Nov 5th, 2013


We’re knee deep on our MEGA contest here at Wii U Daily, where you have a chance to win games and a Wii U console. we’ve got two more weeks of winners before we select our finalist for the grand prize, so don’t worry if you haven’t won yet as you still have a chance! You just need to check out our rules below and make sure you follow them in order to be considered!

The winner for last week’s contest was WiiAntB, who answered the question, “Which hidden character do you want to see most in Super Mario 3D World?” with the following:

Although not part of the Mario universe, I think Link should get the nod. Seriously, how cool would it be to go through the Mushroom kingdom with a sword and a shield as the Zelda theme plays in the background?

Big congratulations to him, as he’ll be receiving a $65 Amazon gift card toward his choice of Wii U game. Be sure to check out our rules below and remember, you’ll need to have 35 posts in the forums this week to be eligible, so join that community and get to chatting!

So what do you have to do to win? It’s easy!

  • Sign up for our Wii U forums at
  • Make at least 35 posts (if you’ve already got 35 posts, you’re good to go)
  • Leave a comment on THIS contest article that answers the following:
    • Tell us your favorite Super Smash Bros. story and why you’re looking forward to the next game!
  • Below your answer, provide a link to your member profile

That’s it! If you meet these requirements (they may change week to week), we’ll throw your name into a hat and pick two random winners. After 4 of these contests, we’ll have 4 winners, one of which will become our Grand Prize Winner- selected and announced over a live Google Hangout!

Some important rules and house keeping:

  • We’ll contact winners using the E-Mail address connected to their forum account… so make SURE you provide a valid e-mail address when you sign up!
  • Entries (for this week) must be received by Sunday, Nov. 10th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • Week 1 winner will be announced on Monday, November 4th and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If they do not respond within 24 hours, reserves the right to disqualify the contestant and offer the prize to the next randomly selected winner.
  • staff reserves the right to disqualify any contestant, for any reason, at our sole discretion (hint: don’t be a jerk)
  • Must be 18 or older to qualify
  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • You may comment as many times as you want but this will NOT improve your chances: there is a maximum of one entry per person per contest
  • Weekly Winners will be compensated with a $65 Amazon Gift Cards (which represents the retail value of Wii U game).
  • Grand Prize Winner will be compensated with a $300 Amazon Gift Card (which represents the retail value of a Wii U console).

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  • bizzy gie

    I’ve gotta win at least one of these on any of the three sites. My optimism and hope is running out.

  • Rugmouse

    It’s funny, my favorite Smash Bros. story is very relevant to what is being discussed on many of the recent WiiUdaily articles. My favorite Smash Bros. memory has to be the first time I saw the TV commercial for Smash Bros. for the N64, and my uncontrollable need to get the game immediately after viewing it. Watching those beloved characters skipping and holding hands to the tune of “So Happy Together”, then brutally turning on each other has got to be one of the best ads I’ve seen.

    What I’m most looking forward to is simply getting back into this wonderful franchise. I have not owned a Smash Bros. game since it first debuted on the N64 (since I skipped both the GameCube and the Wii. The Villager looks like a top notch character, and I can’t wait to give him a try!

  • Best memory? Winning a tournament at my school as Olimar, when everyone laughed at me for picking olimar.

    Who’s laughing now? WA HA HA

    • Kamon

      (don’t forget your link!)

      • AH! Thanks πŸ˜›

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          this guy should win the prize πŸ™‚ hands down

          • I’m okay with that XD Too bad it’s randomly generated πŸ˜›

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah that’s the only drawback really πŸ™

          • If only πŸ˜›

          • I did! XD

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            cool! congrats πŸ™‚ now I gotta get my own, LOL

          • I’m rootin for ya! πŸ˜›

  • Kamon

    When I was younger and deep into playing Melee I would make up stories about why people were fighting. Well.. long story short.. Fox and Link were brothers.. Fox ended up marrying Peach and fathered Marth.. Link married Zelda of course and fathered Roy and Young Link. And Samus and Captain Falcon were Link and Fox’s parents.

    Young Link, Ice Climbers, Pichu, and Ness would ride the bus(The Rainbow Cruise stage) to school where Mewtwo was their teacher. lol… yeah..

    I’m looking forward to playing with the improved fighting system that Sakurai is working on so hard! And collecting souls with The Villager. >:]

  • Ace

    Mine is when I went to pick up the N64 version of the game. My dad bought it for me and my younger brother had a jealousy fit. He didn’t get why he was buying that game for me and he wasn’t getting anything. We almost went back to the store to return it so he would stop throwing a fit, but I refused. Needless to say my brother is thanking me to this day that we did not return that game.

  • Justagamer

    I’ll pass

  • Lusunup

    The time I owned my clan leader once xD.. I don’t know I feel like such a child saying this but I beat him using the most unused character R.O.B! I looking forward to the new smash because it looks so good, it doesn’t seem as dirty looking as brawl and more primitive to there original color. That seems to lighten up my collection of dark games. I got assasin creed 3, zombiu, tekken, batman ect. I need a bright colored game for my collection and of course smash would fit it. Hype train! ahoy!

  • My favorite SSB memory was the first time I ever got beat Master Hand in SSB64. I was playing with a few other friends watching, and all of a sudden, Master Hand pops up as the last boss. Surprised the heck out of me because I didn’t know who the last boss was. It was epic. When I finally beat him, we all freaked out. Obviously it didn’t take a lot to get us excited. I’m looking forward to the next game because of FREAKING MEGAMAN! The NES Megaman series has always been my favorite game series, so im pumped they went with a Megaman design that emulates that look. I’ve got most of the big Wii U releases so far, but when SSB’s comes out, I will play nothing but that game <3

  • Laud

    Jeez guys, I have a forum account but I don’t have 35 posts. I hardly have enough time to get on this website because of college and stuff. >_>

    I hope you guys still let me in πŸ™

    Let’s see.. My favorite Smash Bros story is when my brother and nephews got together and played a serious match for a Playstation 1 my parents just got us. We shared everything but this was something I wanted in MY ROOM. We got into teams, my nephew Anthony (Fox) and I (Link) versus my brother Kiki (Kirby) and Greg (Cap Falcon). This was Smash Bros 64 so obviously we chose the Hyrule Castle because come on, that’s the best stage let’s be honest lol πŸ˜›

    The match started off horribly because cap falcon would get the damn hammer every single time and since Link has a poor recovery time it would be difficult to avoid the hits. Eventually my nephew and I were down to our last stocks and so were they. A box dropped from the sky and my nephew kicked it twice in mid air with Fox’s (super op) jump kick but at the same time Cap Falcon was above him and used a falcon kick downward hitting the box at the same time. The box exploded knocking them both out of the match but at this point everyone was laughing so hard that we just could not play seriously. A few moments later mommy called us all to eat lunch and so we ate lunch.

    We put the PS1 in the living room. :3


    You can only get these kinds of memories from playing Smash Bros, and that’s why I’m looking forward to the next game.

    Thanks for reading.

    Forum name: Laud
    Join Date 09-07-2012
    Just so you guys know. *wink wink*

  • Keyser

    Best SSB memory was finishing the Subspace Emissary on Intense in Brawl. Now THAT was intense.
    Also, discovering how good Jigglypuff actually was in Melee (that one move!) and using it against my brother and friends. (Also in event match 51)
    As for the new game, I’m really hoping the new adventure mode, or whatever they want to call it, is better equipped for co-op play, possibly using online multiplayer, though I also look forward to local multiplayer, which is by far the best part of SSB.

  • Britton Smith

    I started with Smash Bros. 64. I would play all night with my brothers and friends. Thinking my favorite characters would be either Link or Mario was a little naΓ―ve. Pikachu became my favorite (which was weird since I hated PokΓ©mon). When Melee was released my favorite switched to Zelda/Sheik. My favorite stories always began with cocky friends and ended with them putting a hole in the wall. I win.
    Although I am excited for the game Smash Bros U, I am more excited for what the game could do for the WiiU. We need the console sales to pick up desperately. This game cannot come soon enough.

  • Immallama22

    My favorite Smash Bros story was completely annihilating my cousins without ever playing. It was my first time playing so naturally they thought I’d lose. Boy were they wrong.

  • RoytheRobot

    My favorite Super Smash Bros. memory/story is when I stayed up all night (it was a big deal since I was 7 or 8 years old at the time) playing Melee until I couldn’t play any more and was tired. I’m looking forward to the new SSB since it’s my favorite series of all-time and I think the online multiplayer will be much better this time around.

    My forums profile:

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    My favorite Smash memory was when I first learned of the original game. I was 13 years old, and I remember all of the characters frolicking through the meadows to “Happy Together” by The Turtles, when all of the sudden a brawl broke out. I was instantly hooked. I can’t wait for #4 so that my brother and I can continue in the tradition of Smash mayhem that began 15 years ago…

  • Razo_E

    My favorite story is my wife watching me play one day. She then sat down next to me, and said “that looks fun.” She picked up a controller, selected Pit, and that was it. She was HOOKED. She and I played for hours at a time. Then a challenger appeared (my daughter with Kirby). It was a great time and I even bought my wife her very own Wavebird. It definitely brought us closer together as a family. We can’t wait for the next Smash Bros.

  • Shota

    good luck everyone!

  • Fraz Tariq

    my greatest memory in super smash bros is when me and all my friends fought each other in the game, and they were experts so it was quite a challenge but they challenged me to a bet that if I beat them without getting hit once they’ll pay me $10 each, some how I managed to dodge all there attacks and beat all of them, it was a remarkable feat and quite difficult but man it was fun, I won $30 by the end of the day oh it was sweet!


  • Nathan DeFalco

    Mine is seeing that Smash Bros 64 commercial for the first time on TV. The one where all the characters act like they love each other and when the come together start kicking the snot out of each other.

    As far as the game, my favorite memory was unlocking the final stage/character on Brawl, knowing that when my friends saw that char select, they KNEW I was hardcore enough to go that extra mile. lol!

  • Ros

    This is such a great series. My favorite moment is a cause and effect moment. Bc this series is awesome and a system seller, I will always be fond of PlayStation’s poor attempt at creating a similar type game. Nothing comes close to the awe of this game.


    I used to play the GameCube SB game and had so many good times with it and my old friends, that’s when they didn’t have online play! Or at least it wasn’t popular. I will say it was more fun not having online play for some things like that because we could go to each others house and play in person and laugh and have just a bunch of fun.

  • zoidberg

    My favorite Smash bros memory was the Mega Man reveal at E3.

  • XVI Villarreal

    Beating one of my friends in front of our group of friends. I finally had proof I could beat him that he could not deny. I beat him with jigglypuff it was a very rewarding feeling.

  • M6Killer

    I like the space embisary where you unlock new people througt the game all the great platforming is great too also I really was excited when Sonic was added to the roster hes my favorite hero. I collected his comics since I was like 9 years old. I slowed down getting the comics. But I still will be using him also I was Happy with Megaman being added to the roster.I love The Blue Bomber…..Pah,Pah,Pah lol God Bless Everyone:)

  • DOLBYdigital

    My favorite story was when I was playing SSBB on the Wii with my 5 year old nephew. I just introduced the game to him so wasn’t expecting him to be any good. We were playing against 2 computer controlled players (1 set to easy and the other set to hard). I accidentally died early since I was watching my nephew’s player and helping him which left my nephew versus the hard computer player. Then out of nowhere my nephew whoops him up and wins the match! I was surprised and proud πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to the next SSB mainly because it’s a solid fighter that is easy yet challenging to master. I’m really hoping for some great online with some co-op modes and more game types/options. I also hope they have a really good story mode with a variety of levels/gameplay.

  • mylasthope

    My favorite Super Smash Bros story is just how natural it feels to have friends over to play this game. It’s the one game that I always find myself and other people playing when I have guests over–even if it’s my first time meeting these guests. Somehow Smash always comes up, I end up plugging in GC controllers, and we all play.

  • Elitepwnsface

    Me and my brother used to play the crap out of it on the N64 and Gamecube. We used to put Fox against Link and the fight ended up to be a solid match. My brother loved playing as Fox, while i was Link. Well i remember him always getting a hold of a home-run bat and creaming me(Link) out of the park(Venue.)

  • Justagamer

    Don’t have time and really they only pick there favs..I enter contests on other nintendo sites and have won many on them…Here it’s not worth entering and i like WiiUDaily but their contest are not that great…Just saying


    This story is from one of my kids he says he was playing in story mode as Snake , and had 298% the master hand was down to 1 hp and i died and then i went back and died his but on hard didn’t die once and only got about 50-80 percent

  • jreed3842

    My favorite Smash Bros. memory would have to be with my sister, step-sister and I during Melee. After I unlocked the sound test, we would all gather in my room and create a “air band” and pretend to play the songs. The Brinstar song was one of our favorites to “rock out” to. Lol. We also had a lot of fun with the DK Rap!

    And I’m totally looking forward to the game, just because I love the series. Smash Bros. is a great game and I cannot wait to explore all the new features and characters this game has to offer!

    WiiUForum profile Link:

  • SuperShadow271 .

    My favorite memory of Smash Bros was when I was playing Melee with my friend. He was playing as Fox and I was Ness. At one point, we paused the game just as he was about to fire at me and I was facing the other way. He was at one end of the platform and I was at the other. Something about the way Ness was smiling as he was about to be shot made us both laugh so hard we fell to the floor. I love that moment. As for why I’m looking forward to the new game, I want to create more memories like that one. Plus I love Smash Bros in general.

  • IcyCatt

    My favourite Smash Bros. moment would have to be… hmm… Probably the endless amount of fun I had with my little brother back on Brawl. You see, me and my brother constantly fight. C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y. But you see, when we played brawl we were actually friends! We would play as Mario and Luigi, or Zelda and Link, and we’d kick some serious NPC ass!

  • Adrian

    The best Smash Bros. story I have was in 2000~ish. I was a super competitive kid who was addicted to video games. I would own all of my friends at smash 64 except for one of them who could keep up. One day, I had a friend over (one who usually couldn’t beat me) and he decided to be Pikachu. And for some freakin reason he just owned me, non-stop, repetitively. I got so furious after losing like 10 times that I threw my N64 controller at the TV and ran downstairs and out of the house, leaving my friend there. He came after me, but I just ran away. The next day we laughed about it. Haha.

    For the new smash…I’m looking forward to getting my college buddies together and playing some smash just like our dorm days.

  • Ace

    Oh boy…I’ll tell you my best story. So, A couple of years ago, I was playing SSBB with a couple of friends. It was a pretty intense match. Both of us were trying our very best! I was playing as my main character Pikachu. My friend was playing as Mario. We were playing a 4 stock match on Final Destination with all items on. Both me and my friend had 1 stock left, and our damage percentages were well over 100%. I manage to use Pikachu side kick to knock Mario to the left side of the stage, but he had a jump and B+Up left to jump back on to the ledge. Then, A Rolling Crate appeared right in front of me, it was perfect! All I had to do was send the Rolling Crate off the edge and right towards him! So I used Pikachu’s ThunderPunch attack (or whatever you call it.) to send the Rolling Crate flying towards Mario. It falls off the edge and heads right towards Mario…And then…My friend B+Up. Completely halting the Rolling Crate, Bringing back the Rolling Crate to the stage and sending it towards me, I see this coming. I tried to figure out what to do, so I decided to use Pikachu Thundershock attack to hopfully send it back to him…It didn’t even slow it down…And ran right in to me…Pikachu goes flying off the right side of the stage and I lost. Several Milliseconds later I scream *WTF?!?!?!* And my other friends are screaming about how absurd that match was…The best word I could think of to summarize this match is…Magical.

  • Aaron

    I remember being addicted to the Lottery Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I would spend all of my coins just to win a trophy. I didn’t care if I won the same ones. Then afterwards I would spend hours looking at my collection reading the detailed descriptions and admiring their attention to detail. I am looking forward to doing that again on the new Super Smash Bros. Looking at my trophies in full HD is going to be sweet!!!

  • Madmagican

    My best memory for Smash Bros? Waiting in line at Brawl’s launch. My friends and I met up and waited for 5-6 hours in the cold alongside ten to fifteen others and we really just got to sit back and talk about all the stuff we were looking forward to.
    And when the shop finally opened its doors we all ran in, bought our copy, and rushed back to my place to start playing some 4-player matches; it didn’t matter that all the characters were still unlocked or who came out on top because we all had an amazing time.
    This is what I’m most looking forward to for this upcoming Smash Bros… also playing as the newcomers will be awesome πŸ™‚

  • adamm

    Best memory was playing Brawl for the first time, all the other players had played it a bunch but I kept winning just by using Thunder with Pikachu. The repeated cries of ‘Pika!’ made my strategy all the more annoying/triumphant.

  • mar laguna

    BEST memory? Well its the first time i played super smash for 64 and i was just shocked because i only knew only 5 character they were: mario, luigi, yoshi, pikachu and jigglypuff, That day was the best in my life i loved everything and thats how i knew zelda, fox, etc.
    AND when i won a tournament when i was little like 10 years old only from that age to 13 i still remember being so shy and beating everyone to the semifinal i lost T.T but it was the best experience

  • farrellbr

    MY BEST MOMENT was staying up all night when I got the game for the wii and all I did was online battle. Didnt go to sleep til the sun was up.

    • hahaha I would hate going to sleep because I would barely unlock a new character, and I would play till the sun rose. I would feel like a zombie going to sleep while everyone else woke up

  • dangrammarman

    So I held a tournament last year on my campus, and this one guy was talking shit about how awesome he was at Smash Brawl. So the night comes and he’s crushing everyone he’s pit against. Until the final round when he’s fighting as Lucas against another guy’s Ike on the Wind Waker pirate ship stage, and he’s doing okay until his character trips. Then all hell breaks loose as Ike shreds him to pieces in an almost instantaneous KO. Ike then keeps the momentum up to eliminate Lucas completely. The guy playing Lucas was so distraught and shattered that he sulked away. “I.. but I tripped that wasn’t fair!” He would say, and we would laugh back and reply “yeah you only slipped once, he was just better than you”

    Good times.

  • Henry Hotspur

    My best memory was the first time playing Melee. Played as Captain Falcon with 3 random kids in a Gamestop. I got to pick Mute City (the stage I wished was in the original since I loved F-Zero X before I played Smash Bros). Nothing has come close the excitement and overwhelming experience that was my first match. Oddly enough.

    I’ll always look forward to another. Brawl wasn’t spectacular in . . . any sense. But I still enjoyed it and the new one looks very promising.


  • My favorite SSB story was when I first got a hold of the game, which was the Gamecube version ; Melee. I’ve never been interested in video games, but one day my older brother challenged me to a battle for 60$, saying he was going to demolish me. As we were choosing characters, I chose JigglyPuff, and he laughed. After 30 seconds of fighting, I made him fall asleep by the ledge of the arena, and just pushed him off . his face was priceless, and I noticed that video games is more than just beating scores, it’s about having fun and being extremely competitive. I’ve been attached ever since. I can’t wait for the next game so I can challenge my brother, even though we live thousands of miles apart, so we can relive those moments, and make new ones.

  • Slaqr

    Oh wow! My best Smash Bros memory is of Super Smash Bros on 64. My high school buddies (back then at least) and I used to gather at a cottage and play all night…99 stock games! Captain Falcon, Fox, Donkey Kong and Samus all going at it at once. Alas, that friend has now passed and those days are gone….

    Perhaps the remaining friends can revive the old experience when the new game releases! I know we had a blast with it on the Wii….Wii U is next!?

  • MooseGames

    Best memory: My parents would take me and my two brother to a family friends’ house. While they were talking and stuff, we would sit at the N64 and play the original smash bros for HOURS. I was always Pikachu and my older brother was Fox, and we’d duke it out, local multiplayer style.

  • nexxus6

    My favorite Super Smash Bros story has yet to be written! I plan on buying it for the first time on the WiiU. Seeing MegaMan enter the fray, might have pushed me over the edge in regards to purchasing this title. It will be nice to see some long time characters dating back to the 8-bit era do a bit of tussling in HD.

  • sdmac200600

    My best moment in SSB: Me (playing G&W), my brother(Marth), and two of his friends(Mario and DK) were playing SSBM and apparently, they all that this crazy idea. My brother tossed my off the stage (I was at around 100%) while I’m trying to get back on, my brother spikes me down close to the edge of the stage. In the process, Mario spikes me and apparently Mario and DK were fighting cause DK was off the stage and while I was plummeting to my death, DK spikes me. All three of them recovered back onto the stage…I was Smash Bros. bullied ;_____;


    Here’s a Super Smash Bros. Story for you guys…. I’ve never played a SSBB game before. The End. But to stay within the rules and regulations of the contest, I would have to say that my favorite SSBB story has to be when the Wii Fit trainer was revealed at E3 as a playable character. That’s when I started reading news about the Wii U game. Call me crazy, but for some reason it interest me to see a pretty stale character as part of the game. Being a fit junkie I actually found it refreshing and interesting — especially thinking about how I would one day buy the game and beat my kids using the Wii Fit character. This will be my first SSBB game and I’m glad that I will be enjoying it with my boys in HD. Thank you for the contest.

  • Yoci

    I joined the SSB bandwagon a little late, my very first game in the series being: Super Smash Bros Brawl Wii. I had heard so much positive about it, so I figured why not give it a shot. After all, it did have a lot of my favorite Nintendo characters mashed into one game. Once I popped the game disc into my Wii console, I was instantly hooked. Something about using one Nintendo character to beat up another is just too dang fun!

    My most favorite memory has got to be defeating that practically naked boss, Tabuu, in subspace emissary. I laid out all my cards, and sent Mario in to take him out (that didn’t end well). Ironically, Mario couldn’t save the day this time, but none other than Captain Falcon! The one playable character I hadn’t favored throughout the whole game, nor thought could beat him…Definitely took the cake for me. ^.^

    I’m looking forward to the next Smash Bros. for newer experiences, and memories like that! I also just can’t help but wanting to continue my smash/bash sessions with other great players online!


  • JoeyD

    My best memories are playing Super Smash Brothers with my children. When I first played them, I won all the time because of my years of gaming experience. That changed when they became masters at Kirby, Link, and Kid Icarus. Now they hold there own, and they win their fair share. This is one of the things I truly appreciate about Nintendo games and gaming consoles, they truly are fun for the entire family.

  • Oskar

    When I practiced at Nintendo Sweden and played Melee against two members of the staff. If I won they would give me a Donkey Konga as a prize (It was back in like 2004). I totally won, good times!

    I don’t live in the US so I can’t win… Whatever, I had forgotten about nice memory until now so I still got something. Besides, I’ve already a Wii U and WWHD πŸ™‚

  • CEObrainz

    Let’s see:

    Bowser vs Marth(Me), playing on Frigate Orpheon with items on. Bowser picks up the warp-star just as the stage is about to turn. You can guess what happened next, he was raging for the next ten minutes!

    Not entering, but wanted to share my story.

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    I was never a huge Smash Bros. fan, the first game I played was for the Wii and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. A few years after purchasing the game I had family over. The cousins found my games and picked Super Smash Bros. We all took turns playing throughout the night and it really was a great time thanks to this little gem of a party fighting game!

  • Des

    35 posts? Not worth it. πŸ™

  • Geoff Hammer

    Destroying all of my foes with the overpowered Meta Knight!

  • Jeff B.

    I made my two best friends by playing Melee after class back in middle school. Since then, we have all graduated college and now live in three different states and rarely get to see each other. However, every thanksgiving and Christmas we all return to our hometown and get together to play Melee and Brawl just like when we were kids. Even after 10 years one of them only plays Kirby exclusively. It is great that a game like SMASH has kept us together all this time.

  • Interloper

    I don’t mean to be sappy, but I think the best time I’ve had with Smash brothers is playing Brawl with some High School guys I help mentor. At the time they were still in Middle School and we decided to have a sleepover to hang out and get to know each other. It was kind of awkward at first (these guys are in Middle School) but then we busted out the pizza and Wii. It became an all-night Brawl tournament and it really helped us bond as a group of guys.

    Whoooooa, just went all meta on ya.

  • legendofzelda

    hmm best memory? It is why Nintendo prefers local multiplayer. It is s few friends and I duking it out for best smasher.

  • xLink8x

    I have two stories that are equally my favorites. First, I was playing SSBB online with three other random people, I was using Lucas. (i dont remember who they were using). since its online i assumed we would all be fighting each other but i soon found out that all three of them were going for me and when they knocked me off once they would all stand there and taunt. I then spawned back to the stage and went beast mode on them and ended up winning the match 3v1. Second story was fairly recent, when i was watching the reveal of Super Smash Bros. WiiU & 3DS. When Nintendo revealed a new comer, Megaman. As soon as i saw his silhouette i knew it was him, and when the helmet came on… my eyes LITERALLY started tearing up.

  • sabi6694

    My favorite story/memory was, when I first got the game for N64, I couldn’t wait to battle my favorite Nintendo characters with each other. When I was finally able to play as link in an all out brawl (I know the first game wasn’t brawl but) I just couldn’t believe the experience! I played head to head with my cousins and we all had fun with it.they have all grown up and grown out of the gaming thing completely, sadly. But I am 29 years old and still go at it the same, so therefore, I can’t wait to see all my favorite ass kickers in HD!… soon as I can own a Wii U that is. On the broke side here :p lol.sigh.

  • Raymond Uribe

    So many memories. I guess I’m going to go with a Brawl moment. It released on a Sunday. I picked up my little nephew that Saturday and we went to a midnight launch at Gamestop. Had a good time talking Smash with fellow Nintendo fans, then finally picked up the game and went home. We pulled an all nighter doing the Subspace Emissary, and battling against each other, together against the computer. Good times.

  • Aaron Lucas

    My best memory was me and my friends playing Brawl for many hours having fun and excitement. What makes me excited for the next Smash Brothers is to have that experience again with my family and friends.

  • CaesarGood

    Hmm, now this one is interesting. This story right here would have to be my favorite Super Smash Bros. story. The reason is because I have never played it, not one time, but I do like the art style from Brawl. I thought it had a matured and very detailed look, that should be used in some of their other games. With fingers crossed, if I somehow manage to win this entry, then I would gladly pick the game up and make this the greatest Super Smash Bros. story ever told.

  • Just the other day we had a ‘fun day’ at work for Halloween. We did video game contests and I matched up against my much younger co-worker with Super Smash Brothers on the n64. It was just like the old days! (and by that I mean he totally kicked my butt!!)

  • Christopher Smith

    favorite story was when I made my friend rage quit after hitting him with one hit with toon links down a move from the corner every time he spawned. I’m looking forward to the next smash because I’m hoping for better online.

  • Carmine Finelli

    I have a lot of good and hilarious memories about Smash Brothers. Especially about Melee. At the time I didn’t own the game yet, and I was always at my best friend’s house playing with his copy of Melee. We used to play event matches together, taking turns. One day I went to his house and he was super angry cause he couldn’t beat the last event match, the one with Giga Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganonodorf.

    He tried so many times at home alone, and several times in front of me. When it comes to my turn, I take Capt. Falcon (it was my 2nd favorite char at the time) and beat the Event match at first try! I was so proud, but my friend got soooo mad at me because I’ve beat the Event Match he tried so hard to beat, he almost kicked me out of his house!!

    That’s also how Capt. Falcon became my main.

    I’m looking forward to the new Smash for a good competitive online play, and also new characters, hoping they’ll give old clone characters new movesets.

  • TheAquacharger

    My favorite smash story was when Brawl launched. I wanted to enter the tourney but they wouldn’t let me due to too many sign ups. We had one person not show so I was allowed to enter. While everyone chose Link and Fox I chose Olimar. Everyone scoffed at me at first. After round one I was a tourney favorite. I lasted all the way until the semi finals placing in third. I’m looking forward to the new one for some great MP madness.

  • RockieOllie

    My favorite smash story is the road Super Smash Bros Melee went through to make it to this years EVO. I love how the smash community came together and raised a ton of cash for breast cancer just to have a chance to be played in front of millions.

    When word got out that members of Nintendo’s PR were trying to shut down the event, I was so mad, that the community went through all of this work, raised all of this cash, garnered all of this support just to be turned down just before before the event.

    To my surprise, when Nintendo 180’d and decided to allow it to be shown at EVO; I was so pumped. Super Smash Bros. Melee later went on to breaking the record of most viewed fighting game at EVO……until the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom finals started; But that is besides the point! It’s good to see the community come together to make things happen. That’s my favorite Smash Story.

    I’m realty looking forward to Super Smash Bros. U/3DS, in fact, it is the only reason I have a Wii U right now. I’m really looking forward to the improved online experience, better roster balance and obviously the new characters. I honestly can’t wait for the game.

  • TaoTest

    My favorite Super Smash Bros. story was when I arrived at my dorm for my first week of university and down the hall from my room were two guys with a Gamecube and Melee. We played consistently for an entire semester and I was reminded of so many good memories I had with my brother and cousin when we played the same game 10 years earlier.

  • felony211662

    When first I saw the commercial for ssb with the mascots all beating each other to “so happy together” I knew me and my friends would play this game till or eyeballs melted out of their sockets. Now I play with my daughter and the pause screens she makes are always my favorite part of the game =D

  • riseBLUEsun

    Looks like my comment disappeared.

  • baelnic

    When Brawl came out for the Wii I had friends over seemingly 24/7 to play. When the game released I was only interested in Olimar because Pikman is the best. We always had 4 players going. If someone had to leave a new player would materialize, seemingly from the ether, and we’e keep playing. At some point we had an audience of kids gathered, whether they were street urchins or a player’s off-spring is up for debate, and they started chanting Olimar, Olimar, Olimar. Their encouragement made Olimar unbeatable.

  • Erick Murillo

    The first time that I fought with Olimar using Kirby, I surprised how much items appear on screen after Kirby’s Final Smash, and everybody get hurry trying to eat quickly all the food possible. Hahaha, that was awesome.

  • Pauly Colland

    I got a wii first thing i did was bought smash brothers and then i sold it a year after it. Big regret,

    As such i want a second chance. πŸ™‚

  • TheDetonator

    My favorite smash moment was waiting outside gamestop for the midnight release for brawl. Once it opened, there was a tournament for the people who showed up, and the winner got a free copy of a game. Sadly i lost, but it was a great experience!

  • Sharkz

    Every time a new Smash Bros comes out I don’t sleep for days! Good times right there!

  • triforcehunter

    First of all, let me say that this is a great question simply because of the responses it has elicited. It’s been rewarding and nostalgic to read through everyone’s experiences with this game that has been of great importance to all of us.

    My greatest memory would be playing Melee in college with all my buddies in a crammed-to-the-brink apartment. Time = 5 minutes. Bottom two pass the controller. This never got old. Brawl came out during the same timeframe and this tradition continued.

    Mr. Game and Watch 4 life.

  • Pikachief

    Favorite Moment? Any time I can make people rage at me throwing pikmin all day at them lol And the fact that I always seem to get the final smash as Olimar lol

    SO Excited for the graphics, new balances, and better focus in general in the new smash bros! And actually the exclusion of a Subspace Emissary-type game mode is probably what I’m happiest about πŸ˜›

  • link2nintendo

    My best memory would have to be laughing at the original commercial for the first Super Smash Brothers. I was so excited for the game, and I was a pretty silly kid so I thought the commercial was hilarious.

  • mark

    Although I don’t play Super Smash Bros. competitively, we do make it a point when we get together as buddies – have been playing ever since my early college days. My one friend always plays with Kirby – every time. Most of the rest of us mix it up. But it’s especially funny when my other friend, Rob plays as Game n’ Watch in the Game n’ Watch level and schools the rest of us.

  • Rob’s Gameroom

    My favorite Smash Bros. story is probably the first time I played it. Seeing characters like Mario and Link, family-friendly game icons with which I grew up, beating the crap out of one another was just too good to be true.

    In the new game, I’m looking to a few things. For one, just seeing the game in HD should be spectacular. But more than that, online integration in Smash Bros. could be amazing, and I hope Nintendo takes advantage of this amazing opportunity.

  • Richard Collard

    The best Smash Bros. memory for me was showing up to a party where I knew almost no one, and everyone was rooting against me. My best fighter is Link, and everyone decided to gang up on me, so it was 30 lives against 10. I ended up winning, with 4 lives left. It was ironic that a bunch of “hard core gaming seniors” in high school ended up losing to a freshman. I definitely want to have a nice variety of characters and levels for the next Smash Bros. !

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  • PS7

    I wish I had a story to tell you about this game, but the truth is I have never played it before. I would love to play either one. Here’s hoping I win something.

  • Kaitlin

    Hmm, I’m not sure I really have a specific memory exactly.
    I remember that my brother and I used to play the version a lot. It’s always been my goal to be better than him, but he always whoops my butt. Always. I’m pretty sure I have managed to beat him maybe once in my life, but that one time was magical.

  • John S Johnson

    Never played it.. but i have had to break up some fights of my kids playing it.. dang that game can get them wound up especially with friends over..

  • Sticky

    Hmm to many to remember so I’ll start on the N64 Smash Bros. Me and my friends would have championship matches for the so called world champion title kinda like the wwe. I would always pick Kirby cause I was lethal with him. I would always clean house against my friends. So I guess you could say I was the champ 99.9% of the time lol.

  • Nothing5555

    My favorite Smash story?…..Maybe it was the fact that several of my friends who never consider purchasing an N64 bought one due to this game.

  • Macabre

    My best memories playing SSB came from undergrad where we’d play floor wide tournaments! I’m looking forward to the new SSB for Wii U because it will bring a whole new generation into the action!

  • JohnnyKnoxville

    My Best Smash Bros memory would be getting a Gamecube after not owning one (having a ps2 during the console era) and picking up Melee at a local gamestore on a whim. Didn’t really know what to expect and only vaguely heard of the N64 version back in the day.

    In short, the Gamecube version of Smash Bros is the most iconic for me (as is Mario Kart Double Dash!) and I absolutely loved the quest/story mode in Melee. The game had great graphics and sound, and the battle mechanics were quite fun for multiplayer! This is the game that brought the spouse and I closer together in Gaming!

    Edit: I won most of the matches ^_~

    • JP185

      Yes, Gamecube best modern Nintendo console.

      DISCLAIMER: Modern being N64-Wii U

  • vamos_cactuar

    My favorite Smash Bros. story: My friends and I waited forever to play it at Mega Con one year. When we finally got to play, it came down to this dude using Jigglypuff and me using Ness, him with one life, me with two. I was thinking hahaha I’ve got this!….CRAP he falls asleep on my head. One life left, there’s no way he’s going to do it ag……ARGHHHHHHH falls asleep on my head again and wins. So embarrassing.

  • CSN

    My favorite smash bros. story was this time on new year where the whole family got together: uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. most of all my uncles and aunts are around the same age as me, back then i was 13 they were around 15-17. The funny thing is we all loved nintendo, because we all grew up playing it. (n64, gamecube, etc.) The point is after we finished eating that new years eve we all ran up stairs to sit in the living room and have this HUGE tournament of smash bros. melee on the gamecube. I used my favorite (Link) but the best one of us all was my uncle who would clean house with yoshi! Ever since then i have not had the same smash bros. experience.. but one day we will fight again.

  • JP185

    Favorite story was when me and my sister played through the Sub Space Emissary for hours and discovered Sonic at the end.

    Also, building levels and then making them hard as possible to play on and having tournaments with my sister and friend.

  • opikal

    I remember the first time I saw someone playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Gamecube, and I thought the graphics were incredible for a Nintendo game, and seeing my favorite characters in 3D made me go and buy a gamecube.