Oct 28th, 2013


Last week we here at Wii U Daily, as well as our sister sites PS4Daily and Xbox One Daily announced a mega contest for our readers. We’re giving all of our readers a chance to win games all the way through the launch of the two new consoles, including a chance to win an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle.

Last week we saw a huge amount of participation from our readers and we want to thank each and every one of you. The winner for this week’s contest is Masterostrich, who will receive a $65 Amazon gift card. We’re cooking up our contest for this week tomorrow, so be sure and check back then for the official post and rules for what you’ll need to do for our second week.


Make sure to give a big congratulations his way, but remember, this contest is just now kicking into high gear. We’re entering week two, where you’ll have another chance to win a game gift card and of those four winners, someone is getting a Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our announcement of the second week of the contest.

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  • Congrats! 😀 This is such a great contest. Thank you Wii U Daily!

  • bizzy gie


  • Lusunup

    Congratulations! hope the best of luck to the winner! 🙂

  • demann78


  • MHeinz

    Congrats Masterostrich. u probably won cuz u have an awesome name 😀

  • CEObrainz

    Congrats, whilst I disagree with his first point the second is needed in the next Zelda game, minus the contracted mercenary thing….sounds a bit too much like Fire Emblem to be in a Zelda game.

  • Guttsman

    Congrats! Yes voice acting!
    I like my dungeons though.
    Don’t take it away from me…..

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Congratulations! Agree with most but the voiceacting. Link is a left handed mute and should be forever.

  • Ace


  • Tecpedz94

    Club Nintendo UK offers a super snes classic controller rot work on the wii with virtual console games. Why doesn’t Nintendo America give this stuff out …..

    • KosmoCrisis

      That’s amazing!

    • blindtiger

      what?! i want it

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Don’t complain, at least you get some Club Nintendo! We don’t have that service in Brazil!

      • Tecpedz94

        Ah well… I gues your right. It is true though its a service they provide and don’t need to do so its good to have non the less… 😛

    • . _ . That’s badass!

    • Jan


    • Sander van der Ham

      I have one of those, these are amazing <3

    • Merrfn

      I shall go cry in a corner and contemplate the meaning of life ;(

  • Geoff Hammer

    So, I have to write a novel to win? Just kidding, congrats!

  • Sdudyoy

    I wouldn’t mind voice acting, but Link should stay silent.

    • Elitepwnsface

      I have to agree. He has been a silent protagonist for so long.

  • KosmoCrisis


  • david jarman

    Awesome! Congrats!

  • Kamon

    😮 Congrats! I’d like to see voice acting as well. Skyward Sword had a lot of part where I was just waiting on someone to say something. It felt like the right time to add voice acting.

  • RoytheRobot


  • TheDetonator

    Congrats, and luck to all of the rest!

  • Michael Ocampo

    Congratz masterostrich!!!! 😀 Hope you have fun and I wish everyone else luck in the coming weeks!
    On a side note, THE WONDERFULLLLLLL 1001!!! (I had to XD)

  • felony211662

    Gratz! Is it any game you want or is the Amazon code for a specific title?

  • babulibaba

    is our winning based on our answers?
    and congrats!!!!

  • therealruben1


  • TrueWiiMaster

    Congrats to the winner!

    I would like to point out that the comment section closed early for the Wii U contest. When I tried to enter a couple hours before it was supposed to end, it said comments were no longer allowed. Not really complaining, but if there was a bug or something, it should be fixed (if possible) for the second week.

    • Tahora

      Agreed! Same situation! I posted a couple concerns in the wii u private forums and they didn’t do anything about it. Sucks it wasn’t fair the first week but congrats for the win and hope everything is fixed for the remaining weeks.

      • Your post there was seen and responded to! Mods on the forums are not the ones that control the contest (and articles) so please bear with us in those situations.

    • Justagamer

      That’s nothing new..They pick only their favs

  • Truthteller

    Congrats! Now you need to sell it quickly before it becomes worthless after Xmas!

  • triforcehunter

    Congrats Masterostrich!

  • jreed3842

    Yay! *Said like the Smash Bros announcer* CONGRATULATIONS, Masterostrich! Enjoy that Wii U Game!

  • Ducked

    I didn’t win a Wii U!? Are you kidding me! I knew I wasn’t going to win. Good thing I didn’t enter the contest.

  • nexxus6

    testing to see if I can post my wiiuforum address

  • Assassinated23

    Did he play Skyward Sword? Because there was a part where you have to go back through the first dungeon after completing it the first time. Also, the latter third of the game had several areas that broke the traditional dungeon mold.

  • Rinslowe

    Congratulations “Masterostrich”!!

  • fireheartis1

    Congratulations Masterostrich on the big win. I hope you enjoy it very much dude.

  • Laquandra Washpon


  • Justagamer

    My question is where is this masterostrich? Why doesn’t he respond to his win?
    Just saying