Nov 4th, 2013


Wii U Daily, as well as our sister sites PS4Daily and Xbox One Daily recently announced a MEGA CONTEST for our readers. We’re giving you guys a chance to win games all the way through November 22nd, including a chance to win an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle.

Last week we saw a huge amount of participation from our readers and we want to thank each and every one of you. The winner for our second week’s giveaway is WiiAntB! You now have 24 hours to claim your $65 Amazon gift card by replying to the email we sent you. If you do not redeem your prize, another random winner will be selected. Now if you didn’t win this time around, don’t sweat it! You’ll have another chance starting tomorrow, so be sure to check back for an update outlining what you’ll need to do for our third week.

In the meantime, be sure to congratulate our winner and stay tuned tomorrow for tomorrow’s big announcement!

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  • Congrats!!! Also, thanks Wii U Daily for making this possible.

  • Rugmouse


    One thing though – I wanted to see what WiiAntB’s answer was to the question, but when I did a search for WiiAntB in the comment section, it yielded no results. WiiAnt on the other hand, had this to say:

    “Although not part of the Mario universe, I think Link should get the
    nod. Seriously, how cool would it be to go through the Mushroom kingdom
    with a sword and a shield as the Zelda theme plays in the background?”

    Is that the winner?


    Congratulations man!

  • Arthur Jarret

    Hmm… any chance of starting up, and

    It’s my own fault for frequenting american websites but…

    Ah well, I’ll just sell my star wars collection to achieve the same goal… (well, maybe I should wait if the first disney SW movie will be any good before selling…)

    • CEObrainz

      Maybe we should start up our own European Site and hold contests just for us Europeans….hehehe!

      • Arthur Jarret

        Yes but… wouldn’t we have to pay for those prizes ourselves in that case? Kind of defeats the whole purpose… that said – our national gamestore has regular awesome contests… keeping track of it as I want to win an xbox one someday – so I won’t have to justify buying it over only killer instinct

    • Clel

      Wai-wai-wait… you’re Zilkroad!

      • Justagamer


        • Clel

          You play Arcanists too?

          • Justagamer


      • Arthur Jarret

        What’s a Zilkroad?
        Just FYI: I’m Arthur on here, Samael on miiverse, PSN and other games and Zapatero on art boards, colors 3D, poetry slams etc.

        I forgot my real name, though…

        • Magnus Eriksson

          You are Samael? We have talked alot there πŸ˜€

          • Arthur Jarret

            Ah cool! You’re THAT Magnus!

            Actually… I talk a lot period.
            It’s an issue…

            I’m dealing with it, ok?

        • Clel

          Well on this web game called Arcanists on Funorb, there’s a player named Zilkroad from who I asked his skype account. It was Arthur Jarret. So I figured… My bad!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Ah, nope – I’m not that guy.
            He’s obviously a cool guy, though – as he’s using the same Monty Phyton reference as I am.

  • Ace


  • Congratulations!!!!!

  • Elitepwnsface

    Nice win guy.

  • bizzy gie


  • Justagamer

    If he is real..where is he or she..Thank again WiiUDaily! Just saying

    • wiiant

      I’m here, lol. I can’t believe it either.

      • Justagamer

        At least you’re real the last dude where was he but anyways i never enter at this website they only pick people they like…Myself i always enter at other websites for contests like nintendolife or the nintendozone

  • The Clockwork Being

    Wish this also include Canada. Gongrats to the winners!

  • wiiant

    Thanks guys! I can’t believe I actually won something. And thanks Wiiudaily for the contest and the community here. Now the real question… which game should I get?

    • BIG Franky


    • Josiah Parsons

      Congrats! What games do you already have?

      • wiiant

        Thanks! Not as many as I’d like. So far, not counting VC games, I have Mario U, Luigi U, and Nintendoland. I’m either going to get Windwaker, Pikmin3, or wait till Mario 3D World comes out. I’m thinking Mario, that way I can play with my kids.

        • Not a Monster Hunter guy, I take it? πŸ˜›

        • Arthur Jarret

          Wonderful 101 is awesome
          Pikmin 3 is great for kids
          Rayman legends is amazing for kids too
          Sonic all stars racing is pretty solid and I think it’s available cheap (it is over here, across the pond).

          oh yeah:


  • jreed3842

    *Smash Bros. Announcer voice* CONGRATULATIONS!

  • BIG Franky

    Cool….congrats! Color me jealous!!! Enjoy!

  • Andrew Longo

    the comments below give me hope for comment sections around the world. such good people haha

  • jerryek

    the name is WiiAntB not wiiant? dont understand.