Dec 26th, 2013


With Christmas behind us and plenty of deals to be had at retailers, we thought we would give our readers a chance to share what they got during the holidays, share Nintendo Network IDs to meet new friends, and have a great gaming time.

As for myself, I got Shin Megami Tensei IV for my Nintendo 3DS and pre-ordered Bravely Default, as well as a larger capacity card for my PS Vita (why are these still so expensive, Sony failure). I didn’t pick up any new Wii U titles, but I have my eye on Super Mario 3D World soon!

So share with us what you got and maybe you’ll meet some new gaming friends!

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  • lonewolf88

    a epic violin and 50 dollar eshop card.

    • Josiah Parsons

      What kind of violin (from someone who’s been playing for 12 years)? I got Super Mario 3D World and a cajon/djembe hybrid drum.

      • lonewolf88

        the violin is custom from a violin store where i live.

        • Josiah Parsons


  • Ocio Aguilera

    My presents:

    A link between worlds
    Wii U (Hardware)
    Super Mario 3D World
    Nintendo Land
    Batman Arkham City
    Mass Effect 3

    How? im 40 years old actually, i pay for my own games and i love Nintendo πŸ˜‰

    • RyuNoHadouken

      just go straight for Survival mode on ZombiU…the experience is very rewarding…best survival horror game ever made, and ive played em all!!!!


        I just stoped playing it because scares me jaja

      • Adrian

        Why? Even knowing everything about that game i still die once or twice in a playthrough (given i always kill all zombies i have access to). Why would you start in survival mode as a noob?

        • BIG Franky

          yeah that is some of the worst advice I’ve heard… LOL…

          • RyuNoHadouken


        • RyuNoHadouken

          it sharpens your skills a lot faster

          • Adrian

            It’s the same game requiring the same skill :p. Just survival mode makes your death end the game, which is old school and interesting, but stupid. Playing 10 hours and then making a small eff up and losing all 10 hours of progress is not fun.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            makes you think twice about “running and gunning” through a game…it adds to the level of tension

    • Fred

      I didn’t get many game presents because I’m 28 and buy my own Nintendo games. The beauty of that is I’ve been playing Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, and A Link Between Worlds for awhile now.

      I saw Best Buy was having a sale yesterday and bought Wonderful 101 for $29.99!!

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Those are exactely the games that I got for Christmas πŸ˜‰

        • The_Last_Metroid

          same here

        • Gameonfool

          A game feels more magical getting it for Christmas

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Oh that is so true. It doesn’t feel as awesome when buying it yourself πŸ™‚

      • joey t

        i am also 28, got nothing for christmas but did buy those exact games when i wanted them. inluding the zelda 3ds. woo merry christmas to us πŸ™‚

        • YogiGRB

          same here, only i’m 34. and yes woehoo Merry chrismas to us all

        • Fred

          That’s a nice system. I almost bought that several times, but it was hard to justify since I already have a 3DS and a 3DS XL, but I’m very jealous of you right now.

          • joey t

            I have had a 3ds since launch and I don’t regret it one bit. but already having both I could see how it’d be hard to justify. But if you are still after one ozgameshop still stock the EU Pal version of them.

          • Fred

            I have 3 3DS regrets.
            1-Waiting to buy in (I missed Ambassador by a few months cause I was in college and wasn’t sure if I could afford one)
            2-Not getting the Fire Emblem 3DS
            3-Getting an XL last year (I wish I would have waited till this year and gotten the gold Tri-Force one

    • Justagamer

      What 40 you don’t look it but im right behind ya on that number

    • Laud

      I got a card that said “Merry Christmas!”

      And that was it..

      • MysticDude97

        If the Christmas card had no money, and wasn’t even custom-made, the sender didn’t bother to try.

      • Ocio Aguilera

        :/ Next year maybe?

        • Laud

          You and everyone here should totally pitch in and get me something for my birthday on the 10th of January. Do it.

          It’ll go down in history.

    • David John Gifford

      Trade in mass effect such ea rubbish

      • Destructonator101

        Mass Effect 3 is an awesome game, and its a bit gutsy to bag it. Even though it’s from EA, the worlds crappiest game developer and publisher, it is a brilliant game. All three games are awesome and even though its from EA, its probably their only good game.

        But when I say its good, I mean awesome. If you play all the games, or even me3 alone, you may actually love the game. I certainly do. Give it a shot, because it may be better than anything you could expect from EA. But then EA only published it, BioWare developed it.

        • Graeme Lynch

          Enough of the “everyone hates EA” mantra. We get it. They still publish good, solid games that millions of people enjoy.

          • Veries Seals

            I have to agree with that Graeme. EA has 3 great games on the Wii U. Need for speed Most Wanted U is also excellent!

          • Graeme Lynch

            Yey someone on here agrees with me! :p

      • Graeme Lynch

        Mass Effect series is simply awesome. The fact that you would poo poo a game based on it’s publisher is ridiculous.

    • Seth S. Scott

      ZombiU is SO good (and underrated)

  • D3Vortex

    3DS XL Zelda: A link between worlds bundle & SMB 2 to go along with my Wii U collection. Nintendo network Id D3Vortex

  • MiKangaroo

    Sadly, I got a Wii U…

    • Eduardo

      why “sadly”?

      • Kyle Zawacki

        Maybe he wanted something else.

        • Eduardo

          he should be happy/thankful that he got a gift. there are kids who dont get anything at all.

    • Kyle Zawacki

      I understand your pain.

    • Patrick Starman

      Here, let me play you a sad song on the world’s smallest violin.

    • MysticDude97

      Don’t be such a Downvote Magnet.

  • Jan

    An entire battery of horrible socks!

  • Flawless Victory

    I ended up getting socks, shirts, and boxers for Christmas. o.o

    • Jan

      I know that feel!

    • MysticDude97

      Me as well. We need hugs.

    • lonewolf88

      hey in my stocking i got AXE body wash kit πŸ˜›

    • Rick van der Linde

      Honestly, I’d rather get that stuff because I hate spending money on that stuff and rather buy games instead

  • therealruben1

    Mario 3D World and Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Cena’s Smirk

    I bought my boy Super Mario 3d world, a 3ds with Sonic lost world, New Mario 2, phantom hourglass and classic sonic. the presents had his name on them, but his dad really wanted them too or maybe more. it’s great having a 5 year old lol.

    • ScrewAttack

      Best bit is his dad can play 3D world all the way through with him! Wish I could get any of my damn family to play video games with me πŸ™ (Well my bro used to, but he lives elsewhere these days. Credit to my sister who does now and then, even if she sucks ;p)

      • jreed3842

        Agreed! My family rarely plays games with me. I got them to play 3D World with me for a couple of levels, but then they got mad because they didn’t understand the controls right away (It even took me awhile to get it) and so they got frustrated and quit. So… I’ve been playing the rest of the game by myself. Lol.
        That’s why I wish Nintendo would do more with online play. I have A LOT of friends who got this game and love it just as much as I do… but we’re all too far away to play together.

        • Cena’s Smirk

          wow, I am a great dad lol. we already played threw Mario and Luigi U, super Mario world (VC snes on wii u), Nintendo land and his favorite Wind Waker HD. we finally beat it last weekend after he deleted my quest file twice.

          p.s. I also got him skates. he needs to learn to skate if he’s going to make the NHL.

        • ScrewAttack

          Definitely, exact same thinking here! A sadly missed opportunity.

  • TheGamerGeek128

    Deus Ex Human Revolution and The Wonderful 101

    • Fred

      W101!! Wahoo

  • crocodileman94

    PokΓ©mon Y

  • Alex0714

    A new hdtv and WWhd (the perfect combination for my WiiU)

  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    A hyper mountain bike and 100$.

  • Mozellergodt

    Link Between Worlds and Mario Kart 7 πŸ™‚

  • Sdudyoy

    What I got was a Zelda a link between worlds 3DS (I finally have a 3DS!) Monster hunter 3 ultimate and Super Mario 3D world, I had a great Christmas!

  • Entropyguy

    A sweater, polo shirt, Cards Against Humanity, See’s candy, an Amazon Gift Card, and cash. And a new watch.

    • Josiah Parsons

      See’s! I currently live in Ohio, but I used to live in southern California, and dang I miss the stuff! The mini lollies were my favorite.

      • Entropyguy

        My favorite has always been the Scotchmallows, but their truffles are pretty amazing too. I always thought it was superior to Godiva.

  • Fred

    I got Super Mario 64 DS, Crazy Coaster Deluxe and NES Remix. The only game I wanted and didn’t get is Wonderful 101 (Grandma and Grampa are coming soon with gifts hopefully they have it.

  • Mitch Hall

    A lot, actually.

    Assassin’s Creed 4 and Batman Arkham Origins for PC, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS, a new coat, new wallet, a few weird joke gifts, and a $300 Visa Gift Card that I think I’m going to spend on a PS4. I’m quite happy with my haul.

  • Justagamer

    Well today is my birthday so i got alot of stuff
    Xbox One–Dead Rising 3
    Minecraft for 360
    AC4- PS4
    lots of other games too..To many to list

  • gamesplayswill

    I am afraid I didn’t receive 3D World ;-; But I got a new monitor to play my gamecube/Wii games on, and a tablet. So… it ain’t all bad at all!! ^.^

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Mario 3d zelda hd and ac4, Mario is a lot of fun can’t wait to play the others

  • Steve6cupcakes

    I got a blue/black 3ds xl to upgrade from my 3ds, a screen protecter for my 3ds xl, pokemon x, shin megami tensei IV, killzone mercenary, some pikmin plush, and a book.

  • Petri

    Nothing, I had the pleasure of being on the giving end this Christmas.
    But birthday coming up soon, maybe try to hint my wife about a 3DS.

    • MysticDude97

      Make it a Limited Edition XL.

      • readypembroke

        The Zelda one!!!!

        • MysticDude97


  • Madmagican

    I got lots of candy and clothes but in a solemn moment I realized I got nothing in regards to gaming or money… it seems my family doesn’t know me well enough

    but I picked up L4D2 for free from Steam last night πŸ˜‰

    • readypembroke

      For free?? from a Steam friend? One of my Steam friends gave me a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gift but I want to trade it for a $20 eShop code. My PC can’t play pretty much squat.

      • Goob1246

        He most likely got it from the Steam Holiday special thing, where you could get L4D2 on Steam on Christmas day for free.

        • readypembroke

          I bought L4D 2 at retail and let one of my friends in my class borrow my Frying Pan from buying L4D 2 and he hasn’t have it back to me. But he did craft me a AWPer Hand and got me Tux when they had that Linux thing going on.

  • Aaron Matney

    Super Mario 3D World, Wii Party U, and Sing Party are the games I got these holidays.

  • JeanPaul

    I got pancakes from ihop…

  • PlayboyPacquiao

    I got Batman Arkham City. I also want Tekken Tag tournament though…

  • SamusPrime

    It was a good haul for me.
    Assassin’s Creed IV, Deus Ex, Darksiders 2, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Lego Marvel, Sonic Lost Worlds, New Super Luigi U, Galaxy 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Etrian Odyssey the Millenium Girl, Zero Escape, and Mario & Luigi Dream Team

    • Destructonator101

      Lucky people…

  • Fabian Moreno

    I got:
    Wii U Mario and Luigi set
    Pikmin 3
    LoZ: Wind Waker HD
    Sonic Lost World
    Super Mario 3D World
    32 GB card
    (4) $20 eshop cards
    (9) $50 eshop cards
    (2) 2000 wii shop cards
    Pre-ordered Bravely Default
    Extended battery for Wii U gamepad
    Money for Super Smash Bros. and Kirby
    …and socks
    …and toilet paper

    • MysticDude97

      Maybe they’re trying to tell U something with the toilet paper.

    • Josiah Parsons



      Is this you?

      XD I’m kidding. glad you had a happy Christmas πŸ˜€

    • Fabian Moreno

      (cont):So, I turns out I just got a surprise package one day late from my uncle.
      It includes:
      33 NES games(one was a silver edition “Nintendo World Championship!!”)
      12 SNES games
      8 N64 games
      7 Gamecube games
      16 Wii games
      32 Genesis games
      6 Saturn and Dreamcast games
      34 combined number of Playstation 1/2/3/4
      2 X1 games
      Kid Icarus:Uprising, A Link Between Worlds, Etrian Odyssey Untold, Rune Factory 4…
      …and knives…lots of them…maybe my family IS trying to tell me something.
      Also a note apologizing he forgot my 15th birthday 4 months ago…I forgive him.

      • does your family own something? XD

      • Graeme Lynch

        Am I the only person that can only see ‘knives…lots of them’ in this post?

  • Thomas Vienna

    Lol, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to share this on here.

    I got a bunch of Luigi stuff!
    – New Super Luigi U (disc version)
    – Luigi Wii Remote
    – Luigi’s Mansion
    as well as:
    – Super Mario 3D World
    – PokΓ©mon X
    – Assassin’s Creed III (They heard me talking about Assassin’s Creed IV, but got the wrong one. I appreciate the gesture, though. I’ll trade it in later).

    And also a Mario Chess set from my sis, and a Majora’s Mask Original Soundtrack from Nintendo.

  • Peter Lythaby

    Sadly nothing digital due to store being down πŸ™ catching up on rayman legends and 3d world

  • Jack5221

    I got 2 TB of external storage for my 8gb Wii U. Im super happy about that. Also, I got one White and one Black pro controller, 100$ and a Wii U travel bag. Everything else was just clothes and candies. πŸ˜€

  • Chronic Gang

    I got

    Mario Wii u mote
    Luigi Wii u mote
    Supermario 3d world
    Arkham origins Wii u
    Sonic lost world and

    All bought my self

  • simkenno

    Happy Christmas everyone ! I got Mario 3D world, Sonic lost world ( WiiU version ) , Wii Party U, and for my sister I bought Just Dance 2014 WiiU. πŸ™‚ I also got loads of other nice gifts non Nintendo related πŸ™‚

  • Here is what I got:

    *Some new Polo Shirts for work
    *A couple
    of “Awesome” T-Shirts (T-Shirts with sayings with the the word Awesome
    in it such as “Team Awesome” and “I cannot hear you over the sound of
    how Awesome I am”)
    *$150 in gift cards to Best Buy (Will use these to pre-order a few games such as MK8 and Smash Bros)
    *An Official Chicago Blackhawks Sweater (Jersey)
    *The Legend of Zelda Limited Edition Game Guide Set
    *Some expansion card sets for Cards Against Humanity
    *Various Candy and treats

    My gift to myself this year was new tires for my car. 18″ Performance Tires are expensive.

  • I got absolutely no Wii U games, no 3DS games. I feel kinda bummed out :/

    • lonewolf88

      i almost didnt either πŸ˜› mostly because i got a violin but i got a eshop card so everything is alright besides memory.

      • only gaming related thing I got was a hard drive, but you can’t really play that… It was really nice and I needed it, but it just felt weird that it was the day after Christmas and I had nothing new to actually play with.

    • DarkLegacy

      What about next year? Hopefully you’ll get some Wii U games and 3DS games next year on Christmas

  • Ducked

    Super Mario 3D World
    Super Luigi U
    Need For Speed Most Wanted U
    Wii Sports Club Bowling
    Call of Duty Ghosts

  • Maxid765

    I got a wii u, windwaker hd, 3d world and rayman legends. having lots of fun πŸ™‚

  • Nintedward

    A load of money and some small bits and pieces like clothes and aftershave. No game presents because I have everything I need πŸ˜‰

  • DarkLegacy

    I brought Pokemon X, Wind Waker HD, The Wonderful 101 and Assassin’s Creed IV. I had a lot fun with them

  • ScrewAttack

    Just 3D World and Blacklist U for me! Both of which are fecking awesome. Revelations U and Deus Ex to come in the next week though.

  • Squid

    Two ocarinas, Lego marvel, Scribblenauts dc, Sonic. Lost worlds. Tetris lamp, and a Super Nintendo. I have a lot of gamer cousins, luckily who got me these gifts.

  • mjnathans

    My presents to myself:

    Assassins Creed Black Flag (Wii U)
    Sonic Lost World
    Wii Party U

    Mario & Sonic 2014 Olympics
    Super Mario 3D World
    A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL Bundle (Favorite Gift)
    Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

  • SuperCatracho

    I got a blue 3DS XL !!!!!!

  • classicgamer20

    I got Super Mario 3d world, The Amazing 101, Pre Ordered the new Donkey Kong Country and an NES

  • Jim Coles

    For me Deus Ex.
    For the kids (also me) Sonic Lost world. Mario 3d world. Pikmin 3. Rayman Legends.

  • Marcel Kleine

    A chocolate bar

    • Patrick Starman

      Did you say chocolate?

  • Mithiragi

    Something special from the gf. πŸ˜‰

    • MysticDude97


  • Ryebread

    I got a 3DS XL, with Pokemon Y, Animal Crossing, and A Link Between Worlds! Great Christmas!

    • Mithiragi

      Hope you’re enjoying Pokemon Y! That’s what I gave my sister in addition to my old 3ds w/ the charging cradle and everything else that was in the original box.

      • MysticDude97

        You must’ve spent a fortune.

        • Mithiragi

          Well I did buy the original 3ds before the price cut so technically the presents I gave her equate to $240 overall lol

          • MysticDude97


      • Ryebread

        I am, i spent way too much time on Christmas playing it, my brother even thinking about getting his own 3DS to be able to play X whenever he wants.

        • Mithiragi

          That’s good. It’s a great game and so are ACNL and ALBW.

  • Patrick Starman

    The Wind Waker HD
    Super Mario 3D World
    A Link Between Worlds
    PokΓ©mon X
    Yeah, I had a pretty epic Christmas.

  • MysticDude97

    I got clothes out of a KOHL’S catalog for Christmas. Pity me.

  • Kirbyomega

    I got an electric toothbrush and a pillow.

    • MysticDude97

      Oh my goodness!

      • Kirbyomega

        To be fair I only asked for a 3DS which I knew I wasn’t gonna get.

  • Sombra Sapphire Lorelei


    • Patrick Starman

      Nobody’s going to listen to a gUY wHO tYPES lIKE tHIS.

  • Sam

    I didn’t get any media for Christmas; we have a rule: if we want something media related, we have to buy it ourselves. So, we’re getting a WiiU tomorrow(hopefully)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ConCity Soldier

    I got a belt and box full of chocalates. Umm, I guess I got jeans and and a pair of boxers a few days before Christmas. No games… But I have so many I don’t care. I’m buying myself a PS4 next month to go along with my Wii U. Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Mario 3D World, and Injustice will be my next games for Wii U. For PS4 I’m get NBA 2K14 and maybe Knack idk.

  • jreed3842

    I got Super Mario 3D World and Wii Party U!
    I also got 75 bucks worth of Gamestop gifts cards… So that will be going towards Mario Kart and Smash Bros!

  • Maxwell Baumgarten

    I got super mario 3d world, zelda a link between worlds, a wii u pro controller, some cash.

    I also nearly died when I was surprised with an xbox one

    • MysticDude97

      Then you rose.

    • Peter Lythaby

      Who dislikes you that much lol πŸ˜‰

  • Donaald

    17 PC games and more comics than I can count o_o

  • SleepySkullhead

    I got Rayman Legends. My goodness that game is awesome!

  • Abraham C

    I got a nice sweater and some shirts from my family and girlfriend. But i bought for myself Castlevania LoS Mirror of Fate, man i had been wanting that game for a while, and it’s awesome !

    • GmailIsDown

      i missed that deal. i ran out of space on my 360 and have been waiting Walmart to ship 3 32GB USB sticks forever. i hope Microsoft will bring all the deals back on new year’s eve.

  • beerkin

    Got the gold 3DSXL with A Link Between Worlds, Vita bundle w Uncharted, Walking Dead, Sly Cooper, Retro City Rampage and a Playstation Plus account that includes for free Graviy Rush, Bioshock Infinite, Sonic Racing, Soul Sacrifice, Oddworld Stangers Wrath HD, Wipeout 2048. I got the entire SEGA 3D classics, Knytt Underground,Wii Sports club Golf, a new 2TB HD and the best game of them all SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD!!!!!!!! How the hell am I going to find time to play all these?!?!?

  • Logic

    Got a Nintendo 3DS XL bundled with A Link Between Worlds and bought Pokemon X. I’m gonna be stuck on handhelds for quite some time XD

  • Jayden

    Got Super Mario 3D World and the Super Mario Wii Motion Plus Controller. I’m thinking of getting ‘A Link between Both Worlds’!

  • GmailIsDown

    i got Peggle 2!

  • Shy Guy

    Wii U Mario/Luigi bundle
    Pikmin 3 w/ Prima Strategy Guide
    Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD hardcopy
    Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia hardcover
    Super Mario 3D World
    Sonic Lost World
    Game & Wario
    $50 Nintendo eShop card (planning on purchasing Nes Remix and Pure Chess)

    Though she’ll probably never see this a special thank you to my dearest aunt, my sole surviving relative, the person who after long weekends at her house as a child, playing her Atari 2600 when my mom needed a break, got me started on video games in the first place, to whom I owe so much, and to whom I wish I could repay more, thanks auntie I love you. πŸ™‚

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I got two shirts that don’t fit me, two wallets of doubting quality and a 4GB Pen Drive… I miss the time when I used to get games for Christmas…

  • Nookling

    Mario 3D World, Assassins Creed 3, and Sonic Lost World. PLUS: Egg nog taffy, 1/4 lp Reece’s cup, ping pong paddle and rubbers, and concert tickets!!! πŸ˜€ yay!

  • Josiah Parsons

    Super Mario 3D World! Man that game is well done! Fun, beautiful, well designed, and sounds great!

  • Xander

    I got the misses the Mario and Luigi dreamteam xl bundle along with ac:nl of course (now we can visit each others towns). She got me super Mario 3d world. Pretty excited to play it, just waiting on her to get out of work.

  • Goob1246

    Super Mario 3D World
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
    Batman: Arkham Origins
    Assassin’s Creed III
    Assassin’s Creed IV
    I think it’s safe to say I’m having a blast with my Christmas presents (especially Wind Waker and AC4, although I wish the framerate was a bit better in AC4, but I don’t really mind as long as it’s playable).

  • readypembroke

    I sold my Wii (yes I did do a Wii transfer for the second time, big pain and I did get Super Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros 64 Club Nintendo rewards off) for $45 and used the money towards Super Mario 3D World. Already on the last level. My mom gave me $100 which I don’t know what to do with it. Might get eShop points or SM Galaxy.

  • Guesty Pooh!

    I got a Link Windwaker plushie, a Pacman with actual arcade sounds plushie, Knytt Underground on Wii U, Great Giana Sisters (Wii U), Nes Remix, Deus Ex (Wii U), Wii Party U, Mario 3D world, The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition (360), Stranglehold (360), Sleeping Dogs (360), The Walking Dead board game and a Walking Dead moneybox in the shape of a rotting zombie, good times.

    BTW, I’m 43 and my wife buys me my presents.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      My Gamertag is Placebohead. My Ex-Wife got me my 360. My current GF got me my X1. I got to keep this one haha

      • Guesty Pooh!

        Mine is Freek001, nice score.
        You’re not a gaming giggalo are you?
        I kid, enjoy your X1.

  • Chiquilin

    Just Dance 3 (Wii)
    Mario & Luigi Wii Remotes

    Now my whole family can dance and play NintendoLand at the same time!

    • Chiquilin

      My kids really like the Mario and Luigi Wii Remotes. πŸ™‚

  • Nick

    I got the Wii U deluxe bundle with NSMBU + NSL
    Pikmin 3
    TLoZ Wind Waker HD
    Super Mario 3D World

    I finally decided to get a Wii U. But man, I was hesitant to get one…

    Wonderful 101, Zombie U didn’t interest me at all. Bayonetta 2 just isn’t my thing. and in terms of third party games, that’s what my PS3 is for.

    I am looking forward to pretty much all of Nintendo’s first party games.

    That Zelda U better be the best thing ever…

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      I was in your same boat! I’m afraid that Nintendo alone can’t keep the WiiU afloat… But, I figured “Oh well, for Smash and Zelda”.
      Then the universe intervened. I went to Target and they were sold out. They haven’t replenished their stock since Black Friday. Ouchies

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    X1: Dead Rising 3. KILLER INSTINCT. Crimson Dragon. Forza 5. Halo Spartan Assault.

    2DS: LOZ aLBW. Pokemon Y. Starfox 3D. SM3dLand. Kid Icarus. MKart7. LMDarkMoon. MLDreamTeam. DKCReturns.

    And a 60″ LED πŸ™‚

  • uPadWatcher

    The two presents I had for my Wii U were Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong 3 on the Virtual Console for the U. And during the days of Kwanzaa, I’m getting Dr. Luigi.

  • n64king

    Money for Wii Fit U since it was late coming out lol awkward

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Nothing game related πŸ™ I pay for my own

    • Mithiragi



    I got a link between worlds golden 3ds and the game cartridge
    Super mario 3D world and call of duty Ghost πŸ˜‰ very happy nintendo is awesome !!

  • ChallengerUPC

    Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101. All of them are fantastic

  • disqus_c39xUtm3WM

    i got

    Super Mario 3d world
    Cod Ghost

    alread got my Wii U earlier in the year
    Love Both!

  • Tierre Allen

    I need new friends on my wii u. Add me : tdub1121

  • babulibaba

    No SM3DW
    No Wii Party U
    Just Clothes πŸ™

  • Tommy Dip

    Nintendo wise I got:
    Wind Waker HD
    Sonic Lost World
    Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut
    Super Mario 3D World
    A Link Between World’s
    Mario Party Island Tour
    New Super Mario Bros 2
    And A Pro Controller

  • sup3rnoah

    Mario 3D World an i’m loving it!

  • Destructonator101

    Shorts, two T-Shirts and Super Mario 3D World, Mass Effect Trilogy for X360 (After playing ME3 on Wii U, I have been wanting to experience the first two.), a towel (???) and some money (!!!)

    Super Mario 3D World has been great so far, my sister and I played it for a while and beat the first two worlds and now halfway through the third, and Mass Effect Trilogy has been great too, such an awesome series to play.

  • Bob Singh

    i got a ps4, and a new 50 inch tv

  • Jared Lytle

    I bought myself Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3d World, Monster Hunter 3 (because it was only $18), and a smash bros preorder.

  • Aleksandar Antonijevic

    i got nothing lol

  • Krzysztof

    Deus ex

  • BIG Franky

    My NNID is: bigfranky75 ….find me! I always follow back and will accept friend requests, just let me know you are from this community.

    I got the following titles (gifts for myself disguised as gifts for my Kids haha):
    Lego City Undercover;
    Rayman Legends;
    Super Luigi U;
    Disney Infinity;
    Skylanders Swap Force;
    Zelda Windwaker;
    Sonic All-Star Racing; and
    Pikmin 3.

    Games just for me:
    Call of Duty Ghosts (for both PS4 & Wii U); and
    AC 4: Black Flag (for PS4 but I am thinking about exchanging for Wii U version).

    • Goob1246

      If you care about frame rate issues and cannot stand playing a game with 20-30 FPS, then don’t get the Wii U version. But if you want off-tv play, second screen gameplay, and don’t care for better graphics and a stable 30 FPS, then feel free to get the Wii U version (although the frame rate does get better outside of Havana, and the frame rate issues never made the game unplayable for me).

      • BIG Franky

        yeah… much of that nonsense just never makes a difference to me…. my naked eye cant detect much difference graphically between the PS4 version and the Wii U version of AC4…. and most people tend to agree with that assessment (at least according to the reviews). and that is to be expected in the first round of next-gen games avail… as developers are using the same models for many of thee games…. where the PS4 will really shine is down the road, which is what I am excited for. but yeah, I’ve played both versions of AC4 and the difference is very minimal…. mostly in shading and water textures… but its VERY minimal.

  • Decker Shado

    Well, I bought my girlfriend and her twin sister Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Sonic Lost World.. and they also got Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and 2 relatively nice $800 AMD APU rigs to replace their old dinosaurs from ages past.

    Me? I got some boots and some house shoes. Yay.

  • Joe Jack

    Lol I’m 13 By The Way.
    My Presents:

    Zelda Limited Edition Wii U
    Super Mario 3D World
    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
    Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
    Rayman Legends
    Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

    I Got My Sister: Pokemon X

  • Graeme Lynch

    I got LOVE!

  • Thundercat

    40 l’m 59 and still gaming. Just finished wwhd and playing a link between worlds right now. My kids and grandkids get me BB gift cards to buy my games. Got the Mario Luigi limited edition 3ds XL for Christmas.

  • Simon Stevens

    I got just enough Christmas money for my very own 2DS, no more borrowing my son’s XL, plus I treated myself to Scribblenauts πŸ˜€

  • palomino blue

    Mario and Luigi Wii Remotes and NSMBU which, for some reason I hadn’t yet purchased.

  • WarioForever

    Super Mario 3D World!

  • DrNope

    Wii U Windwaker Bundle
    LEGO Marvel
    Just Dance 4
    FIFA 2013
    Mass Effect 3
    Super Mario Wii U

    3DS XL (Black)
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Spirit Camera

    It was one hell of a Nintendo Christmas. πŸ™‚

    When I was seven years old, back in 1987, Santa brought us an NES. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received. This year my daughter is seven years old, and it was amazing to be able to bring the same fun and joy into her life. Thanks Nintendo.

  • Seth S. Scott

    I got Wonderful101, a 3ds XL and monster hunter 3 ultimate. The XL is an amazing upgrade from my current 3ds.

    • Fred

      Wonderful 101 is an AMAZING GAME!

  • Anthony Sibilla

    Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World. They are incredible.

  • 8ruc3

    A red 2DS with 6 games (New Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Mario & Luigi Dreamteam and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D) + 4 Wii U games (Rayman Legends, Ninja Gaiden 3, Batman Arkham Origins and Deux Ex). πŸ˜€ I love Nintendo! πŸ˜‰

  • Aleksander

    A 60 inch 3D Led Smart tv,super mario 3d world,batman arkham city,batman origins,assassins creed 4, im happy πŸ™‚

  • James Roberts

    Zombi U
    Wind Waker HD
    Lego City Undercover

    And from myself… a Wii U:-)

  • mralloverit

    I got Splinter Cell Blacklist and cash. Blacklist didn’t interest me enough to get a place on my shelf, so I ran through it in about 2 days then traded it earlier today at my local Best Buy. After which, I picked up Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. Still got cash left so I’m headed to gamestop later to look for some more Wii U games or a couple Steam cards.

  • Carl Fin

    Wii U!
    Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!Wii U!

    Wii U!

    Wii U!

  • Inkeyis

    Got my parents to buy my little bro a 3ds xl at toys r us for $170 (they missed the extremely good target deal) and then I got him pokemon x (I have pokemon y). I think he already clocked in 1 day in the game since Christmas (3 days). When he’s older, he better get me good presents since my parents only wanted to get him board games and clothes.

  • Scott Duperree

    Super Mario 3D World
    Game Party Champions
    Super Mario World

  • Gabcormier

    I got Batman: Arkham Origins and LoZ: ALBW
    I got myself SM3DW for 39.99$ the day after πŸ˜€

  • ICHI

    Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros 3, Just Dance 2014 (for the kids), AC Black Flag and NES Remix.

  • Louis

    Got Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U and Wii U Party this Christmas

  • Lewis Te Whaiti

    I bought a Wii U system, it came bundled with Nintendoland and Just Dance 2014, I also bought Zombie U, Assassins Creed 3 and COD BO2 (which has a thriving community here it seems) I showed it to my daughter who fell in love with it, She has shown it to her cousins who also love it, and, quite often squabble over who will use the game pad, oh and I also have 4 Wii controllers and nunchucks. I have noticed the the game most enjoyed by these Teenagers (yes teenagers!), is Nintendoland. We still have a PS3 and gaming computers (which is my preference) but I’m astonished to see how much these kids love that game, I quite often hear them employing tactics on how to defeat enemies in Metroid Battle, and I can hear them screaming in Luigi’s ghost mansion. Although I’m a PC gamer at heart, I have to admit Nintendo knows what makes great multi player family games. Big ups to Ninty for that.

  • jrb363

    I got:
    1. Super Mario 3D World
    2. Super Mario 3D Land
    3. NBA 2k13

    For the wife:
    1. Assassin’s Creed IV
    2. Nintendo 2DS
    3. 3DS games (picking a few out tomorrow for her)

    It was an all Nintendo Christmas for us! πŸ™‚

  • RichM

    I’m 36 and have boys that are 10 and 8. We’ve had a Wii for a few years and so I got them *cough* myself *cough* a Wii U for Christmas. We just have the deluxe edition that came with the Mario and Luigi games. Once the eShop came back up, we downloaded the demo of Tank Tank Tank and eventually bought the Monster Levels for $8. It’s a simple game that we all can play and then put away. I bought another nunchuck so we could have three. I also bought them Super Smash Brothers Brawl which seems to be their favorite game. They’re looking forward to the new one and keep looking up videos. I really want Nintendo Land and maybe Party U.