May 28th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:34 pm

Wii U CPUA report obtained by Wii U Daily suggests that the Nintendo Wii U CPU is based on the IBM 710 Express chip, but is underclocked at 3 GHz and comes with 4 cores and 8 threads. The new CPU is said to be 20X faster than the chip found in the original Wii console.

Wii U Daily’s Japanese source, which originally leaked the Wii U system specs, now elaborates on the main processor. The Wii U CPU, as we know from Nintendo, is made by IBM and is based on their POWER 7 architecture, and will be built on 45nm. The new details reveal that the Wii U CPU is modeled after the 710 Express IBM server processor, which as standard has 6 cores and runs at speeds of up to 3.7 GHz. The 710 Express chip can also execute 4 threads per core at the same.

In order to save on production costs, Nintendo has scaled down the processor for the console. The Wii U version of the CPU will scale down the cores to 4, the clock frequency to 3 GHz, and threads per core will go down from 4 to 2. This means the Wii U CPU will be able to execute 8 threads at the same time. The current Xbox 360 CPU, also made by IBM, can execute 6 threads at the same time.

On paper it looks like the Wii U is “around 50% more powerful than current gen systems” as analysts suggested last year, but in reality, the console is likely to be much faster than the raw numbers suggest. This is due to the new features and the architectural improvements of the POWER 7 design. Overall, the Wii U CPU is said to be 20X faster than the IBM Broadway chip found in the Wii.

While Nintendo isn’t expected to reveal any CPU or hardware details at E3, the NDAs developers signed will likely expire after E3. This could pave the way for developers to share some of the specific hardware design features of the Wii U, including the CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. We’ll have to wait until then to see whether this rumor holds true.

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  • Lilfid

    Nintendo dont deceive us !!!
    This is truly good for games …
    The WiiU CAN follow the next génération of consoles !

  • Skozo

    One word:

  • uPadWatcher

    I hope that Nintendo will blow the competition out of the water!

    • Nintendo4ever

      Me 2. i believe Unreal engine 4 will run on Wii U.

  • Mr. Will

    It’s no secret that Nintendo has never put an excessive amount of time and money into competing graphically with the competition. Once Sony and Microsoft come out with their next gens, Nintendo will likely be back on the bottom graphically. But this time, IT WONT MATTER. Graphics are only gonna get so good before there are needless improvements. My PS3 on hi-def is as good as I need it. And if the wii u is gonna look even better, then there’s nothing but good news in nintendo’s future

    • Chris

      Well hears a few things that might interest you:

      – Sony have stated that they don’t want to release an overpriced console since they have lost about 31 years worth of money in the TV industry which effects most parts of Sony including the hardware, software and gaming side of the company. This means the next gen console will be either on power with the Wii U or weaker due to the great amount of money lost during the past year 1/2

      – Microsoft are planning on creating a more powerful console that will be more powerful than the Wii U, however, due to some rumours of Microsoft creating a Kinect 2 and saying that they want to aim the next console at families, it means the console will be more likely to follow the same route as the Wii but thanks to kinect 2 it could put people off the console

      – Epic games have said that they are not happy with the PS4 and Xbox Next, however, they have said nothing but praise for the Wii U meaning that the system could be capable of running Unreal Engine 4 and 3.5

      • Supermosh1990

        i hear a RUMOR that the next Xbox and PS 4 will not have a huge graphics leap like (PS 2 to PS3, and Xbox to Xbox 360). I think Wii U will do Just amazing!

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          Going from standard definition to HD, Nintendo definitely has the biggest graphical leap. But the way graphics are gonna grow now are not in definition, but content. What they are able to show at that level. Look up a comparison of Crysis on PCs and PS3/Xbox360, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Although graphics are high definition, that doesn’t mean they have the textures and other stuff to look really good, just the pixels. That’s why they’re gonna focus on being able to have more shades and textures and stuff. It’ll be a noticeable improvement, but still, not so far beyond the Wii U. The main thing that’ll give them the boost to look better is that the Wii U requires the second screen, so that kinda detracts from the tv game’s capabilities, but still, they have enough. It’ll be relatively flat lined. Nintendo may just look a bit more animated and a bit less like a photo taken with an HD camera of the ocean. Not a horrible thing. And we should still be able to get full 3rd party support. Maybe not the best looking versions of the next gen 3rd parties, but I’m willing to bet the most intuitive to play, especially with that second screen

    • alienfish

      except with consoles like:

      Super Nintendo
      Nintendo 64

      Oh, yeah, and those were the last three consoles. Wii was the first, and apparently only one, that will be following the trend of not competing graphics wise. I really hate it when people base their entire opinion of Nintendo on the Wii.

      • Xavier

        thank you that’s what i been saying all alone the wii was the only one that wasn’t graphically able to compete with the current gen consoles

      • Marq

        Suddenly, I don’t feel so alone.

        • joe

          Dude, that is funny, I thought the same thing initially…
          I would love to see the Shenmue Series come out for WiiU. Yu Suzuki from Sega would make awesome use out of the touch screen.

  • alienfish

    I always hate hearing rumors that say hardware has been downgraded. They could do so much more with double the threads…

  • Swic11

    This sounds amazing for a console, just the better architecture will blow the current gen consoles away, but to add in more beef to boot, this is amazing

  • BlueFalcon

    Wow reading this makes me want a Wii U even more, this CPU is better than the current consoles.

    • Swic11

      Well it’s kind of a given that it better, “current gen” consoles have been out since 2005/2006

      • alienfish

        I still hope this rumor is wrong and they are, in fact, going with the other rumored model which would support 16 threads at once. I agree that graphics aren’t going to look that much better as we all move into the future, but a better processor means deeper gameplay and more happening in the game all at once. What would be even better is if they used that six core with 24 threads at once. Anyways, there’s only a week left before we get to actually see what this machine can do.

        • Contracode

          No it doesn’t. Just got a i7 6 core and no one wants to make a damn thing for it. It’s called over kill until some one figures out why they need it. Ram is way more important. havoc will run just fine on it. You can almost run code on the gpu now!

        • Wildman

          I don’t think any CPU in production needs or even uses more than 4 threads per core.
          24 threads would sure be amazing, but what would be the use on a gaming console?
          8 threads will be fine. Not every process takes up a whole thread.

          • das

            if the console has to stream and do many other unknown ” tricks ” then it isnt just the games engine thatll use CPU resources ,its the extra threads needed to stream the media and calculate things like wiimote gestures and god knows what else might be available to work on the wii ,the kinect is a good example ,it needed an extra CPU on the unit to make it work because itll drain resources from the already maxed out xenon on the 360

  • David

    Are these the specs from the v4 or v5 dev ket?

    • Wildman

      Probably both of them. I don’t think the CPU wouldn’t change too much from kit to kit.

  • Smurfman256

    “20% faster than Broadway”.

    2.9 GFLOPS x 20= 58 GFLOPS.

    My question is is that single precision or double precision? If it’s SP, then thais actually quite a gain over the 360. If it’s DP, then we don’t see much of a performance boost there.

    • Smurfman256

      oh, and BTW, the closest PC equivalent to that is the Core i7 940 @ (ironically) 3GHz

  • gobbledegubber

    Is it 20 times faster or 20 percent faster

    • alienfish

      20 times faster than original Wii. If it was only 20% they could just as well not release a new console and stick with the inferior capabilities of the Wii.

    • Smurfman256

      sorry. meant to write an X instead of a %.

  • Tak

    I don’t know man. Reducing threads sounds more expensive, than what you save by cutting them.

    • Wildman

      It’s a custom CPU made in mass quantity for one company (Nintendo). Plus, reducing the thread count will probably increase chip yields from the IBM East Fishkill plant.
      The more good chips they can get off the 45nm wafers, the less those chips will cost in the long run.

  • gobbledegubber

    So I just read on another site that the diffrence in power between wii u and nextbox was large what do y’all think I think that is a fairy tale myself

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      That might be true, but all the power’d be going towards there super Kinect 2.0. I don’t think it’ll be super powerful. I’d say as many threads as the Wii U, though, a better, slightly more modern one. Probably same with the graphics card. I mean, they do have an extra year to get this up, so they can use younger tech, but knowing Microsoft, they’ll make a $500 system again. Especially since Nintendo is trying to be cost efficient and maybe somewhat of a minimalist in terms of power (they get as much as they need and no more. But they have what they need, so they don’t need more), and Sony is boarderline bankrupt, so they can’t afford to make a super beast (I expect a $400-$450 system from them, but these are just guesses based on their historical trends. I’m not really going off of anything other than that Sony makes expensive stuff, but can’t afford to go all out this time. And Microsoft doesn’t need to crush the competition. No third parties could build games for a system that’s too advanced). So the next Xbox will be may have enough power to be a bit noticeable, but I doubt enough to really matter, cause in the end, it comes down to gameplay. (I also think both of these companies could compete with $300 or $350 systems since they don’t have to dual or triple stream to screens and that makes the Wii U unable to fully embrace next gen graphics since it’s split between two screens, that’s just a fact, it has to support multiple screens and that takes away from what the chip could do if it was used just for a single screen. I’m not downing the Wii U saying that, I’m gonna get one and think it’s a great system, but that’s the cost of multiple screens. So even with the same tech, on a single screen, the competing consoles could outperform the Wii U. They’d even be cheaper than it. But they won’t do that. They’ll also add in features, like blue ray players, so that adds into there cost. So because of that, Nintendo will be able to compete, market and pricewise, but graphic wise and processing powerwise, it’ll appear to lack, though, it’s not lacking, just being divided).

  • John

    This system is gonna be weak. Not that it matters, since Nintendo always finds a way to make visually stunning games on underwhelming hardware (the 3DS is fairly underwhelming and Capcom has blown me away with Revelations). It’s just disappointing, since performance issues like popup and choppy frame rates are my main problem with todays games, not necessarily the graphics (if you know what I mean).

    I just worry about the impact the controller with have on the system’s performance. Add to that the rumors of the system using a heavy OS, allowing multiple controllers, even video chat and you have what sounds like something that couldn’t possible look much better then the 360 (not that that’s bad, there are some amazing looking 360 games, just disappointing).

    • Meelow

      Where’s the source saying the Wii U is weak?, the Wii U will be weaker then the PS4/720 but it won’t be a huge difference.


      They where saying the

      Wii U = Dreamcast
      Xbox 720 = Xbox

      While the PS4 is in the middle.

    • Tak

      3ds looks better than Vita to me. Vita has better CPU+GPU of course, but its so 2d!!! After playing 3ds Vita looks so unexciting.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Don’t worry, the intro games run at 60fps at 720p. And some of those, like pikmin 3, were originally intended to be Wii games. Not to mention that this is Nintendo’s first step into HD. Believe me, come a year or two from now, it’ll only be getting better. Maybe even 60fps at 1080p. I heard Assassins Creed 3 was aiming to do that. Plus, it has modern tech and still next gen level hardware (though maybe not top of the line next gen, still is considered next gen. just look up what named developers say. it’s a powerful box). I heard the gamepad has some lag with the main screen, though the screen on the pad has none. That will probably be addressed before release though, if it wasn’t already/in the process of. The pro controller, I’ve heard, also runs seamlessly, no lag at all. It’s all good

  • Lilfid

    Me i just imagine a Zelda or a Mario with the graphics of god of war 3 or a Gears of war !!!
    That s enough for me …
    I love ocarina of Time 3ds So …

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah 8 threeds x 20 cores is 120 core cpu must have a star ship anti-matter generator too power it

    • Wildman

      4 CPU cores x 2 threads per core = 8 threads total.

      20x more processing power than the Wii’s Broadway CPU.

      Where did you get 160 cores from? lol That would make the Wii U equivalent to a server tower.
      It would think for itself
      (skynet ref.)


  • james braselton

    i meant 160 core cpu

  • david6

    The cpu is fine. Ibm power 7 isnt cheap, it will do the job. But i still dont like console exterior design or wii u name.

  • John

    Man everyone kept their mouth shut until the last week before e3? I guess developers are like school girls lol. Man Nintendo is going to be posed of with all these leaks lol I have a feeling a day before e3 the system will be shown lol,

  • Daxterflames

    I think Nintendo are going to release two versions of the console, 1 featuring 4 gb of ram and 3 ghz processor along with 4 cores per thread..and the other mentioned above, price difference will offer consumer options to buy the one they prefer and later they can drop the price of the better version and future proof the console to compete with the next box and ps4, that might seem like a plausible business venture where profits can be made easily..
    They can keep the 4 gb ram version as order only to minimise the hardware manufacturing costs.
    And instead of paying 100$ more for a bigger hard disk, we can pay 50-60$ for a better ram

    • Wildman

      So the developers would have to make Wii U games for two different versions of Wii U consoles?

      I don’t think so, Dax. That wouldn’t be a wise move on Nintendo’s part, but E3 will reveal all in a weeks time.

      • Daxterflames

        Graphically, the games are going to run at 1080p 60FPS all that,
        its just my theory of what could be done, the developers could always give an option of switching on AA and all the extra stuff like that found in PC games.

        Instead of a Hard Drive, extra ram could future proof the console, and later when the other consoles are released, they can announce a price drop in the 4GB ram iteration and compete toe to toe at very competitive prices.
        That is just a theory

        • Daxterflames

          E3 is taking Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar toooo long!
          and i have exams then FML!

        • Wildman

          It’s a possibility.

          7 more days!!

  • Honza Skýpala

    Tried to Google and found out there is nothing like IBM 710 Express chip. There is IBM 710 Express server that uses Power7 chips (different types, including 4, 6 and 8 cores etc.)

    • david6

      Im pretty sure they are talking of power 7 variation.

  • wiiboy101


    A POWER 7 @ 1.6 GHZ WOULD Piiiiii ALL OVER A X360 CPU

    AND 20X WII CPU IS EASY 4 X X360S CPU but i still think its a fake at this time a powerpc 32 bit soc seems more realistic LOL at x360 cpu being any good

    weak wii u that cpu is easy 4x x360

  • guy

    im sticking with 3/4 broadway type cores at 45nm SYSTEM ON CHIP until i see something else stating otherwise and a clock speed of 1.6ghz to 2.4ghz,well be power7 based but this sounds far fetched disableing cores etc not a nintendo thing to do

    ether 4xcore power 7 or a 3/4 x core broadway 2

  • Wildman

    Well, it’s a custom chip. Nintendo has tons of money.
    I think this sounds perfectly legit. Broadway was made in 90nm and it is slow (729MHz and 2.9 Gigaflops). It is an old CPU platform.
    Anyway, this is confirmed by my standards. The CPU they speak of will be produced at the IBM East Fishkill plant.

    Info on the IBM e-DRAM:

  • david6

    Dont hate the chip. Its real. Nintendo has a relationship with IBM, and may be trying a custom power 7 variation (the newest best chip) to have the highest amount of power at affordable price. Price will depend upon how many consoles are forcast to sell. A game machine will sell high volume. Ibm power 7 is fast, powerful and expensive. Experimenting less thread( its still a next gen chip) but made for mass production. Power 7 was made for supercomputer server like watson. 4core @2 threads is still a good eight threads, should easily run pc type games. But unreal engine4 may require more horsepower and gpu upgrades. They said even after e3 this year,nothing is certain.. epic must be asking consoles insane ghz, above highend p.c. xbox is guaranteed to sell, but if nintendo gets e3 atention, may strike better deal. X

  • Lo_and_behold

    Wii U is 20x faster than Wii…yet Wii U is equal or less powerfull than PS360….Just how *u*king stupid is Wii? Oh right! The Wii is only 200mhz faster than GameCube!! Is this based on the early Wii U estimates? ( 2x faster than XBox360? or the later/current Dumb-down Wii U? I SOOOOOO HATE *U*KING CRAPTENDO!!!!!!

    • gobbledegubber

      Then why come to this site when it clearly say nintendo. guess its cheaper than a shrink .

    • Embassey

      The ram looks magnificent, and i can assure you, it is more powerful than those found in the current gen. If the CPU is as good as it is promised, it is a lot better than the ones being used today, but remember, the Wii U needs a lot of processing-power if it is going to suport the controller/controllers. Then it is just the GPU… We do not know anything about it :/

    • Harry Potter

      wats your f*cking problem ? as u can see from the comments nearly all of us like Nintendo and we dont give a sh*t about wat u think . is there something wrong with your brain cos it says at the top wii u daily and if u hate nintendo why come to a NINTENDO PRODUCT FAN SITE???!!!

      • Harry Potter

        im not talking to embassey or gobbledegubber im talking to Lo_and_Behold

  • moonpig

    if anyone thinks that the wii u will stand upto ps4/next xbox loool your just kidding yourselfs…..

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      If you’re thinking those systems are gonna be major upgrades, you’re kidding yourself. Just look at how much money Sony’s been losing the past few years, that’s all you should need to know that they aren’t gonna be going all out on this, and Microsoft has no need to since Sony and Nintendo are being cost efficient. Sure those systems will be better, but not enough to really matter

  • moonpig

    wii u is what the wii should of been….
    once everyone is over its fancy stange its gonna get a kick in the nuts from ps4/next box and your gonna be playing this gen games while we play next gen games

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Yes, because developers are going to make current gen quality games for a system that they have said themselves is next gen. Quit kidding yourself. You’re a hater and a lousy one at that. Enjoy your red rings of death. If you love Sony, I’ll see you at their funeral cause that company’s going bankrupt, unless they can somehow turn it around make back the billions they lost. I’ll stick with my reliable Wii U, cause Nintendo’s not going anywhere

  • Joel

    The question is, is 50% better than the 360 and PS3 enough to compete with SOny and Microsoft’s new consoles?

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Sony yes, they can’t afford a major leap. Microsoft, well they can’t afford one either. Microsoft relies on third party support, and if they made that big of a leap, it’d be too expensive to develop for. So yeah, we aren’t gonna see a huge leap this gen. 50-100% from all parties. They’re gonna focus on adding detail into the games now, not power. More realistic graphics. Probably not much of a higher pixel rate. 1080p is plenty enough, they want shaders and textures and all that good stuff. Wii U may be a little less pretty cause it has to support multiple screens, but at the level of graphics we’re getting to, unless they don’t support Unreal Engine 4, which it should, we’re gonna be getting all the games we need. The question is, who’ll make the exclusives that really drive the consumers

  • AndyC

    These numbers don’t add up, I’ve run them over and over.

    It’s either got to be a 6-Core Running at 3Ghz with 2 threads/core.

    OR a 4-Core Running at 3.7Ghz with 4 threads a core. If any rumours of Unreal 4 is remotely true It’ll be the 6-Core.

    This is if it’s only 20x the Wii.

    If it’s 2x more powerful than the PS3/360 It’s got to be between a 6-Core running at 3Ghz and a 6-Core running at 4Ghz.

    Although 20x the Wii’s power in the RAM department confirms a 1.77GB of RAM

  • guy


    powerpc 32bit out of order cores are now at 45nm and also run system on chip THE EXACT THING WIIU IS SAID TO BE ADD TO THIS FACT IS YET ANOTHER FACT UBISOFT SAIF IT USES BROADWAY WII LIKE CPU CODE BUT NOW SUPPORTS MULTI CORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that screams to me ether broadway 2 cores or maybe a power7 ,it seems more like broadway 2 system on chip to a sane person,,,,POWERPC32BIT based on the cl and broadway design are now 45nm SOC ready and each core takes up only 1/4 the physical space of a wii cpu there for 4 cores would take up the same area as broadway cpu they also run at speeds of 1.6ghz to 2.0ghz maybe even 2.4ghz with fans and power lead

    the powerpc 32bit is now 128bit ringbus systenm on chip vs the old wii 64bit front side bus they now have 5 instructions per clockvs broadways 2 instructions per clock at the same clock speed these new 45nm designs are twice as powerful as broadway

    so 4 cores at 1.6ghz = around 16 x the power of wiis cpu with no extra heat or power consumption and allow multi core programming of wii code EXACTLY AS DECRIBED BY UBISOFT

    the new 128bit ring bus system on chip can handle 8 cores as well as co -processors and gpus and hd streamers etc so 4x core plus gpu plus sound chip is easy to do at 45nm

    reminder both powerpc 32bit and power 7 are @ 45nm but only powerpc 32 bit is system on chip ready and 100% back compat with broadway

    facts vs fiction people

  • guy

    whats the physical size of a 4x core power 7 vs a x360 3xcore both at 45nm if the power 7 is even bigger or bigger and hotter i dont see it being used 4xcore power 7 seems to me a bigger processor than x360s 3xcore at 45nm

    but 4x broadway 2’s is about the same size/area as a wii cpu give or take it can only be a new power 7 based design or a power pc 32 bit just seems weird a total new power 7 based 4xcore was made for this wiiu unless IBM offered it as a desck top version of there power 7 server chip and as there no longer in the mac business they have offered it to nintendo still seems like a broadway 2 would fit the bill perfectly

    also the idea of a huge edram ram pool isnt far fetched look at 1t sram

    • Smurfman256

      As far as I know, POWER7 runs quite cool and shuold be small enough if they use a quad core (you could actually shrink the Xbox 360 down to the size of the Wii if you do it properly.)

  • anonymous

    But PS4 and XBOX720 will have 8 core CPU’s at 4GHZ and support upcoming 4K and 8K (4000p) TVs so Nintendo once again will be oldschool and behind a gen with outdated low res 1080P graphics.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Really…. 8 cores? It’ll be 8 threads. They’ll probably have faster processors, but the cache will be the real decider there, and they won’t be too far ahead in that case. Resolution has to do with the GPU, not CPU, and will, at best, and stupid if they waste their money doing this, 2160p. They don’t need more pixels, they need textures and shaders. As well as more bandwidth. They want to be able to do pseudo realistic graphics, then that’s what they need, not 4000p. 480p or 4000p, a cartoon is still a cartoon. In case you haven’t noticed, HD doesn’t make something certainly look more real, just more clear. And once you hit HD, that begins to flat line. Just watching tv, even you should know that realistic pictures can exist in even standard definition. Developers now want that in there games. They have clear pictures, they just want to be able to make it real and have access to make it look however they want in that realm. Expect your 4000p, clear as the sun picture. Go ahead. I’ll be here to watch you cry when you don’t get it. Even if TVs that go beyond 1080p are being made, it makes no sense to make a system for something that isn’t even out yet. That won’t even have an install base til the end of the next console generation anyhow. Your company wastes money on that, they’ll go bankrupt or end up having a system that has to last them over 2 generations, and when the competition enters their second generation, they’ll pass right over your company’s system. Have fun fanboying over a system that you haven’t even seen yet. I’ll stick with what I know I’m getting, an HD system that’s leading the way into the next generation. Sure it’ll be weaker than yours, but it’s the first, so of course it is. It’s still well considered next gen by third party developers and that’s all that matters, cause that means, after we get our install base in, I’m getting their games in addition to my first and second party games. And that’s all a system needs. (Also, just so you know, Nintendo had the most powerful, or competing with most once the original xbox hit the market, systems and graphics from the days of the NES up the Gamecube. The past 3 generations, the weakest competitors have won. PS1, PS2, and Wii. Those systems had the most overall console sales for their respective generations. Believe it or not, the Wii beat the Xbox360 and PS3, selling 10 million copies in it’s weakest year, now approaching or maybe passed by now 100 million units being sold worldwide. You’re at what, 60-70 million. Fact of the matter is, Wii beat you. Call it crap if you want, but it’s successful, and the Wii U, with 3rd party support and more innovative controls, will be a repeat, cause it’s powerful and pretty enough)

  • DrSlump

    “Overall, the Wii U CPU is said to be 20X faster than the IBM Broadway chip found in the Wii”
    Everything is 20x faster than a Broadway chip 😐
    It’s opinion to me that this hardware is good to compete with the actual generation consoles, but will be totally outperformed by the next gen coming in 2013 and who’ll buy the wii u will again be condamned do play the various zelda, mario etc etc and buy another console to play third partsgames.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      If that was true, then third parties wouldn’t call it a powerful machine. Like, say, Crytek. That’s a good example. Besides, from what we’ve already seen, it’s more powerful and better looking than current gen, and that’s while it streams a second screen to the gamepad. This thing is gonna have no problem competing next gen. Picture definition is already flat lining, and the Wii U already has visuals that show to be improved beyond that of the current gen, in it’s early stages and entry games. Will it be the most powerful or clearest of the next gen, no. It’ll have been out for a year and known about for 2 and a half before the competition comes out, so they know what they need in order to exceed it’s capabilities, just enough to make it noticeable, but it won’t be so much that it’ll deter from the Wii U. The only thing that may would be the developers having to develop content for the second screen. In a Darksiders 2 interview I watched they said that it took the 3, only 3, programmers that were working on bringing the game to the Wii U a matter of weeks to bring the whole game over, including gamepad content. So it isn’t even that bad. If they want unique content for it, maybe, but once they have time developing for it and get used to the architecture of the system, we’ll be getting all we need. Besides, enough information is known to counter your statement that Wii U won’t be getting support by just looking at its launch line up. These games are launch games, and there’s a crap ton of games there, mostly 3rd party. Far beyond that of what the Wii ever got, aside from shovelware. Not to mention all of the developers who said they have big future plans for the system. EA, Crytek, and others have all said it’s a powerful console and they are looking forward to working with it. If you want Zelda exclusives, don’t worry about third parties, get a Wii U, you should be fine. The third parties may take time to get there, but they’re coming. Nintendo just needs to get an install base in first. Once people have the system, the games will start flying

  • king gee

    Wii u is going to be the best console by far Sony has no money ha that’s funny ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 PS none Sony Bandwagons fuck Sony with there hard controls same stuff since ps1 Xbox wii u all the way.