Wii U CPUThe Wii U CPU is based on IMB’s latest PowerPC technology, the POWER7 architecture. The processor will use most of the modern features from POWER7, including advanced power saving controls. The Wii U CPU speed is estimated to be at 1.25 GHz by developers who have access to dev kits. The processor is the key part in the Wii U system specs, which include a Wii U GPU from AMD, and an unspecified amount of RAM. According to reports obtained by Wii U Daily, the console will use a processor based on the “IBM 710 Express”, but will be heavily modified to suit the needs of the console and video game software.

Wii U CPU specs

The Wii U CPU uses most of the features from the POWER7 architecture, the rumored and leaked specs so far indicate:

  • 3 CPU Cores and 1.5 MB shared L3 cache
  • 1.25 GHz clock speed
  • 45 nm process
  • Advanced power savings features and design
  • 256 KB L2 cache for core 0+1, 1MB cache for core 3

The processor of course includes a whole slew of additional features, and consumes only a fraction of power compared to other console processors. Production of the Wii U processor will take place at IBM’s facility in New York, USA, while the final console and components will be assembled in China and shipped worldwide.

Wii U CPU power and performance

The power output of the Wii U CPU is debatable at this point, as no clear technical specifications are available. The IBM Power7 architecture is rated at maximum 33 GFLOPS(Giga FLOPS) per core with the full amount of cache available at max clock speed. Per CPU, the maximum performance output is over 260 GFLOPS, albeit this is based on a fully specced out 8 core chip at 4 GHz.