Aug 25th, 2012

Wii U daily commentThere comes a time when a site crosses the threshold and becomes popular, when regular readers and commenters are established, and with that comes some responsibility. While we are thrilled with the growth of Wii U Daily and the thousands upon thousands of daily visitors, we have so set some guidelines for when it comes to posting comments on the site. While we’re big supporters of your freedom of speech and your right as a reader to express your opinion and your mind, we still have to moderate a lot of the discussion due to improper behavior. From now on, we’ll be cracking down on bad behavior in the comments section. Here are some of the rules and guidelines to posting comments on Wii U Daily:

  • Don’t troll
  • Don’t post “first!” as the first commenter on a post. It’s not 1999. And you’re usually not first anyway.
  • Do not post links to shady websites and spam sites (this is the quickest way to get banned here).
  • Do not insult other users (this is the second quickest way to get banned here).
  • Do not impersonate other commentators and Wii U Daily staff. To reserve your username and add an avatar, sign up for Gravatar.
  • No excessive swearing and no hate-mongering.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Respect others’ opinions.

In addition to these rules, we will continue to use the comment rating system. Readers can upvote good comments and downvote bad ones. Hopefully this simple voting system will take care of the majority of problems and make it unnecessary to moderate comments, as you, the readers, get to pick what’s good and what’s bad.

For a more in-depth discussions on a variety of Wii U related topics join our Wii U forums.

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  • PEmuscTU

    These comment rules and guidelines is something people at MyNintendoNews needs…

    • Wildman

      Yes! I hate all of the trolling/ stupidity that has overwhelmed the comments section of that site. I currently prefer this site to that one.

      • SanPharaoh

        They troll because they lack something: attention…by acknowledging them they gain what they lack. Starve trolls of the attention they crave and they will disappear.

        Most of them are adolescents going through puberty and find amusement in talking shit. It doesn’t matter the topic. They will pick the side that garners the most attention.

      • Macarony64

        yes now that the rules of engagement are set. to battle my fellow nintendo fans

    • fedster

      lmao imagine u said “first”, man that would of been funny. but im glad hat these rules r finally being taken seriously πŸ™‚

    • Nintedward

      hahhah so true. πŸ™‚ . you win

    • venomjamaica

      I so agree with you. I am mostly now here than But wii u daily need faster news too.

      Get N or get OUT!!!

      • u mad bro

        lol…now they are going to troll even more now.

        • venomjamaica

          They better not cause they will get banned

    • revolution5268

      you should see the new voting system they got, aelous the troll have like multiple account and thumb down anyone that supports Nintendo, and all the thumbs up goes to him.

  • Nintendude

    I agree completely with all of these rules.

    • Nintendude

      I agree!

      • Nintendude


      • NintendoGamer

        Dude, this is not MyNintendoNews. Don’t copy other person’s name. It’s stupid.

    • Pachanop

      we’re two πŸ˜€

    • Ultimate Cheez

      What! No this takes away freedom of speech you can’t take that right away from us we should protest by not visiting this site WHOS WITH ME!!! >:O

      • Thisguywiththesheep


      • ninjabake

        I think your alone on this one.
        There’s a time and a place for negative comments and they should be done in moderation. You still have freedom of speech, wii u daily just asks you be mature and respectful. And there is nothing wrong with that. I see these rules as very lenient compared to most forums.

        • SteampunkJedi

          Well said. And I agree.

      • NintendoGamer

        Good luck if you wanna get in trouble, son.

      • UGotWongGuy

        Yeah, too bad it doesn’t work that way. This is a privately operated board, opened to the public. So, the rules set here are not protected by the constitution.

        Go yell fire in a crowded theatre just because you feel like it and then argue “free speech” in court. You will lose.

      • Ultimate Cheez

        No these people want to take your characteristic away from us and I say NO! I believe we should all says what we want even if it is to say there the first to comment because that’s what puts a smile on our face and not to be able to be part of this site just because you want to be yourself is WRONG that’s why we have freedom of speech . . . . To be happy so I DEMAND TO DROP THESE RULES or else I’m going to protest and I hope ever one else sees this.

      • Yeah

        You should at least turn this into a question.

  • Leeroy


  • Akuago220

    Well it’s about time some form of order was established. Glad to see this rule set.

    Now if only MyNintendoNews could follow suite; their commenters are rarely worth anyone’s serious attention…

  • mark

    Nice pointers but isn’t it abit too late xP

  • AO1JMM

    About time lol.

    Voting is good as long as it doesnt turn into N4G. That site is horrible.

  • Sqarticus

    You got to admit it would be hilarious if 30 or 40 people said first on this page.

  • AKA-Link77

    Finally! Thanx “Daily”! πŸ˜€ We were all getting annoyed of the trolls and the morons who say their first but are like. . . 5th.

    • flashdrive

      more like people saying there first when they’re like 20th

  • Raul

    I have a question Wii U Daily Staff… So in the Sonic All Stars article, a user wrote “Awesome! Facts!
    (Haha I beat the annoying first comment trolls)” and I replied “Ironically, you became an annoying first comment troll.” Would this be considered an insult? I don’t wanna get banned… I really enjoy this site. If this would be violating rules, I’d like to know to get an idea of what is “Insulting and hate mongering”.

  • Josh

    Thank you! I was getting annoyed by all those trolls that kept trashing the Wii U, even on this site. You truly understand what readers desire.

  • Mac

    the only one that i really cared about was the “FIRST!” rule. thats just a waste of comment

    • Slacker

      come on man trols are part of the fun of going on a site and seeing some miss informed person talk bad about youor favorite system it is funny seeing all those comments but its ok i ges as long as you keap news coming-out on Wii U

  • roedburn

    Could you please not let “first” comments through?

    • SuperShyGuy

      Yeah they should blue shell them right away!

  • El CaRaS1

    Sounds good to me just wish people could have a lil bit of common sence and just down vote your comment cause they didnt get it or where sensetive. If your following this guidelines we all nintendo fans we should all stick together. Bit its all good.

  • LazerK


  • LazerK

    Best rules for commenting ever

  • TheUNation

    This blog is the best out there… something that MyNintendoNews lacks– moderation.

    In conclusion, I will obey orders.

  • shtblock

    I was wondering how to get the avatar on these comments like some have…to bad it won’t take the * or all caps as in my gamer-name though, but hopefully this will work on this post…

    • shtblock

      yup it works, thanks people at WiiU daily!!!

      • flashdrive

        how did you get an avatar for these comments?

        • SH*TBLOCK

          Click on the link on the post for Gravatar, then make your profile and name there and then that pic becomes your avatar on sites like this one. You have to have a name with only lower case letters or numbers, that is why I was like why. but you can have your name anyway you want on this site, just needs to be like that on that site as long as your e-mail is the same.

          Also for those that gave my a dislike, I wasn’t trying to be a troll on this post, I honestly didn’t know how to get my avatar like others here and found out from this post.

  • LordFenixNC

    damn seems someone stole my SN on there… oh well… I am happy you guys have official rules up… should help clean some of the stuff up… Love this place… i find more News here and more recent then at any other place i have used about the Wii-U… Hope ppl dont give you guys a hard time about it

  • Collected

    Good to see some official rules, I’ll do my best to follow them

  • theunknownhero

    I hate when people say first.

  • Benjamin

    I really don’t care who ‘trolls’ or ‘namecalls’ Say what you will! This is WAR!! Let’s not be babies! Suck it up!

  • Lew3107

    Glad that these are finally up. Now I won’t have to read arguments about who was the first poster in the comments anymore. πŸ˜€

  • silentbates

    Glad to see things are getting better and better for this site keep it up boys! and gal πŸ˜‰

  • nintendoododo

    I agree. Trolls should be banned immediately.

  • Johny

    I have read and agreed to these statements…. xD

  • Bravyoura

    I totally agree with setting rules but the rating system doesn’t work fictional comments such as “GTA 5 announced for wii u” are available to read yet any factual comment such as darksiders 2 received average reviews is hidden due to low rating. What it boils down to is wii u daily is not a discussion website it’s more of a place where Nintendofiles go to justify their unwavering elegance to a brand. I can’t wait for the comments when the first negative game review comes in, you can’t argue with facts.

    • ninjabake

      True, but reviews aren’t facts they’re strictly opinions and don’t dictate your decision of purchase unless you allow it to.

      The vote up or down on the comments enables users to decide whether the agree or disagree with said comment. Having the option to show the hidden comment means that anyone who voted it up can still see it if they want, so it still allows that freedom of speech even if that person was trolling or just said something many others disagreed with.

      This site allows a lot of freedom to users that most other sites don’t.

      • Bravyoura

        I find the staff at ign generally have good judgement I know alot of people use metacritic but their scores are often misleading due to their use of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft specific sites/magazines which are often biased. Plus can anyone really afford to waste money on a game based on their own opinion, I prefer to leave it to profesionals.

        Thats a fair point on the voting system I just think Wii U Daily should extend their moderation of comments to ridiculous comments that are designed as bait for trolls, like I said in my last comment quotes such as “GTA 5 annoyanced for Wii U” attracts trolls like moths to a flame which is what these news rules were designed to stamp out.

        No ridiculous comments = no trolls, problem solved

        • ninjabake

          There’s nothing wrong with checking out a review and seeing the pros and cons of a game. I was just saying its completely up to you whether your sole reason to buy a game or not was based on what a reviewer had said. As far as ignore goes, to each his own when it comes to their forums. Video review wise? They have proven bias in the past and not unlike many other reviewers, they get paid to praise popular titles, occasionally giving a deserving low score to a high budget game. But again its all opinion anyway so its not like I’ll be upset with ignore, gamespot, ft or any run of the mill reviewer for disliking my favorite game or liking a game I’m not too fond of.

          I play what I enjoy and noones opinion on said game will change that.
          What I do to gauge whether its worth a purchase or not is look at gameplay bids, play demos, and sometimes watch/read reviews. But its a lot of factors that go into it, its not just someone’s opinion that decides my purchase decision. But hey to each his own.

  • jcnba28


    • issac ?

      Hey man. Sup.

  • ~(O.O~)

    Bruce lee would destroy chuck norris!

    • Kirbymon123

      Rule # 7 : Stay on Topic.


    • NintendoGamer

      You didn’t respect the easiest rule! Wow, son!

  • DURPAdurpa

    I don’t believe that tge good people at Wiiu Daily had to waste their time posting to tell people to stop doing stupid things. I mean it’s common sense people. Hopefully this will stop the need to scan through all of the trash people mindlessly shove on this site and be able to read what the actual thoughts on the topic are.

    • roedburn

      Common sense isn’t very common any more.

  • Levi Anthony

    I hate trolls as well, but do you really have the authority to amend our right to free speech when it comes to commenting on stuff?

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Oh hail the mighty nintendo gods they know what we want in video games and what we want to read. Or in this case not read πŸ™‚ *worships*

  • Grodus

    Sounds good. I already followed these rules, so…

  • xdlugia

    Let’s see if people put these rules to use:

    I own an Xbox and I love it very much. Games like Alan Wake and Forza Motorsport are really great, and Halo is my second favourite game franchise of all time. I am also getting an Xbox 720 just for Halo 5 and Forza 5.

    • SteampunkJedi

      I hope Zelda is your first favorite franchise. If not, it’s still your opinion that matters most, not mine or anyone else’s. But I would recommend Zelda if you haven’t played it.

      That should check up. Unless it’s off topic. I’m not quite sure about that.

  • TheBoldman67

    These rules seem good enough for me.

  • Non-Specific ActionFigure

    I Hate trolls.
    Makes me wanna troll Microsoft and Sony.
    Nintendo and SEGA were the real console makers.
    Sadly, SEGA is gone.
    So, The Ouya team will replace SEGA.

    • NintendoGamer

      What’s wrong with Sony? They have a lot of great exclusive IPs, plus PS2 it’s considered by a lot of people one of the best consoles ever.

      • XDLugia

        Yes, Zelda is my number 1 franchise πŸ˜‰

        • XDLugia

          Whoops wrong post…

  • WiiUser

    Would posting Articles from Pachter be considered Trollinng?

  • 007 1/2

    definitely check all of ur articles about stuff sony or microsoft said about the wii u (especially smart glass articles). there are too many comments going back and forth. also, what were u looking for earlier?

  • supermosh1990

    great to know!

  • Marq

    It’s good to see that you mods are taking your site and the comments section to the next level. Wii U Daily just keeps getting better.

  • Joesatmoes

    i am okay with most of this, but to what point would u be cussing “excessively”? and what if, while arguing nd trying to prove a point to someone, or a group of ppl, u go a bit off topic?

  • NintendoGamer

    It would be nice if MyNintendoNews would also have rules. I am tired of seeing users saying they are Miyamoto and crap like that.

    • revolution5268

      they have a problem with banning people because of switching email accounts.

  • Quad

    Thank you wii u daily staff, but now i have the urge to use excessive swearing and not respect others’ opinions but i will never post the first comment

  • Dorfdad

    Can someone please fix the spacing on the comments it’s way to close to the left side. It needs an indent of at least 20px. It’;s driving me crazy and I don’t post because of it. I know stupid but I hate the look so close to the left edge!

  • Braulio500

    Finally some rules =3

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Finally we’ll get rid of the trolls. I’ve been hoping for something like this, so we don’t waste our time reading comments of trolls. I agree completely with all the above!

    Now, if only other sites would do that as well…

  • SteampunkJedi

    I just signed up for Gravatar. Good rules.

  • dumbpants

    Yay for rules!

  • Deuce

    It’s nice that we could come to a consensus on this.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Finally. Strict rules and guidelines. I’m really happy about this.

  • Dr.device

    πŸ˜€ woot rules and guidelines, the most important part of most anything.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Wait, does that mean our comments will instantly go up? – tests –

  • Lord Carlisle


  • EvanescentHero

    Testing my Gravatar…

    • revolution5268

      looks like a success, i give it a thumbs up.

  • Kirbymon123

    The second half of the picture looks like kirby!

    • EvanescentHero

      I thought so too!

  • Brentmeister General

    News dry anyone? πŸ™‚



  • relaxingbedo

    I love the rules! Thanks Wii U Daily ^_^

  • Alienfish

    Sounds okay to me.

  • chito120

    Same here I will falow thous rules V(-_-)V

  • Lamsaturn

    I made a Gravatar account, but I don’t know how to establish it for use on this website…

    • Lamsaturn

      Never mind, it worked, haha.

  • Ibiexplorer4

    My only question is this:

    Why weren’t these rules present from the start?

    • revolution5268

      i think people don’t know the rule around here, you know there new here.

  • Gamer

    1) Nintendo is the best game company. First second a s third parties have great exclusives on Nintendo platforms
    2) Sony is number two with their copying ways.

    3) xbox 360 is third with their two game exclusives and Kinect. Had go put this out before the rules and guide lines take effect.

  • N.S.M Fan

    I am SO glad that these rules are here. See what can happen if rules and regulations aren’t put in place? No bad intentions.

  • david

    Hay now that there’s rules I don’t see that troll Aeoules or what ever his name is posting.

  • revolution5268

    i curious what troll is going to challenge there rule like what they did on my nintendo news?

    • shadowfan2z

      Hey, revolution! I love My Nintendo News but WAY too much cussing and trolling….. I like the “buried comment” thing on here. My Nintendo News should have it. And the moderation thing doesn’t need to go on there, I think if it’s hidden, sickr should delete it and warn the person not to do it again. If they troll or post something inappropriate again, he bans them. That would be a great system. πŸ™‚

  • FennexFox

    Awesome job guys! Glad to see the moderation rules are up in here now ^^.

  • shadowfan2z

    What’s the name of the system you use Wii U Daily?

  • AwayToHit

    Very good πŸ™‚

  • The incredible sandwich


  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Rule number nine [9]: Don’t talk about your fresh Tacos or French Toast Sticks. Cheese Burgers are acceptable.