Feb 16th, 2013

Back before the Wii U was released, the rumors surrounding its hardware were crazy. Everyone wanted to know what was inside Nintendo’s new console, and speculations were rampant. Now the console has been out for a few months, and many have attempted to break open the box and analyze what’s inside.

However, to get a professional snapshot of the CPU, to see what’s really inside and to analyze its specs is something that only professionals can do with some seriously sophisticated instruments. Chipworks, who provide reverse engineering information about computer chips of all sorts, did exactly that on the Wii U CPU, and provided the specs and photo of the CPU die.

Wii U CPU specs

  • Cores: 3
  • Speed: 1.24 GHz
  • 3 MB eDRAM L2 cache:
    Core 0: 512 kB
    Core 1: 2 MB
    Core 2: 512 kB
  • 32 kB L1 Instruction cache
  • 32 kB L1 Data Cache
  • When playing Wii games, only Core 0 is active

The CPU itself is tiny, measuring only 4.74 x 5.85mm. Of course, these specs don’t really matter — it’s always the games that matter and what developers can do with the console. But if you’re a hardware freak, now you know what powers the Wii U.



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  • Gabe Hoffman

    I have a strong feeling the trolls will come out of their dens and use the CPU as a piss poor reason to say Wii U is not next gen more than ever

    • Ultranist

      no, the weak cpu is reason why metro 2034, crysis 2, gta 5,… are no coming on wii u

      • You know the GTA 5 already has been considered for the Wii U, right?
        As for Metro and Crysis, I don’t seee the reason for porting a game which has been out for a while and is mostly populare inside the more hardcore base.

        Article about GTA 5 for the Wii U:

        •  Unless Nintendo has thrown money their way, GTA V is not coming.

          • Richard Yates

            GTA an nintendo go way back to when nintendo fukked them over with body harvest when they was dma design……they are kissing an making up know an i have no doubt u will see gta 5 on wii u just because they can not because they are like ms and throw money at them! learn ya history!

          •  You kind of rewrote what I wrote…

      • Crysis 2? From under which rock did you crawl all of a sudden. It’s Crysis 3 dude, not Crysis 2 (he’ll edit it to Crysis 3 soon so yeah) but maybe the reason for the first two is because they are in development for several years already and btw it’s not Metro 2034 but Metro: Last Light.

      • Alberty49

        Crysis 2 is not come but it is not because dont run is because ea dont want.
        tthe Crisis team told that the game runs in Wii U

      • Oh so that examples why the guys making NFS: Most Wanted U are able to put PC textures into the Wii U version of the game and have little problems with the fps =D 

        Serious dude…. Wii U can handle PC ports…. it doesn’t sound like the CPU is weak, same with the GPU.

        Also, Watch_Dogs is coming to Wii U… just saying 

        •  Watch Dogs looks like a really awesome game..i can’t wait

          • oontz

            It wont be on Wiiu so don’t get your hopes up. 

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Don’t be so sure. If it can run on the 360 and ps3, quite positive it can run just fine on the Wii U. Only problem is will enough people buy it for their Wii U? That remains the real question here.

          •  I disagree too but then who knows

        • oontz

          I am sure you can read the CPU specs above. It has nothing to do about the CPU “Sounding” weak, as you put it. The CPU IS weak. My iphone CPU is almost the same specs. 

          Does this mean us WiiU owners wont get to enjoy some of the best games in the next few years? No… we are going to get some amazing AAA titles. 

          But don’t defend against the CPU when it’s very underpowered. Pick your battles more wisely. Speak about the strengths of the system instead of making your self sound stupid by not admitting the CPU is underpowered. 

          •  Stuck on processor frequency I see.  I mean just because it has  1.2Ghz processor doesn’t mean they are all the same.  If that was true a 3.0Ghz i3 processor would be as fast as a core i5 or i7 processor of the same frequency.   Where do you get your tech advice from?  Donaald..  He claims to know about hardware but he does not

          • oontz

            I don’t get tech advice from video game forums. I use the knowledge I have gained from the past 20+ years in the industry.

          • NintendoNoob

            If Intel came out with a 0.9 GHZ I9 It would be stronger than the I5 4.5 GHZ. Why? Because the I9 has better processing power and the GHZ is only how fast the Cpu can do calculations

          • ECM

            You know nothing about processor design.

          • oontz

            So you don’t think this CPU is underpowered? I know Clock speed doesn’t mean that much. The architecture of a CPU matters far more than the speed it runs at. 

          • audie bowler




      • CyanideInsanity

        Yes, the CPU itself is a little weaker than one would assume, but it has a reason. I doubt you know, but the wii u has a General purpose graphics processing unit. A GPGPU. 

        In other words the wii u’s GPU is supposed handle the graphics calculations as well as work like a secondary CPU. I’m willing to bet that 4A, metro’s developer, was putting the full loadon the CPU instead of spreading it like the hardware is supposed to handle it.

        As far as I know, no other console has a GPGPU. Oh, and for the no crysis, thats because either EA or crytek saw no business drive to put it on the wii u, not because of its specs. Take some time to educate yourself.

        •  All GPUs handle graphics calculations, that’s what they are for.  I am sure that these people knew how to program the thing.  Hell, Nintendo has not even shown us anything in 3D yet, so how can you call out others?

          • Guest

            While Nintendo has not shown us anything in 3D. Assassins Creed III and Batman Arkham Asylum all support Stereoscopic 3D.

          • oontz

            He meant a 3D game world… not Stereoscopic 3D. 

          • CyanideInsanity

            Your right, that’s what a graphics processing unit(GPU) does. A ‘General purpose’ GPU(GPGPU) does more. Take note of the general purpose part. That is the only thing i was talking about. The consoles of yesteryear used only a GPU not GPGPU, so most developers on the console side of things aren’t likely going to take advantage of it immediately. 7th gen console GPUs only did graphics, nothing else. The wii u GPU can handle, and is designed to, things that would normally be done by the CPU.

            The comment I replied to said the weak CPU is why there is no crysis or metro on the wii u. Metro 2033, while not a bad game at all, among the PC community at the very least is view as not properly optimized. Metro is very CPU heavy, and since no other console has a GPGPU it wouldn’t surprise me at all if 4A ignored, or didn’t fully utilize the general purpose aspect of the GPGPU.

            And as for Crysis, if you’ve been following news on it, you’d likely have seen that its purely from a business perspective that its not on the wii u, not because of hardware. As I said, either EA or Crytek’s business guys decided there was no market drive for a wii u port.

            I’m going to leave you with a wikipedia page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPGPU – read the first paragraph and maybe look into more about general purpose GPUs, because they can do more than just graphics efficiently if utilized.

            All I’m saying is that this kind of hardware difference can ruin a game if the developers don’t use it properly.

          •  There is no difference betwen a GPU and a GPGPU.  Programming makes the difference and not all GPUs can better handle what CPUs were designed to do.  Nintendo just took a cheap way out that’s all.  If programmers used the GPU for everything and no CPU, then you would have a serious problem.  If Nintendo really wanted to do something, they could have used a better GPU.

            When your CPUs are high-powered, you do not have to rely solely on the GPU.  If the CPUs are weak, you must rely on the GPU. What you are doing is confusing GPU programming with GPU chips.  Cuda can act like a CPU but with the CPUs that I have compared to my videocard for video rendering, my CPUs are faster!  Now, if programmers did their job right, then my videocard can render faster depending on the program and how well they programmed it.

            For instance, I render videos with Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Power Director 11.  They both use CUDA, but Sony is slower in rendering in 64-bit mode.  It was faster in 32-bit before.  Power Director on the other hand, renders certain file formats extremely fast, only the output is not as accurate as Sony’s and with fewer options on the professional level.

            So both use CUDA, but one is slower than the CPU and the other is on par or could be better at times than the CPU, which is a 6-core 3.3 Ghz running 16 threads.  In the GPU’s case, the threading is what makes them a better choice than a CPU.  So you are correct in a sense that programmers have to get it together, but this is nothing new or revolutionary on the Wii U, it’s been out for years.

          • Richard Yates

            ps4 and nextbox are going to be using the same gpgpu system u fool! its the future of computing! gpu’s can do math better than cpu in sum respects! it has a crazy cache….quite exciting really….if u know what ya looking at!

            But alas donaald u know jack shit about fuck all and u still troll on like a paid up trooper!

          • Richard Yates

            And threading is only important in benchmarking…..u cant expect pc specs in consoles its uhm why we have consoles!

          • oontz

            The specs of the latest (Jan 2013) Dev Kit build of the PS4 has 8 GB of RAM and 2.2 GB of video memory. The CPU is listed as 4x dual-core AMD64 “Bulldozer” – indicating that there will be eight cores total – and the GPU is listed as an AMD R10xx. Also included is a 160 GB HDD, a Blu-ray drive, four USB 3.0 ports, two Ethernet ports, HDMI and optical output, and 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 audio channels.

            No mention of a GPGPU… although AMD does make them. 

          • Richard Yates

            Yes mate just like the wii u was a 3ghz 4 core chip with no mention of gpgpu in leaked shit……when i see it ill beleive it im sure…..and if they are the specs of the new machines are even close then u can expect you will be forking out double what u paid for a wii u!

          • oontz

            I wouldn’t mind paying double for those specs… just like I wouldn’t have minded paying double for the wii u IF it had those specs. 

          • NintendoNoob

            so your a graphics whore? Knew it!

          • oontz

            This reply is for you NintendoNoob…

            I am not graphics whore as you so elegantly put it. 

            Specs mean much more than just prettier graphics. With higher specs developers can create more immersive worlds for gamers to explore. Better AI controlled NPCs. More interactive environments. But I suppose that’s all lost on you because all you see is better specs = better graphics.  

          • Richard Yates

            In all wars propaganda is one of the most powerful weapons! even console wars! Have no doubt this shit is put out to discredit the wii u…..funny how they surfaced just after the wii u was torn apart and its clock speed scrutinized.

          • oontz

            This isn’t propaganda, lol. These are the specs of the dev kit sony has given out to developers. 

          • Why would anyone have TWO Ethernet ports? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

          •  Lol!  There is no GPGPU system man, it’s all in the programs.  I don’t know what kind of system you have, but mine is very faste and my videocard has to keep up with my CPUs.  I don’t buy top of the line GPU’s because it is a waste.  I have a Nivida GTX 560Ti.

          • NintendoNoob

            Y U SO RETARDED!?

          • Gavn64

            Its pronounced CUBA not CUDA you should know that don : )

          • NyallJodhan

            What are you smoking? 🙂

          • Gavn64

            the new monolith game begs to differ don : ) looks 3d to me

          •  If you would look AC3 on Wii U can play in 3d

        • Enigma

          The GPU is not strong enough to make up for the consoles weak CPU.

          • Nashoba Darkwolf

            Right… thats why Criterion has stated that NFS Most wanted U is built off the PC version, “is the best looking of the console versions” by a long shot, and the Wii U is far more powerful than the previous gen consoles. 

        • brian murphy

          crytek was pissed that crysis 3 couldnt be on wii U hell they made the engine to work on wii U but EA is there publisher and EA said they wouldnt publish that game for wii U 

      • LonDonE247

         actually if u look it up i read online that crytek developers made a rough port of crysis 3 on wii u dev kit, an in no time, they got it running, an at a native 720p it was running at 35 to 40 fps, frames a second, hell i remember ps3 even though i love mine, an 360 couldn’t even run crysis 2 at a stable 30fps, an dipped all the time with a average of 24 to 27 fps, so most likely crysis 3 wont run any better an thats even with a native resolution of below 720p. it is like cod on ps3 an 360, the engine renders the graphics sub hd, an then up-scales them, an even then it still cant maintain 30fps the bare minimum! an here we have a crytek developer who states they got crysis 3 running on wii u without any experience on the architecture an development time, they still got it to run at 720p an average 35 to 40 fps, i bet if they optimised it they could get a steady 30fps, at 1080p or a unlocked framerate, between 60fps an 30fps at 720p! wii u is powerful, the level of graphics it can pump out for the amount of wattage an power it consumes is incredible! an i bet you its reliable like all Nintendo products! unlike the7th xbox 360s i have owned, all over heating due to red ring of death! LOL hell crysis 2 fried my slim 360 with the grain glitch, but with the slim its called the red dott of death! lol after so many years an hardware re designs it still fails! thats why my current slim only my wife plays left for dead 1 an 2 on! i play all 3rd party games on my pc, an have 2 ps3s, a fatty launch which works flawless, an a slim, an i love them both, an sony consoles ofr me are reliable, just like my wii an wii u! i have evry retro consoles of old too, an all work flawless! i think microsoft should have been sued to hell for the failure rate of the 360!

        • Tobias Naustdal

           put some spaces in there dude 😛

          it would be easyer to read it, just sayin :PP

        •  Hey – why don’t you troll elsewhere!

          • Gregory Edcius

            please just fuck off your getting annoying with your useless post this is my first time on this site and i see you trolling in every comment section please go away get a life

          • Here all for you donaald!

      • Nick Kulakovskiy

        Wow, this is just plain stupid. Crysis 3 didn’t come on the Wii U because EA simply didn’t have enough time, and they’re not stupid to put something late onto a console that will not sell. GTA 5 hasn’t been confirmed that it’s coming to the Wii U, but certainly it was not confirmed otherwise, either. Metro……..dude if you could read some online threads about the President of THQ talking about why they didn’t put the game onto the Wii U, you would know that it didn’t go on the console because of hardware.

        I have my PC for power, and my Wii U for gameplay.
        Power on the Wii U is not my “Epic Desire”.
        Those who want ultimately powerful consoles are brain-dead people.

        • Richard Yates

          Ea got the hump when nintendo said no to the pile of wank that is origin!

      •  Facepalm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • audie bowler



        GROW THE F UP

    • I’m affraid you’re right on track with that feeling, I can smell Donaald and DemonRoach all ready they’re just around the corner to troll about 🙂 maybe they make again statements which make little to no sense at all.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        I hope those two get banned from this site

        • Tobias Naustdal

          nintendo said that the gpu is the standing for all the work, and it’s also not the same as comparing the cpu with a pc cpu,

          since there is not the same objects that uses the cpu power, like; movie editing and antivirus programs (not to mention the OS).

          • oontz

            So this is most likely why the Wii U “OS” is soooo slow when switching between applications 🙁

          • Tobias Naustdal

            nah, it’s most likely bad OS design. something nintendo is working on.

          • ECM

            Bingo. They rushed the system out and the OS (among other things) clearly wasn’t ready for prime time–hopefully the Spring update makes it every bit as fast as every other device on the market today.

          • Kyle Berger

            I feel the OS needs to be more connected I have no problems with the speed.

        •  So, if we said happy things about Nintendo, we are great guys?  We and others are here to comment, not promote.

          •  Go somewhere else troll boy

          •  Go suck some big D’s.

          • Well all you did was prove what we all already knew..that you like D..congrats but myself i like the big P something you can’t get..have a great day Don!

          •  Let me tell you something.  I always go over this girl’s house and her neighbors see me but I don’t see them.  Today she told me that a number of her female neighbors were asking her who that handsome man she was with was.  Now can you drive an entire neighborhood of women crazy?  Can you?  Lol.

          •  Yep…Every day donny and i have a hot wife too. What about you donny? Do you have a hot wife to go to every night? Do you? LOL.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Oh man….how about we get back to video games, and not who is getting laid next friday night? Lol.

          •  Sorry I just love putting that donny troll in his place

          • Kyle Berger

            I do. Im in 9th grade. last summer, I met 2 tenth graders. they like getting drunk and now, so do I. don’t say they r actually guys bc that’s the oldest comeback in the book and I know they aren’t. if u don’t believe me, I don’t care because I have the memories and you don’t. the best memories u have are of ur hand and porn.

          • Oh and don.. Give up trolling..Your just not the type and again here enjoy this.. all for you

          • Nintedward

            That doesn’t even make sense.  I think we can safely say any abrupt negativity is NOT welcome on this site.

            Constructive criticism is always welcome , that’s half of gaming forums. Incoherent trolling is just pathetic.

            None of us care how powerfull the 720 or ps4 is or your i7 50GB RAM 10GHZ octo core CPU.  Fact of the matter is we get/want to play games like Pikmin 3 , X , Mario Kart , Monster Hunter…

            End of.  You say specs , we say it’s just better.

          • Letha1Rage

            I completely agree there are games that came out 20 years ago that have the worst graphics imaginable,but they are still better than 90% of the bloat-ware that is produced in this gen.

          • But the problem is that you’re totally one sided and bery biased against the Wii U.  People show you clear evidence and well thought out speculations, but you cast them aside because you have a great distaste for the Wii U. 

            Which leads up to the second issue people have with you; if you don’t care for the Wii U and have nothing good to say about it, then why are you here only to provide people who are enjoying their Wii U with nasty remarks telling them how stupid they are for making their purchase?  For example, I have no intention to buy the next XBOX after being greatly dissapointed with my first purchase, but you don’t see me going to pro XBOX websites and voicing my opinion to their community as to how bad their console is and will be.

            All in all, there’s clear evidence to show that the Wii U is on track to be a strong console.  There is evidence to show that the Wii U might flop,  but that evidence is nowhere near as strong as the evidence that supports the Wii U.  And besides, why would yoyu want to see the Wii U fail?  If the Wii U fails, that’d be the end of Nintendo, at least for hardware.  And the end of Nintendo would be a sad day in gaming history.

          • Nintedward

            There is no way the Wiiu will sell less than the Gamecube. And that wasn’t a ”fail” it just didn’t particularly well.

            If Nintendo can selll 40M+ Wiiu’s in 6 years without losing money and making a profit , for them it’s 100% worth it and carrying on. And if they can maintain the powerhouse Handhelds they have , then they will always be the world biggest gaming company.

            They’re not an underdog. They’re the worlds best. They make MUCH MUCH more money than Playstation or Xbox. They posted a 0.5 Billion loss for the first time ever in 2012. But they have reportedly like 15-20 Billion in capital in the bank. So in theory they could afford to lose Half a billion a year for 30 years before it starts to genuinely destroy the company.

          •  They may have to deal with the handhelds and do software only for consoles.  I await the purchase of Mario 3D on PS4.

          •  Never going to happen donny..keep dreaming

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Doubtful Don. Nintendo won’t go the way of Sega in the way you think. They’re a persistent company and I highly doubt they’ll release their games on a console that isn’t their own. Just because Sega did it, doesn’t mean Nintendo will. Nintendon’t comes to mind with that scenerio.

          •  NintenDO and may have to one day.  They cannot keep up with the arms race.

          •  Donny..get over troll boy …Now your grab straws ..Your comments here are worthless and you will never be considered serious..Get over it ..Wii U is here to stay.Now go back under your bridge like a good little troll

          •  You present no facts that Wii U is here to stay.  At least I come with facts.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Unless they get aggressive and spend some money to make a beast of a console in the future, then they can. They have the money for sure, just cut too any corners. If the CPU was stronger, than I’d think the WIi U would be a lot stronger overall. Only part  we can both agree on is that they need to stop cutting cost.

          • Nintedward

            Cannoy keep up with the arms race ?  Nintendo as a whole is worth MUCH MUCH more than Sony as a whole.

            ou fucking troll. PS vita is a huge flop , PS3 lost sony money. Sony is the one failing not Nintendo.

            3DS is the fastest selling system EVER so far. How can it be that a company has the fastest selling console EVER and is failing ? exactly , stfu.

          •  You guys keep mixing pears with oranges and grapes.  Keep it on the Wii U. No console for Nintendo, no outlet to peddle it’s games.

          • Revolution5268

             “Mario 3D on PS4″…..
            ladies and gentlemen THE dumbass^^^^^

          • Zorbo85

            hey donaald you really are such a pathetic fag!!!u spend all day on here bashing the wii u i mean seriously get a fuc..g life you sad loser!!!
            May i suggest the time you waste in here talking utter crap you actually use your time more wisely like say get out of your bedroom and try and get laid u moron!!!!
            wii was inferior to both ps3 and xbox 360 yet todate wii sold 100 million,xbox and ps3 72 million.xbox was released a year earlier and has still been destroyed!!
            When will u learn its got nothing to do with graphics and power that makes a console its the GAMES!!!!
            no go and cry!!!

          • Gearchin

             you’ll wait an eternity for that

          • Nintedward

            No mate. Look at the sales of NSMB wii. 30,000,000.  NSMBU is already on 2M and will carry on selling for about 3 years.

          •  You can tell us what WILL sell. Almost 3 million Wii U’s sold, 2 million NSMBU sold, what does that tell you?  There is not much to buy so of course it will sell.

          • Guilliman

             So true.  Compare with Sony who posted a staggering net loss of £3.1 billion ($4.9b) last year

          • Gabe Hoffman

            make that for four years straight

          • This is why I write what I write!  You guys either lie, double talk or just don’t know what you are talking about.

            You: “All in all, there’s clear evidence to show that the Wii U is on track to
            be a strong console.  There is evidence to show that the Wii U might
            flop,  but that evidence is nowhere near as strong as the evidence that
            supports the Wii U.”

            Make up your mind.  You know that the Wii U has flopped but you cannot bring yourself to say it so you double or even triple talk!  Me, I CAN be one-sided if I want to be.  If I saw something from Nintendo that blew my mind I would say it.  The Pikmin 3 is the only thing that even looks half-way decent for advanced Nintendo graphics, that is not a port.  Nintendo should have had one of their A titles around or as a pack-in.  They blew it.

            When Sega bowed out, it was a sad day for me then, but I moved on. I only regret that it cost me tow Dreamcasts (replaced one due to fire), games and accessories, but I and others still love and miss the Dreamcast.

          •  Hahahaha I have facts Look at 3ds. People like you claimed the 3ds would fail and the vita would crush 3ds and we all know how that turned out for you.Now DON you can sit there till your blue in the face but the wii u will not fail regardless of what you claim will happen Man your really starting to sound like that poser michael prancher humm wonder if your related? So again your attempts to troll on this channel has failed and you sir have no facts to back yourself up but keep trying trooper one day you might find away

          •  People like me did not claim anything because people like me are not concerned with handhelds.  I could care less if one or the other fails.

          •  Well it is Don. It’s part of sony and it blew up big time it was to be the next gen in handhelds and look at the move..Do i need to say anymore donny or you still in denial. Me i know the facts. Get yours before you comment anymore on WiiUdaily. Now to be fair I wish you the best with your ps4 and im not going to bash sony like they do nintendo..They are the better company..Just saying

          •  Once again, I DO NOT CARE about handhelds and I do not care which company is better as Nintendo only makes games and Sony does much more.  I also do not care if you bash the PS4, which we already know that Nintendo paid agents will regardless of how mind blowing it may be.

          •  Again denial!
            What a waste!

          • Kyle Berger

            I bet that when the ps4 controller comes out with a screen on it, you will start going on about how original that idea is.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            The problem is you do nothing but bash Nintendo and Wii U and this is mainly a site meant for Nintendo fans. If you don’t like Nintendo then don’t come to this site

          •  Hey, I am talking about the subject matter at hand, I am not here to be a Nintendo advocate.

          •  Donny go back under your bridge like a good little troll..We real gamers have Wii U to talk about..the true next gen

          • NintendoNoob

            Shut up, Donalld

          • RoadyMike

            Its funnier

          •  Thumbs up for standing up to that little man or bridge troll

        •  Maybe if we go to the contact section and message the writers and founder directly.   I am all for a good debate using facts provided it can remain civil but the two trolls we speak of do not use facts and are only here to cause a fight over what they feel are “baby games” despite some of these games are on the other systems as well.   If they hate Nintendo so much why are they on a Nintendo page to comment?  I do not like the PS3 at all but do not subscribe to or go out of my to find a PS3 fan page to go cause an unnecessary argument.  

          It is really sad that they think they know what they are talking about or their one sided opinion actually matters.   I suggest we all stop responding to them because that is what they want.  Their pitiful lives suck so bad and they have no friends or family that like them that they have to come to places like this and cause a fight to get attention.

          •  The only thing that fascist like is talking about what the fascists like to talk about and how they want to talk about it.  I use facts, but if you choose to ignore them then what can I do except prove my case by other means.  I don’t see you complaining about pro-Nintendo people using ‘facts’ like “Wii U is not doing as well as it should be, but when the PS3 and 360 first came out, they did not do well either.”  Those are not facts and when people like me point out facts about how the Wii U is doing again those two systems NOW in current sales, you call it trolling.

            Listen, we know many of you are here because you get paid to be, it is so clearly obvious, but don’t try an shut us down, step your game up instead.  You people act like you are doing something good while talking about people having one-sided opinions – what do you think that you have?  I do not try to cause a fight.  If writing that Nintendo is done because Wii U flopped is what you call causing a fight, then you are paid to spread pro-Nintendo propaganda regardless of the facts, or you are a sensitive dude.  You mad bro?

          • Nintedward

            ”because you get paid to be”  Are you insane ? I’m sure the Wiiu daily writers get paid a bit for writing articles on this site :S , but no one gets paid to hang around in a comment section LOL. 
            Donald ducks conspiracy theories LMAO!!!

          • ECM

            Paid to be here? Ouch, hello projection.

          • Chris Ojinaka

            Where is the dislike button when you need it? If people are paid to spread positive comments about Nintendo then there are also those that are paid to spread negative comments as well. Are you one of those people?

          • John Andalora

            I don’t mind that you don’t agree with the people who like the Wii U, but it’s a little early to be professing that the Wii U is a complete failure after 3 months of being released. 
            I’m not gonna blame you for saying that it’s not good so far (cause I’m not too impressed with the current releases), but saying it’s a failure is like filling a cup with ocean water and claiming there’s no whales in the ocean.

            I wait until after the video game console is no longer produced before I make a final verdict like that on it. 

          •  Donaald is in denial and people like him said the same thing about the 3ds and we know how that came out..Wii u will be fine im sure

          •  I thought that the 3DS was cool though.  However, portables don’t count because Nintendo has always had that on lock.

          •  because the vita never had a chance

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Portables are consoles Donaald. I suppose you mean they don’t count in your opinion. I can respect that.

          •  They count from a business standpoint, but not from a 3DS to an Xbox comparison.  At least MS was wise (as of now) to leave the handhelds alone.  If Sony could not break Nintendo’s grip on that, then no one could.

            Now you see, I am not all negative, I give credit where credit is due.  When I first saw the 3DS, I loved it immediately, but I just don’t do portables.  I assumed the 3DS would have been an instant hit, so I was wrong about that.

          •  That’s good, but you do mind my opinion that the Wii U is doomed now.  I don’t have to wait on your time before I can make that conclusion, I see it now, so I call it now.

          • alex

            and you are geting paid for do negative nintendo propaganda…you are wrong am a ps3 owner and that is my consoles of choice i own a wii u because nintendo ip are fantastic and unic and my dughter play a love nintendo but it is true ps3 was in bad shape for the 3 first years of life just like the vita is now and the ps3 and the xbox consoles are not bringing money to sony or MS. if nintendo died the video game world will died too the ps and the xbox are the same just diferent companies like if you have a blue ray samsung you dont need a sony one becuse they play the same movies and they are 1080p the xbox and ps have the same games (sony have more exclusive) but nintendo is nintendo they always have something new and diferent so take this from a ps fan Wii NEED NINTENDO.

          •  Nintendo NOT having new and different things is why it is over for them.

          • Gavn64

            why would you compare a launch console with a tiny games library to two very established systems with huge game library’s on a sales basis. I think its fair to compare launches against each other though either way only wiiu owners get to play the next zelda mario and so on like it or not but nintendo are still the best game designers in the world and i think mario galaxy 2 has got my back in this argument.

          •  I never did that, that is the position of the paid posters.

          •  Come on troll no one cares what you think..we know Wii U is fun and the games look awesome Who cares about a next gen console that costs 600 and not many games and i can see them going the same way as there failed vita

          •  There you go with that ‘awesome’ so anything Nintendo does – right or wrong.

          •  YEP!

          • WIIUNICYCLE

            so, your just here to share your opinions on the wii u and nintendo? well, if your gonna say something bad about them, then don’t do it on a wii u site. fans are gonna disagree and think your a troll. but don’t get me wrong. i don’t think your really a troll. trust me, iv’e seen people who do waaaay worst things when trolling. still though,  at least share your opinions some where else and not here, like a PS3 fan site, were people will agree with you and you don’t have to worry about getting in a fight.

          •  I hear you, but I don’t care if they agree or not, I like videogames so I have to pay attention to Nintendo even if I won’t buy because they messed up.  If a company does not want to hear what they did wrong, how can they make it right?

        • Destiny64


      •  Who really cares about those two troll clowns..what matters is that we love wii u  and that won’t change

      • Destiny64

        your argument makes sense? good.. good..

    • Xbots infection is everywhere now.Be careful dude

      • Letha1Rage

        I am not defending the xbox trolls,but the sony fanboys are the worst in my opinion because when the 3ds came out they were all over it’s poor sales,but when the vita started doing terrible they were defending it like mama bears.

        • oontz

          I love my Ps3 with all the sony first party studio exclusives, but I hate the vita. 

        • thedeciderU

          i can’t believe there are still console wars between fans – it’s for idiots. i own offerings from every major company since the late 80s (about nine consoles) and each of them have strengths and weaknesses, but for me, it’s only about one thing: the games. i could care less what’s running under the hood.

    • Well, we already knew that ti was not next-generation before it came out.  It was only compared to current systems.

      • Aston Readings

        Just like the Dreamcast, yet the DC was 6th gen. It may of been weaker that the PS2, GC and Xbox but it was a fine console. Nintendo is too large to fail unlike Sony who is in crisis and I really don’t want them to go under. Spread your hate to Xbox.

        •  Nintendo is small compared to Sony and MS.  Sony and MS have things that people MUST have in their homes.  Everyone uses or must use Windows or Word.  Someone has a Sony product of some kind.  I even have a high-end Sony ES Blu-Ray player and an old high-end Sony MiniDisc player, but I think that’s it.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Small? I don’t know cause I don’t measure their corporation. However, if they have that many first party studios, it’s a bit bold to call them small. In the game market, they’re the giants. In the overall electronics market, yeah, they’re small. I’ll give you that. 

        • Sony is FAR larger than Nintendo. So much larger that the comparison isnt even worth making. Its Nintendo that, like Sega before them, can be brought undone by a failed console.

    • Revolution5268

       speaking of CPU… WHAT HAPPEN TO THE PRECIOUS ARTICLE ABOUT SOME DID A TEST AND FOUND THE CPU OF Wii U!?!?? Reviewtechusa took that as “facts” and cried over the wii u not been next gen.

    • Destiny64

      Troll are those that bring you reality in the face?  good!

  • TheGuyWhoLies

    And again… you guys are late -.- this article has been out for almost a month … oh well…

    • Richard Yates

      Most of us check nintendonews etc mate its jus the forums ere are ace and donaald is here! gotta luv a fekless troll!

  • Zelly Jeffers

    I like turtles.

    • Nintendude

      Please stay on topic.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        Fair enough.

        I don’t get why people even care what’s inside the Wii U unless it poses a threat to safety. All these numbers mean little to nothing to the average consumer.

        (And I really do like turtles)

        • Tobias Naustdal

          it’s just that people here are afraid of another dreamcast incident…

          you know. when people stopped buying it when they heard the ps2 would come out and be a lot better.

          because of bad rumors…

          •  I had the Dreamcast and the PS2 did not show enough to make me buy one.  Then again, after having bought a Saturn and DC, I was not sure which system would be stable.  I just went with my PC!  Besides, the PS2 was just hyped up to say it could do this and that, but the storage medium is what really helped them and nice magazine spreads about potential graphics.  Now with the PS4, there is no new medium this time, so now we will see who bites!

          • uPadWatcher

            Donny… why the fuck are you whining and bitching on a Nintendo themed blog?

          • Zelly Jeffers

            Because he can, and people reply. I’ve stopped replying to him.

          • Zelly Jeffers

            People can’t possibly be that fickle.

            The Wii U could run on hamster power for all I care and I still would have gotten one. While I could afford the new Playstation or next Xbox (assuming they won’t be something ridiculous like $800), I’m happy with just the Wii U. And I know other people who’ll only get the Wii U this cycle.

          • oontz

            I have a wii u and will also buy the ps4. No biggie cash wise cause I love the first party exclusives for both platforms. It’s going to be a great 2014!!

  • specs…great! :/

  • Tecpedz94

    I was hopping they would compare these units or at least explain them i have no idea what any of them mean…… lol

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    People should realize that even though nintendo console’s specs are never the very best, yet the games that they make for their console has graphics equal to its competition… For example, Donkey Kong Country on the SNES looked like a 32 bit game even though it was running on a 16 bit console… Resident Evil 4 (I know its Capcom) looked like a ps2 game even though it was running on the gamecube and finally, Super Mario Galaxy looked almost like a ps3 game even though it was running on the wii. I am sure there are many others but my point is… specs dont matter if u know how to use the resources that u have to develop games for the console.

    • Minor correction on one part before the trolls use it against you: The gamecube was and is more powerful then the ps2, RE4 on GC was better then the later ported PS2 version, hard to see on first sight but GC is more detailed aswell as better texture, lightning and weather effects (the rain on the lake was completely removed from the ps2 version)

      Just backing up your story and making a minor  correction to your story.

      • Jizz Beard thePirate

        Thanks, didn’t realize lol, my bad

      •  he Xbox came in later and the Gamecube was NOT more powrful than the
        PS2, it had certain features than made the graphics better.  If it would
        have had those features and been on DVD< it would have been hands
        down better.  If it had DVD, then it probably would not have added the
        extra feature (hardware texture decompression, while PS2 had to do it in
        the software) as it was only added to make up for the small storage
        space on the GC. Nintendo always cuts corners and never goes all out.

        • Anthony K Aurelia

          Yeah totally agree…look at all their first party games they publish…never go all out…so many corners cut. They could learn a lot from Microsoft and Sony on how to build a good dependable system.

          • Cerus98

            Sony and MS can teach Nintendo how to build a dependable system? I guess you must have been sleeping during the past generation of consoles and missed the countless hardware failures of the PS3 and 360 especially.  RROD ring a bell? Idiot.

          • Anthony K Aurelia

            Your an idiot…check what I replied to and you will notice the entire post is sarcastic….Think b4 you bash…ass.

    • Th3PANO

      just wanna add that the ps2 was the weakest system in it’s generation, gamecube was pretty much equal with xbox.

      EDIT: i didn’t scroll down enough to see the post from Sylux

      • The Xbox came in later and the Gamecube was NOT more powrful than the PS2, it had certain features than made the graphics better.  If it would have had those features and been on DVD< it would have been hands down better.  If it had DVD, then it probably would not have added the extra feature (hardware texture decompression, while PS2 had to do it in the software) as it was only added to make up for the small storage space on the GC. Nintendo always cuts corners and never goes all out.

    • Adam Porter

       the unfortunate thing is that third party devs don’t seem to be able to get the hang of getting games to work on the wiiU though, and if it’s too hard to do that then we won’t get games especially if it’s difficult compared to ps4 and nextbox, publishers won’t want to waste alot of time and resources on making an inferior port on a console that, lets be honest, is selling poorly with little or no interest from most gamers.

    •  Donkey Kong Country had per-rendered graphics which is why it looked better.  SMG is a colorful game that relies more on shaders than anything else.  In other words, they are simple graphics to produce.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Like the report said, it’s the games that matter. Ninty can easily pull out better games than some of the trash that will be on the other ‘more powerfull’ systems as their fans like to brag about.

    I would rather have lots of great games than the best processing power.

    •  What makes you think that Nintendo makes the best games?  The 80’s are long gone!

      • It’s clear as crystal. Everyone knows that.

      • Guest

        Having owned the others guys, I can safely say I was much more happy with my Wii than the other two systems (besides when I want to game for graphics I play using a PC so I absolutly saw no other reason to play with the other; the 360 is now an HD netflix machine and the PS3 is a Blu-Ray Player). For me the Wii had better games because they were simply fun I felt the games had more dept to them and they did not hamper down the gameplay by trying to shove realstic mechanics into the game (much like what the other guys in the market seem to be doing), but again that is only my opinion.

        •  Pretty odd, when I want my Nintendo fix I play all Nintendo systems on my PC.  The Wii even looks better on PC!  If Nintendo was so powerful, their systems would not be so easy to emulate.

          • Richard Yates

            Any system is easy to emulate given time an the right resources!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            True. Besides, emulation is a bit hard to run if you don’t have the right specs. I can imagine ps3 and 360 would be difficult to emulate and would take a lot of hard work even if it was managed. I run everything perfectly with the exception of the Wii that can sometimes hiccup, but still runs fine.(The Wii was to test my pc’s power).

        • oontz

          So you didn’t enjoy ANY of the PS3 or Xbox Exclusives of the past 5 years? 
          I have a very hard time believing that.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            There are some who don’t care for the other two consoles. His opinion. Nothing more.

          • oontz

            Did you read his post? 

            Who buys an xbox or ps3 when they don’t care for them?
            It’s not like you’re donating to a charity… you buy it cause you want it. 

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I read it just fine. That doesn’t mean you have to worship it. I have a 360 and ps3, between those two, I prefer the ps3. 360 for me has lost it’s magic. Lack of exclusives is what turned me off.

          • Guest

            I liked some of them, but not as much as the Nintendo ones (I am not saying I did not play on the Sony/Microsoft systems at all, I am just saying I played way more on the Wii). I liked LittleBigPlanet series, Uncharted series, and Journey on PS3. I did not like anything from Microsoft (again some people really like Microsoft’s Halo and Gears of War, but those games are just not for me).

      • Richard Yates

        Er did u miss a decade dude? they owned the 90’s! And was the wii smashed the 00’s All with jus tarted up 80’s games eh?

        • i think he went forward in time 20 years

        •  I did not miss a decade, the PS owned the 90’s even if the SNES had the early part, or was it Sega?  The Wii did nothing in the 2000’s as it was a novelty item.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Novelty or not, it sold and it did its job. Nintendo owned the early part of the 90’s. Sega I believe dominated about a year or so before the SNES picked up on sales. True story though, Sony did take a lot away, but Nintendo could’ve still had a stronghold on the market if they didn’t go with cartridges with the N64. It cost them a lot of good games like Final Fantasy franchise and was a bad idea to go with mini dvd’s that only held 1.4 gb of space. 

          •  The Wii only did it’s job as a novelty item.  Now they are paying the price for that diversion.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well they sorta already created that diversion somewhat with the gamecube. Wasn’t the smartest design.

          •  Yeah, that was a dumb move to do right after the N64.  It just proved to people that Nintendo could not move away from little kiddy designs.  The GC was powerful and had some good games, but the marketing was all wrong.  Nintendo could use someone like me – an “That’s not gonna work,’ skeptic instead of legions of ‘yes’ men who high-five anything because it is Nintendo. At one time, Nintendo was synonymous with video games.

  • $41809923


  • Anthony K Aurelia

    I thought the GPCPU or what ever it’s called is the beast chip in the system…not the CPU…what are the specs/power of that?

    • Laud

      Some say it was forged with diamond.

      (No one knows it’s power)

  • Holyfire

    The performance hardware race is getting stagnant. Nobody needs more processing power to make good games. It’s nothing to do with why we aren’t enjoying games. Developers just aren’t crazy enough. I got Black Ops 2, it’s got production values all the world, but the most forgettable game. But then I can stay gaming on StarCraft2 all day and night, it has low spec requirments. And has become a world wide sport on it’s own.
        If you want faster hardware get a high end PC. For something different though, Nintendo usually has the answer. Some of their games like the Zelda’s, and metroids, might not seem as up-class as your Killzones, Halo’s, etc…. But these games will rip your mind apart in terms of their complex puzzle solving and intricate level designs.
       You enjoyed, XBOX’s n PS2’s,     then you enjoyed 360’s n PS3’s,   WiiU has more performance than either. And more extravagant control setups . So you can certainly enjoy WiiU.
      I’ll own close to every exclusive the system will have
       Anyone bragging bout Crysis 3 on there PS4’s/720’s. I’ll just upstage you on my PC

    •  So, you once again come with the “Wii U is better than the almost ten year old 360/PS3,” then when you know the Wii U cannot deal with the next Xbox/PS4, you throw in PC’s where you can change parts like crazy?  What you just wrote is like having a fight and threatening to kick the other guy’s ass – but just in case you don’t win, you have your three big brothers to handle the fight!  Just say what you really mean, the Wii U cannot compete with the new systems coming out, which is the generation it will have to compete with – if it’s still around by the time they are released!

      • Richard Yates

        You can predict the future? dont forget components come down in price and those systems are some way off!!!! your argument is flawed yet again#!!

        •  PC components come down in price when new stuff comes out, then the components are discontinued.

          • Gregory Edcius

            every company has to keep delivering components 5 years after last production you moron

          • Where did you get that at? Why MUST they keep manufacturing old product? How come as soon as something is discontinued, you cannot find it again unless it is used or sent to a discount lace, moron?

      • Nintendude

        Donaald infection everywhere!

      • Holyfire

        But the point is that WiiU does compete. Wii defeated 360/PS3. And just as plausible a scenario this time round. Better processors means better performance no less , but in the fairly tight fine line console market, these high performance processors may not benefit 720/PS4 either in sales, or necessarily much so in the entertainment department. It may only serve to make their consoles less affordable for the people (like yourself). And less reliable (360 red rings of death was a plague)
           It’s not the purpose of consoles to compete with top end processor tech, they’re just supposed to be fun. Adding motion controls, touch controls upon improved digital/analogue controls, is pushing console success further than graphics currently. It’s business. Countless high-end games have been lesser successes despite visual fidelity. Crysis 2, AvP 3, GRID, NFS games etc..,
          There’s almost not a game today that isn’t successful because of a graphics engine. It’s only lack of game design. I’d suggest that is an almost universal truth in this day and age


        •  The Wii did not defeat any system, it was it’s own novelty item.  That is why it did not last.  This is why the Wii U is doing nothing.

    • Richard Yates

      Sc2 is awsum!

  • Holyfire

    edit on last post “developers just aren’t CREATIVE enough”, soz

  • me

    the cpu really doesnt matter for gaming, its all about the gpu. Anyways, the wiiu cpu isnt all that bad, i mean crysis 3 only needs a dual core to run. so……….its all good

    •  If the CPU did not matter, they would not include one now would they?

      •  LOL….  You need a CPU to process the other stuff aside from graphics you idiot.  I thought you knew about technology.  Apparently not.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    That is all Greek to me…as long as it works

  • Jef Dinsmore

    It is all Greek to me…as long as it works I’m happy.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    Sorry first posts to site; I guess I accurately eluded to the fact that I am no tech wizard.

  • Adam Porter

    the point isn’t processing power, it’s the fact devs don’t think it has enough, if devs aren’t satisfied they won’t make the games and we won’t get them, and will have to wait 5 years between zeldas and marios.

    • Th3PANO

      which dev openly said that the overall system is too weak for the future? hmm? nobody? interesting. see man, we all know wii u wont be the most powerful this gen. but the huge difference like everyone believe is just not there. i watched the next gen engine from the witcher 3 makers. and shall i tell you something? X doesn’t look as good maybe but it isn’t that far behind. just chill and wait for some amazing games.

  • ZeldaFan83

    The Wii U can support all of these games just fine like: Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light, GTA 5, Dark Souls II, etc. The issue for why they might not be coming in my opinion is because these games have been in development for quite some time and it will take even longer to port them over to the Wii U as well as utilizing the GamePad’s unique features and capabilites would take even longer for the developers and they don’t want to have to take up more time and money to do so. If these games started being developed with the Wii U in mind then it wouldn’t be a problem but many of these games have been in development for years and the Wii U hasn’t been around since then which is why you see a lot of ports at the Wii U’s launch.

    I’m sure down the line later this year or next year we’ll see some great games like these from 3rd party developers though.

    •  What are those unique features of that controller?

      • Silent

        What are the unique features of a ps3 or xbox 360 controller?

        •  Ah, the typical answer the question with a question when stumped with an answer question!  The 360 has it’s home button and it tells you if the controller is connected and to which port.  It is ergonic and the colored buttons are done in a way that is easily eye catching allowing you to press without thinking too hard about where it is.

          Now what were the unique features of that Wii U pad foe GAMES besides maps and side items?  Let’s not get started on that PS4 controller!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t know if the latest pics over the net is the actual ps4 controller, but that looks like a poor design to me. I think Sony’s standard controller they’ve had since the psone  they’re better off sticking to.

          •  It looks good to me as I have always thought that they needed a new or redesigned controller.  I suspect that you don’t like that they will have everything in one without a weird design.  The only bad part is that extra controllers might cost $100.

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    Wii U is GPU-centric. CPU specs taken by themselves mean nothing. Consider that the GPGPU works also on behalf of the CPU in most cases, and Nintendo’s one is among the high end of the moment. This is why games run spectacularly on Wii U. And that’s what really matters.

    • Adam Porter

       they say the gpu part is actually based on a weak gpu

      • InterTripleteWorldChampion

        Should be a 5XXX, allowing tessellation and advanced filters. Surely it will be comparable or even better than PS4 and Xbox720 ones. We’ll see…

      • Richard Yates

        They dont know what it is….it looks like a card they know but it has loads of extra chips an ram all over it…….u cant throw comments like that about willy nilly Adam ffs…..they said jesus walked turned water to wine an rose from the dead but ya fucked if i beleive that!

        • Adam Porter

          hey i’m not read up on gpu’s just repeating something i read on a different site

          • Richard Yates

            Well let it be a lesson……you must have known it to be bollox off another site so why try and spread someone elses crap here? just decide not to repeat it here! then the stupid wii u hate rumour mill will grind to a halt!

    •  It’s not high-end.  High-end is dual-core GPUs or better.  There is nothing revolutionary about the Wii U’s design.  If very large corporations like SOny and MS did not get in the game and the business was still left to videogame makers only, the Wii U would probably be at the top, but these corporations with endless money can do anything, so now Nintendo can’t hang.

      • InterTripleteWorldChampion

        Nintendo sold 100 milions console with Wii, so they can hang. And eventually win again also this generation, if they will be able to make people understand the GamePad allows a user experience and gameplay truly next-gen! If I just want brute forse, I’d swith to a PC, not a console. Wii U’s killer feature must be the GamePad, and convey all their efforts to promote it, since it’s really amazing right now with the “few” apps and games available.

        •  The problem is, even Nintendo has not figured out what to do or how to do anything with that controller.  Also, the Wii was the last console and old news, right now they are losing the race.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Do you mean hardware or software sales? To my knowledge they’re leading in hardware.

          •  The Wii U is not leading in any arena, except low sales!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I responded to your comment regarding the Wii, not Wii U. You misread.

          • I thought that you did but since that was not the issue, I had to keep it on the subject.  We can’t keep talking about what once was, and focus on what is not.

          • Petri

            What race?
            Wii against ps360?
            Wii U against ps360?
            Wii U against what ever MSony coughs out?

          •  Wii U against current and next-generation systems.  That race is all but over.  Looking at the PS4’s new controller is enough to make me strongly consider the PS4!

      • Richard Yates

        Dude did u see sonys losses last year???? You cant heamorage for aslong as they have and still rely on other areas of your buisness to pick up the slack!!!! Like sum dude said on ere ninty posted a half a billion yen loss but have a capitol of about 30bn so in theory they could have 30 bad years b4 there up the creek!……they have been in buisness for over a hundred years and are probably the sole creative driving force in the console market!!!! without there innovation where would we be? HOWS ABOUT U HANG??? hell ill buy u the rope!

        •  Sony won the HD disc war, you own a Sony if you have a BD player. Sony will make up the loss with the PS4 as BD parts are now cheaper.  In business, you must recoup everything that you spent including R&D, marketing and advertising, in addition to manufacturing.  This is why products cost more when lunched.  No penny is wasted.  No company is going to wait until they are bankrupt before they quit.  Nintendo’s lack of creativity is why things are not going well.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I wouldn’t say lack of creativity, just poorly executed. I think that Nintendo made a mistake though by not making the touch screen on the gamepad multiple touch.

          • I like how you say, Nintendo’s lack of creativity….they jump started the “motion” gaming craze that Sony, and MS quickly capitalized on. Then they created a handheld that had 3D WITHOUT glasses…then they made a system that uses a tablet to change things up (Xbox now uses smartglass, and sony’s new controller has a touchpad lol). I don’t believe LACK of creativity is the correct way to describe them, maybe lack of promoting their products effectively. YES their systems will be less powerful, but give me Zelda over GoW or Uncharted ANY day.  FYI Sony doesn’t “own” BD stuff, and it will take Sony YEARS to make up the billions they have lost (Vita has been a HUGE failure, and the PS3 JUST NOW started actually turning profit). Everybody is losing money now, especially people like Sony/Microsoft who have so many products in so many areas. Sony is getting beat by Samsung in terms of home appliances (try to find a Sony TV anymore please). Microsoft is losing footing in the computer dept…both Microsoft/Sony are doing horrible in the phone department. They keep going with these ventures and are just spewing out losses which they can’t continue to do. Sony itself has said they can’t handle another launch like the PS3 Had. The only person that was actually making money during the “last” gen was Nintendo for the longest time. Microsoft made some good money during that time frame as well while Sony did the worst in terms of overall profits. It’s all about profits anymore, and with the economy the way it is people aren’t going to pay $450-$500 for the next consoles (gamers will, but your average person who only games every once and a while WON’T). Nintendo just has to sell 1 game for the Wii U to profit. I hope all companies do great as it is better for the economy and us gamers, but how can you be so sure that Sony will make up their losses with the PS4? Also how can you be so sure the Wii U will fail?

          •  Sony owns the Blu-Ray technology so they get paid that way.  They pushed the PS3 in order to get BD sales.  The PS4 will had BD (could be BDXL!) since the cost is now cheaper, the system should not cost nearly $600 this time.

            You wrote all of that (they make paragraphs for a reason you know) but of course, forgot to mention the many, many Mario games, Zelda and all of the usually Nintendo character games that they keep pumping out without much innovation or differences.  Being creative would mean making new types of games, not new controllers.  New controllers to me is like EA updating Madden and calling it a new game.

          • Just wanted to come back and let you know that the rumor for the next PS3 is that it will be $529. This comes the same day the reveal is supposed to take place as well. I’m sure it’s not exact but close, and I figured the new systems would be around $450 to $500 anyway.  

            (There’s your space for a paragraph)

            I’m also still confused by your definition of creativity. I mean I get what you’re saying with games, but you can’t just overlook the hardware innovations and say they’re not creative. I know you’re biased and you’re just trying to make a point, but come on, not creative? If you asked anybody that’s into games who was the most “creative” company in the gaming industry roughly 80% of your answers would be Nintendo. If you asked CASUAL gamers that number would probably be even higher. So Mario Galaxy wasn’t creative? So Twilight Princess wasn’t creative? So Skyward Sword wasn’t creative? Kirby’s Epic Yarn wasn’t creative? Wii Sports wasn’t creative? Wii Fit wasn’t creative? All those games, while using the usual Nintendo characters where VERY creative. Wii Sports/Wii Fit spawned tons of knockoffs from Nintendo’s competitors.

            (There’s your space for a paragraph)

            I just think you stating that Nintendo isn’t creative is the most farfetched thing you could say about them as a company, and couldn’t be more in the wrong. You could say that you feel their hardware wasn’t powerful enough last gen, which I would agree with. You could say that they focused too much on motion controls, which I would agree with. Just try to think of a different word/statement to describe them next time because your argument is obviously flawed, and you are blinded by your blatant hate for Nintendo as a company.

            (There’s your space for a paragraph)

            I also noticed you didn’t mention anything about the fact that Sony has been losing money every quarter for about the past 4 years. I myself want them to succeed and hope they pick things up, I also want Microsoft to do the same in terms of the Xbox. I own all systems and game on PC more than anything else so it doesn’t effect me to much.

          •  Yeah I did hear those rumors too.  If so, that would be a bad idea.  If the system actually costs less than the PS3 did, then maybe they want to price it high so it won’t appear to be cheap in the eyes of consumers?  If the prices stand, then it is too high and gives MS leverage to once again take control.

            When it comes to new controllers, Nintendo is creative.  When it comes to games/IP, Nintendo is not creative.  They are like Capcom, they run their IP into the ground and make the same games over and over again.  Hell, that is a Japanese trait.

            I did not mention Sony and their money because I do not own stock in Sony, so it makes no difference to me which company makes more profit as I am not seeing any of it.

    • oontz

      HA HA HA… The GPU in the WiiU is NOT high end at all!!! 
      Hell the GPU in the upcoming sony and MS boxes also wont be High End. 

      Buying and using consoles for gaming means you need to accept the fact that the hardware is dated (Usually 2 to 3 years old). That’s how it is and that’s how it’s always been. I have accepted that fact, have you?

      If you want a High End GPU… Start with the Geforce GTX 690, only $940usd 🙂

      • InterTripleteWorldChampion

        I don’t buy a console for its GPU, neigther for its CPU, but for its games and user experience it can allow. If I want brute forse, I’ll go to PC. If I want masterpieces, I’ll prefere Nintendo’s one, but it’s just my choice. If I want innovation, I must go to Nintendo, with its GamePad, since PS and Xbox won’t innovate, just upgrade…

        • oontz

          That’s fine and well within your rights as a human being on space ship earth making your own decisions and forming your own opinions. But… and it’s just a little but… you’re the one who said, and I quote. 

          “Nintendo’s one (GPU) is among the high end of the moment. This is why games run spectacularly on Wii U.”

          I was simply pointing out the flaw in your argument since the GPU in the Wiiu is no where near high end.

  • now we only need the GPGPU specs to know hom much potential Wii U has.

  • thanos1984

    I think we are going to have a slight problem concerning open world games (like GTA) because gpgpu can’t handle aspects like A.I. That’s why in Mass Effect the fps were dropping not on special effects or intense physixs usage but when lot of npcs were active.

    • not when it loaded through the gpgpu and cpu evenly 

      •  But the CPU is wiik.

      • Richard Yates

        Nice to see sum1 knows there stuff!

  • zoohero

    if the dev just portet the games and then just threw a pro controller in the bundel… problem solved

  • Th3PANO

    and just one reminder for everyone out there. in the history of gaming consoles most of the time the weakest/weaker console stands there as the winner in the end. NES, PS1, PS2, Wii…..

    •  Nope.  PS1 and 2 were not the weakest in their generations.  All of these systems have strong advertising in common…

      • Nope. PS1 and PS2 were only stronger than Sega consoles (Saturn and Dreamcast) and weaker than all the others.

        •  No, no.  The PS was stronger than the N64.  The N64 looked good on paper, but was not good in function.  The N64 used anti aliasing and z-buffering to clean up the graphics, but the storage medium helped to weaken the system and it polygon displays suffered, if they were what Nintendo claimed.  All that the N64 had over the PS was cleaner graphics.  The PS later cleaned theirs up.  I explained below about the PS2.

          • RonaldRayguns

            The N64 was the best cosoles ever made. I wish I could be a kid and discover that console again. Playing Goldeneye, Mario 64, and OOT for the first time was the happiest time of my life. Wow, im a loser arnt i.

          •  I and many others feel that the Dreamcast was perfect in every way.  My nephew had the N64 and that is how I got into the Goldeneye and then I realized that was a masterpiece when I did not expect it.  The N64 had smooth, clean graphics at the expense of detail.

      • Jonathan Grine

        You need to look up facts because in terms of actual system power, the PS2 was behind the GameCube and the Xbox and the GameCube and Xbox were actually about the same power wise.

        •  The facts are that the Xbox was the most powerful using raw PC parts. I explained why the GC was better for what it was.  Poor marketing on that failed that system.  A cube with a handle for a baby to carry around like a lunch box?  No grown man could show himself with that.  Actually, that alone is what turned me off to it, but the graphics were good!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Gamecube was great, and I still do enjoy the games. Yeah, I wouldn’t carry that around. I honestly don’t know why they thought that was a good idea to do, but take the handle off and it at least looks more presentable. Can’t deny that the loading times on the system were impressive.

    • oontz

      This is the logic that blows my mind… THERE IS NO WINNER!!! Do you get some sort of percentage of earnings when the system you choose sells more than the competition? 

      What do you gain by saying the system you bought was the winner of a generation? 

      Who cares what system sells more units… unless you’re a share holder for one of the companies the only thing you should care about are the games.  

  • devmiles

    i’m sure we will get some good games for wii u but with ps4 and new xbox comin’ up nintendo’s claim as for next gen will be a poor statement that no one will take serious no more

  • uma nova geraçao (next gen) nao se define por velocidade de processamento, mas sim pelo tempo!

  • RonaldRayguns

    Now Im not talking shit I love Nintendo but the WII U wont be able to handle the really good next generation multiplatform games. I know I know the WII U is next generation and so was the WII. Although the PS4 and 720 will be more expensive they will be 5 times more powerful at the least than their current consoles which the WII U is basically as powerful as. It sucks I mainly bought the WII U for Zelda, Metroid, 3D mario, and so on and im glad I bought it, but it would be awsome to play every good game that wasnt exclusively for a specific system. Its going to be the equivalent of the WII to the PS3 when the PS4 is released. Am I right? I wish I wasnt. Or I guess I should say I hope Im not.

    •  Sony sucks and im sticking with nintendo

      • RonaldRayguns

        Oh…. Thats cool I love Nintendo. It would be nice to beable to stick to one system for all my gaming needs, but it just wont be powerful enough for the other next gen consoles multiplatform games and come on! you know there will be some amazing exclusives. I doubt the WII U could even run PS3’s upcoming game The Last of Us. 
              All Im saying! is the WII U’s controller is such an awsome idea and has so much potential it would have been awsome if they went all out with the hardware and made it as powerfull as they could of, I would have prefered that even if it cost me twice as much, I would have had to save up money twice as long but it would have been worth it. And frankly “Sony sucks and im sticking with Nintendo” sounds like something Donald would say about the WII U except he’d have an argument to back up his statement,
             All Im saying is would you not have prefered the Nintendo WII U to have better graphics? Even if it cost….. lets say 550$… Josh Randell. 

        • Well first let me tell you im no troll and second i could careless about sony themselfs i hate sony now if you like them ron then have at it but for me graphics are not everything. If the game is not fun then graphics are not going to save them and as for your comment that the last of us may not play on the wii u..i quess you did not get the memo that alot of the games are coming from pc and so yes last of us could play on wii u if Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light, GTA 5, Dark Souls II can play on it then that is my point ronald rayguns..oh and no i will not be buy the next console from sony or xbox720, 600 dollars is not worth it sorry but there are so awesome consoles coming up that seem way cooler…ouya,steambox,nvidia shield..consoles that prefide something new…ps4 im quess with try and copy nintendo with a tablet touch but i may be wrong but if the ps4 does the same crap they did with the vita..It’s game over for them…Just saying ronald

          • RonaldRayguns

            Well gosh Josh I know graphics are not everything. My question for you is this Joshua, would you not have prefered Nintendo to have put in hardware that would be on par with the upcoming Xbox and PS4 even if it cost as much as those systems. You may not like Sony (I dont know why and it doesn’t matter to me) but it doesn’t meen you won’t like some of the games that will be released on the PS4 that are made by a company other than Sony, and it’s a bummer the WII U won’t be able to handle those games. 
                The WII U’s controller is awsome and I hope the PS4 can do something half as cool. 
                Nice Popeye logo thingy by the way, I myself have a Popeye arcade machine with a DK board in it, I also have a playchoice 10. Like I said I love Nintendo the N64 was my first system…. its funny I just realized back then I didnt like Playstation either…. then i just grew up I guess. That wasnt an insult by the way.

          • Jeffery02

            I do get your point and I see where you are coming from. However, I cannot agree. If the PS3 was not doing well above the $400 mark, then I doubt any other new consoles will either. Let’s not forget that both the PS3 and 360 had major RROD and YLOD while the Wii rarely broke down. This was due to them pushing too much out of something that wasn’t ready. They didn’t really stabilize until the “slim” revisions. The Wii U can also do what it can with half the amount of wattage, which is impressive if nothing else.

            I don’t know about you, but for me this generation was the first where I found myself wondering how graphics could get better. I know they can, but do they need too? Arkham City is a perfect example. If it was developed for the next gen consoles, do you really think it would look that different overall? Any changes would probably mostly include higher frame rates and maybe 4k compatibility.

            I believe that Zelda U will show us what the Wii U can do when it approaches its limits, but there will still be more to squeeze out of it. Even if the Wii U can only play PS4 games with PS3 graphics, at least with the amount of RAM and disc storage, it will always be able to have the same amount of content. Anything that a Wii U version may not have that the other versions do will be due to either laziness or greed.

            Now maybe Nintendo did it a generation early, but I believe that consoles are gonna start flat-lining with the amount of power they need to add with each generation. Once that happens, specs won’t mean shit and any console will be able to play any game that the developers so choose. Even if it’s not quite there, I do believe that the Wii U may be close to this. But that could just be me.

          •  Well ronald..First i not wasting my money on a 600 dollar console that will not have hardly any games on it now granted the xbox720 does have some stuff i think is cool now the new ps4 controller looks really bad a small screen on a ps controller give me a break now as far as games go i disagree again with you they can and will get great games along the line now look at the eshop it’s shaping to be really awesome and yes i grew up too..i have a ten year old son who loves wii u and 3ds that’s my main reason to stay nintendo my son hates sony and the xbox we never play it not pay 60 bucks to play online now i do respect your thoughts on this but i will never be a sony fan and stop being one once they got hacked not once but twice ..can’t trust them but with nintendo..and yes they have there flaws but they are always for people who buy from them and they other two are in it for the money but you said n64 was your first console mine was the atrari back in the late 70’s that was real gaming..man do i miss the old nes and snes days where games were awesome

          • By the way my name is robert..josh is my sons name

          • oontz

            You hate Sony like you hate English class? 

          •  Wow… I actually feel sorry for you. You want to troll SO bad, but you
            fail at it. Keep that helmet on, and don’t let all the rejection letters
            from the special Olympics get you down bro. Someday they’ll say you
            aren’t too retarded to join them! Keep reaching for the stars!

          • RonaldRayguns

            Atari 2600
            1977 – 199$
            Price now adjusted for inflation – 744$

          •  Yep but im not paying that much for a console i do have a 10 year that i have to raise but if you like ps4 go for it more power to you

          • oontz

            I wasn’t trolling… just stating a fact. It’s hard to read a post when it contains only comas and run on sentences. Hence, I figured you hated English due to you blatant disregard for its many rules. 

             I do love how you have such a mad hate for Sony though. It’s interesting in a scientific sort of way. Did they shame you some how? Did you work for them and then were fired? I struggle to understand your train of thought and how you can hate a company to such an extreme. 

            Oh and for the record I’m not your brother. Also when you use derogatory terms such as retarded, it kinda shows what your true personality is like and the type of intellect I had a feeling I was debating with.

            So yeah, thanks for that.

          •  Troll!

          •  Oh and oontz I don’t have to explain anything to you and trust me you have no idea about true debating

          •  Kinda funny i had all A’s in high and english too .and eglish was better then the crap sony gave us

  • Nope. PS1 and PS2 were only stronger than Sega consoles (Saturn and Dreamcast) and weaker than all the others.

  • Nope. PS1 and PS2 were only stronger than Sega consoles (Saturn and Dreamcast) and weaker than all the others.

  • Enigma

    I’m not surprised at all, considering what the devs have said. The CPU is pathetic.

    • Richard Yates

      2 notouriously lazy developers moan about having to optimize games built 4 last gen single core low cache an ram sytems onto a modern gpgpu high stress memory next generation system!?!?!?!!? omfg kill me now.

      • Enigma

         Explain to me how they are lazy. They are both excellent developers, stop insulting them just for the sake of a debate.

        • Richard Yates

          Sigh they are known for not liking hard work then! hence most of the stuff they release is unfinished!!!!! bo2 with its ten year old game engine and broken net code!!!!! yeah ill keep throwing my money at em! I base what i say from articles and interviews off these men!

  • Jeffery02

    I will admit that I do want to satisfy my curiosity about what drives the system. To be honest though, specs mean nothing to gamers. If you are a gamer and you look at specs, you are ignorant. Specs don’t tell you anything about anything. That is why some developers praise the Wii U while others bash it. It all depends on whether they take the time to learn how to program efficiently for the unique structure of the Wii U or they try to program for it as if it is another computer. Games from other platforms will never run well for the Wii U natively and Wii U games will never run on other platforms natively. The Wii U is its own unique thing and the specs will never tell you that.

    Now would it be better if the specs were better? Probably. But the truth is that specs stopped mattering a long time ago and they are getting more useless as technology advances. So what does it matter if one system can process 10x what another system can? As a gamer, you’d never notice the difference. There are some games that look better on the Wii U and others on the PS3 or 360, but the differences are only noticeable when compared side by side. If a game isn’t as fun as it could be, then it’s not the fault of the hardware’s limits. It’s the fault of the developer that is just passing the blame. I have no idea how powerful the Wii U is compared to the PS3 or 360 and it doesn’t really matter. No one will ever truly be able to tell you that as nothing else is anything like the Wii U. If you’re really worried about specs, then go to PCs and stay away from the console debate because PCs are always going to be more powerful than consoles.

  • MetroidZero

    The Wii U works, folks. The CPU may have a very low clock speed, but impressively, the whole system still runs games very smoothly, and this shows that a high CPU clock speed is not always needed. (Cheers, GPGPU). Nintendo may have taken a shortcut, but having the ability to put in somewhat cheap hardware and still run high-definition games in 1080p at 60fps, is, without a doubt, next-gen.

     I believe next-gen will consist of those who can make a low-power consuming, virtually cheap, console that can still run HD graphics at very high frame rates. Nintendo is leading the next-generation…and with their trademark innovation, they are going to be hard to beat!

  • who gives a rat’s ass!? The pissing contest has become far beyond a joke. Spend more time actually playing games instead of  arguing which is “better”. If you guys love games so much, why do you have to own only one console? Even worse, turn around and slag someone off for owning the other and call them “trolls and fanboys” ? The two most overused internet slang.

    • oontz

      If I could like this more than once I would 😉
      I happily own multiple systems because there are exclusives on each that I love. But at the same time I can’t turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of hardware such as the Wiiu. I own it and love it but I can still admit that Nintendo went for cheaper hardware components to sell the system without breaking the bank. It’s just so funny that Nintendo fanboys can’t admit that. It’s not hard… swallow your pride and say…My name is ________ and I am a nintendo fanboy and I love the wii U even though it is underpowered.

      • Jeffery02

        My name is Jeffery and I am a Nintendo fanboy and I love the Wii U even though it is underpowered.

      • Richard Yates

        Pfft fanboys, Pfft more than once!…..i personaly own everything m8 and am a fanboy of games! And if you do work in the industry id love to see who your suppliers are so i can get your prices of components! the wii u is the first console ninty has built….AT A LOSS! it has 2 network cards and the controller in that price!!! As for underowered Pfffftttt to that too! The next machines will be underpowered too compare to my pc……..where do we draw the line eh? 

        • oontz

          As Nintendo has stated, the system is sold at a loss until they sell ONE game. After they sell one game they turn a profit. That means the system sold on its own is almost breaking even with their manufacturing costs. This isn’t the same business practice of Sony or MS who sell the systems at a complete loss and recoup profits from software sales. Hell the PS3 only became profitable for Sony last year. 

          As for component prices… 

          A major company manufacturing Hundreds of Thousands of systems is going to be paying a very SMALL fraction of the actual retail cost of the components. You could buy one cpu and pay X amount of dollars. You really think if you buy 500,000 cpus you’re paying the same price as one? Seriously? It’s called buying in bulk. The more you buy the cheaper the price. 

          Of course the next machines from Sony and MS will be underpowered when compared to a top of the line PC, it’s impossible for them not to be. They are based on old hardware. PCs are on the cutting edge, new components are released all the time. Console manufacturers need to plan their systems in advance and within a budget the average person is willing to pay. 

  • Sidney Majurie

    I don’t play specs… I play games.

  • WiiUltra

    It’s funny when grown men (or little kids) argue about numbers. Its all about games.
    “My PS4 has a billion cores”,  “Well my Wii U plays Super Smash Bros 4”. 
    I think you would know who the winner is.

    • oontz

      Where can I buy Super Smash Bros 4? 

      Oh you meant your Wii U will be able to play that game in the future, when it actually exists, in physical form. 

      • WiiUltra

        Ya I meant the future. Just like how you will be able to buy PS4 and Nextbox in the future then argue about their specs.

  • Tecpedz94

    I haven’t played elder scrolls and want Wii U to get it so i can play it. I dont want to play it on my other platfroms cuz i know if Wii U gets it they will enhance it.

  • I look over the comments everyday over every new page on this website.  I conclude that the arguing over Wii U/ PS360 & PS4720 is pointless.  People have loyalties, blind loyalties at that, but still loyalties to their platform of choice.  For the Wii U owners, the main selling points are the new controller, the updated graphics, and mostly, the promise of all these new exclusive games, such as our Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, Pikmin, Starfox, Animal Crossing, etc.  What I don’t get is that a lot of people, Donaald in particular, come here and swing around huge facts to make us feel bad about our purchase.  But for most of us who grew up with these games, it’s not the hardware that sells us, but rather our childhood favourites.  Beyond the point, I don’t see why one would want to see Nintendo, the great gaming giant, pusher of innovative ideas, go down into dust to be taken over by PS and MS.  Not that I don’t like those other systems, well I actually have a very bitter resentment towards MS, but in all honesty, they’ve never pushed and changed what gaming is.  Each of their consoles are in stark resemblance to each other.  It’s like paying for the same console over and over again and only getting a visual overhaul on what games you play.  Granted, they do have their fair share of insane exclusives, my favourites being the Gears of War series and the Uncharted series.  Again, I have a bitter resentment for MS, and although I know there’s a lot of people who enjoy their exclusives, I find them boring and bland.  Halo has almost literally been the same game over and over again in my eyes, but I digress.  When we buy a Wii U, we look for the new innovations in our favourite games.  Nintendo Land shows us a bit of what is capable, but I’m sure there’s so much more that we can’t possibly think of that Nintendo is crafting into the new 3D Mario coming out by E3 or the new Zelda set for sometime in late 2014.  For most unbiased gamers, we often include 3 seperate gaming purchases if we can afford them.  Most will buy a Wii U for the very reasons I stated above.  The next possible purchase is either PS or MS, since they are essentially the same console, differing only by their exclusives.  We buy those for said exclusives and third party games that aren’t made available for the Wii U.  For me, that purchase would go towards a PS4, and I’m sure you know why by now.  The third final purchase, if you’re really lucky, is a PC rig.  Most people will keep a PC for third party games that look and play best on PC, as well as the PC only hits like Star Craft and Civilization.  All in all, true gamers don’t dwell on minor things like CPU cores and GPU power, because the last thing we worry about when we play or favourite games is the pixel count or render distance, unless of course it’s absurdly bad.  We worry about the games, and by making those three purchases, we get the best of each world.  Donaald, I know you’re gonna stumble upon this, and I want to tell you something.  Sure, you make a lot of strong points against the Wii U, and sure, there are things that Nintendo really needs to step their game up on.  But there’s also a lot of points to counter-argue you, and a lot of the Wii U supporters here at Wii U Daily feel like you completely ignore those points and make them seem unimportant in contrast to yours, myself included.  People, enjoy your Wii U and any other consoles you plan on buying, and just get excited for Bioshock Infinite, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, God of War Acension, and 3D Mario.  Happy gaming!

  • Adam Porter

    come on guys, we’ve all seen noticeable lag in game, long loading times. hell i turned on zombiU yesterday and when the gameplay started it took a good 20 seconds of jittery video and hampered control plus a groaning noise not unlike an old pc struggling to run a program before i could play normally.
    some games don’t even look as good as their ps3/360 counterparts, take darksiders removal of extra detail from the environment for example, and a recent leak has just suggested that the wiiU version of aliens: colonial marines is actually the worst looking version, with even worse framerate and texture issues.
    blame devs, they may be lazy to learn new ways of coding, whatever, fact is the wiiU isn’t cutting it with them and they don’t want to learn how to get the best out of the wiiU because it gives little extra return over the ps3 and 360, when the ps4 and nextbox come out what hope is there of devs making games for the wiiU then, next to none.
    shops like tesco in the uk are begging for a price drop to shift units, nintendo apparently can’t persuade the big chains like asda to push the wiiU and give it a real presence in-store, you really don’t know the thing is there to be sold so it’s not selling.
    nintendo have been slow off the mark releasing a first party title, and it could be a long time before we see the big names on wiiU like zelda or a 3d mario game.
    and my final point, the negative media coverage of the wiiU has really just killed it, anywhere except in fanboys minds the wiiU is seen as in deep deep deep trouble.

    • Sidney Majurie

      Yep, just like the 3DS launch… oh wait…

      • Adam Porter

        so what are you implying, it’s now ok to aim for a mediocre reception for a gaming system??
        the 3ds had one competitor in the handheld market, and there was no way nintendo was going to lose with both pokemon and monster hunter on the one device. wiiU on the other hand will lack most of what the other console will be getting, and will end up like the wii, relying on nintendo games which though are awesome, are few and far between.
        if nintendo were to release a new game every 4-5 months i’d say the wiiU would be alright, but that won’t happen, we’ll be lucky to get one quality game a year without any third party support. and it’s not looking good for dev support, or even support from retailers. just start reading some wiiU news that’s not on a wiiU site, or even a gaming forum, read news from actual journalists in actual newspapers online to see what i’m talking about. the general feel everywhere apart from nintendo fan sites for the wiiU is extremely negative.

        • Sidney Majurie

          On my way out the door right now to sell my Wii U… …honestly I am… gaming “journalists” and Adam can’t be wrong… …to hell with history and factual examples and Nintendo’s unbeatable franchises… … I’m going with the gaming media who wants Nintendo to FOLLOW it’s competitors and Adam. His argument is undeniable… …XD

  • Adam Porter

    and another thing i’d like to address, this whole power consumption thing, what a load of bollocks, i remember before wiiU launched and iwata made a key point of the consoles low power consumption, who the hell cares it’s not as if it’s going to make a significant difference to your bill, i pay round 60-80euro a month for electric and that is with using an electric oven and hob to do all my cooking, an emmersion heater heating the water, and a pump running my central heating 4 or 5 hours a day. would it save 20 quid a month.
    i bet if you boiled a kettle 3 or 4 times it would use more power than the difference in power consumption in a day between wiiU and other consoles. what a ridiculous selling point.

    • Richard Yates

      More power= more heat= more cooling=more chance of breakdown! Are we learning yet?

      • Sidney Majurie

        This! And the fact that less power consumption is a good thing for our planet. But who cares, just a bunch of bollocks right?

        • Adam Porter

          yes it’s just a bunch of bollocks, we are talking a miniscule amount of difference on power, the other consoles aren’t exactly what you’d call power hungry either, compared to other household appliances, so why put so much emphasis for your design on something that really doesn’t make much difference.
          low power consumption won’t sell a games console, games will, and you need devs on board to make games to sell, and apparently devs can’t get the hang of it’s design and so don’t give to damns about wiiU, hell nintendo obviously don’t even care anymore.
          they don’t advertise it, they have no big first party title to launch it with, the titles they had for the launch window are getting delayed, the only big releases we have to look forward to this year from nintendo is pikmin3 and zelda wind waker hd(an old game).
          if we are talking lazy devs and publishers nintendo are topping the list at the minute to be honest.

          • Sidney Majurie

            No need to write a 2 paragraph response to one sentence about less power consumption being a good thing. The rest of that is just you crying about issues you have with Nintendo which you should stuff in their suggestion box. Your multiple paragraph comments are falling on deaf ears here. You’re only trying to convince yourself at this point with responses that have nothing to do with my comment, lol.

          • Adam Porter

            so you just wrote a pointless paragraph pointing out an apparently pointless paragraph, if anyone’s gone off topic i’d say it was you.

          • Sidney Majurie

            M’kay dude. You convinced me. I’m going to go sell my Wii U now… … …really, I’m going right now… …

  • Petri

    What I’m impressed of, is how cool and quiet Wii U is, even after hours of playing.
    Ps3 became a helicopter after half hour of gaming, and xbox360 dvd drive filled the room with noise pollution (as well as also heating like a motherducker).
    Sure the later versions of ps360 might have had these issues fixed, but Wii U is on the first version.
    But I’m pretty sure noise and heating problems will be again an issue with ps4 and nextbox.
    There is no way they can make them as powerful as speculated, make them work cool and quiet and keep them affordable.
    But what I know for sure, is that I’ll skip “the next generation”, Wii U is enough for me, and my son to grow up with it.

  • I see it this way. When the “next gen consoles” come out, their price tags are going to be hell of ridiculous. Especially if you’re on a budget or your parents pay for your stuff (you’re a kid or jobless). It’s gonna get to the point were it would essentially be easier to buy/build a gaming PC oooor look at the Wii U and say, “I can get this console with accessories and games for the same price of the next gen console?! Hell yeah I am!” By the time this happens there will be some AAA stuff out for Wii U.

    Just to clarify, I’m NOT a Nintendo Fan. As of now I do own a 360, Ps3, and Wii U. They each serve their own purpose for me. I love, and i mean loooveee gaming. I’m obviously going to buy the next gen. consoles.

    I personally pay for my own stuff, and it’s a little off putting when someone bashes it before it even takes flight. Especially when you’ve spent your hard-earned money for it. So I can see where all of you are coming from. You can’t love video games and bash on another console/company at the same time. Any TRUE gamer has definitely dangled the idea of owning all three HD consoles, and the wii. Regardless of information given of specs of any kind, we can’t truly know the power of any console if we aren’t personally developing or working towards making a game for it.

    This is the internet. No matter what “proof” anyone shows, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone or anyone.

    I’m all for condoning bashing on people that try to play games on Macs. They’re the real enemy! D:<!

    • Sidney Majurie

      You had me until the Mac comment. It’s seems fashionable to bash Apple these days. Kinda like Nintendo. I remember a time when no one really knew or cared about Mac or its users enough to bash. Apple must be doing something right 😀

      •  I was being sarcastic. :p

        What they did right was privitize their copyrighted and patented stuff when it first started up letting them make a crap load of money. Granted they introduced some pretty revolutionary stuff AT THE BEGINING of their company’s start up. Now they’re just hustling your money. If you’d  pay the same price for any type of apple pc/laptop/netbook and instead got a windows pc, you’d get much more stuff out of it.

        Not bashing Mac or supporting Windows. I just like optomizing my money.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    So is Wii U daily FINALLY going to update the false specs in their specs section?

  • David Rampa

    More trolls in this comment section then in Lord of the Rings + Hobbit combined.

  • Cerus98

    First of all. If everyone will just ignore the instigating trolls they
    will go away.  You are merely giving them what they want by responding
    to them. For all their claimed expertise they really know nothing about
    technology.  If they did then they would know that clock speed is not
    the sole measurement of power.  If it were then we’d still be using the
    higher speed Pentium 4’s instead of dual cores that are less than half
    that speed on average.  They’d also have the intelligence to realize
    that consoles are not sold because they are the most powerful. PCs have
    always been leagues ahead in terms of power.  But it’s not about specs –
    not in the slightest.  It’s about the quality of games and the
    experience of said games on their respective consoles.

    Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 but lost big time in sales.  The
    Wii on the other hand was far less powerful than than PS3 or 360 but
    outsold them by a thousand miles and turned a ton of profit in the
    process.  The Wii U may not have broken the Wiis initial sales but it
    has sold more in it’s launch window than the PS3 or 360 so a flop it is
    not.  Every launch is met with lack of games, delays etc. That is just
    the nature of the beast.

    But what I have enjoyed most about
    Nintendo is their reliability and quality.  MS and Sony have been
    plagued with hardware failures in the last generation which I find
    completely unacceptable. Sony might not still be in business had they
    not bet on BluRay which gave men across the world the ammo they needed
    to justify the purchase to their wives and girlfriends.  “Look honey, it
    can play video games, blah blah blah AND it can play BluRay movies!” I
    can certainly see that conversation going on again and again in
    households everywhere.

    But I digress – I have owned every
    Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft console.  I still own a NES, GC, Wii and
    now a Wii U along with a PS2, PS3 slim and 360 slim (because both
    original purchases went kaput) because I enjoy what each of them has to
    offer.  I’m probably the biggest technology geek on the planet.  Hell
    I’m constantly tweaking and upgrading my desktop PCs components just for
    shits and giggles.  But I couldn’t care less what my consoles specs are
    as long as they have the games I want to and will enjoy playing. Plain
    and simple.  It’s about the games – it always has been. It’s not about
    what you have under the hood but how what you have is utilized.  That is
    how consoles have been so successful VS PCs. They are ever evolving to
    take further advantage of their weaker hardware to make games that look
    spectacular. If the console you are working on doesn’t have the latest
    and greatest CPU then you make your game rely more on the GPU and vice
    versa.  PC games have been doing this for ages.  Some are very GPU heavy
    and some are very CPU heavy.  It all depends on how they were designed.

    If you’re a true gamer then you will own every console because all that
    matters is the games, their experience and how much you enjoyed them. 

    Donald – Get out of your mommas basement and go get a girlfriend punk. 
    Nobody hear gives a rats ass that you’re too broke to buy that Wii U
    you so desperately want but can’t afford so you come here to bash it


    • RattleGore

      Plus they seem to think processor speed is everything… Last i check an i5 processor is clocked slower than a p4 but destroys the p4 it in all other stuff. OC the i5 to P4 clock speeds and the rest is history..

  • NintendoNoob

    That’s a sexy CPU

  • audie bowler






  • Goran Lukic

    This was posted a couple of weeks ago on the NEOGAF forums

    Some comments from Chipwork’s Jim Morrison (ie a professional who analyses photos like this for a living):

    Originally Posted by Jim Morrison, 
    Been reading some of the comments on your thread and have a few of my own to use as you wish.

    1. This GPU is custom.
    2. If it was based on ATI/AMD or a Radeon-like design, the chip would carry die marks to reflect that. Everybody has to recognize the licensing. It has none. Only Renesas name which is a former unit of NEC.
    3. This chip is fabricated in a 40 nm advanced CMOS process at TSMC and is not low tech
    4. For reference sake, the Apple A6 is fabricated in a 32 nm CMOS process and is also designed from scratch. It’s manufacturing costs, in volumes of 100k or more, about $26 – $30 a pop. Over 16 months degrade to about $15 each
    a. Wii U only represents like 30M units per annum vs iPhone which is more like 100M units per annum. Put things in perspective.
    5. This Wii U GPU costs more than that by about $20-$40 bucks each making it a very expensive piece of kit. Combine that with the IBM CPU and the Flash chip all on the same package and this whole thing is closer to $100 a piece when you add it all up
    6. The Wii U main processor package is a very impressive piece of hardware when its said and done.

    Trust me on this. It may not have water cooling and heat sinks the size of a brownie, but its one slick piece of silicon. eDRAM is not cheap to make. That is why not everybody does it. Cause its so dam expensive

  • audie bowler

    the fastest clocked 4 stage pipe out of order risc cpu ON EARTH

    the only consumer cpu on earth with NEXT GEN level2 EDRAM catch

    powerpc 32bit cores @ 45nm destroy ARMS cpu at 2x plus the performance per clock

    ibm edram beats sram for bandwidth at a 2x more minimum rate per clock

    expresso has peak 4to1 data compression that compression applys to ram and bus and gpu ALSO increasing thru-put 4 fold at peak 4to1 compression

    expresso has 15 execution units xbox360 cpu has 3 LOL

    if you dont understand tech SHUT UP

  • sharlo galmo

    wii U got 5x mem bandwidth than current generation consoles. It has about 1.5-2.5x gpu more power and dx11 features (no dx cause its ms copyrighted), it has a better out of order cpu than any xbox360 or ps3. Its not the old wii CPU, its a modified modern 750 family cpu, with more than 7 instructions per clock executions. It has 3x more cpu cache, it has 3x more edram…
    what makes u believe wii U is current gen or less??

  • DemonRoach

    The entire situation is sad.  1st party games will obviously be awesome, some original games will be good, but ports will suffer and when the ps4/xbox3 are here, their their games may not even be able to be ported due to the slow processor.

    • RattleGore

      then you know nothing about porting.. SO how is it they port over over PC games to console and PC’s have a faster processor and is the port inferior in term of speed, graphics maybe but optimization done right then means the slow processor won’t be an issue..

      • oontz

        This kinda reads like you’re the one who knows nothing about porting. 

  • ZeldaFan83

    Go get yourself a Wii U and I’m sure you will discover that for yourself! 🙂

  • Why would you even need a DVD reader in a GAMING console? It’s for single media, which is games. That’s what Nintendo, and only Nintendo, understands.

  • ConCity Soldier

    Nintendo claims that cache makes up for processing speed.  I’m not sure what cache is and how it works in a CPU.  If anybody can explain to me how it works in a CPU please do so.  The Wii U also supports a GPGPU which also does some CPU work.  Add those two elements combined and the power of the Wii U should be solid.  The GPU is still being guessed with no definite answer, but developers have said it was solid.  Criterion also said they are using PC textures on Need For Speed Most Wanted U, and from what I heard they only had 6 months to port the game, so I’m not sure if it will be fully optimized, hopefully it will be, but it already has much better textures then the 360/PS3 counterparts.

  • the ps4 has 8 cores, am worried