May 28th, 2014

E3 Nintendo

We’re just two weeks shy of the biggest industry show of the year, with several announcements concerning the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS almost at our fingertips. We’ve seen some announcments leak already, such as the wealth of information about Hyrule Warriors that was released in a recent issue of Famitsu magazine. We also know that Super Smash Bros. will be playable at E3 and that Nintendo will be holding the first ever Super Smash Bros. invitational. With so much going on, it can certainly be overwhelming.

When it comes to what we hope to see, the number one thing on the list is Monolith Soft’s X project. It still doesn’t have a full name yet, but the teaser footage we saw earlier in the year from the Nintendo Direct was not enough to sate us. This project has been teased by Nintendo since the very beginning of 2012 and it’s finally time to take the blanket off. We hope Nintendo plans on giving us a name and a projected release date for the game at least, though we don’t expect to see a playable demo on the floor. Perhaps a nice trailer during the Nintendo Digital Presentation, though.

Nintendo E3 2013 DSC09703

So what do we expect to be playable on the floor? Most likely we’ll see demos of Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, perhaps Yarn Yoshi and some other GamePad specific games that Iwata has talked about showing but that haven’t been made available yet. On the Nintendo 3DS side of things, I know it’s a far cry but I hope to see mention of Fantasy Life getting a Western release date. Square Enix might release details about Bravely Second since Bravely Default did so well in the west, though that likely won’t be in the Nintendo booth since Square Enix will have their own.

As for new IPs and franchises to be announced, a Metroid game would be nice, especially if Retro Studios has anything to do with it. We know they’re working on a new project now but they’ve not talked about it at any length. Star Fox would also be nice, but once again that’s a niche title that Nintendo hasn’t seemed fond of utilizing since the GameCube days.

We know there will be more information on the upcoming Legend of Zelda Wii U game, though we expect to be shown a trailer and not much hands on. A tentative release date will probably be set and that’s all we’ll see of that. Those are my predictions, but Zorpix had a few things to say about his expectations for E3 this year as well.

“I’d really like to see something to do with Starfox. I’m one of the few who really liked Assault, and want to see them try to flesh out their ground combat and tie it in nicely with their air combat. I think they could have a fantastic halo-esque game with some great starfox action. Also, more Krystal is never a bad thing.”

What would you like to see? What’s your number one hope to be revealed at E3 this year? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do so @overlordror. I’ll likely be posting my thoughts and opinions on what I see throughout the day, on both Nintendo and non-Nintendo stuff. It’ll be the fastest way to see my opinion on announcements and interact with me before coverage goes live on the site!

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  • Fred

    Ashley, When you said “When it comes to what we hope to see, the number one thing on the list is Monolith Soft’s X project.” You couldn’t have been more right. I want details and a release date (hopefully this year)

    • Roadkill409

      “X” Just seems like the right game for Nintendo at the right time!

    • DC777

      If there could only be one game I want to come out this year…that’s the one.

  • TheHaydenator

    Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid, some more of X and SMTXFE

  • MikeGreggs

    I’d like to know that Virtual Console is going to be expanded. I’ve been waiting for some N64 action forever it seems…..

    • Fred

      YES Yes yes, with a side of Gamecube please

      • MikeGreggs

        Right on, when they mentioned Star Fox I immediately remembered Star Fox Adventures and how great a game that was.

        • Fred

          I never got to play Adventures or Assault. I’d be down for buying and trying both of those.

  • Aleks

    Metroid Prime trilogy HD, F-zero with weapons ( a la Wipeout), Starfox, Bayonetta 1 and 2, A grown-up, epic, new, HD Zelda with no bobble head cartoony characters! Please and thanks.

  • MichelChartrand

    My needs are simple, I would be happy if they announce a patch to allow the game pad to double as a classic controller so I could finally play those Wii virtual console titles they keep putting on club Nintendo.

    • Fred

      That would also allow me to use it to play Xenoblade! I currently play with a Wii remote and nunchuk, but I’d love to play it on the gamepad

      • DC777

        Yeah that would be awesome. I doubt it would happen but it would be great to play Xenoblade and Skyward Sword with the gamepad.

        • Fred

          Why would you want to play skyward sword on the gamepad? The motion controls on that game are way too fun

    • darkcreap

      Yes, I’m all for that. It would be perfect for Wii U Off TV play in Wii Mode.
      Especially since Nintendo discontinued the Wii Classic controller.

    • Michael Ocampo

      It’d be cool but until they discontinue all the classic controller/pro models, that probably won’t happen if they want to sell more of them.

  • Zuxs13

    Unified Account systems with your purchases backed up online. Followed by many games, I would prefer a new Metroid but would be happy with just a long list of more games that are coming soon.

    • “Sean” jjbredesen

      Yup! Would really like a unified account system to!

      Don’t think we will get a Metroid this year, as Retro has not had more than a 4-5 months to work on if it is they that are making it.

      I think that StarFox is the most likely to be shown, but i would love to get a Metroid!

      Also excited to see Minamoto’s new IP and what the new tradmarket galaxy squad game is. Also hoping for a new Pokemon Colosseum style game for Wii U!

      Apart from that i hope we get a lot of new stuff, and great 3rd party games, but i am not to sure how well the 3rd party front of E3 will be :/ Hoping that they will have some great exclusives etc, but not crossing my fingers.

      Would also be cool to see a HD Kid icarus game, but the think i am most excited about is Zelda U, period.

      Only 12 days, 19 hours and 55min left before Play Nintendo starts streaming! I hope your bodies are ready!

      • Zuxs13

        I think what ever Retro has been working on they have been working on it for more than 4-5 months.

        We will likely see Myamotos new IP as they have mentioned it might be shown.

        Don’t count on 3rd party support beyong Capcom with Monster Hunter, Sega with Sonic, and a few other games.

        I doubt we will see a Wii U Pokemon as two more 3DS games were announced, but maybe they will have one for next year and will show some of it this year.

        Kid Icarus would be nice to see, and I am positive we will see Zelda U.

      • 504HotBoy

        If Retro just started on a project. They can still show a teaser trailer to let us know they have something in the works.

        • “Sean” jjbredesen

          True, but the usually don’t show projects before they will be completed in the next 6 months after its reveal, and 1 year on Metroid U seems a bit little, and i would not expect them to have anything worth showing.

        • mario54671

          No, sorry, that won’t work. Then fans will constantly be bugging them,


          Fans are already impatient as hell when they reveal a game that’s coming out in a matter of months… can you imagine a game that’s still several years away?

          • 504HotBoy

            Yeah some fans are very impatient.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I want Star Fox and F-zero but seeing how we haven’t had any recent installment for the past couple of YEARS I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Sam

    N64, GCN, and DS games coming to VC, a new Paper Mario for Wii U, a new F-ZERO for Wii U, a new Metroid for Wii U, a new Animal Crossing for Wii U, a new StarFox game for Wii U, more info on NFC, info on Zelda U, info on a new 3D Mario game for Wii U, and a game that revolutionizes the way the GamePad is used. And Nintendo Land 2.

    • Christian Schoff

      Wow you covered all these bases.

      • Sam

        Darn right I did.

        • Christian Schoff

          What would you have them put in Nintendo Land 2?

          • Sam

            Well, let’s see:
            A REAL F-ZERO attraction
            A Kirby attraction
            A Punch-Out!!! attraction
            A StarFox attraction
            Where’s the Pokémon attraction!?!?!

          • TehEngineer

            What about Fire Emblem?
            Ice Climbers?
            Wonderful 101?
            Kid Icarus?

            Online multliplayer?

          • DC777


            Sorry but I despise Nintendo Land.

    • The Clockwork Being

      I mostly want to see Miyamoto’s new I.P I mean this guy has created tons of worlds so I really want to know his creative mind has in the works.

      • Sam

        How did I forget that?!?!?

      • Thomas Vienna

        I’m pretty sure that was Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, lol.

    • Ducked

      Why do we need another 3D Mairo?

      • Sam

        ’cause 3D World wasn’t great enough.

        • mario54671

          I’d wait on the 3D Mario.

          Yes, 3D World wasn’t good enough, and isn’t satisfactory for those who loved old 3D Mario like Sunshine/Galaxy… BUT, we don’t want them to rush this game. I mean, they’ve only started development on the new game earlier this year… give them more time. I imagine they’ll unveil it next year.

          3D World wasn’t enough because they only allowed themselves about a year to make it.

          If they started development on this new game early this year, that means they need a good two years to make it. Late 2015 or sometime in 2016 we should see it in its full form.

          Please, don’t rush them. We also don’t need Mario right now… I think Mario needs a break.

          • Sam

            I completely agree.

          • bob

            They really some dlc for this. Not sure why they haven’t made some already. Just seems logical. At least it took more than a few hours to beat, unlike new super mario bros.

          • Nintenjoe82

            I am glad that some people (like me) don’t think 3D World was as good as its hype. I thought it was good but Galaxy puts it to shame and I would probably have had more fun playing through an HD version of Galaxy with 5 players to choose.

            Having spent 30hrs on MK8 so far, I can already say that MK8 is much more deserving of a good score than 3D World.

    • ShortyStock

      That’s the kind of attention the Wii U NEEDS from Nintendo.

    • Linskarmo

      That would be fantastic!

    • Capt. Smoker

      Nintendo are too slow at vc releases so I’m hoping for a 3ds player 😉

  • Ony

    Me-tro-id <3


    Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, im getting worried it got cancelled. More X and hopefully a release date, some kind of update on new Zelda, and something unexpected.

  • Derek

    Something new and different with current IPs or a new IP. Third party announcements would be welcomed too.

  • gamingpalooza

    What do I hope to see?

    -More SEGA exclusives. (Sonic, Nights, Panzer Dragoon ect…)
    -More Nintendo exclusives. (Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Mario, ect…)
    -More Third Party games. (Watch Dogs, ect…)
    -Surprises (Totally expected ground breaking, shocking, surprises)

    • Roadkill409

      I would love to see another Panzer Dragoon on a Nintendo system! I still keep my Saturn so I can play them.

    • Willie Crespo

      Or new SEGA games in general.

      Still waiting for Yazuka 5 and fucking Puyo Puyo Tetris.

  • WarioForever

    Isn’t Zelda what we have been waiting so long?

  • darkcreap

    Zelda, please, Zelda!!!
    And don’t forget Starfox!!! I love that Franchise!!!!

  • Christian Schoff

    A new Zatch Bell game.

  • mojack411

    I’m excited for so many different things that I always forget to list them all so I’m just gonna say roll on June 9th!

  • Super Buu

    I know a lot of people say this but good god, Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero will secure a victory for Nintendo. Even just one of those will do.

    I also want Nintendo to surprise me. Last year, while good, was quite predictable. I mean they told us the games that will be there and they were indeed shown with Donkey Kong being the only surprise. Now, surprise me. I know Zelda is going to be there but I want to be caught off guard by something. It can be a new IP, a long gone series, GameCube FINALLY coming to Virtual Console, anything but something like Wii Music.

  • Marcel Kleine

    Peach, Zelda, Samus and Bayonetta boothbabes!!!!

  • Joe

    What happened to the zelda major as remake that was mentioned anyone remember that? Or know anything about this..?

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      Never even confirmed, just strongly hinted at. I’d like to see Majora’s Mask 3D myself, the framework is already there from OOT3D so it would be an easier port than HD and personally I find more time to play my 3DS than my Wii U. It’s probably coming down the line sometime though.

      • Joe

        Yea I assumed it wouldn’t be to far behind ocarina which was the reason I bought my 3ds. I go trough phases of systems. 3ds and Xl are stuffed in my drawer ATM (waiting for ruby sapphire) and I find myself playing wii u more lately cleared windwaker the weekend I’ll start twilight princess again after I finish mariokart 8 (and pikmin) it was sent out yesterday so there is a strong chance I will receive it tomorrow fingers crossed XD.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          I’d kind of hoped to see it sooner, I never got the opportunity to play it. I traded an old car stereo for a 64 and a few games but my wife’s (then girlfriend’s) dog chewed up the controller and I never pursued getting another controller.

          • Joe

            That’s a shame but the good thing is is that when the game finally does come out it will be a fresh and new experience I never played windwaker on gc so it was nice to play something fresh and new to me it’s not the same when ya enter the same dungeons twice although nostalgia can be nice. My dog only went for xbox headsets (he got 3) and my chat pad nusainces at times :D.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Same here for WWHD, first play through was on my (WWHD special edition) Wii U. Minish Cap on VC will be my first time, for such a professed Zelda fan I really fell off the bandwagon for a while there.

            I finally broke the dog of her chewing habit and now I say “our dog”. The only thing she chews now are bones and her butt 🙂

          • Joe

            That’s good news I start closing my bedroom door he don’t have access so it could be fixed. I might have minister cap on 3ds I’ve played yoshis island from the ambassador program I’ll get around to them eventually. Monolith x and new zelda is all I need a mention of for wii u this year to keep me happy. Fallout 4 will keep me busy on PC but Nintendo is my first priority. I was going to buy windwaker wii u but got mario premium and a hard copy of wwhd I’m jealous of your controller :(.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            I missed the ambassador program 🙁
            But then my giant hands pretty much require the 3DS XL. The controller is pretty nice, my wife dropped it twice, lol

            I think as long as I see some info on the new Zelda title I’m good. I hope they have a lot more coming but I’m sitting on a backlog of games now as it is to keep me busy.

          • Joe

            You didn’t miss much the games were nothing special I didn’t mind the price drop as I wanted the 3ds. On a backlog myself mostly wii games though as I’ve only recently started buying wii u games.

  • DoctorWily

    The headline for this article says “Poll”…. I don’t see a poll anywhere o_O

    • Madmagican

      We’ll never know D:

    • She polled me. That’s it

    • nin-10-doughfan

      what about flag poll or a fishing poll perhaps?

      • Madmagican

        Or perhaps a tadpoll? 😛

        • nin-10-doughfan


    • Mr. J


    • Mr. J

      There’s one on ps4daily though.

  • Roadkill409

    I am hoping for “X” this year. And some Sega classics updated would be nice too. My family had a lot of fun with Metroid Blast, something like that would be fun. And my far out pick, something new from the Lunar series.

  • Roman

    No mention of smash bros? hmm, that’s the game I care most about for e3 (since Mario Kart will already be out).

    I would like to see a new IP that uses the Gamepad in Asymmetrical game play. Something like Evolve with 4 v 1. This type of game play has huge potential that hasn’t been touched since the Metroid game in Nintendo Land (and some Zombie U, but I haven’t played that). Maybe the rumor S.T.E.A.M. (hate the name) game might utilize that (it has something to do with aliens, right?).

    • C4

      I’d like to see new IPs too, but for that Metroid Nintendo Land game, wouldn’t StarFox work? Ground + aerial combat…

  • atomicjuicer

    METROID for the love of God

  • Metroid. Anything else, and I’m practically uninterested.

    (Unless it’s a full-fledged console Pokémon game… then I’ll be 100% interested.)

  • Potemkin

    -Wii Party U 2
    -Tomodachi Life U
    -Wii U Health sensor
    -Wii U Trainer
    -Wii U Play
    -Super Mario U 2
    -Iwata, Shigeru and Reggie playing hide & seek in Wii Party U.

    • Fred

      Super Mario U2 did that name from from the band you want doing all the music?

      • Potemkin

        I don’t like U2 ._.

  • smithy501

    I would like to See more on Monolith X,,,, Zelda Hyrule warriors and the new Zelda u…… Metroid will be ace, A starfox Assault type game,, and of course bayonetta… and a final fantasy game would be cool nothing like crystal chronicles or a typing one,, but like ff13 lightning returns which i love..or a versus game just for wii u ,, (use your imagination) and no not bloody final fantasy 7!!!!….. And in my opinion. i don’t want more virtual console games released yet because i want those new games i mentioned and more news games on this system not old/retro games as much as i love them i think they should get introduced as time goes on… because atm when the next nintendo system comes out and we want backwards compatability what games you gonna have to show for this virtual consoles ? p.s i do love my wii u playing monster hunter 3 right now

  • Jack

    I would love a Majoras Mask remake for the Wii U, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Star Fox, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonneta 2, Pokemon rpg for Wii U, Metroid, and my most anticipated Zelda U. Also can’t wait for more information regarding the NFC figures. I would also love to see a Mega Man for the Wii U. I know a lot of this is probably dreaming but what’s life without dreaming?


    Everyone keep carrying on with their wish list are going to be disappointed.
    I don’t expect anything other than what they said.
    Zelda U,Hyrule Warriors,Beyonetta 2 and Smash Bros. Anything else, I’ll be shocked

    • smithy501

      i would like to hear more news and newer titles but i aint gonna cry about it if we dont hear much more than stated previously mentioned

  • J_Joestar

    It is just a little thing, but i hope we finally hear something about the 3DS title Monolith was supposed to be recruiting for a while back.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I have a feeling that’s the “mystery 3DS game” that they’re doing a 90 minute presentation on.
      For them to give a full presentation dedicated to a new game it’ll surely be a new thing that needs explaining/demoing and a deep, creative new JRPG fits the bill nicely. Some say it’ll be MM 3D but I don’t think they’ll show 3 Zeldas at 1 E3 and why would you need to talk in depth about an old game everyone’s played 🙂 Of course it could end up being a Mario Basketball 3D but fingers crossed for Monolith or something equally cool.

  • LukeMM95

    New Metroid and Zelda are definitely the two I’m most hyped for. Of course I’m also looking forward for more details on Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, X and Smash Bros 4. I’m also excited to see what this new IP they’re working on.

  • Denvy

    Brand new information. Not all updates on projects we already know about.

    • 504HotBoy

      I feel the same way. I was disappointed at E3 2013, and thought the January 2013 Nintendo Direct was much better. Also they have to come with it this E3, they have to show us the games for Wii U. A lot of people are losing faith or have lost faith, because they feel as if the console isn’t being supported. So hopefully they put some faith back into the console, by showing us an impressive line -up. Games that I expect and already know will be shown, Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, X, Sonic Boom, Yarn Yoshi, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Legend Of Zelda, Fast Racing Neo, Fatal Frame, Devil’s Third (announced as Wii U exclusive). Im 95% sure those titles will be shown. But we need more, Miyamoto’s New IP, Retro new IP or Metroid, something from Mistwalker, new game from Platinum Game, hopefully reveal what this Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Strike Team Eliminating The Alien Menace is. At least 1 or 2 exclusives from Capcom, 1 or 2 exclusives from Sega (not including Sonic Boom) , a new Star Fox, new 3D Mario, a new Eternal Darkness, etc. Bottomline they need to go all out and hit us hard with the games this E3.

      • grayson gee

        Devil’s Third isn’t an exclusive.

        • 504HotBoy

          Devil’s Third was originally a multiplatform game for PC, PS3, & 360. When THQ was publishing the game. THQ went bankrupt and Valhalla Game Studios was left without a publisher. When Nico Wav made the announcement that there was a Unannounced 3rd Party game coming to Wii U in 2014 from a Japanese developer, the speculation began. Here are all the clues. He made the announcement in December 2013 right before Itagaki made his announcement that Devil’s Third was still coming and will hit in 2014. Both of them made another announcement in March. Nico Wav was in Japan with various pics of him, one with Miyamoto and some press passes around their necks. He mention the game being a new IP. Devil’s Third is a new IP, he said it was a unannounced game, it has never been announced for Wii U. He said the game was in the vein of Bayonetta. Meaning that it didn’t have a publisher and Nintendo step forward to fund and publish the game, in exchange for it being a Wii U exclusive. He gave hints referencing blood and you will bleed. Devil’s Third is violent with blood like Ninja Gaiden. Also the game since 1st quarter of this year is 80% complete. Itagaki mention he didn’t want to make the big reveal yet on something that will surprise people. There has been nothing shown on the game since 2010, why are they being so secrective and don’t want to reveal the new publisher yet, why the only thing they shown since 2010 is a new updated logo and no new screen shots or trailer on the game despite it being 80% complete. I could be all wrong and Nico Wav could be talking about something totally different. But all signs point to Devil’s Third. Just remember this statement, after they do in fact at E3 reveal Devil’s Third as a Wii U exclusive. Just 2 more weeks.

          • grayson gee

            I see that all as mere speculation and connecting the dots. Nothing specifically means it will be Devil’s Third and the game still shows up as being a game for PS3, 360, and PC.

          • 504HotBoy

            It is speculation and a strong possibility. Like I said I could be wrong and Nico Wav could be talking about something totally different. But once again just remember this statement, because im 100% sure the game will be shown at E3, on whatever platform.

  • gamesplayswill

    I hope to see a new Mario game.. BUUTT!

    – The release date is 2015 -2016 (too many Mario games out there at the moment)
    – It is either a sequel to Sunshine, Galaxy or a new 3d platform style all together.
    – No gameplay is shown, just a mention of it and a couple of details. THAT’S IT. (for hype and to show it isn’t developed fully)

    Some sort of confirmation that Pikmin will return in the near future.

    HD remake of Majoras Mask. (Nintendo have toyed with that idea before, so…)

    A new IP of sorts. Something we’ve never seen before.

    ^^ These aren’t all 100% logical thoughts, but can I let my inner fanboy take the helm now and again?

  • bizzy gie


    Whatever we say we want, Nintendo does the EXACT opposite.

    We want Metroid. Nintendo gives Cranky Kong his own game.
    We want SSB this summer alongside 3DS. Nintendo delays it to 2016.
    We want M-rated exclusives so Nintendo can shake its kiddy image. Nintendo releases Super Peepy Baby Kid Adorable Cuteness rated ITW for In the Womb.

  • Nicholas Hamilla

    PAPER MARIO!!!!!

    • Nicholas Hamilla


  • Mr Ninty


  • john


  • LEGO City 2


      Someone gets it

  • anthony optimo

    I want to be able to multitask dang it! Hulu on big screen and game/internet/sketch pad etc. on the gamepad or vice versa.

  • Ghasfarost

    What i want to see:
    – N64 and DS lineup confirmed for July and August, respectively.
    – Zelda U epic video and launch season
    – Metroid for 3DS or WiiU or both?
    – Smash Bros. 1 newcomer, 3 veterans (Captain Falcon, Metaknight, Ganondorf ) confirmed during Smash Fest
    – Mother 3 for GBA VC on WiiU
    – DLC confirmed for Mario Kart 8 with characters, retro courses and arenas for battle mode by end of year.
    – WiiU system update to integrate Wii U Chat as party chat, fast boot menu, gamepad mapped as Wii classic controller for Wii mode.

  • A Wii U exclusive Resident Evil. people thought it would not work with gamecube when they did it and people cried so much about it, it was finally ported to PS2, but hey, Capcom likes Nintendo, right?

    • Something from Silent Hill.

      Now that Rare is not on Microsoft books anymore (did i read that article correctly?) maybe a Banjo game? Or Killer Instinct going multiplatform?

    • 504HotBoy

      Wasn’t Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero exclusive to Gamecube? But they ported Resident Evil 4 over only. A new Resident Evil exclusive to the Wii U would be great. They could take major advantage of the Gamepad for a unique experience.

    • blindtiger

      wait a sec… ms sold rare??? i want goldeneye 64 online…

    • Fierce-Deity Link

      rare is still part of microsoft.. some people were just let go.. that’s all though

  • Guest

    Something from Silent Hill.

    • Guest

      and this one

  • Guest

    Now that Rare is not on Microsoft books anymore (did i read that article correctly?) maybe a Banjo game? Or Killer Instinct going multiplatform?

    • Guest

      I deleted these…

  • SuperSavior

    Soo off topic…does anyone here use a thumb drive as extra memory vs. an external hdd. I won’t have room for the free game with MK8.

    On topic.
    -A Square Enix RPG
    -Mass Effect 4 (at least saying they will include Wii U again.)
    – I’ve never play any Earthbound games
    -Toe Jam and Earl…not really lol
    -Something fresh and worth bragging about

    • Zuxs13

      You will have a hard time using any kind of HDD/Flash drive that isn’t self powered. Plus a Flash drive doesn’t have enough read-write capabilities to work as a storage drive. Those are based off Nintendo’s recommendations.

      I tried several USB powered drives none of them worked, but i have a portable one that has its own power cord and hooked it into the same power conditioner that the Wii U is connected to, it turns on when the TV does and works great. You can pick up a cheap 500GB self powered HDD for not a lot of money, Western Digital works great.

      • SuperSavior

        Awesome thanks for your help. I have the option to buy a basic wii u, and 4 games for less than $300. Or get the Mario kart bundle. Im concerned about wasting money on a HDD for one free download. So will your wii u games boot from the HDD?

        • Zuxs13

          The HDD basically becomes an extension of the wii u memory. I recommend the deluxe wii u model because then you get the deluxe digital promotion points for buying games in the eShope. $5 earned in eShope money for every $50 you spend from now till Nov 2015. I have earned over $100 in points so far ad most of that has been for games that I got for free to download either from eShope cards as gifts or club Nintendo reward points.
          I guess it would depend on what the 4 games are with that basic set.

          • SuperSavior

            True, Swap force bundle, Mario U, DK, Nintendo land. Oh decisions, decisions!

          • Zuxs13

            I wouldn’t do it for those games, but that’s me, Im not a skylanders player and Nintendo land is ok. The Mario kart bundle gets you mario kart and either Mario U or Nintendo land, or pikmin 3

          • SuperSavior

            I agree thank you for your help good sir. I’ve been watching “let’s plays” of Monster Hunter it looks like a fun, challenging and very long game. Do you play because I have a feeling I’ll be playing it more than even MK8, because I’m buy it right away.

          • Zuxs13

            I have MH but i haven’t figured out how to play it yet.

  • Zackary Bruley

    *sigh* I was a die hard Final Fantasy XI fan; I played it for over ten years. All I hear is fantastic things about Dragon Quest X Online. Nintendo… SquareEnix… someone PLEASE tell me we will see this MMORPG on the Nintendo Wii U in the west! If this is announced, I will be so very happy.

  • Will the3rd

    X is also a niche game, I think, and without the console base in the market I think it won’t have much success, unfortunately. And yet, yes, it will be a super classic that I will love, though.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      true but Xenoblade had an uphill battle and look how succesful it was. This should follow suit.

    • Roadkill409

      If they market X right it will sell. I think there are a lot Nintendo gamers that are looking for a nice looking, high quality, console style, 4 person RPG MMO-ish that is similar but not quite Monster Hunter. I know I am looking for some fun co-op to just go and have an adventure with a few friends. This could be the right game. But we will see. I always have high hopes.
      Xenoblade was good, and if they can make a similar experience with multi-player, so the adventure can be shared, even better.

      • Will the3rd

        I love this game too, I really look forward to it.
        I’m the kind of user that gets sick with all the hype of MK8 but that wants to buy this game, instead. And this is what Nintendo has to do: to offer a wide selection of games of all kinds, and that’s why the need for StarFox, F-Zero or this kind of games that don’t sell consoles by themselves but when you add and add and add then you have a catalogue that sells consoles (if marketed properly and not one game per half a year and when all third parties have already left you, of course).

        • Roadkill409

          That is a very good way to say it.
          I am getting MK8 and I will have fun with it. But if X is what I hope it is, X will be a very different fun experience that I want too. What you are saying is have a few core games like Mario Kart and Zelda, but then have more games, even if they are niche games that appeal to smaller groups. Because those groups of people are willing buy games without much thought. And you are right, if they have enough high quality niche games that people will buy, Nintendo will sell a lot of systems.
          The only problem I can see would be Nintendo not having all the resources in house. They would need partners. I suppose you are saying go wide and maybe not as deep?
          For example, maybe that is exactly what they are doing with Hyrule Warriors. It won’t be as deep as a Zelda game, but I hope a super fun game that a regular Zelda would never be. Kind of a hack and slash Zelda?

          • Will the3rd

            As you said, the only problem for Nintendo dropping the bomb is the lack of resources. For this reason the idea of buying other companies like SEGA, Atlus or Capcom seems a great chance for me.
            Yes, my point is that I won’t buy a WiiU with only a Zelda and a X. If instead you give me a catalogue I can explore I will buy a WiiU with Zelda and X as main buying points but what will make me give the step is that after these games I will be able to recover the (small, but still) investment on the console. If I’m bored and I want another game, yes, I can consider buying MK8. If in two years I receive Zelda and X, I won’t. If I receive Zelda, Metroid, X, Fire Emblem and another like this, then yes. And I will then, having the console, consider buying Mario Galaxy 3 or SSB.

          • Roadkill409

            I know I won’t convince anyone to buy a system they don’t want or think they will get value out of, but I have had a Wii U for over a year now and it gets heavy use. With backwards compatibility and new games, we play a lot. And now with the Mario Kart Bundle and the free download game with Mario Kart 8, Nintendo is making a good deal if you want a Wii U and MK8 already. Plus the “free” download game gives you four choices to choose from. I bet you would find at least one of them fun. And you know (at least hope) Nintendo will have some news for E3, they have to.

          • Will the3rd

            Absolutely agree. I love the console, don’t take me wrong. I love Nintendo. I talk for the sales to people that is not a fan. This, as we’ve been saying for all the E3s since they announced the Wii, has to be the E3.

  • Jacob Wright

    Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda and more Zelda

    • DC777

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    Metroid game, thats it really haha
    New Zelda would be nice tho.

  • Andrés

    I just want 3 things:
    1) Kirby for WIi U
    2) Paper Mario for Wii U
    3) Pokémon battle game for Wii U

    • Ducked

      I’m with you. I’d love a Kirby game for Wii U, a 3D one is overdue.

  • Petri

    Bayonetta 2 release date.
    And Iwata declaring that I can download Bayonetta 2 demo after a new trailer.

  • RichardKLopez

    I mean they told us the games that will be there and they were indeed shown with Donkey Kong being the only surprise. Now, surprise me. I know Zelda is going to be there but I want to be caught off guard by something

  • Shota

    uploaded directly from wii u

  • Shota

    want pokemon wiiu

  • Shota

    (last one) with my favourite mario kart character yoshi and with my favorite kart combination

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    What a great poll.

    Wait I don’t see it.

    Anyway, I’m hoping mainly for an announcement that GCN games are coming to the Virtual Console.

  • Jacob Wright

    something needs to be done about the wii u’s eshop.. gba games are a nice new feature but why aren’t there any n64 games yet?? i can understand that gamecube games would take longer but seriously… why no n64 games nintendo?? also more needs to be added to the eshop. at the moment were getting one vc game a week… i swear the wii had like 3 a week at some point!

  • Charlieblizz

    What I want is to be surprised by something out of left field and truly astonishing. Something similar to Bayonetta 2 being announced for the U. And at this point, Star Fox, FZero, etc. won’t do it. I don’t think any first party title would do it. It needs to be something wholly unexpected. I want Nintendo to wow me.

  • TheBoldman67

    There’s a rumor about SEGA developing a new F-Zero going around. I certainly hope it’s true. Also, Nintendo apparently, “leaked” a E3 announcement thingy, like, a paper for their plans, is up and going around the internet. It says that GameCube VC is coming, with Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, F-Zero GX, and Mario Kart Double Dash. It ALSO says a new Star Fox is coming, which sounds great. Here’s a link to the article for anybody who wishes to check it out. There’s two of them, one of them points towards a new F-Zero AND Star Fox, while the other points towards GameCube VC.

    • “Sean” jjbredesen

      Fake 😉

      Nintendo does not use this sort of list, and all lists would have had full titles, and would have been signed by a executive, and everything we have seen so far is just a Word document that uses images that have already been made.

      All of the documents are fake.

  • Someone Cool

    Above all else I would like to see an update to the OS. That would include the following:

    -Online COOP
    -Party chat system
    -Improved notification system (messages, game invites)
    -HDD media playback

    • Joe

      Might be a long while before we get them. Not to bothered about party chat as I don’t no anyone else with a wii u although one of my friends is considering it for mk8 and another for X so could benefit me in future. I just want that quick start up update already. Sorry to go off topic but does anyone no if the wii shop is down I no online for games and internet is no longer supported.

      • Someone Cool

        Mine was working fine.

        • Joe

          I’m not having problems was just wondering if it was still possible to buy games from the wii us wii mode thanks.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            You can still spend money in the Wii Shop, I don’t think they will kill it until the migrate everything to the eShop and even then they have been marketing the Wii Mini so I imagine it still has a few years of life left

          • Joe

            That’s a relief there’s a few games I wanted to buy for n64 I use the wii mode a fair bit so it’s good news to hear.

  • blindtiger

    the wii u droughts have driven me to gaming websites and steam for things to play… i hope they announce enough to make that stop.

    • they can announce all they want. It sounds like what you (and I) need are release dates

  • DC777

    Personally I would like to see the new Zelda, X, Bayonetta 2, Smash, Sonic Boom, Hyrule Warriors, and something new…all with 2014 release dates. One per month at least.

    I also would like to see Wii U take on some type of mmo.

    • Earthworm Jim

      Did you just say. “Zelda X Bayonetta” ? Because, that could be interesting.

      Also, Phantasy Star Online from Sega?

      • hikkerd

        he was talking about X, the game from monolith soft

        • Earthworm Jim

          Yes, I know what he was talking about, thanks. Just playing off the order that they were listed. …You know it would be an interesting mix, though.

          • hikkerd

            It would, indeed, be interesting, and probably fun as hell!

  • magfive

    N64 and GC VC please! I have been itching to play Rogue Squadron (all 3 would be awesome) and Shadows of the Empire

  • condor87z

    Wii U rpgs!

  • Saul Rivera

    X…’s all I want to see more about..everything else is welcomed…but X is the reason I bought a Wii U in the first place

  • Bob Charlie

    A RTS game that utilizes the Gamepad, please!

  • Ducked

    What I want to see

    Wii U:

    -Monolith’s X trailer with release window
    -Yarn Yoshi trailer with release window
    -New Fire Emblem
    -Another Super Smash Bros trailer with release date, and a big character announcement
    -Zelda Wii U trailer
    -Project Zero 5 trailer
    -New Metroid, Star Fox, or Animal crossing announcement
    -Kingdom Hearts III confirmed for Wii U
    -Bayonetta 2 trailer and release date
    -Hyrule Warriors trailer and release date
    -Red and Blue Wii U Pro Controllers
    -GameCube and Nintendo 64 virtual console


    -Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D trailer
    -Pokemon Omega Red and Alpha Blue trailer and release date
    -Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call trailer and release date
    -Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer
    -Metroid Hunters 2
    -More unannounced Nintendo games

    • Carlos Coronado

      Do you think they going to show the remaining Smash veterans on E3

      • Ducked

        Well knowing Nintendo they might :/

  • Justin Gray

    Well you hit it when you put X at the top of the list. Next to that, I am dying for a release date for Fire Emblem X Shin Megai Tensei and, along with that, some info on battle system and content/plot.

  • Gamingisfun

    I cant really be sure what they will show at this years E3. However what I can imagine they will show off the games they have been stated or sited. Super Smash, Bayneetta 2 (if You go to wiki you will see it being out by the summer). Yarn Yoshi, X (maybe), Hyrule war. So those games are announced at E3 Digital Event we know / heard about it already. The New stuff – Myomot New IP, Star Fox or Metroid, maybe even Animal Crossing. If Animal Crossing comes out I can see that for reasons like online. Wii U’s online (showing us that its getting better). With Animal Crossing there are a lot of options to us for that. Star Fox and Metroid could have great online experiences. Now the top of the list. Zelda and Mario the biggest in the industry. We have heard two Zeldas 1. M Mask 2. Zelda and the other we have heard of a New 3D Mario Game 2. Myimottiyo is not finished with the galaxy (he said that himself that he was not finished with it). Now 3ds we know that Super smash bro is having a 3ds and Wii U version. So Maybe Zelda will have Zelda U for wii U and 3ds to have M Mask.. They use the NFC for both of those titles and even smash brothers. What could happen they could make a 3D Mario game for both 3ds and wii u but have same differences but also different ways to play. I am just trying to get a pattern here of what they could do. They have to benefit Both System. They have to come out at different times. Its like killing two birds one stone. I see at E3 – 1. Yarn Yoshi 2. B2 3. X *maybe*. and Smash Bro. Games we already know. part 2. Animal Crossing featuring great ways for online. 3. Metroid or star fox. (also great ways for online). Part 3 the biggest Zelda for sure but do we get two games one for 3ds and Wii U? Last a new 3D Mario. Mario can make money if they do it right. Galaxy was a hit make it similar but different and it has great music! Make it EPIC. EPIC battles EPIC world to run in / play. Then NFC tech. They might use that for this time of round

  • Gamemech10

    Zelda, new IP, and god damn mother f**king star fox.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Expecting: Zelda of some sort, SSB, Bayonetta 2, something from Monolith
    Wanting: Something new, Metroid, an RPG, GC games

  • Zach Cruz

    Mario Kart is just in two more days! well less now 1 day and something hours! add? –> TheCruzKing

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    Add achievement points on all wii u games. I know I can dream right :).

  • LevenThumps

    I would love a Metroid game for the 3DS that returns to the 2D sidescrolling.

    Besides that, I’m looking forward to Zelda U, Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, NFC info, and anything surprise Nintendo has up their sleeve.

  • Mitch Hall

    What I Think We’ll See:

    *Obligatory Mario Kart 8 footage to advertise the game.

    *Hyrule Warriors info, most likely a new trailer.

    *Bayonetta 2 trailer and release date.

    *X (Monolith Soft) trailer and hopefully release date (please come out this year!!!)

    *Super Smash Bros. character reveals, new trailer, and release dates for both platforms.

    *Something about the QOL platform.

    *About 10 minutes of footage from random eShop games.

    *A teaser trailer for Miyamoto’s new IP.

    *Fatal Frame Wii U reveal trailer.

    *Teaser trailer for Zelda U.

    *And lastly, at least one big game announcement that no one sees coming.



    • LevenThumps

      Agree with your list, but would add NFC explanation to it.

    • Ducked

      Are they calling it Fatal Frame or Project Zero 5?

      • Mitch Hall

        No idea. I’ve just been calling it Fatal Frame because that’s what it’s called in the West.

  • Brandon

    none the last good nintendo e3 was e3 2010 & everything either failed & had crap sales (other m), lost exclusive titles (goldeneye wii) or had crap sales (epic yarn)

  • Brandon

    @zorphix WHY starfox!? It’s not fucking coming back!!!! the fucking series ended at a remake NOBODY asked for!!!!!!!!!!

    • neither is F-Zero ;P

      • Brandon

        It will come back starfox will not because everything AFTER starfox 64 sold like shit like the remake and assult asshole. case closed. good day. ;P

        • F-Zero hasn’t sold very well either. At least starfox is on the 3DS 😉

      • Brandon

        seriously you cunt stop blasting me cunt. you are NOT a moderator! NOBODY IS ON THIS DAMN TO FUCK SITE!!!!!

        • with talk like that, you might be seeing a mod very soon.

  • Rinslowe

    Roughly two weeks. Man time flies. I can’a wait cap’n!

  • SuperSavior

    Pokemon SNAP U! I can’t name five new Pokemon since the originals but I loved that game. It’d be great with the gamepad!

  • Michael Ocampo

    THE ULTIMATE FRANCHISE!! MIYAMOTO’S IP!!!!!! jk but seriously though, I’m really excited to see that and all games that innovate whether it be from past entries or current genres.

  • Gamingisfun

    IF they do a new 3D Mario game I hope its open world. Has some Galaxy moves/style. I would like new music. I would like to see the yellow stars back instead of green stars. I would be cool if some action happened in peaches castle! Some outside of the castle. I would love to see new items but the question is what Mario Suite would they come up with next?

    • Purple

      I hope it’s open world too AND I hope it’s Wario just to mix it up a bit.. they could have Wario saving Mario but really wario is just after the gold along with it.

  • Gamingisfun

    Maybe this is just a made of scenario – Water Mario? Rabbit Mario? lol

  • Gamingisfun

    Last one so far that I could think of Beaver Mario

  • companyoflosers

    despite so many wanting otherwise, i really have low hopes that f-zero will make an appearance at this e3, same goes for metroisd. not bashing them but they seem to have become really low on nintendo’s priorities alomost like they just want to leave them behind and not have to think about making them again. the truth is those games really have a niche audience and i dont think nintendo sees profit making potential after the last metroid especially. theyd much rather play it safe with titles they know will made headway like mario or zelda games. its one reason the leadership needs to be shaken up a bit so they take a few more risks. i personally dont like and am not interested in either metroid or f-zero but i know there are people who are who arent interested in mario or zelda… just not as many.

  • uPadWatcher

    My #1 hope at this moment is Nintendo/Monolith Soft’s finalized title for their JRPG. Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors (now finalized title), Project CARS, a glitchless version of Watch_Dogs, The 90’s Arcade Racer, FAST Racing Neo, IronFall (3DS), and new iPs from Miyamoto, Retro Studios, and (although keeping it very low) a new Nintendo Wii U title from Platinum Games.

    • Petri

      PG has been oddly silent after W101, chances are they are working on something else for Nintendo.
      Or working 100% on Bayo 2.
      E3 can’t come fast enough.

  • Daniel

    Gamecube Virtual Console, Luigi’s Mansion U, Lego City Undercover sequel, Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing U, Paper Mario U.

  • Virus6

    I want to see a release date for X. Aside from something that we’ll probably get, I want a new Custom Robo game. I could pretty much do with anything new… as long as it’s not along the lines of Wii Music…

  • Steve Rees

    To ask a stupid question, where’s the Poll?

  • Purple

    I want to see a new Zelda and a new Wario’s World

  • Gamingisfun

    If they make another 3D Mario could be a connection to the galaxy series?

    • mario54671

      No. I’d rather have a NEW game, not another direct sequel. The Super Mario franchise needs a shakeup with new ideas, no more direct sequels.

  • I seriously wanna know what happened to the crossover with Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. It’s been over a year since Nintendo released info of that and all we got during that time was just a trailer. Hopefully some info is released about this game.

  • wiiu4life

    What people don’t realize is that Nintendo is in a position to do something great.

    Lets look at how we got to where we are today.

    Nintendo is losing money before the Wii U is released.
    Wii U is released they continue to lose money.
    Wii U comes out first 3 months sells well Advertisement stops and criticism begins.

    Fast forward To now .
    Mario Kart 8 reveal and Nintendo Direct Buzz starts for the game.
    Wii u is profitable again so going forward Nintendo making money.

    Now the Future .

    Hyrule Warriors in August then Bayonetta then X Next up Smash.

    Basically Nintendo has strategically managed to sneak in with big games while the other two stumble around and drops pieces of hardware and Delay games.

  • Jeremy Jerm King

    I would be satisfied with a couple HD remakes, preferably Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Conkers bad fur day.
    And I really want to see a mario party game already! As well as a starfox game! They could showcase a teaser for metroid and kirby because they could take all the time in the world for a quality game.

    • Five Player Mario party 😀

  • Rob

    How about a Mario RPG2 maybe a new Megaman game, new Shining Force, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Mario Party And a remake of Castlevania: Simon’s Quest

    • Maga

      Square and Nintendo working together again to make a direct sequel to Super Mario RPG would be amazing. I still don’t know why they haven’t made this work yet.

  • Maga

    I, to this day, do not understand why Star Fox has received no console love since the Gamecube days. I know so many friends who are willing to buy a Wii U if a Star Fox came out for it. People complain that Nintendo doesn’t host games for an audience beyond casual? Here can be their answer! And the gamepad can utilise strategic aspects (like the DS [though I never played the DS game sadly enough, so I wouldn’t fully know]). AND WE ALL WANT TO KNOW IF JAMES McCLOUD WILL EVER RETURN! Ugh. Cmon.

    • ShortyStock

      I haven’t played a single StarFox game beside the GameCube one and I don’t even remember what it was like. A new StarFox would be fantastic and I’m sure it would be at least as big of a seller as MarioKart8.

      • Maga

        There were two made for the GC. In the game you played, was Fox primarily walking around or in a plane for the most part?

        And I fully agree: if done right, it could be a huge seller.

        • ShortyStock

          Walking around. I mean I’ve seen StarFox 64 and that looks better. I hope in the new game (if there is one), it’s in a plane for the most part. That would probably sell better.

          • Maga

            When you get the chance, dabble in StarFox 64 or even StarFox Assault (or if you’re a true Nintendo hipster, the SNES game was solid [and rather tough]. StarFox Adventures (the one you played) was a good game, but didn’t really capture the essence of the franchise (the game wasn’t supposed to be a StarFox game. It was turned into one by Miyamoto — not one of his best moves, imo)

          • Starfox Adventures was great, but felt like Zelda with dinosaurs. Still one of my favorite games though

          • Maga

            Zelda with dinosaurs is too kind. It was way too geared towards a younger audience than Zelda has ever been. Still enjoyable nonetheless. A good solid flight E-rated Starfox would be great. There’s no reason for it to be a “niche” title!

          • Eh… It wasn’t that geared to a younger audience I didn’t think. Maybe it’s just been a while? I remember some things being fairly intense. It was a really great game though

          • Maga

            Perhaps my definition of Young should be elaborated. However, Fox’s persona and voice acting felt aimed toward an audience who watched cartoons at 3p afterschool (nothing wrong with that, but that isn’t E for me, imo). Don’t get me wrong, though. It was a solid game and had enjoyable puzzles. I just felt that when I played StarFox Assault immediately after beating StarFox Adventures, I was playing as Fox in an appropriate persona allowed for all ages..

          • I can see that. It was kinda toned down a bit. Fox was a bit too friendly, I guess


      Because Star Fox does not sell many units and it’s faster and cheaper to make a handheld SF game than a home console game in HD. People if we ever do get one, all you guys better get it

      • Maga

        I’ll be one of the first!

  • Spike Ashford

    I’d actually love Nintendo to show off some of the less-known Wii U exclusives and give them attention. I mean things like Shin Megami Tensai X Fire Emblem, and the new Project Zero that was announced a few weeks back.

    Aside from that, I really want to see a more adult-aimed Zelda, a new Metroid, a new Eternal Darkness – I can dream – and possibly a new IP.

    Also, I want to see some more collaborations with third-party publishers. Something like what they’re doing with Atlus and Tecmo, only on a much bigger scale. Image if Nintendo partnered with someone like Square-Enix or Gust to create a new RPG for Wii U?

  • gamingpalooza

    I would love to see Nintendo put on such an epic presentation that everyone turns their head to see whats going on with Nintendo.

    A tribute video of Samus from Metroid featuring “Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys” with the ending of the tribute featuring brand new footage of a new Metroid game for Wii U.

  • Moreck

    What about reviving WaveRace? That would be a great online multiplayer game

  • I wouldn’t mind a starfox or an f-zero, but I don’t think I want them as badly as many commenters. Here’s my dream list in no particular order.

    I want them to package a port of bayonetta 1 with bayonetta 2.
    I want hyrule warriors to look like a very good game.
    I want a high quality official arcade style joystick for pokken, tekken tt2 and other fighting games.
    I want the new iteration of street fighter 4 to come to wii U.
    I want hd ports of n64 and gamecube games with added online gaming.
    I want and seamless open world game (With platforming elements) set in the mushroom kingdom.
    I want to be able to play vc games I buy on either my 3ds and wii u (where possible).
    I want other 3ds game to be ported to wii u and to only need one eshop purchase.
    I want arcade games on VC.
    I want Zelda U to look amazing (I think it probably will).

  • Darkness

    Nothing…..every time Nintendo gets me excited they just break my heart

    *cough* Mario kart 8 battle

  • brian

    Where is the poll?

  • Joel Cruz

    Super Smash Bros 3DS release date!

  • Dezsi

    I *really* hope that they will show a trailer of Zelda for the Wii U — a scheduled release date would also be nice.

    Like the article said, Metroid and Starfox should be given a game on the Wii U. Yoshi’s Yarn must be there, too. A new turn-based Mario RPG would also be a must. And finally, a nice surprise in the form of a new game would be great as well.

  • Dark Link

    2 Zelda Wii U games. One Twilight Princess/Majora’s Mask style and 2nd one 4 player co op like Four Swords Adventures but deeper, longer and online play! 2 Metroids, one classic side scroller for Wii U and a Prime Hunters 2 for 3DS(or vice versa). Sylux as a playable character in Smash! Startropics 3!!! 2 new IP’s. PSO 2 for Wii U North America release!!! And the revival of another franchise…

  • Guest

    here is your poll

  • HavokPants

    heres your poll

    • hahahero

      Here’s Your Poll: TBT Edition

  • holidaygolight .

    News of acquisitions of Western developers to bring American and European exclusives.

  • Kevin

    Zelda Wii U gets trailer and release year
    Hyrule Warriors gets release date
    Smash Bros U and 3DS get release dates
    Pokken Fighters, a Tekken-style Pokemon fighting game, is announced, and with it is Nintendo’s first big NFC push
    Yarn Yoshi gets release window
    Bayonetta and Watch Dogs get release date
    Pokemon gets release date

    Nintendo’s Signature Surprises:
    Mario Party 10 (Wii U)
    Mario Tennis: Aces (Wii U)
    Starfox: Back to Lylat (Wii U)
    Elite Beat Agents 3DS (3DS)
    Augmented Reality Real World Action Scavenger Game for 3DS 90 min presentation meeting

  • Peter

    Some kind of cross between Nintendogs and F-zero.

    • paulthevgking


  • DJKeens

    Zelda U, X, Retro title and would love it if Metroid Prime were in there somewhere. GCN games on eshop, and Iwata announces that after performing pagan rituals, third parties are back in full force.

  • Commander Jim

    What I want to see;:
    A whole bunch of big Wii U games – Zelda (and not that Hyrule crap), a proper new 3D Mario in the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy tradition, Metroid, Wave Race, Pilotwings and of course plenty of new IPs.

    What I expect to see:
    Lots of 3DS Games
    New Super Mario U 2

  • sd

    Games and release dates for this year. If they announce X, bayonetta 2, SSB, Hyrule warriors, shin megami x fire emblem and 1-2 other games for release this year then I will be happy. All the system needs is regular games.

    Oh and star fox for the Wii U.

  • Jon

    So… where is the poll?

    • Petri

      The poll is a lie.

    • hahahero

      Was wondering the same.

  • james

    GameCube games on e-shop, Zelda U, and X. I would say third party support but thats not gonna happen.

  • Paul Sunderland

    if it was anything like the uk comicon, not a lot

  • Nintenjoe82

    I only have to look at my bookshelf to know what I would like:
    Pilotwings U
    Eternal Darkness 2
    1080p Snowboarding
    Geist remake
    F-Zero UX HD Online
    Mario All Stars 3D (HD Remakes of 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 and 2)
    Panzer Dragoon
    An ISS game exclusive to Wii U that is as superior to the competition as ISS64/98 were to any PS1 FIFA game.
    StarFox Universe (still primarily a space combat sim but something as cinematic and awesome as 64 was)
    Nintendo’s take on the military shooter
    Nintendo’s take on a squad based shooter with gamepad squad controls
    A fully fledged Tennis game

    • hahahero

      LOL that’s quite the list there. Love it.

  • CommanderBlue

    My E3 wishes
    Fantasy Life localization
    More on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire(pokemon walking behind you)

  • Daniel

    Only one game matters, zelda.

  • Well, DLC has been announced for MArio Kart 8

  • Des

    More 3rd party support.

  • asdfg

    A 5min long Zelda U trailer. Please. Nintendoooo

  • Want to see more of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem that game almost seems forgotten about and it was a big contributing factor that made me purchase a Wii U

  • *Reggie sits behnind his desk*

    I’d like to talk about a partnership we have done.

    *Pulls out PDP’s Gamecube controller from his mech pocket*

    We are collaborating with PDP to make this. *Holds up Gamecube controller*

    But what are WE going to do with it?

    Play the New Smash Bros for Wii U?

    I think we can do better than that…

    [Fade to Black]

    *Gamecube reel plays*

    [Showcasing Mario, Double Dash, Eternal Darkness, RE4 (GC ver.), Non-Wii Play Pikmin, Non-Wii-Play Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX, Beyond Good and Evil, etc]

    End of the reel displays Wii U eShop later this summer.

  • Where is the poll?

  • And Nintendo just announced an attachment for gamecube controllers.

  • Jackassassin

      You know Zelda U wont look like that,right?

      • Jackassassin

        I consider the tech demo as more of a…tech demo, rather something representative of the actual upcoming Zelda title.

  • A new Metroid game. Something new to the series.

  • shaun

    An account based system like apple / sony so purchases are tied to the account not system. Email log in preferred instead of user name

  • Brandon

    those who are asking for a fucking starfox STOP ASKING nintendo will NEVER EVER make another one after the remakes sales. and do NOT listen to @zorphix ;P

  • xTrucho3

    Star Fox and F-Zero are a longshot

    • Brandon

      especially starfox since the remake failed terribly.

  • Donaald

    Gamecube VC games and eshop in every country at least for digital-only releases

  • c-s-a78

    Mario party 10 please.

  • fireheartis1

    I would love too see some great 3rd party exclusives coming to the Wii U. Stuff from High Voltage would be awesome. I would also love too see a new Star Fox game and a new F-Zero game. My wife and I are huge F-Zero fans and would love a new HD release of that game. Could you imagine how awesome Fire Field would look in HD? Or maybe even Sand Ocean? Man that would be sick.

  • bugart19

    Well, since Mario Kart and SSB are ready with demos, then Nintendo could do well to show a really interesting AAA title, such as the new Zelda. I personally think we could all use a break on another Mario title.

  • devmiles

    it is really about time to deliver more output and above all be clear to customers.
    it has been a long long terrible time for wii-u owners aside from a few good worthy titles. the system has been out for 2 years now, we all know the status… it’s a damn shame. personally i would see iwata leave as president and make way for a new face, uplifting and clear. i’m pretty sure many developers have gone mad over the past 2 years but luckily we’ve been fortunate with some good indie titles.

    i’m not sure where in the wii-u story things went wrong but as a gamer i know the core issue is good games. dealing with nintendo you know things should be focussed on their main IP’s. with the power of the wii-u you know a metroid or starfox title would be a friggin’ awesome thing. Also we know nintendo jumped to late in the HD era so they are clearly behind in quicker development. still we have to admit the output that the’ve had looked great..i was impressed with pikmin 3 and now mariokart 8, but things should go faster in output terms.

    To give an example.. the game X was announced with the release of the wii-u..the trailer is still in the eshop..never heard of anything but delay.. bayonetta 2, same thing, no metroid, a new zelda very limited info etc.. iwata with silly nintendo directs. VC titles that are completely hilarious too. Slowly the wheel is spinning though and it’s too early to discard the wii-u.. the system should be worthy in ranks but that is not so much the case. The gamecube was not a major hit as well but still has some very very good games, a big stack actually, more than you would imagine.

    So what do i expect… i do expect some very clear information what route we go.
    No shitty announcements of VC titles but big major AAA titles.. i want miyamoto walk on stage in a green suit with a big ass sword and a shield…yes folks..zelda is coming, we have a trailer and pee your pants of happiness..
    We have a new and very kick ass version of Starfox, with shoot em up action that will drool you all over the place…and yes samus aran is ready for a 1080p amazing open 3d world action..metroid is on it’s way soon.

    I want to scream, yell and throw my fists in the air of joy and be convinced that nintendo finally understood things really well..else they will be crushed in the console market eventually… playtime is over.. we want business, shit for real.. i would only cheer this as a nintendo fan. i hope the ‘damage’ over the past 2 years has been a clear signal.. go nintendo go!

    all this above is actually pure hope…my thoughts are on the other side of the scale, an E3 presentation that is mediocre with nothing really new.. but….maybe…

    let’s hope folks!

  • Prizm

    If they could just go ahead and make a new HD Metroid in Zero Mission style, that would be great.

  • Nintygek

    Zelda U. I really want to know what way they are going. Realistic of cartoon-like (windwaker)

  • beez1717

    I want to see some non Mario or Mii focused games. I want to see Metroid and F-Zero and some smash, and I want to see Nintendo make some games that can only be used with the upad and entices the hardcore market. I want to see Nintendo promote the heck out of TVii and show how using an IR is better than using a dedicated cable box. I want to see Nintendo going out and working hard to get 3rd party games that most gamers want to play. I want to see Nintendo realize that gamers are their core market.