Oct 29th, 2013


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  • Ace

    Yoshi & Boo! It would be amazing to have Yoshi & Boo as hidden playable characters.


  • Ros
  • Nintendofreak

    I would love to see bowser again as a playable character, like in paper mario the thousand year door there were some sections called super bowser or something like that which were really cool


  • Geoff Hammer

    I would like to see Pauline (original princess) as a hidden playable character. I play Mario games with my daughter and she’s always upset at the limited selection of playable female characters in games.


  • Elitepwnsface

    Yoshi would be the most obvious of choice. But really i would love to see the anti-mario team(Wario,Waluigi)


  • legendofzelda

    It would be pretty cool to play as any of the Koopalings. Tell me it wouldn’t be cool to play as Iggy or Ludwig Von Koopa


  • Britton Smith

    I think it would be cool to see Rosalina, Metal Mario (maybe as just a powerup), Mii Characters, or Waluigi/Wario. I think being able to use Yoshi in Mario Galaxy 2 was one of the great things about that game. They should still include Yoshi in 3D World.

    My link: http://wiiuforums.com/members/britton/

  • RedChu

    Donkey Kong. Maybe he can magically procure a barrel cannon and shoot himself to secret areas of the levels, or perhaps will just unlock access to barrels so everyone playing can use them as well.


  • Sticky

    I’d like to see Geno from Super Mario RPG and a new Mario RPG game on the Wii U


  • Gibosdog

    Original Mario and luigi 2d 8bit sprites…. Yoshi would be cool too.

  • BIG Franky

    The obvious answers would be Bowser and/or Yoshi…. both of which I would love…. but if there is a true hidden easter egg… why not Toon Link from Wind Waker? I know it sounds crazy, but why not?!?!? I would guess it would be a definite possibility.


  • Nicknack503

    I’d like to see Birdo…that can shoot eggs! Of course you can go wrong with Yoshi, or even Wario and Waluigi


  • Razo_E

    I’d like to be able to play as a King Boo. He could travel through walls. Or maybe Nabbit.


  • nexxus6

    I would like to see Wart from Super Mario Bros 2 as a hidden character. He could begrudgingly help Mario defeat Bowser’s minions.

  • mar laguna

    Well my choise will be yoshi

    Because he could be a playable character not just a assitant he could jump 2 times with first a short jump then the long one there are millions of posibilties for yoshi hes my choise

  • http://wiiuforums.com/members/zorpix/

    I wanna play as Yoshi. Not ride him. Not see him in the background, I want to PLAY as him, like in Super Mario 64 DS

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Could you do that in Mario64 DS? I never knew that, never picked it up. Learn something new everyday. πŸ™‚

      • yup! You actually technically only played as him. You put on mario’s and luigi’s and wario’s hats to morph into them, but you were still yoshi πŸ˜›

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Cool, didnt know they change that much in the DS version.

          • yeah, it was actually pretty cool! You can prolly find it for like, 15-20 bucks now, if that. Give it a try!

  • zoidberg

    I would like to see birdo as a playable character.


  • Brentt

    I think Bowser Jr would be an Interesting Hidden Option at the end of the game and you could fight one of the Brothers,Peach, or Toad In Gaint mode at the end of the world.Think about it Bowser Jr could shot fire balls out of his Mouth.Peach could shot Hearts out of her Unbrella. And the Mushroom Kingdom would be in the back and being Smashed by these titans Fighting. I know there would be no clear Winner but Its sounds pretty Awesome:) http://wiiuforums.com/members/m6killer/

  • Chupaloop14

    I would like to see Wario or Yoshi!


  • jreed3842

    What hidden playable character would I like to see? Well… I posted this opinion on miiverse several months ago!

    I’d LOVE to see Yoshi as a playable character mainly because of my sister. Whenever we play together she is always Yoshi and I am always Toad. We’ve talked about how the perfect game would be an adventure where there’s co-op play with Toad and Yoshi. If Yoshi were playable in 3D World it would literally be our perfect game!

    WiiUForm profile link: http://wiiuforums.com/members/jreed3842/

  • Lifeliketexture

    Bowser, always needs more games where you play Bowser.


  • Keyser

    I’d love to play as Yoshi. He’s definitely my favorite character in any Mario game, and he deserves the spotlight! No more riding Yoshi or sacrificing him to make that jump! Just let me play as Yoshi! πŸ™‚


  • RoytheRobot

    I would like to play as Wario. I think it would be very cool lol


  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I think that it would be really cool as kind of a “Second Quest” after you beat the game to play as Bowser. Give him heavier movement and more destructive abilities, and perhaps a more sinister goal to complete, maybe to kidnap the princess…again.


  • Immallama22

    I’d like to play as Bowser. The Bowser segments in Paper Mario TTYD were always my favorite.


  • megamanultra

    To keep in theme with the Wii U, and to aid in the gameplay with the younger players, I think making Nabbit a hidden character would be nice. If he was given the same abilities as he recieved in Super Luigi U, he would be great for gameplay for the younger member of the family who may have trouble keeping up with the rest of the players. And it could also be the start of a theme on the Wii U console to boot. New system, new reoccuring character.


  • Fraz Tariq

    I really wish to play as waluigi! I just feel as if he’s one the unique characters in the Marioverse he’s really tall which is one big trait I carry as well.


  • derek

    Given that each character in the game seems to have his/her own little ability i think Yoshi would be a natural fit. He can do his flutter jump and consume enemies.


  • Christopher Smith

    I would love wario to be as a hidden playable character http://wiiuforums.com/members/daldra/

  • Makakilo_Man

    Although it’s been said a hundred times before, I think Bowser should be a secret playable character. And here’s why:

    Remember how cool it was to add Bowser to you party in Super Mario RPG? And how awesome it was to use his drill claw to demolish goombas? How about when you played as Bowser in Bowser’s inside story and battled against Dark Bowser?

    All these games had you play as Bowser in an RPG setting. Now imagine how cool it’d be to play as Bowser in a TRUE platform setting. (Not some quasi-platformer Super Paper Mario type game).

    Bowser is arguably the most iconic villain in gaming history, and already has a developed personality and story.

    I think it’s about time the King of Koopas got some playable time. It’d put a smile on the faces of seasoned and younger gamers alike.


  • TheDetonator

    I wanna play as Yoshi. At minimum i would like to be able to ride him, but it would be the coolest if he was an actual separate character!

    *fingers crossed*


  • Justagamer

    I may not win but who cares but here is what i think..How about Wart
    Since the new game has alot of the second game themes. Why not wart.
    Just my two cents

  • Yoci

    I would personally love to see Daisy as a hidden playable
    character. IMO, she would fit perfectly alongside the other playable characters
    (especially Princess Peach), and the game would feel much more complete. Just
    think about it…Mario & Luigi/Princess Peach & Daisy along with Toad.
    It just works! To me, leaving Daisy out, would be like having just Mario (not
    Luigi) in a Super Mario Bros. game. We need the gang back together again in
    another great game! Would also be interesting to see what special abilities
    they could give Daisy.

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/greenkrush/

  • Steffon Malik Taylor

    i’d like to be able to use king boo or shy guy. i think using either one of them would be epic


  • bizzy gie

    Bowser! Hear me out for a second. What if Bowser was a hidden character? He eventually starts off as an enemy, but towards the end, there’s an even bigger common enemy and for the first time ever Mario has to work WITH Bowser to defeat said bigger common enemy. In return, Bowser would have to promise to NEVER take Princess Peach again. So that every Mario game forward would vary in objectives and the whole “steal Peach” theme would be done with.


    • Magnus Eriksson

      That game exists. Its called Super Smash Brawls πŸ™‚

      • bizzy gie

        Bowser is an enemy in Brawl.

        • CEObrainz

          Brawl is a fighting game, everyone is everyone’s enemy.

    • Jason

      Such a game already exists, and it is THE greatest mario game ever made: Super Mario RPG! You need to play it if you haven’t.

      • TheAquacharger

        Same with Super PAper Mario

  • DarthPraxis

    Wario would be a very different change as an alternate character, but I wouldn’t want him without Waluigi! πŸ˜‰


  • Magnus Eriksson

    Waluigi need some love I think. πŸ™‚

  • Rugmouse

    I would like being able to play as Wario and Waluigi in some form of ‘battle’ mode or ‘race through the map to collect stars’ mode. The animosity between the sets of brothers isn’t highlighted enough in any of the Mario games and what better place than some sort of 3D arena type game play.


  • Maury

    i would like to see baby mario i always thought of him a cool character because hes a baby version of mario and very cute and also he could have speed and double jump but when hit he goes back to baby mario πŸ˜‰ and imagine Giant Baby Mario x). Someone else would have to be wario as a playable character because he doesnt really get any love in the mario games only spin offs. 2 other characters would have to be Yoshi and Bowser Jr.

  • swf541
  • JoeyD

    My first choice is Mario in the Goomba Shoe. I loved being in the boot. That being said Metal Mario, Bowser, or Magikoopa would be a fun addition as well.


  • Madmagican

    I’d absolutely love to see Shy Guy as a playable character
    something about him just piques my interest despite my lack of ideas in regarding how he would play; maybe using various props and/or buffs like in Yoshi’s Island (stilts, gas, etc.)

  • SuperShadow271 .

    I would love to see Waluigi as a secret playable character.


  • Carmine Finelli

    Yoshi! I’d like Yoshi to be playable in some form, I didn’t see him in any of the SM3DW footage I’ve watched and I was a little disappointed by that. The game looks awesome, of course, but I don’t want Yoshi to be missing!


  • mylasthope

    I’d love to be able to play with a character not in the Mario franchise. I think it would be both awesome and hilarious to play as DK. πŸ™‚


  • Ace

    I got to be honest…I kinda want Daisy to be a playable character…I don’t think it has been done before.


  • JohnnyKnoxville

    Q: Which character do you want to see as a hidden playable character in Super Mario 3D World?
    A: Bowser. Since he’s slower and has some unique mechanics, I think it would be really cool!

  • Jason

    So for a while I had a hard time deciding between Yoshi, Geno, or Mallow (I love Mallow!), but ultimately had to decide on BOSHI! Boshi hasn’t made an appearance since Super Mario RPG, and his absence has been sorely missed by this guy. He was interesting! He was a yoshi! He had a spikey collar and was tough! If Boshi is off limits due to squaresoft stuffs, then I’d have to go with YOSHI KID from paper mario TTYD! He’s actually my favorite yoshi of all time. But, knowing Nintendo, I’d place more money on Toadette or Toadsworth. Likely Toadette. :'(



    I don’t know if it’s acceptable but I’d like to answer a new character. But if that answer doesn’t work I’d say a playable Yoshi or maybe mini Mario. http://wiiuforums.com/members/nygfan/

  • Kamon

    I’d like to see Rosalina from Mario Galaxy! Maybe she can be an secret unlockable character. It was great seeing her in the Mario Karts and it shows they haven’t forgotten about her.


  • What about the baby versions of the Mario gang.. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Princess, Baby Toad. Then they would be kittens when the put on the cat suit.

    Maybe that is not a good idea then…Kittens are easily distracted by a piece of string or something.


  • Sharkz

    I’d like to see Nabbit. I liked him being in Luigi U. He seems like he could be an enjoyable character.

  • wiiant

    Although not part of the Mario universe, I think Link should get the nod. Seriously, how cool would it be to go through the Mushroom kingdom with a sword and a shield as the Zelda theme plays in the background?


  • riseBLUEsun

    I think it would be cool to add both Princees Daisy and Toadette. That way all male characters(Mario, Luigi, and Toad) would have a female counterpart ( Peach, Daisy, and Toadette). Plus, it would give all our female gamers more than one female character to choose from. If not either of those characters, then maybe Yoshi.


  • Henry Hotspur

    I would like to see either Wario or Bowser Jr. Basically anyone that would drastically change the gameplay, providing a more unique experience. It’s what entices and encourages replay value.

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/mask-de-smith/

  • Colton S

    I’d love to see Rosalina or Starlow. Rosalina could slowly float above the ground, combining Peach’s ability with Rosalina, being slower. Once she powered-up with Fire Flower or Ice Flower, she would change colors accordingly and shoot Fire/Ice from her wand. Starlow, on the other hand, would be a flying character, but also very vulnerable. Once she would encounter a Mega Mushroom, she loses he flying power, and just stomps on the ground. Also could be a supporting character, who stores items and cannot use specific ones, like the Mini power-up and Propeller cap. (I would find it amusing to see Starlow in a Flying Squirrel suit for some reason.)

    http:// wiiuforums.com/members/colton-s/

  • Bob Singh

    ooo. I would love to see professor E. Gadd.! That guy’s awesome!


  • James

    Yoshi of course! Have to feed that voracious appetite… give it some fruit!


  • dangrammarman

    I would love for Birdo to be a hidden playable character, I love that dude! Ever since I found out he is a he, I’ve been fascinated with playing the sexually ambiguous and androgynous Mario character

    http://wiiuforums.com/members/johhnygossamer/ is my WiiUForums profile

  • Colt Lokk

    Daisy for sure. Since it is (or was?) the year of Luigi, we should see Daisy which is “Luigi’s Princess” be playable since Peach is. She would also need her own quirk, hopefully Daisy will develop as a more solid character in the future!

  • TheAquacharger

    Whoops I for some reason read Smash. >.>

    Here’s an updated answer:
    I would prefer for Donkey Kong to come into play. I mean, Mario’s first game was Donkey Kong.

    • TheAquacharger

      >.> Read smash, edited and deleted this comment.

  • Ivan Santiago Cortes

    I would love to see Yoshi as a hidden playable character. It would make the game much more awesome to play as Yoshi alone.


    How about Bowser Jr.! Something a bit different.

  • Stephen

    Baby Luigi! The Year of Luigi needs to be completed the right way. πŸ˜‰

  • like2nap

    Wario. I would love to see Wario as a hidden playable character.

  • mch

    Nabbit of course, our new secret rising star! ..He could even get his own IP some day..?

  • TheBlueTNT

    Wario has been in Mario 64DS, I want to play as Waluigi!
    Though its a shame people from the UK like me can’t win this contest…

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Yoshi is my first thought, but I would MUCH rather ride him on the other characters, so I don’t want that. How about Nabbit! Yes, my answer is Nabbit.


  • Jeff B.

    I’d actually like playing as A Koopa Troopa. He was my racer of choice in Super Mario Kart. Since then, I have always had a soft spot for those guys. Since each character has a unique “power” when he runs long enough he slips into his shell and becomes invincible while sliding along.


  • Victor O

    I would love Rosalina to be a hidden playable character with a hidden level that takes me back to the time before her homeland was devastated.


  • Nothing5555

    Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr…maybe there could be level where the person who controls DK can toss barrels at Mario to keep him away from Pauline..Actually they should include Pauline as a playable character.


  • CaesarGood

    In Super Mario 3D World, I believe the best character to have as a hidden playable character would have to be none other than Wario. I don’t think that you could really go with a character that isn’t in the Mario family, so I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been waiting to see him matched up with Mario in a new adventure as an antagonist, rather than it be Bowser all the time. So for the time being this would do just fine. Wario has a grinchy, conniving, comedic persona that I like, maybe others not as much, but we can let him get a little HD shine can’t we? With that said this would have to be the ultimate question. Is Wario too fat to suit up like a cat?


  • foxmcdeath

    Link from LoZ. He was in Super Mario RPG on the SNES. Sure it was only as a person sleeping in the inn but he was there. Toon Link would fit the art style too.


  • Aaron

    An awesome playable character for Super Mario 3d World would be Bowser Jr with his paint bush from Super Mario Sunshine. This could encourage creative use of the gamepad. Players can use the paint brush, via drawing on the gamepad, to create new pathways to go around obstacles, make doors to hidden areas, create a colorful lake for enemies to sink in, or just draw for the fun of it. Also you can paint on enemies to temporally blind them as you deal the final blow, or trap enemies in a cage as you walk around them.


  • Raymond Uribe
  • SeeSpotBrun

    Bowser in a cat suit would be hilarious. I know it wouldn’t happen considering he’s the primary villain. But if anyone deserves a spin-off like Super Luigi U, it should be Super Bowser 3D World.


  • guest

    i would like to see R.O.B make a triumphant return.


  • Emily Horton

    Rosalina! I mean seriously, she seems to have quite a following, and she could have some pretty cool moves/abilities in the game!

    99.99999999999999% sure that Nintendo would never do that though…but hey..what if? Imagine the possibilities! what WOULD her moves be like?

    Here is my Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/runiclady/

  • felony211662

    I’ve always wanted to play as shy guys/fly guys


  • CSN

    Yoshi or a koopa! I always thought it’d be cool to play as one of bowsers baddies.


  • powerhour24

    I would Love Bowser JR. as a hidden Playable character.



    I’m going with Yoshi. I think Yoshi would be the icing to the cake with this new Mario game. Sure it’s the obvious choice, but it balances the game by hitting the old school and new school Mario fans. Plus who wouldn’t want to see Yoshi all shiny.

  • Gonzo

    The Koopalings! They could me made unlockable through consecutive playthroughs, speed runs etc….A Blooper could be neat, but he’s more of a power up I think, kinda like the frog suit but could act as camo so “real’ Bloopers don’t chase after you. Hammer Bros. could be fun too….so many possibilities!!


  • BIG Franky

    hmmmm…. how about Donkey Kong???? he is part of the Super Mario Universe…. in a marginal way at least…. and we haven’t had a playable DK since Donkey Kong 64…. plus it would be a fun way to ramp up excitement for DKCR in February….


  • Joshua Wood
  • mark

    I’d enjoy maybe bringing a character from one of the Paper Mario games in as a playable character. Maybe Merlow and he could put certain characters in a trance if he attacks. Or Watt and he can find hidden things. Then there is Sushi who could maybe have a swim attack.


  • sabi6694

    Yoshi. Only to play him as him, no one riding on the poor guys back. Lol

  • farrellbr

    I would like yoshi

  • opikal

    I would like to see some kind of evil Mario as a secret playable character, one where you can just run around and create trouble.


  • Interloper

    I think Geno would be an awesome hidden character! I haven’t seen him in ages and it would be a great nod to gamers from the SNES days.

  • Mumtaha

    I would want to see princess daisy.

  • Aaron Lucas

    I think Yoshi would be the perfect fit anyway. Reasons Yoshi is normally with Mario in every Mario adventure why should he be left out think about it. He was in Super Mario 64 DS, Sunshine, Galaxy 2, NSMBU, and a lot more. Yoshi my favorite character and if there was a hidden it better be Yoshi just because it wouldn’t feel right without him. He is in our hearts every since he joined Mario in his adventures. He shouldn’t be left out on Mario adventure. πŸ™‚

  • John S Johnson

    Secret hidden character would be Bowser. Fire breathing turtle dragon muwhaha


  • baelnic

    I agree with many here. Wario and Waluigi.

    On a side note, perhaps a mega-DLC like the New Luigi U that uses and rethemes the game for Wario and friends. That’s be pretty cool.

  • Richard Collard

    It’d be nice to let Waluigi to have a turn for once. (Aside from Mario Kart, Tennis and DDR.) It’d be fun to play as him, and it’d be cool for him to get a taste of the glory. Plus he’d look cool in a purple cat suit!

    Member profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/linkandcompany/

  • Adrian

    The coolest hidden character in the new Mario would be Mallow or Geno from super Mario RPG haha.


  • Metroid-Fan1995

    Goombella from Paper Mario: TTYD. Instead of jumping, she would perform a headbonk. wiiuforums.com/members/metroid_fan1995/

  • farva24

    I think they should have you play as a goomba like in Paper Mario. I would totally play as him all the time because goombas are B.A.!!!



    gotta be yoshi…

  • adamm

    Would be very cool to have a surprise character from another IP like toon Link.


  • Masterostrich

    I would like to see a non-Mario character as a hidden character. Such as Link. He would have his own special powerups in order to get around like Mario does with his powerups. Such as Double Clawshot for any areas that required flight (Boo, Bee, etc.) Also there would be powerups for Link so that he could take paths exclusive to him. Such as using bombs for blowing up barriers. Overall I think it would be great if they designed levels so that Link could take different routes exclusive to him. What would be really awesome is if Link got a separate scenario that played out in certain levels to provide a different perspective (think: Ada in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways.)

    But if it had to be a Mario based hidden character, I’d choose Rosalina with the above-mentioned suggestions. Mostly because I appreciate that she is a female character (which I think there is a lack of as protagonists), who doesn’t have a counterpart (Mario/Peach, Luigi/Daisy, Toad/Toadette), and would probably have an interesting skillset.


  • Macabre

    I would love to play as Wario and Waluigi!

  • David Gedeon

    I love to see waluigi because he has never been in a platformer. Think about it really Waluigi barely gets any recognition, if he gets in a big game like Mario 3d world he will get a lot of recognition


  • Yoshi. Most definitely, who wouldn’t want to throw a egg at some enemies? Either that, or give Dry Bones some love and if I had a option for a guess character I would’ve to say DK! πŸ™‚


  • Craiggers

    I want to see Yoshi as a hidden playable character. Yoshi doesn’t get many chances to be a playable character without serving as an “epic mount” for Mario.


  • The True Gamer

    Master chief

  • Lusunup

    I would like it if Rosalina! from the galaxy series was a hidden character. As of right now gamexplain said that there is a sticker shaped just like here with a couple lumas around. Maybe that means something!

  • Justin Montgomery

    Wario/Waluigi. The duo has never really been given a huge limelight platformer and I feel nintendo missed a big opportunity to make The New Super Wario Bros. for Wii U at launch and give the duo their own raunchy parallels to the Mario bros. Maybe in the future there could even be a mash up where Bowser distorts the flow of time and causes the two universes to collide….the possibilities would be endless.

    But for the game, I just think it would be fun to see Wario in a fat cat suit and Waluigi in maybe a hairless cat suit. They could throw onions/garlic instead of fireballs and fart when they jump.


  • dubYA

    I know it’s an unoriginal choice, but my answer is definitely Yoshi!

    It’s been too long since we’ve had free and singular control over him in a 3D platform game (Super Mario 64 DS). It worked great then, and now is no different! His flutter jump and tongue abilities already set him apart from the other characters and make him a unique option. Make it happen, Nintendo!


  • Onyx Supreme

    I would want bowser jr to be a playable character. He wants to get revenge on his dad for lying that peach is his mother.


  • Pikachief

    Bowser of course! He’s the man! eerr he’s the Koopa!


  • Saikyo


    i know it will never happen but if it did I would buy 68 copies of this game.
    His theme song has been constantly playing in my head since i played mario rpg in summer of 1996


  • vamos_cactuar

    Yoshi, but not as just another character to pick, maybe just in a special level where one person controls Yoshi and does the platforming while another person controls Mario having to shoot fireballs at enemies & jumps off and back on Yoshi as Bullet Bills or something are flying towards them. I think that would make for some fun co-op.


  • Rob’s Gameroom

    I might get bashed for this, but I would like to see Nabbit as a playable character as was the case in New Super Luigi U. While I don’t like playing that way myself, my girlfriend loves the game, but never played games growing up and struggles with platformers. But I like to be able to share the experience of playing games with her, and Nabbit allowed her to learn the basic mechanics and have fun without the frustrations of constantly dying. So thanks to that character, I am able to share my favorite hobby (video games) with my girlfriend, and that’s a really great thing, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the great opportunity!


  • Ryan Matthew Lueders

    Since I’m a huge fan of Super Mario RPG I would go with Geno… but if Square owns the rights to him then my choice would be Samus and then you could shoot at Bowser with your blaster.


  • I believe bowser Jr. could add a whole new mechanic to controlling the characters, for example, he might jump low but can get hit two times while at smaller level, and can roll to attack. Just a wild thought πŸ™‚ http://wiiuforums.com/members/techboy-oh/

  • FlashFact1991

    Megaman In fact they should just hide Megaman Legends inside of the game.

  • Nathan DeFalco

    It’s time to bring back Pauline. Mario’s first love. So neglected… So alone…


  • mikejones77

    yoshi because this is a mario game and yoshi needs to be in it.. feels wrong not to have him


  • Marko

    They should bring back Rosalina from super Mario galaxy. That would be such an awesome secret character.

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/holothewisewolf/

  • JP185

    Forgot if I posted or not so I will answer

    Rosalina I want her to be playable


  • Lorenzo

    Highly unlikely but if Nintendo owns the IP… BOSHI PLEASE!

  • bswolgast

    I think Yoshi would be a great character to play.

  • brockdavis83

    Yoshi would be perfect but Rosalina would be great too. But really, Yoshi need a break from carrying everyone around, so I pick him to be the new hidden character!


  • TaoTest

    I would love to see Birdo as a hidden playable character!


  • Tahora

    Many people have been saying yoshi and although he would be cool, he has been in many mario games. I think Link as a hidden playable character would be amazing and yet shocking at the same time! They could have a special level with a tribute to the upcoming Zelda game where Bowser is on a princess rampage and has recently captured Zelda. You team up with Mario to weld a sword and/or bow to slash or arrow gumbas on your path for justice! Not only would it spike youtube and other media news but would definitly help sales!! Not to mention be totally bad a$$