Nov 15th, 2015


This weekend marks an cool milestone for Wii U Daily: we’ve surpassed 5,000 news posts on the site. Think about that, 5,000 news posts about the Wii U.

Since our humble beginnings in 2011, Wii U Daily has become the biggest Wii U site in the world, and much of that is thanks to you guys, our loyal readers.

In fact, when I launched Wii U Daily in June 2011 (you can read the very first post here), I had no idea it would last this long and become what it is today. It was right after Nintendo revealed the Wii U at E3 2011, and I thought the new console was so cool and novel, someone should start a news site just for the Wii U. So why not me…

I had no idea that 4.5 years later, Wii U Daily would grow to be the number 1 destination for Wii U news. That’s thanks to a lot of talented writers and editors on the site, and of course, our awesome readers and the community that has spawned here.

Thanks again!

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