.

  • wiiu4life


    The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people off, but it’s lame.

    The most essential part of trolling is convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions, under the guise of help.
    Trolling requires decieving; any trolling that doesn’t involve decieving someone isn’t trolling at all; it’s just stupid. As such, your victim must not know that you are trolling; if he does, you are an unsuccesful troll.

    • trolling- throwing out line and bait and waitting for a nibble for amusement and giggleing like a school girl; closely related to fishing for attention

  • even this update is late!

  • therealruben1

    if a comment gets a dislike, maybe the person doesn’t agree with the commenter. How about a “Troll” button?(ps what happened to the troll patrol or troll police i forgot his name)

  • Laud

    I’ve been asking for this for so long.

    Thank you very much Daily.

    • Laud

      Actually what? 3 dislikes = auto hidden???

      3 trolls can destroy the entire forum or am I not fully understanding?

      • 3 trolls who are real trolls or three fanboys who are biased.

        • yeah that is true people will abuse it which isnt what its attended for but it will happen like 6 people disliked what you said and theres no reason you made a reasonable statement but I guess it hurt them because it was true or they were just being a pum

        • Jason Edokpa

          You just got three dislikes.

        • Eli Valentin Villanueva

          Yeah donald stop voting negative in all of them

        • Nothing5555

          Here lies the problem, you made a non trollish statement (actually a quite true statement” but still received so many downvotes.

          • You are correct. I predicted that they would do it regardless of what I wrote, except if it were high praise to Nintendo of course!

      • Only a few are true gamers

        Well im glad they did this get some of the wii u haters of this site

  • Donaalld

    As the old don has changed his name, I will now assume the role of the new don in town. Pleased to Meetcha! I extend an apology for the prior conduct of my namesake.

    • Zorlac79

      I believe for most people there is such a foul taste in our mouths there is no sudden apologies and instant forgiveness. Especially since it is not genuine but only because there is finally a way to get rid of the nonsense! It is sad there is even a whole news article dedicated to you few that have plagued us all for oh too long now.

      • Donaalld

        Again, I extend an apology for the conduct of the former don.

        • Zorlac79

          I can understand, accept, respect and appreciate that. I just hope it is genuine. I still wonder if you have a Wii U and are disappointed with it and it’s direction or don’t have one but want one, etc.

          • Donaalld

            Love my Wii U. Absolutely.

        • andrewjcole

          Why does lead to Knowledgeiswhatsup’s user page?

          • paddle008

            e3 is on the second week of june, not the first.

    • dgallo911

      dont stress mate, some ppl are just to precious lol. i hadnt even seen ya posts but have seen alot of hate towards ya and find it fu#%in hilarious

    • david jarman

      I don’t know why they down voted you, but I actually appreciated that comment.

  • The older version was easier to read. Go back.

    • Donaalld

      The new version is easier to read. Move forward.

      Most importantly, this update will help block the trolls, like KnowNothn here.

      • DK_Hadouken

        Edit: I just found out you’re not the real Donaald that I’ve enjoyed arguing with. In the words of Grunkle Stan: “YOU LITTLE TROLL!”

        Seriously? He got down voted five times for saying he’ll be good? I know there is hate towards this man but c’mon. I’ve never hated you man, but you have aggravated me though. Change is good.

        • Revolution5268

          um i can make an account and try to be donal, does that mean donal is telling the truth, of course not.

          • DK_Hadouken

            I just found out it was not him. I seriously had no idea. I had no clue the real Donaald changed his name. Error in my part.

        • Donaalld

          As stated many times now…

          I am the new don in town. Pleased to Meetcha!

          • DK_Hadouken

            In one of your old posts you acted like you were the same one and you had to delete the old account because of poor statements made and how your mother was displeased.

            If your new then say that you’re new and not one in the same.

      • Nikita Kulakovskiy

        Guys, Donaalld is just trying to convince people he will be good again so he is not disliked by this community, I see no point in disliking his posts. If you hated someone because he hit you, but then he comes to you a year later and gives you a thousand dollars as compensation, you don’t punch him in the face and call him a dick. From my side it looks almost sad. Give Donaalld a chance for a change and a new start.

        • Revolution5268

          you do realize that that’s not him right?

  • DragonSilths

    Nice changes.

  • dgallo911

    i prefer this format cause its easier to find responces etc but i sincerly hope this site doesnt become policed like the mii verse cause that would totally suck balls

  • Michael Workman

    I think it needs to be clearly established which comments are troll comments. The one in the picture in the article for instance isn’t trolling at all. He was just disagreeing. He gave an actual argument, and then ended on a positive note. It doesn’t seem like he was trolling at all. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but just because someone doesn’t like something they do doesn’t mean they’re trolling.

  • Luminal

    One of the biggest reasons I don’t post here so often is because of those 1 or 2 obvious trolls. Great to see.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Just delete comments that feed the trolls.

  • bizzygie(disqus)

    How do I log into my Google account?! There’s no sign in link for it!

  • ElladanCZ

    The fact is I can be downvoted for saying “Tomb Raider is better Zelda, I would trade WIndwaker for the new Tomb Raider.” People will be just too butthurt to accept my opinion (because in their eyes someone who doesnt like Zelda is worth than Hitler).
    Distinguish between:
    trolls (NINTENDO SUCKS!!!)
    constructive critiscism (I dislike the fact, that the new Windwaker wont have the dungeons finished. I think they should have corrected that mistake from the original. Personally I take this as a big dissapointment from Nintendo, which leads me to thinking about not supporting nintendo in their new games because third party games are full and not remakes…)

    Think about this…

    • Nothing5555

      I agree, I believe the only time post should be hidden or deleted is when it breaks down to name calling. There is a difference between saying “Zelda sucks” vs “Nintendrones need to take their mouths off of Zelda’s dick”.

    • I found this out first hand, my personal opinion about WW and MM… I personally found MM and WW the two worst Zelda games ever created have been downvoted 6 times and 1 upvote the same goes for the person to whom I replied as his “opinion” was the same as mine on the above titles. What’s happening to freedom of speech?
      As for the new design here, it’s incredibly slow on my cellphone, the same happened on PS4 daily, but that got fixed fast, hopefully this site will also be faster asap in the new design…

  • I see a few normal comments that are very proper arguments, and they have a lot of downvotes… Pretty annoying, it’d be as if my post here got like 10 downvotes, even though I haven’t said anything rude or explicit.

  • woohoo! trolls be gone! πŸ˜€

  • Nothing5555

    Whoa my comment was actually featured on an article? “/Pats self on the back”

  • Ralph Ortiz

    We’re seeing the end of Wii U Daily forum here. Everybody just agree with basically everything from now on it will get so boring. This is the end for me here as I’m moving on another Wii U forum site.

  • ejownz6

    Freedom of speech > censorship.

    If you dislike something or think someone is trolling, don’t reply. They’ll eventually get bored and leave. If people are replying than they’re obviously interested in having the conversation so I refer back to freedom of speech.

    Sad that the internet is slowly becoming a politically correct and kosher place.

  • DemonRoach

    So now Wii U daily will delete poor Nintendo comments? That’s a good way to pretend like your system isn’t a commercial failure.

    I just want to add that I have a write to bitch and moan about every crap thing Nintendo does, and still be a Nintendo fan at the same time.

  • david jarman

    Thank you

  • Aidan Dawes

    3 People disagree with your perfectly polite opinion and boom, your comment deleted for no reason. PERFECT. SO NOT STUPID AT ALL!

  • david jarman

    What they really need to do is actually moderate and delete people trolling and band them. A lot of websites use to do that instead of those up vote down vote.

  • Madmagican

    Ah, I see we’re starting to go back to the old format πŸ™‚

  • SortableShelf19

    Oh hey I can comment on here again. Hi WiiUDaily!

  • This new system doesnt work in chrome… I also hate disqus. So damn buggy and touchy. It’s awesome when it works, but I dont like having to open firefox in order to see comments…