Dec 18th, 2013

Mario Mega Bundle

Quite often the UK and the rest of Europe are left out on news of great deals on Nintendo products on Wii U Daily, but that’s not the case this year! Here’s our holiday gift guide exclusively for Europe.


Nintendo has really been trying to bring some exclusivity to Europe with the red/white model of the 2DS and now the Mario Mega Bundle for the Wii U.

[UPDATEShopto has just put up an amazing deal. For £279.85 you get: Wii U 32gb Premium pack + New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U + Super Mario 3D World + Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Olymic Games + Sonic All Star Racing Transformed]

The Mario Mega Bundle consists of the Wii U 32gb premium pack, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, a Mario Wiimote Plus and a Mario hat…that’s right, you get Mario’s hat! All of this for £299 and it can be bought directly from the Nintendo website with a free next day delivery service included.

Though the Mario Mega bundle seems to be a UK ONLY offer the rest of Europe still has some fantastic packages to chose from. There’s the Mario & Luigi Bundle containing a Wii U 32GB Premium pack, New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U for €299 (Gamestop) or in the UK for £242.86 (Shopto).

There is also the Just Dance bundle which consists of  the basic 8GB Wii U, Just Dance 2014, Nintendo Land and an extra Wiimote plus controller for €299


Zac’s Top 8 Must Play Games

  1. Super Mario 3D World – The best place to pick it up online seems to be Shopto for £35.86 or €45.90 on Amazon
  2. Pikmin 3 –  It’s a beautiful game that’s even relaxing at times!
  3. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD – Is just as much fun for those playing it for the first time as those who remember it from the good old GameCube days.
  4. Lego City: Undercover – Great if you’re after a GTA styled open world game with some great gags, this will not fail to impress you!
  5. Rayman Legends – Although it went from being exclusive for Wii U to being on every other home console, it is still best enjoyed on the Nintendo Wii U!
  6. The Wonderful 101 – Provides an opportunity to be 100 other superheroes, what more do you want?
  7. Nintendo Land – A real blast to play with family and friends this holiday season and its not that pricey either!
  8. ZombiU – Despite what certain critics said about it upon release, its a survival horror in the classic sense! If you play one zombie game this year make it this one! (£14.99 @ Grainger games)



Fantastic Deals

Here are some fantastic deals I’ve found for you including some worthwhile accesories and cheap Wii U games!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze preorder for £29.99 at Grainger games UK (they also deliver throughout Europe at an extra delivery cost of £6 for 2 items, which works out to be very good considering they have some great offers on!).

If you’re living in the UK then there’s a whole heap of deals knocking about at the moment. John Lewis have Pikmin 3 on sale for £19.99 in store and online. If you haven’t already got it then Nintendo Land is also worth picking up from the same place at the same price except JL are offering a Luigi mascot keychain for free.

PC World/Currys are selling the sexy Wii U pro controller for just £29.99 making it one of the best high street prices I’ve seen for this product.

If you’re looking for that multiplayer fun this holiday season I also found a 3rd party Wii U pro controller priced at €29.99 on the Deutsch GameStop website.

For those of you living in France and looking to buy in store, I would highly recommend E.Leclerc. They have some fantastic prices on games such as Wii Party U for only €36

Let us know of any other good deals on Wii U products in the comments below because sharing is caring!

  • Ducked

    To add to the must have list for Wii U games, I would add Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The game is a fantastic Wii U game! The graphics look very well polished, and the game play is very addicting. Plus it’s the best Wii U game to play online in my opinion. I recently picked up my copy of the Wii U version on Saturday, and find it astonishing. Much improved from the 3DS version.

    • discuss

      I totally disagree. The gameplay is as dull as it can get and the game looks like its a year 2000 game. Perhaps when you like Mario 64 graphics and you enjoy grinding like in a game like WoW then this game is for you.

      • Laud

        And I totally disagree with you.

        The gameplay is phenomenal and the satisfaction from taking down huge monsters and obtaining the rewards to craft bigger and better weapons is a great feeling.

        There is a ton of depth in Monster Hunter, and it might be a little difficult to grasp at first but then again, no one ever said this was a casual game.

        • discuss

          So what is this depth you are talking about? Step 1) Grind small monsters for gear. Step 2) Attack big monster. Step 3) Kill the monster while dodeging. Step 4) Equip new gear. Step 5) Repeat and go for an even bigger monster.

          • Laud

            Well if you put it that way, it can be done to any game or any aspect of life.

            WHY EVEN LIVE?
            Step 1) Breathe.
            Step 2) Breathe.
            Step 3) Trigger a life event and complete it or fail it
            Step 4) Breathe.
            Step 5) Eat and breathe
            Step 6) go to work and breathe and come back and breathe
            Step 7) Sleep and breathe
            Step 8) Wake up and breathe
            Step 9) Repeat and breathe

            It’s just the same thing over and over gawsh except some things are a little different each time.

            Seriously, you don’t farm smaller monsters. You farm the bosses and it takes skill to beat these guys, it’s not easy. Also, you can play with friends and it’s fun. If you don’t find it fun then that’s your thing, but don’t go trying to make it sound like it’s boring by typing out the obvious and ignoring the rest of the game.

          • discuss

            Like I said. If you like grinding in a game for example WoW then you will like this game. The skill level required to play it is extremely low and you don’t need to do anything complex.

          • Laud

            You’ve never even played the game past the beginning have you? It is so difficult even for an advanced player like me to progress through the later stages of the game and you’re saying the required skill level is extremely low?

            Troll detected.

            and just incase you aren’t a troll, it’s not grinding. It isn’t grinding, it’s farming for crafting items and I don’t consider it either of these things because to me it’s fun and challenging.

            It is nothing like WoW in any way and the skill level required to play it is HIGH in comparison to modern games.

          • discuss

            Any arguments why it requires high skill then?
            I completed the game half before returning it.

          • Laud

            When you say completed it half do you mean you got to like 2 star quests and then returned it?

            That probably explains it.

            The bosses become much tougher and more skilled, they adapt to your tactics and they will expose weaknesses as long as they can. The game downright punishes you if you can’t adapt to fighting situations.

          • C4

            The bosses mainly as you said. Unlike many ARPGs there is little point in fighting the regular monsters at some point. Wish there were more exploring though. The first major quests in each stage are always exciting… but at some point you will be in the same environments over and over. I can see why that can dissatisfy some people.

          • I’m sorry, but I also disagree with you, and agree with laud, I haven’t beaten the game yet, done almost all 5 star quests multiple times only to learn the monsters and their movements.

            Fighting against Dragons you find that make the dragons in Skyrim look like mere ants. My gear is VERY good and even I have a VERY HARD time to beat monsters like Rathalos and plesioth (in online Marina mode they are 3-4 times as hard then in Moga woods quest mode) not to mention beasts like Jen Mohran. And other G-rank beasts.

            So probably the game isn’t for you, that’s possible, but please don’t lie about your accomplishments beating the game halfway before returning (halfway as in halfway 2 star quests?)

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yup -Life is boring. It’s why I play videogames!

        • NintenScience

          Ignore @disqus_d3bwVtQtlF:disqus. That user is too hostile for us Nintendo Co., Ltd fans…

      • Ducked

        Unoriginal Troll is unoriginal

      • Rinslowe


    • Steve Rees

      Totally true! My personal favourite for online gaming and a fantastic SP too! Well said. 😉

    • Arthur Jarret

      Totally agree.
      We should play sometime! I’m having my holiday period from next saturday until next year, so I’ll have plenty of time to put into online again – rocking a Urugantuan hammer and the Novagio demolisher while wearing Black Diablos G-rank gear… still working towards some other gear as well.

      My NNID: Samael_blackwing

      My friendlist is pretty full (fills up very fast if you draw well… which I still did before monster hunter was released – and after that other games happened) , but I still have room for a few more!

      • Ducked

        Thanks. I’ll be busy until after Christmas, but I’ll be able to play then. I don’t like my current username, so I’ll probably change it lol. I’ll send you a FR then if you still have room! 🙂

        • Arthur Jarret

          If I don’t have room – send me one anyway… I’ve got master lee in there about 20 times due to him getting banned all the time.

          • Ducked

            (sorry it took me so long to reply)

            Okay will do lol

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I really think its great you do this Wii U daily and also care about the european readers.

  • Rinslowe

    Great Stuff!

    Mega Mario Bundle!!

  • YogiGRB

    Nice list, only missing mario 3D world. getting it for christmas though