Nov 29th, 2012

Wii U CPUWe’ve heard before from developers that the Wii U CPU wasn’t as fast as they expected. Now according to Wii hacker “Marcan”, the exact clock speed of the Wii U CPU has been found.

Marcan posts via Twitter that the Wii U CPU is clocked at 1.2 GHz, with 3 cores based on the IBM PowerPC 750 design. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 both use CPUs with clock speeds in the 3 GHz range, but the Wii U has a much more modern design and the processors can’t be compared clock-by-clock.

The Wii U GPU runs at 550 MHz, according to Marcan. While the main processor of the Wii U might not feature fast clock speeds, the GPU is certainly much more powerful and advanced than the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts.

Marcan also revealed some of the codenames Nintendo uses for the internal hardware: the Wii U system is called “Cafe”, the CPU is “Espresso”, and the GPU is “Latte”.

Nintendo will probably reveal the official console specs at some point in the future, either directly or a developer will leak the spec sheet like they did with the original Wii. Until then, the Wii U specs remain only rumors.


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  • Joey Sawyer

    My opinion: 

    Does it play games? Sure does!

    Does it play good games? Sure does!

    Does it have a high clock speed? Sure doesnt!

    Do I care? Sure don’t!

    I mean come on, some of my favorite games are flash games.

  • tooby77

    I dont give a flying fÄÄk about specs. When i got my first Nintendo 8-bit ( 80´s) i knew i whould play Nintendo til the day i die.

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      I have my wiiu. I have had it for 4 hours. I got it before the street date!  Got at 5PM GMT.

      I think none of us Understand the specs. One thing I know is , it’s POWERFULL! CoD runs 2 screens at once perfectly. Even in single play campaign you can have the Gamepad and the screen running Asymmetrically. Could the 360 and ps3 do that ? I don’t think so…

      Dual screen CoD is awesome on wiiu. 

      And I am the first person in the world to unbox the ZombiU bundle 😛 !!!
      I will add people tonight as I’m not allowed to connect it to the internet untill after the street date.

      I have played Assassins creed 3 in the shop (demo-ing it) and it looks incredible.

      The specs mean  nothing!  because the wiiu is evidently very powerfull…
      And awesome! 

      I have never had such a WOW moment with any other console , ever….

      • Hugh Ormond

        you cant really say specs mean nothing 😛 specs are most, if not all of it. theres also the hardware(like gamepad) and, according to this, some other stuff i dont know about, but specs are still a big thing.

        • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

          That’s not what I meant. The Wiiu has a completely different Architecture to Last Gen consoles.

          It Runs assassins creed 3 better than the previous gen and CoD runs 2 screens at once , asymmetrically.

          On that basis alone , it’s clear that the wiiu is AS powerfull (overall) and possibly way more powerfull than last GEN systems….

          If it can handle assassins creed 3 so well , Just imagine if assassins creed 3 was built from the ground up for wiiu. It would unquestionably look a lot better.

          SO , the clock speeds mean NOTHING. because the proof is in the GAMES, RUNNING on wiiu on day 1. 

          • D2K

             One of the reasons why AC3 and BO2 look better on the Wii U is because Nintendo worked with Ubisoft and Activision on their ports.  It’s not a coinkidink that the developers that worked with Nintendo have gorgeous ports and those whom did not have ports with frame rates issues and the like. 

            In this day and age following directions is a dirty phrase.

          • Rinslowe

            Nintendo are still evolving in that respect and lag behind the competition when looking at third party support.
            You know with GC they had an ace in the hole with online functionality and basically blew it. MS didn’t really improve on that idea until the 360 but both MS and Sony have no doubt exceeded their own expectations on that front.
            Nintendo needs to play catch up with the basics, and lets all face it, online game play no matter what system you’re using is a blast. They have some cool ideas and can achieve whatever they set to task, but lets just hope it has their full attention.
            If they want Wii U to be the go to device then they need to be even more open to subsidising and cooperating on a financial level with key companies and dev’s to make it a priority. MS is especially good at meeting third party companies half way in terms of marketing and such, that is what it really takes to get their attention today, not just that the Wii U has more power, potential or is easier to code for…

          • Ultranist
          • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

            It Runs the same or better. You can have dual screen Multiplayer and Play in bed. Havaseat. 

            Like I said , It runs The main image of the single player campaign on two screens at the same time , if you want.

            I highly doubt the last GEN could achieve that , especially considering they don’t have Gamepads with perfect wireless streaming tech in them….

          • Ultranist

            go look the framerate…

          • Ronny Andersen

            u go play kinect …

          • Rinslowe

            Funny cause I played both 360 and WIii U versions from the same display at the same time switching between the two and found no differences… Dude, no such differences…. Only way to know for sure is of you try it out yourself, fck what the so called unbiased tech sites are saying mostly they’re paid whores…

          • Pearson

            You know why? Because our eye does not have to the extent of super dupa sophisticated graphic. If it is eye candy and cool to the eye, for me, it won’t be a matter.

          • D2K

            They failed to mention anything about the fact that the game is rendering to two screens when talking about the 60 FPS drop off.  The purposefully left that information out. 

            From what I’ve seen Black Ops 2 looks better on he Wii U.  Not leaps and bounds better.  Just, better.  I don’t know why that is such a stumbling block for so many people.  So it looks better.  Big deal.    Other games on the Wii U look worse. 

            The purpose of that article was to try and make the Wii U seem weak rather than explain the issues developers are having with trying to adjust to doing things a different way.  That would imply responsibility.  We can’t have that.  They cherry-picked what they wanted to report. 

            This is the same nonsense we heard 6 years ago when the Wii launch.  In that case that system actually WAS greatly inferior to the 360 and PS3 in power, yet when simply upscaling Wii games (and even a couple of Gamecube games) to 1080p you get games that look like this.










          • Ultranist

            all these upscaled wii games are running on a PC with the dolphin emulator.


            And rendering the same image on two screens isn’t a big deal.
            Try to plug in your PC 2 monitors/TVs and set it up so it shows on both the same image.

          • D2K

             I have.  Playing Crysis 3 no less on 3 ACER 120Hz 3D monitors.  The point is that those are emulated games.  All it did was upscale the resolution.  The actually quality of the graphics comes shining through when simply upscaled. 

            I’ll go you one better than that.  If you look at SMG on a regular 480i tube TV, it looks gorgeous ad just as good.

            I’ll raise you one more.  The touchscreen on the Wii U is only 480p yet the image is nearly indistinguishable from the TV. 

            Horsepower does not = great graphics.  Talented artists and developers are what make great graphics.  Horsepower just allows you to do more with those graphics. 

          • Ultranist

            the lack of antialiasing on the wii makes SMG look horrible. Her is a photo to prove my point since on youtube can’t be seen because of compression.

            Similar goes for the wiiu touchscreen because is so small you don’t see lack of antialiasing or low res textures and graphics and aesthetics aren’t the same thing.

          • D2K

             The only thing anti-aliasing does is get rid of jaggies and graininess.

            Any image blown up passed the mark of it’s native resolution is going to look bad.  That has no bearing on the quality of the image.  A 1080p image looks great on a big screen TV, but put the same 1080p image on a movie screen or jumbotron.  Doesn’t look as good.  Hence why 4k resolution was invented.

            If you look at N64 games on a regular tube TV they look okay.  Emulated they look very sharp and clear.  But the graphics themselves still look horrible by today’s standards.  However when you look at a game like SSBM or SSBB, those games look just as good if not better than PlayStation All-Stars which is a current-gen game made at the END of a console’s life cycle.



            Nothing else needs to be said.  Sony better pray these games are not upscaled to 1080p and released on the Virtual Console.

          • Ultranist

            funny thing
            all wiiu games are rendered in 720p (maybe not some indie games)

          • jasonxoc

            hah tards are funny… rendering 2 screens means it has to render the world two times, calculate all the physics two times, why do you think most games dont’ have real mirrors in the games that reflect… 

          • Ravyu

            Euro gamer has an excellent history of twisting stories to make the Wii u look bad

          • Ultranist

            but they are the only guys on the internet who deeply analyzed performance and image quality of any new AAA game.

          • Rinslowe

            Actually I personally think it does,

            my link runs straight off my keyboard and right over to my spangly new gamepad which is as of right now running BLOPS 2……HTTP/WTF?USINGALINKTOSUBSIDIZEFORACTUALEXPERIENCEISPLAINSTUPID.COM

            PS. I also own a 360 and have burrowed my little bro’s BLOPS2 to compare the two for myself so….nuff said really.

          • Rinslowe

            Wii U is no doubt more powerful than 360 and PS3, but when comparing the dual screen ability, it’s 1 part hardware difference and one part a matter of simply having the ability to “split” an image to another device/ screen etc… This just requires the specific hardware mostly and is not comparable by the potential of Wii U’s CPU/ GPGPU…

            I also agree clock speeds are useless to compare any system without knowing what each system is capable of in terms of true performance. This is especially true for GPU’s… You know, nothing is more annoying the having to read the plethora of so called tech site articles all smack talking the Wii U’s visual capabilities compared to 360/PS3 based on the clock speeds only…
            Even the greenest of green PC newbie’s would know that even a semi modern GPU (Like the one in Wii U) running at 550MHz is all but guaranteed to discreetly thrash the other two MS/Sony…

            The CPU needs some further thought and attention from dev’s to get the most out of it, but that doesn’t automatically make it inferior. Just a bit of a concern if devs place the task of ground up support for Wii U in the too hard basket…
            Having said that it’s pretty impressive what some devs were able to achieve in such a short time with those oprts you mentioned. I also feel the Wii U versions of AC3 and BLOPS 2 looks better than the other two…

        • jasonxoc

          but you have to understand the distinctions to make an educated opinion. Do you understand all of the the distinctions?

          Personally… I’ll wait to hear from devs on this… Not internet tools with a degree in idiocy who really don’t know what their talking about but love to give opinions. 

      • Mickey Mouse

        What website did you order it from? Mine’s from shopto but is scheduled to arrive by 5PM tomorrow. 🙁

      • tooby77

        Sry to spoil it mate. But i unboxed a zombiU bundle 27 november. Pics on my facebook with the games i bought. Did u know the store or whatever u bought your bundle in could get a very big fee for selling it before the acculy day it will come out. Nintendo does visit stores to check if any are sold. Keep low profile m8.

        • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

          Yeh , Nintendo visits all the stores , LOL!!! I picked the wiiu up when the store CLOSED. So Nintendo would of gone and found an empty shop lol.


          • tooby77

            Not the brightest star on the sky. Did i say all shops? What timezone r u in

      • Genesect4ssb4

        I cant agree with u more other than the fact that i dont have a wii u.

  • D2K
    • DarkNite14

      Its true, that article is true, people are just so stubborn these days you cant lay out information like that cause then they will bend over backwards to find another thing to hate on. Computer techs like me and a handful of people actually know how these things work, but its just sad how stupid stubborn people are so closed-minded. Dont even try i say, just go along with it and laugh at them when the bubble burst in there

  • Ultranist

    …and this is why all ports on wiiu have a lower framerate than the ps3 and 360 versions.

    • D2K

       Exactly.  They are use to loading all the work onto the CPU.  The Wii U’s GPU does most of the work and if developers would follow directions and use the GPGPU like they are supposed to they would find that not only would it be easier to develop the games, but the CPU would actually be more efficient than that in the 360 and PS3.

      That is why I cannot wait until the first game unveiled by Retro Studios.  You know they have a grasp of the Wii U processor and their game is built from the ground up on Wii U hardware.

      • No.  Just because it is a GPU (which the 360 and PS3 have!) does not make them FASTER than the CPU!  In Nintendo’s case, the GPU will have to be faster than the CPU since that is clocked low.  If the CPU is faster than your GPU then you roll with that.  The CPU is called that for a reason!  Nintendo has cheapened out is and trying to trick consumers again. They are clearly saving money by buying old CPUs and using newer GPUs to run the system.  Hey, if it works, it works.  At best, it seems like it is in the neighborhood of the current (almost 8 year old) systems!

        • D2K

          It’s clear now that you see what you want to see.  The reason why the the CPU is clocked low has already been explained.  Since you will take the words of a hacker over the words of “marketing people” as you say, read this.

          • Read my comments on there.  NEVER take the spin of the article write and have him interpret what someone has written for you to read and figure it out for yourself. 

          • D2K

            I’ve already said these things myself as about 100 other people on this board.  What is your point?  It just seems like if the facts don’t match up with your ‘opinion’ then it is wrong and you make excuses.  I assume you can read, so has seen what I have seen. 

            BTW, weren’t you the same guy that said earlier that you would believe some
            grimy hacker over someone whom actually works for the company (marketing
            people.?)  You are talking your self into the ground dude.

             I hate to be the one to the tell you this, but…umm……..

            *whispering* your opinion does not equal truth.

            Neither does mine, which is why I back up what I say with facts.  As LeVar Burton used to say, “You don’t have to take MY word for it?”

          • LonDonE247

             everybody knows that Nintendo themselves will create some of the best games ever on wii u utilising the hardware, its the third party iam concerned about, they are lazy, an to think that they would put extra time into learning how to an executing their games on wii u is foolish, look at the 360 an ps3 situation, ps3 had a relatively poor gpu, but the cell processor which is the cpu could handle cpu tasks, an gpu tasks, all it took was the developers to offload some of the work load off of the gpu to the spe’s of the cell, but did most devs do this? NO! they were not bothered to, an so even though the ps3 was more powerful playstation gamers ogt inferior ports, an only naughty dog, an santa montica an sony in house teams used the ps3 architecture to its fullest, an so created games which looked far better then 360 games! this will be most likely what happens with the wii u too,, most devs will not bother, an the launch support does not cont, as companys like ubisoft were sly to cash in on the wii us launch, fully knowing that there would be a lack of games, an so everyone would buy there games, an even those like ac3, mass effect 3, darksiders 2 etc were not as good as the 360 version, some were about n par with ps3,but as i mentioned above LAZY PORTS!! this is my worry for wii u, i own an game on all platforms, an to be honest my nintndo consoles i only buy for Nintendo exclusives! the rest i play on my playstation or xbox, but its not the point, its the 1 console guys i feel sorry for the ones who only buy ninty consoles, because they miss out on some great games! an when xbox720 an ps4 come out, the 3rd partys wont touch the wii u

        • Phillip Fauble

           I think you misunderstood. he didn’t say they don’t have GPUs. He said they need to utilize the GPGPU in the console. Because of the way it’s built it can take a lot of strain off of the CPU. GPGPUs are better suited for general purpose processing than a standard GPU.. so they handle all of the hard crap that a standard GPU does AND take strain off the CPU by processing all of the less ‘number crunchy’ graphics stuff. So using a modern GPGPU and a lower end modern CPU they can achieve a lot more than what last generations consoles could do. I don’t think I believe 1.2GHZ.. unless it is actually a quad core or more… or has a super fast FSB and a giant cache… With the slow RAM they’d never be able to achieve what they have with Wii U already if that was really what was under the hood…

          • D2K

             He didn’t misunderstand.  He’s just being a troll.

            I’ve heard that it could be a quad-core.  I guess the jury is still out on that.

          • Marioravestozelda

            Its i3 3.72 all together 1.2 on each core.Trust me graphics about to get alot better.

          • You know nothing about computers. 1.2 GHz on each core is till 1.2 GHz – there is no adding them together like RAM.  It is like a 4 cylinder car vs. a V6, V8 etc.  It’s still ONE engine, just more cylinders to help get the job done more efficiently.  

          • AZJ

             You know nothing about being a decent human being.  Did I jump to conclusions too soon?  Yes, though I am probably right.

          • A GPGPU is a cheaper, on-die GPU…  Stop trying to act like this is advanced technology when it is a cheap way to build a system, not the ideal way!

          • You’re misunderstanding what a GPGPU is. It’s only a language used to run things usually processed by the CPU on the GPU. It’s not actually what you think it is, just coding language.

        • Marioravestozelda

          Erm ps4 and 720 are doing the same thing,if you want better graphics GPGPU is what they have to use this is next generation.

    • Nintendofreak

      u see d thing is dat games use d cpu(almost all consoles), but some games ( mostly pc rely on gpu like diablo 3), by relying on d gpu u get better results but its harder to do, dat is y d metro dudes were like wtf….its preferable to have a 6 or 8 gpu n a 3 cpu dan backwards….

      • No system has 6 or 8 GPUs.  No system will ever have that.  I doubt if we see one with dual GPUs.

  • Sean Reihani

    I don’t like this, now I can’t downvote comments!

    Anyways, I think that nintendo should have made a more powerful console and release it w/ the pro controller. Then, a few years later, they could release the gamepad. That way we’re all happy.

    • D2K

       Out of the 7 generations of home consoles, Nintendo has been involved in 6.  They have won 4 of those races and the 2 times they lost were when they decided to take your advice and release a console based on sheer horsepower rather than sheer innovation (Nintendo64 and GameCube.) 

      The most powerful console with one exception (Nintendo Color TV Game) have always failed and the most innovative consoles appealing to the widest audience always win. 

      I’m gonna stop talking about this because either people just don’t have the capacity to understand this or intentionally choose to ignore the facts.

      • That’s not right.  Nintendo only won TWO console wars – of course with the NES and some could argue with the SNES, but I think Sega officially won it.  The N64 and GC were losers.  The Wii was not in this generation’s class so I don’t count it and I dismiss it.  

        When Nintendo had the most powerful system, they did win, except for the GC.  The N64 was supposed to have been powerful, but Nintendo used ‘graphic clean up’ tricks to make up for it’s lack of power and memory.  With the N64, that is when I started seeing that N64 was cutting corners and tricking the consumer instead of giving us real power.  With the GC, they had great features, but those features (hardware texture decompression) was about making up for what it lacked which was storage space.  If the GC would have been on a full DVD, it would have blown away SONY and MS, but they probably would have left out the hardware texture decompression.  The little kiddy looks did not help either.

        Nintendo fails to realize that people want grown-up systems, no toddler systems. Nintendo does not reveal detailed specs like a con-man does not want you to read the contract.  You would get suspicious of the con-man, so you should get suspicious of Nintendo. When a company sells the public a repacking of the previous system as new, they cannot be trusted! 

        • D2K

          1st generation: Nintendo Color TV Game (1)
          2nd generation: Nintendo sits out
          3rd generation: NES (2)
          4th generation: SNES (3)
          5th generation: PS1
          6th generation: PS2
          7th generation: Wii (4)

          It’s one thing to bash a company.  There are always gonna those people.  That doesn’t bother me.  However when you post a diatribe like this it is really sad.  Not a single thing you said made any sense at all.  Please, for the sake of all that is righteous and holy, stop talking. 

          • Lol!  It is funny when little kids go on Wiki and think that they get actual history!  On top of that, you said Nintendo was involved in 6 generations and you can only come up with four?

            What you list as the first generation IS NOT the first generation and that device was not even in the US!  What you write is sad because none of it is true.  For the truth to the rest of your carp, look at what I previously wrote.

          • D2K

            Is anyone else getting a good laugh out of this character? Wow. I’ll close with this.

            “Never argue with stupid people.  They will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience”

            ~ Mark Twain

          • Translation: “I lost but I am too proud to admit that I don’t know what I am talking about and I have to Google things to get a crash course in revisionist history!”  

          • n64 was released 1 year after the ps1 and had a huge difference in graphics and still the ps1 won. Nintendos interface and place in the consumer’s minds was always a little ‘kiddy’, and the wii merely solidified it. People would automatically assume nintendos system was weaker if they couldn’t see the difference, so they should stay a little behind. 

          • D2K

            It also hurt that it was expensive to put games on cartridges rather than CDs.  What you gained from speed of loading time you lost in capacity as the biggest 64 carts were around 128 MB where as a normal CD could hold 650-700MB.  And the N64 was difficult to program for.

            Now if there is a logical danger to the Wii U, it could be this.  Just like with the N64, 3rd parties could just decide to say “no, thank you” and pass on the hassle of learning how to work with a GPGPU.  Nintendo has offered help to any 3rd party company on developing games but I think it would be a good idea for them to make sure all companies have all the help they need getting up to speed.  Otherwise what is happening now could snowball and if the 720 and PS4 stick with the current formats of being CPU intensive that could be a disaster for Nintendo in terms of 3rd party support.

            We’ll see what happens.

          • The PS1 had better specs for 3D, but the N64 had better specs for cleaning up the graphics, which is what they had to do since they were on cartridges.  It helped to give it the appearance that it was working with something serious, when it was not.

        • Justin Parris

          The wii has outsold 360, and ps3, by 30 millions units… what criteria do you dismiss it? quit trolling.

  • Hugh Ormond

    ah no, id say thats rubbish. anything below 2.5/3ghz wouldent be made and sold as next gen. i dont know about the ‘other things’ about the cpu and being powerful somhow with low clock, but at least from what i can see 1.2ghz wouldent be able too run poo, never mind late 7th gen with better graphics at laung

    •  your talking rubbish powerpc 32bit 400 series maX OUT AT

      x360 is inline 1mb catch and 1 execution unit per core the clock speed vs ps3 and x360 is totally and utterly irrelevant a 1.6ghz out of order core would match a 3.2 inline core of the same processor family under the same conditions ps3 and x360 have very very inline cpus and run very very very hot and un efficent powerpc 400series is vastly more efficent and powerful per clock your quoting clock speeds out of thin air trying to look clever sorrry a powerpc 32 bit 45nm powerpc 476fp @1.6ghz would rape a xbox 360 core with shear ease
       theres a dedicated dsp hd surround in side wiiu also and a arm core or dual core backing up the cpu
      the peak clock speed cannot be 550mhz and 1.2 whatever first it doesn’t balance and secondly the 75watts power peak wouldnt be reached at that clock speed mario wiiu runs at 33watts way below the 40watts let alone 75watts at 75 watts or close the clock speeds clearly increase
      i just thought id point out what iwata all ready god darn told you all

      • ogboot

        Read the whole thing gents. Good to be see a few folks Audie know about hardware and can explain things like instructions per clock cycle. I work for a hardware developer…clock speed isimpossible to compare between different architectures. This Donald fellow has no clue. The WiiU is definitely nextgen and more powerful than any other console. And will hold its own for some time against the next offerings from Sony and M$.

  • Lewis

    I didn’t matter with the wii and it won’t matter now!

    • D2K


  • Don’t want to sound like a jackass now John Kinsley but like the hacker, you make the same mistake, WiiU doesn’t use a standard GPU but a GPGPU which is far more powerfull and efficient then any GPU and CPU combined, from what I hear about those (and has also been confirmed by real techies) the GPGPU is also a must for future gaming, there was a link on a IGN article which I read (was posted elsewhere by some guy):

    This shows what WiiU can be capable of when they use the GPGPU and not the CPU like most games do at the moment. This game has been confirmed for WiiU aswell, and is based on the GPGPU. yet I say again it remains to be seen if the developers can get this under control. (Nintendo did show it off with their garden and zelda tech demos)

    • D2K

      The Garden and Zelda HD demos were whipped together in 3 weeks and on used about 10% of the system’s power.  After I saw those videos I was all done.  I needed to see nothing else. 

      • Oh yeah, IF that turns out to be the Zelda, then it’s cool.  However, it usually is not the final product and those demos usually appear to show the MAXIMUM graphic CAPABILITY of the system.  If you can, go back in time and find screen shots of “Project 64” (the later N64) and view it’s demos vs the final product!  After that, you can see that Nintendo never surprises.

        • D2K

          At least in this post you make some sense.  Yes it would be cool if the Zelda that is coming turns out to look like that.  And there is always a possibility that Nintendo could pull a fast one like they did with the Spaceworld 2000 demo of Link fighting Ganondorf and give us something different and make excuses as to why we should like THAT over this.  Took me a LOOOOOOOONG time to forgive Nintendo for that.

          However, It’s pretty obvious that a tech demo put together in that short amount of time only using 10% of the systems power on ALPHA kits is NOT the peak performance of the console. That makes absolutely no sense to suggest that.

          As far as your reference to the N64 tech demos, the Ocarina Of Time demo looked terrible.  The finished product looked way better than that.  If you are referring to this…

          That was a promo of showing off what the silicon graphics chip that was to be used in the Ultra64 showing what it “could” do.  Not necessarily what the N64 wound up actually be able to do.  All companies do that.  Remember this?

          Halo 2 turned out to be NOTHING like this.  And don’t get me started on Sony and the CGI cutscene crap on the commercials. 

          Spin has been around in the business world since there was a business world.

        • AZJ

          Hmm, tech demo is made before the system is released.  Most launch games on any system ever made do not look as good as games being made for a system towards the end of its life.  No examples I will provide, because I hate you personally. 
          Back to point, do you truly believe a tech demo will show the maximum potential of a system?  If so, you must be right, like you are always right.

    • A GPGPU is the same as a GPU. If you want an example, just look at the AMD APUs and Intel Core i7’s, that is all the Wii U is but with more focus on the GPU side of things to once again rip the consumer off.  A GPGPU is either on chip with the CPU or on the die.  A GPU is off board with it’s own circuits.  Don’t be fooled.

      • AZJ

         You are always right and you are a wonderful person.  How is the burden treating you?  You know, the burden of always being 100% correct.  Always so smart, you should make a console, I will buy it.  I just hope you don’t rip me off like that evil Nintendo I have been hearing about.  I cannot remember where I heard they were the evil, but I am reminded of you.

    • NkoSekirei

       the point is this guy is hacker  and anyother hacker out there needs to get their @$$ beating after they been screwing with gamers across every platform except wii u of course they tried to steal peoples credit card information or stealing people accounts on websites and $hit

      • D2K

         That is a good point.

    • fireheartis1

      This game looks amazing and way better than any game I’ve seen on 360 or PS3, and I for one actually like the PS3.  I can’t wait to see what happens and to see if developers actually take advantage of the Wii Us actual power.

  • Anubis

    Oh gosh the Wii U specs are borderline on par with the PS3 and the 360 that like automaticly makes the Wii U a terrible system!!! *GASPS*
    Also, why would I belive a hacker.

    • I’d believe a hacker over marketing people any day!  Especially marketing people who do not release detailed specs!

      • Anubis

        You do have a point

    • NkoSekirei

       the hacker has nothing to back up his facts hes a douche no matter wat

    • Joey Perez

      the wii u is better than both Ps3 And xbox …i have all systems and a gorgeouse tv and wii u already with nintendo land alone looks better …its not even a 1080p game …imaginewhenbwe see its real power … wiiu is more capable than all current gen

  • Ryan House

    The PowerPC 750 is what powers that Watson Super Computer. at least that is what I read on

    It was on Jeopardy

    • D2K

      I don’t know about that. It’s kind of funny.  Wikipedia didn’t waste any time updating the Wii U specs with this information, yet on the same page that talked about how IBM is phasing out the PowerPC 750. 

      I could be reading this wrong, but the PowerPC 750 by itself isn’t even as advanced as the Gekko processor used in the GameCube.  The PowerPC 750 was used in back in the late 1990’s.  However if they used the Power7 architechure to boost the performance of the PowerPC 750 as they did with the Watson computer then it makes sense. That way they are getting the power benefits of the Power7, but without the power consumption issues.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    these tests were done while the system is in idle and NOT while running games….all hardware only runs at minimum when idle….the full specs are gonna be at least double, maybe even triple these numbers, so dont worry too much

  • spinksynick

    mass effect 3 is running at 60 fps in full 1080p and its on two screens .can 360 or ps3 do that

    • The bigger question is – would it want to do it and why does it need to be done?  I think that controller was just a marketing tool to make it appear as if the system is different.  Every since it was talked about I and many others have always wondered what that controller was for or what benefits it could have.  Now the thing is out and people are STILL asking that question.  At least Wii’s controller had a purpose. 

      • Go play ZombiU and you will find out what it can do. I have and I think the game is awesome.

        • How come I can’t play ANY game to find out what it can do?

          • D2K

             I guess the same way you can’t play ANY game for 360 and PS3 to see what it can do.  If were to take your logic to heart I would pick up Halo 3 for the 360 and think it is a piece of junk. I would pick up resistance and say, “This system is weak.”

            Of course that would be incredibly stupid to do because I know that every game isn’t going to be a masterpiece.  All three console have shovelware.  It’s just that Microsoft and Sony hide more of their shovelware on XBLA and PSN than on the shelves.  Not a bad idea, just pointing that out. 

    • Ultranist
      • spinksynick

         no why are u fucking blind . or are you deaf

        • spinksynick

           mass effect 3 runs at 60fps 1080p why would that make me blind

          • Ultranist

            it doesn’t it
            go read the article through the link on my previous post

  • Nintendofreak

    yea also its a gpgpu or however its spelled so its like 2 in 1….like shampoo n conditioner

  • Michael Jurado

    Why is everyone gibber gabbing about what powers the console???? It can play awesome games … Everyone seems to forget gaming rule #68 better graphics doesn’t make a better game don’t believe me go play some super nintendo. In all honesty other than borderlands 2 no other game wether it was on ps3 or 360 gives me as much playtime as nintendo has so everybody just shut up and have fun.

  • Robert14789
  • DemonRoach

    1str Generation Cleron 3 GHZ vs. a Pentium 4 1.5 GHZ.  Which do you think is faster?

  • TheLast

    The CPU is slower, but according to the source’s Twitter account, it is actually better than the PS360’s chips. :/

  • tronic307

    Marcan is a good hacker, and all (I believe he worked on the Wii Homebrew Channel), but these clock speeds don’t make sense. The CPU would be impossibly slow and a 550Mhz GPU doesn’t seem like it would fit in the Wii U’s 40W power budget. Nintendo has been using even multiples for GPU, RAM, CPU, etc. for over a decade. What happened here? If these specs are accurate, programmers would likely have to use the GPGPU for just about everything, but then again, perhaps that’s the idea.

    • NkoSekirei

       hes not a good hacker man hes been trying to mess with the gaming industry for a long while pissing the wrong people off and by doing this to a wii u is pretty much stupid

  • Max_Lazy_10

    Who cares about clock speed. As long as I don’t notice, I’m a happy camper.

  • iancosgrove

    I have a great workaround for no anti-aliasing, i don’t put on glasses, works a treat. Guys stop obsessing about clock speed, it’s not 1999 anymore, cpu isn’t a performance bottleneck in games the rate you can context switch and get data to the GPU is and ATi have a great architecture for that in the wii U. Intel love physics in games because it helps justify their products (why they bought havok) but really cutting edge physics are done on the GPU now. Processor is still important for AI, but games AI doesn’t even need the power in the Wii U look at Shenmue. So consider another bottleneck, constant reads and loading times from the game disc.. Oh Nintendo gave you an ass load of RAM to just dump it all in memory? Never mind

    • iancosgrove

      And respectful face palm for the GPGPU referencers, no offense 🙂 GP stands for General Programming. In the past you could only write programs on the GPU for graphics, creating new vertexs or rasterization. As GPUs got more advanced and the languages got more high level this allowed programmers to move away from just graphics and perform general programming (like physics and AI) as a GPU is many many times more powerful than a CPU if used correctly, CPU has 3 cores on Wii U and 360, modern GPUs have thousands of cores

  • DragonChi

    I don’t play Nintendo consoles because of specs. EVER. I love their first party titles that are always timeless. Whatever is under the hood is enough to accomplish what they intended for their HD system. It is good enough for me. Nintendo is there to give people an alternative experience that is both highly creative and innovative which you REALLY don’t see much of these days. certainly not to the degree that Nintendo puts out.

    I never compare Nintendo consoles to Sony’s or MS’s systems, cause Nintendo does their own thing. They operate on an entirely different level than the other 2. This is why Nintendo is untouchable and will remain so. Their legacy is too strong.

    • Someguy1337

      I remember playing on the SNES. 1st party games were the only ones good imo.

  • Joe satMoes

    The reason it has a low clock speed- and therefore ppl think it has a bad CPU, is becuz Ninty didnt need to really bother with a good CPU- they have a GPGPU and a bunch of other powerful things which do much of the stuff that the CPU is used for. Idk much about techy kinda stuff. But i know this much. I think the power is good enough, and we all know the PS4 and Nextbox wont be much more powerful…if at all. I do like the amount of third party support the Wii U has…it isnt as good as Sony or Microsoft, but it is good enough, and will get better and better. But add fair third party support as an added bonus to Ninty games- that is what makes me want this console

  • cpu and gpu have 2 setting s max 40watts and max 75watts so theres a low and a high JESUS WE ALL KNOW THIS AND YET EVERYSINGLE ONE OF U FAiled to even think that thru


    1.2 cpu and 600mhz gpu makes sense and the higher rating 75WATTS could be 1.6ghz cpu and 800mhz gpu ther3es two settings funny yet again i  discredit a fool trying to stab nintendo in the back with MORE LIES…


  • NkoSekirei

    who would ever believe wat a hacker has to say in which nothing hes been trying to ruin the gaming industry for several years and now hes coming up with lies cause we all know the truth and many third party developers alrdy confirmed that wii u is far more powerful then ps3 and 360 by 80 to 100 percent.I hope nintendo nails his @$$ and send this douche to prison.He would make a find example to gave out a harsh punishment to other hackers not to mess with the wrong game company.

  • Cesar Barrera

    I believe its 1.2 GHz per core not overall

  • so were are the twio or so speeds theres a peak 40 watts mode and a peak 75 watts mode so the rumor remains rumor untill some factual effidence comes along there is no other part inside wiiu that could possibly jump 25 wats only the gpu or gpu and cpu combined could use such amounts of extra power the wiiu doeswnt peak at 40 watts it peaks at 75watts like iwata clearly stated at the same time he cleared up how much ram

    why are people so slow in D head

  • Ryan House

    CPU does stand for Central Processing Unit

  • Ryan House

    I thought I read that the PowerPC 750 was used in that IBM Super Computer Watson who was on Jeopardy 

  • Ryan House

     According to IBM:

    Watson is a workload optimized system designed for complex analytics, made possible by integrating massively parallel POWER7 processors and the IBM DeepQA software to answer Jeopardy!
    questions in under three seconds. Watson is made up of a cluster of
    ninety IBM Power 750 servers (plus additional I/O, network and cluster
    controller nodes in 10 racks) with a total of 2880 POWER7 processor
    cores and 16 Terabytes
    of RAM. Each Power 750 server uses a 3.5 GHz POWER7 eight core
    processor, with four threads per core. The POWER7 processor’s massively
    parallel processing capability is an ideal match for Watson’s IBM DeepQA
    software which is embarrassingly parallel (that is a workload that is easily split up into multiple parallel tasks)

  • Ryan House

    I just want my “The Legend of Zelda U”

    • Ryan House

       Been a Zelda Fan since Ocarina Of Time. I have every One since and even went on Ebay to get a Link to the Past for SNES

  • Ryan House

    I hope this system is more of a CORE Gamer System than Wii. I was never excited about Wii. I didn’t get it until I knew they were redesigning the Wii and Removing the Gamecube playback. Skyward Sword is the only Wii game I bought Full Price. Mario Kart Wii Came with the System. I bought Super Mario Galaxy in 2011 Before Skyward Sword came out

    • Tron Javolta

      You should check out the following if you don’t think Wii is a core system….No More Heroes 1 & 2….Madworld….Muramasa Demon Blade…Fragile Dreams….Silent Hill Shattered Memories….Monster Hunter Tri…Super Smash Bros…Metroid Prime 3…Zelda Twilight Princess…Arc Rise Fantasia…Xenoblade Chronicles…The Last Story….Tales of Symphonia….

      I could go on but I won’t. Next to the DS the Wii had the BEST RPG titles of this generation. Nothing on PS3 or Xbox can compare RPG wise. I admit graphically the Wii was flawed, but I have yet to play a game on Xbox or PS3 better than Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, or Xenoblad Chronicles.

      • Ryan House

        Twilight Princess is a GameCube Title First. That is the Version I purchased and I absolutely Love it. Beat it Multiple Times

  • Miguel Ferreira

    The WiiU can do the same or better than a PS3 or xBox?

    Bottom line: Do you really need better graphics and the ones that currently exists? Are you playing a game or watching a movie?

    I am looking for fun…when playing a game, and if i can add to that good and awesome graphics, the better.

    • Someguy1337

      My 6 year old, crappy PC can outplay a PS3 and Xbox360. 

      • BS, unless you updated the card!  If it can outdo the ‘crappy PS3 and 360,’ then let’s here what it will do to the Wii U – don’t be biased.

  • Charles Carr

    im currently messaging on my game pad. so much better than scrolling through letters with a control stick or dodgy voice commands

  • Charles Carr

    raw power does not mean everything, as this article says its much more modern and effecient, effectively providing as much if not more processing capabilities as the rivals. plus the gpu and ram knocks the socks off 360/ps3

    • Raw power does mean everything.  You people always contradict yourselves with that, but then talk about the GPU and RAM being better.  Everyone expects the GPU to be better, but is it more powerful?

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Of course it’s more powerful silly! The Wii U uses a GPGPU from last year!

        • A newer GPU does not always mean a more powerful one!

          • D2K

            No it doesn’t always mean it is a more powerful one.  It just does in ‘this’ case.

            These are the specs of the ATI Radeon 5670.


            This rips the current-gen GPU’s to absolute shreds.  All Nintendo did was flip what Sony did with the PS3. PS3 has a stronger CPU and weaker GPU, the Wii U has a stronger GPU and weaker CPU.  The only difference is that a GPU does a better job of handling tasking for gaming than a CPU does which is probably one reason why Nintendo went for it.  I mean, as a business why wouldn’t you want to have a console that gets better performance for less money.  That is how you make profit.  You get the most out of your product with the least amount of overhead.  But what do I know?  It’s only worked for thousands of years and all.  😛

            The PS3 had a GPU, but it also was less powerful than people wanted.  However just like right now with the Wii U GPGPU, people did not understand that the GPU in the PS3 did not NEED to be powerful because of the Cell Processor doing most of the functions that a GPU would ordinarily do.  Sound familiar?  It should. 

            Don’t believe me?  Check out this link to the PlayStation community page in a conversation about the GPU.  They are saying the SAME THINGS about Sony’s GPU and people are saying today about Nintendo CPU.


            Look at Resistance.  A game made before programmers got a full grasp of the Cell Processor.


            Not look at Last Of Us 7 years later after programmers have a full grasp of the Cell Processor.


            It’s amazing what people can learn in 7 years.  The point is that there is nothing wrong with the Wii U’s power at all.  Period.  It is more advanced than the current-gen and advanced enough to go deep into the next-gen.  If Sony and Microsoft choose to flirt with financial disaster and try to sheer out-power the Wii U, those systems are gonna be expensive.  Which means they are going to sell at a loss, AGAIN (before you say they let me remind you that the Wii U, as system you claim is technically inferior sells at a loss until a game is purchased.  So if the 720 and PS4 are going to be so far beyond the Wii U in power, you damn well better believe they are gonna sell at a loss.)  

            Which means they will have to keep them on the market for at least 7 years, AGAIN (Sony will probably have to keep the PS4  out longer than that because they cannot afford to loss any more money.)  Which means by the time 720 and PS4 games start to pull away from the Wii U to where there is a noticeable different, Nintendo will be releasing their follow up to the Wii U. 

            1985 NES
            1991 SNES
            1996 N64
            2001 Cube
            2006 Wii
            2012 Wii U
            2018 ?????

            That means that the successor to the Wii U will have a 2-year head start instead of the year head-start that have now with the Wii U.  It’s not that big of a deal, just something to think about.

          • Wrong.  The Wii U will be the last system from Nintendo before they go all hand held.  Games are not designed around the Wii U and will not be, so when the next XBox comes out, the graphics will automatically look better than the Wii U.

            When the SNES was out, the Genesis has the developers at first, but then games were designed around the SNES because it had superior capabilities. Once the PS came out, Sega was in limbo and Nintendo was behind the times, so games were designed around the PS.  In fact, games were designed around the PS and the PS2.

            Once the XBox came out they gained followers.  When the 360 came out and took the lead, all games are designed around it now.  Developers did not spend much of their time trying to develop for the Wii because that was going back in time, and the PS3 had no incentive to maximize it’s abilities so the the 360 is now the standard.

            Of course the Wii U’s GPU rips the almost EIGHT year systems GPUs apart – what else should we expect?  Of course You did not mention the Wii U’s very weak CPUs or the 360’s powerful CPUs AND GPU.  I am sure that MS will have a better GPU for the next 360 with more power on it and I am sure, 10-bit color!  that alone will blow that Wii U away!

          • AZJ

             What a life you live.  Everyone around you is wrong and stupid.  To prevent this experience, please go live in the woods and unplug your computer.  You can now share your opinion with the birds.

      • D2K

        Show us an example of how raw power means ‘everything’ in CONSOLE gaming.  I can see where that statement would be true in PC gaming, but not in console gaming.  It’s not a contradiction because we know that the 720 and PS4 will be more powerful. 

        The question comes from people like you claiming that the Wii U is not powerful ‘ENOUGH’ to be truly next-gen and it has been proven to death by everyone on this board with tons of factual information that you purposefully ignore or distort that it is. 

        The problem is that you keep intentionally ignoring direct answers to your questions and respond with red herrings.

        • The Wii U like the Wii, is not a next generation system, it is a current generation system.  That is not a good way to start and this is one of the reason Nintendo was so quick to release a new system.  When I say raw power is everything, that does not mean that there is no video card or other components in the system. You can use the PS3 as an example of raw power.  It is lower on RAM and weaker in GPU than the 360 and it mainly competes on it’s CPUs.  You can never include Nintendo systems in this talk because they always have one thing strong and everything else weak to cut costs.

          • AZJ

             You are a great person, and you are always right.  Are you done now?

      • I’m sorry to disappoint you Donald but Raw power does not mean everything, there has to be a delicate balance between the CPU/GPU/RAM. As with Nintendo’s Wii U they used a Tri Core CPU that may have a slower clock speed than expected, if these numbers are correct in this article but by balancing it with a good GPU and the right amount of RAM they can balance out the system load that would hinder the CPU and the console itself. Microsoft and Sony are no fools, they know this as well. You can’t just throw in RAW power and expect amazing results…there has to be a very equivalent balance between the specs and internal components that you are using or you won’t be able to correctly use the full potential of that systems capabilities, why do you think it takes developers so long to adjust to how to reach that full capability with making their games.

        Nintendo has made a very good balance with their internal specs and that is evident by what the Wii U is capable of doing by utilizing specs that are identical or exceed what the current generation have, yet are able to do much more than the PS3/360.

        Now I think in the end specs are useless for the gamer, in the end it all comes down to what you enjoy playing. I have played every gaming device available in the U.S. since the Atari/Game & Watch and I can safely say that I very much enjoy and have a fun time playing the Wii U, it almost brings the feeling of joy playing the NES for the very first time when I was a child and let me tell you that is no small feat.

        • BS, there is no ‘delicate balance’ on anything, that only happens when you design a cheap system!  You can throw all of the RAM that you want at a system but we know companies won’t do that, but it only gives you more room to operate, but it does not increase you motor.  You can a little RAM and a very fast CPU and see the immediate difference right there.

          Face the facts, Nintendo got cheap on the CPU and used old CPUs to save money. If you have raw power (usually a fast CPU) and the video card that is powerful, you are in business!  Nintendo will once again regret their decision.  They cannot win the arms race with these systems made like toys.

          • ZeldaFan83

            You clearly don’t like Nintendo nor do you even know what you are talking about. There is a balance to creating just about anything especially computers and consoles. From someone who has been making custom PC’s for the last 11 years, if you balance out your specs and components just right than you can create a machine that will far outweigh one with just pure power.

            When the PS3 came out Sony even admitted that they were gonna put the best technology in it regardless of the price and when the 360 came out Microsoft tried to put good technological specs in it while keeping it fairly cost effective. You can’t just throw the best technology in there and think everyone is going to buy it regardless of how much it costs especially in this economy. Sony has learned that the hard way with the PS Vita and the horrible sales. They thought everyone would jump on the band wagon and go get the Vita because they saw it as the “PS3” of the handheld market and it continues to struggle with dismal sales and software for it. Nintendo has always been one to make a console cost effective while still having good technology and that is proven with the Wii U with the HD graphics, robust online system, Tablet like GamePad, etc. No other console to date can offer what the Wii U can do technologically as well as from a gamer’s perspective seeing as how Sony and Microsoft’s controller hasn’t really changed it’s core design in years or even since the original Playstation/Xbox, all they have done is increased their consoles graphical capabilities and added online play for the most part. Now I do like the 360 as well as the PS3 but I love my Wii U.

            First get your facts right and perhaps go to school and actually learn what it is your trying to talk about so you can actually back it up. If your just here to talk smack about the Wii U because you have no life then by all means go ahead I won’t stop you. If all you care about is graphics then go get yourself a PS3/360 and have a blast otherwise please stop complaining how Nintendo knows nothing about gaming and what gamers really need and want.

  • Ronny Andersen

    All Nintendo fans knew that the Wii U wouldn’t be some uber powerful beast of a machine. Nintendo can’t do business the way the psychopathic megacorporations Sony and MS does, and loose billions during a generation. Neither Sony or MS are in the console business to earn a profit, they use that scene to promote other parts of their business and to try to get control over the interactive entertainment space.
    Modest CPU, great modern GPGPU, 4 times as much RAM as ps3/x360 and blueray like storage medium (25GB). In the long run the Wii U can produce better looking games than current gen does.
    The specs are better than i expected so I’m happy.

    • Sound a little biased?  You call them psychopaths, but when I call Nintendo cheap bastards or rip-off artists, you get mad.  At least MS and Sony deliver the real deal!  It is sad when the best that you can hope for is to get better than what is out now for the Wii U.  Now it appears as if you might struggle to get that.

      • brownygtst94

         When you say the real deal… do you mean how xbox dumped its core following gamers to focus on the pathetic kinect or perhaps sony and its pathetic ram issue and hardware flaw which doesn’t allow it to do cross game chat. … in that case yea i agree.

        • Very petty argument there.  MS did not dump it’s core gamers as the XBox was designed with them in mind. The Kinect is an alternative product, obviously designed to attract the fools who thought that the Wii was great.

          • brownygtst94

             That’s why you haven’t seen any decent 1st party studio games on xbox besides… halo…forza.. kinect was rammed down your throat..

      • Danny Sedney

        So, XBOX 360 has a gpu with 48 calculation units. The Wii U has a GPU with, as assumed based on its die size,  640 calculation units. Yet you say that Nintendo delivers crap. The GPU alone is way more powerfull than XBOX GPU and CPU tied together. Developers just need to split their C code to have parts of it executed by the GPU. Very much the same as in PS3’s case.

        I do agree that XBOX 3 and PS4 will be more powerfull than WiiU though. First because they can spend the costs of Wii U’s tablet controller on CPU/GPU instead. Second, because hardware tends to get more advanced every year and they won’t deliver until next year or so… However, I don’t expect them to be more than twice as powerfull.

        BTW, I believe RAM memory is much more important than CPU anyways.

        • Try rendering an HD video on your PC and tell me RAM is more important.  You can always see the limitations of a good or fast CPU, but the more RAM you add to a system it does not improve the speed.  For instance, this PC I am typing on now has 24 GB of RAM and a 6-core Intel operating on 12 threads.  When I render, the RAM is almost meaningless while the CPU is the main thing.  CUDA works very well on some programs (Power Director) but is almost useless on others (Sony Vegas) as my CPU out paces my GPU and the RAM does nothing.  

          If you look back on GPUs, there were different architectures for different eras.  All of these shaders sound impressive, but they are not too much better than what was there before with just a new name.  When it comes to GPUs, then the speed, not it’s RAM plays the biggest part.  A faster CPU is better than having more RAM.  Of course, having both is ideal.

          • Danny Sedney

            Do you mean to say that consoles are primarily designed to play HD video instead of running games? You are comparing apples and peaches here. As for your example, try to render a 24GB scenery on a 256MB machine. 

            More RAM doesn’t make your machine faster but allows it to load and reference more data at high speed. This is needed because games grow bigger and bigger, models get more detailed, better animated, textures get more detailed. Not having enough RAM means that the system needs to swap from disk which is slow. Besides that, having enough RAM makes development easier.

            I’m currently porting DOOM3 to Wii. The engine itself isn’t an issue to port, but the game scripts load all rendermodels, collision models, physics scripts, animations, texture definitions and so forth in memory at once. Reading stuff from disk when needed will make the game stall a lot… XBOX version has modified script to cope with memory issues.
            GPUs are faster than CPUs because they calculate multiple pixels in parallel. The amount of pixels rendered in parallel is limited by memory bandwith only. This is why GPUs have large buswidths, so they can store, for example, 8 pixels in memory at once. Also, if a single pixel pipeline has, for example 40 calculation units in pipelined setup, it means that a program consisting of 40 operations effectively is calculated in a single clock. This is not how GPUs worked 10 years ago…

  • Hououin Kyouma

    I’m impressed at how low the speed is. The Wii U is plenty powerful and efficient. That’s Nintendo for you.

  • Marioravestozelda

    Its 3.72 over all just over 1.2 on each core matter of fact the cpu is very fast.GPGPU radeon hd 5670 add it all up you have one hell of a machine.It is next gen no doubts of that.Also as GDDR5 look if people want to comment on the wii u do a little research first you make your selff look stupid .This is next generation console sony spokesman as come out admitted ps4 won’t be that much powerful hardly any difference in graphics and it’s all down to GPGPU which is a beauly.

    • D2K

      Exactly.  The CEO of the whole company Kaz Harai came out and said the PS4 won’t be hat big of leap.  Their market cap just dropped again to 9.77 billion.  They are in BIG trouble.  Companies stock go up in down but Sony has been hemorrhaging money for over a decade with not to show for it but the PS2 really.  

      Sony physically CAN NOT MAKE A SUPER POWERFUL SYSTEM.  They just cannot afford it.  All of the Sony reps are telling people this, he boss has said this, their net worth has said this, yet Sony drone still won’t accept it.  I think sooner of later, Microsoft is going to own Sony.  It’s inevitable now.  They are gonna have to sell out to survive. 

    • 1.2 GHz is 1.2 GHz no matter how many cores on the CPU.

  • Lies, …. Check  the aliens developer reviews ….

  • Hugh Quinn


    • D2K

      Not in the grand scheme of things.  The only importance of hardware that matters is it’s durability.  If the system is durable physically and stable technologically that prevents a lot of problems before they start. 

      If any other company besides Microsoft who has a net worth that fluctuates between 200 and 300 billion had as many technical issues with their system and Microsoft did with the 360, they would have been toast. 

  • brownygtst94

    People complaining about the processor…graphics blah blah expecting some super computer internals in the next xbox and playstation are crazy… it wouldn;t be financially feasible to put top end gaming nvidia or ati cards with quad core/ 6 core etc high end cpu’s in console the price tag would be in the 1000$ mark and we all know that wont work just look at ps3’s launch… and they sold them at a massive loss for years.. Hd is hd .. the next systems wont be some massive jump in leaps and bounds.. in terms of “graphics” and power.

    • Yes they will or they would not bother since things are going so well now.

      • brownygtst94

        No they wont specially in this economy.. business’s want to make money not lose it.. Console gaming has been in a downfall compared to recent years in sales.

  • brownygtst94

     It’s like a majority of people here forgot to read the part of the article that says “Until then, the Wii U specs remain only rumors.”

  • gear 999

    Both Xbox 360 and PS3 has Tri-Core processors that are clocked at 3.2 GHz (not really sure about the PS3). Wii U at 1.2 GHz Tri-Core? Guys, stop believing the rumors about the Wii U being better than the 360 and PS3. Wii U is no better than any other console out there (except for any other Nintendo console). Not just because of the hardware but the 360 and PS3 are 7 (almost 8) years old and they can handle excellent graphics but what if the Wii U came out 7 years ago? Then the graphics just would be junk. Don’t you guys realize that the PS3 and t he 360 have years of professionalism and experience being top consoles for years and the Wii U just being a newbie about good graphics (not even that good). Also when the PS3 and 360 was out there was the Wii console which had graphics and hardware which was really slow and outdated which means the Wii U came out 7 years late. The last thing I’m going to say is; Get something which is quality and fed the addiction of gamers for years instead of something which came out really late and doesn’t actually have much as quality as the others.

    Source: A casual gamer which really knows about hardware and graphics (which is me)

  • gear 999

    Both Xbox 360 and PS3 has Tri-Core processors that are clocked at 3.2 GHz (not really sure about the PS3). Wii U at 1.2 GHz Tri-Core? Guys, stop believing the rumors about the Wii U being better than the 360 and PS3. Wii U is no better than any other console out there (except for any other Nintendo console). Not just because of the hardware but the 360 and PS3 are 7 (almost 8) years old and they can handle excellent graphics but what if the Wii U came out 7 years ago? Then the graphics just would be junk. Don’t you guys realize that the PS3 and t he 360 have years of professionalism and experience being top consoles for years and the Wii U just being a newbie about good graphics (not even that good). Also when the PS3 and 360 was out there was the Wii console which had graphics and hardware which was really slow and outdated which means the Wii U came out 7 years late. The last thing I’m going to say is; Get something which is quality and fed the addiction of gamers for years instead of something which came out really late and doesn’t actually have much as quality as the others.
    Source: A casual gamer which really knows about hardware and graphics (which is me)

  • mass effect runs better on the wii u then it does on the ps3 they get a solid 30 fps
    on the ps3 it dips as low as 20 fps. just because its clock at 1.2 dont mean anything.
     the ps4 and  next xboxb wont be clocked at 3 ghz either

  •  mass effect runs better on the wii u then it does on the ps3 they get a solid 30 fps
    on the ps3 it dips as low as 20 fps. just because its clock at 1.2 dont mean anything.
     the ps4 and  next xboxb wont be clocked at 3 ghz either

    • BellsGhost

      No it doesnt.  PS3 ME3 is better.

  • thats the wiiu in  wii mode  1.2 GHz just to clear things up 

  • brian

    Newer 3.0GHz CPUs run much faster than my last year model CPU I’ve got at 4.5GHz. Specs really, REALLY don’t give a clear picture of anything.