Nov 18th, 2013


We’re wrapping up the final week of our MEGA Contest here on Wii U Daily and our sister sites Xbox One Daily and PS4 Daily. We’ve got all of our lucky winners and this week on the GameFans Podcast, we’ll be picking from those winners the Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 console winners, so stay tuned for that!

Our lucky winner for the final week here on Wii U Daily was Joe Dorais, chosen randomly from the raffle we held for the final contest. Joe was kind enough to send us a shot of himself for inclusion in this announcement and he included a heart-warming response to his confirmation.


This was Joe’s response to winning this week:

Dear WiiU Daily,

Wow! I can’t believe it. It’s been fun getting to read the posts and meet new people at and the Forums there. Looks like my son is going to be a happy boy on Christmas morning with a copy of Super Mario 3D World!


Joseph Dorais

Awww, we hope you and your son enjoy Super Mario 3D World on us, Joe. 🙂

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  • wiiant

    Congrats! I plan on doing the same… if I can wait until Christmas that is.

  • Ducked

    Congratulations! Nice to see this prize went to a nice dad who will have a nice gift for his son.

  • CEObrainz

    That’s really awesome. I’m planning on getting SM3DW as a present for my family this Christmas.

    • jjbredesen

      Yeah that is awesome… I know we all are disapointed that we didnt win, but if it makes a little boy happy on christmasday then that is a good enough reason for me 😀

      • CEObrainz

        Yep, if a little kid is happy then I don’t see a problem with not winning, but the big draw isn’t over right?

        • jjbredesen

          Nope, but we are not in it 😛 I am crossing my fingers on Zorpix, because then she/he can give it to me XD


          • CEObrainz

            Ahh, well It seems I too am rooting for Zorpix to win.

          • well thank you :3 I do hope this guy wins for his son though. it’d be a really cool thing

          • XD You wish 😛

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah lol, nah i will get my wii u on the 21. Only 2 days fuck yeah 😀

          • you’ll have to add me on Miiverse :3

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah i will have to, my name will be the same

          • jjbredesen


          • Justagamer

            My ID is deafswin77

      • Zakariyya Al-Quran

        who is evil enough to downvote this

        • jjbredesen

          The trolls.. I seem to have a couple of enemies in the troll clan.

  • jjbredesen


  • Kamon

    Congrats to you and your son. 🙂

  • Congrats! Cant wait for the final drawing! Good luck to all :3

    • jjbredesen

      Good luck to you i really hope you win!

    • Justagamer

      I never enter these..Most are rigged but i won a zelda 3DS XL that i will get on friday

  • Congrats, man! Goodluck to the four winners! Awesome Wii U Daily contest, glad I was able to participate. Hope I win next time. 🙂

  • Guttsman

    Big grats! Friday!

  • Justagamer

    WiiUDaily did it again and not shocked

    • jjbredesen

      Did what?

      • Justagamer

        Rigged contest…lol

        • jjbredesen

          Oh yeah lol, but the contest is not rigged

        • what makes you say that?

          • Justagamer

            This site only picks their favs …Now as for you im glad you got picked and hope you win the big drawing but i never enter contests here’s a waste of time

          • I dont think they pick their faves… i’ve never really heard of any of the winners before. No offense to them 😛

          • Justagamer

            I disagree but each to their own but are you getting Mario 3d world on Friday

          • actually I am not 😛 I decided to preorder smash bros so I don’t have to worry about it whenever it comes out 😛

          • Justagamer

            Why the game is awesome..I tried it at the best buy event

          • Not saying it isnt. Just saying I’d rather take care of Smash, then ask for 3D World for Christmas or something

          • Justagamer

            That cool myself i am getting Mario and if smash bros has online i will get the game

          • oh there’s no doubt it will

  • Masterostrich

    Pretty cool. Thanks guys for putting on an awesome contest and congrats to those of you that won.

  • felony211662

    Congrats and what a perfect win for Joe! Good luck to the four finalists

  • fireheartis1

    Congratulations on the big win I hope you guys enjoy it.

  • Rinslowe


  • shaw98

    Hey guys, vote for game of the year at.

  • jreed3842

    *Smash Bros. Announcer voice* CONGRATULATIONS!

    Also! I’m so happy that your son will get to enjoy Super Mario 3D World! Congrats!

  • triforcehunter

    Congrats Joe! Glad you’ll be enjoying SM3DW with your son this Christmas!

  • Ace

    ‘Sigh’…Well, I suppose the chances were slim to none…Congrats anyway.