May 23rd, 2012

Wii U controller
A few days ago an image of an updated Wii U controller leaked (by a person who has since been fired) from developer Traveler’s Tale. It showed an updated design with dual analog sticks, and according to some, the new Wii U controller was also larger than the previous one. A few images have appeared online now (via GoNintendo) comparing the two controllers. We can’t confirm the accuracy of the images and the comparison, but it’s an interesting look nevertheless.

The red image represents the new design, and as you can see, it’s noticeably larger than the old one. In addition to being overall wider than previously to accommodate the new dual analog sticks, the new design isn’t as “flat” on the underside as before, something that the images don’t show. The new underside is much more grip-like, instead a flat surface with a cross bar. Some have also speculated that the screen is larger than before, 6.4 inches compared to 6.2 inches. As usual, we expect Nintendo to fully reveal the tablet controller, the console, and accessories at E3 on June 6.

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  • Wii Who?

    The guy who leaked these photos and got fired is probably setting back thinking “Totally Worth It.” Which is because we get to see them 😀

    • alienfish

      No, no he isn’t. That guy won’t be getting hired by any developers anytime soon so why don’t you look for him at your local Mcdonald’s?

      • Wii Who?

        I was being a bit sarcastic lol.

  • Swic11

    I’m fine with the screen being bigger, as well as the controller being bigger. I have never felt the “display controller” so the size doesn’t really matter to me, because I havnt tried either will like whatever Nintendo throws at me

    • david6

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  • david6

    I cant force myself to love something i dont, im going to hire a kindergartner to sketch a better one than this flap-jack burner. He probably wanted to expose the 1970s agenda of 60 year old toymakers.

    • saria sage of the forest

      kindergarterns can’t draw that my brother draw really good and i see his talked to u a few times

  • nathant1y

    Excite ment, snow day, new car, spaceplanes, warpdrive, cliff jumping into waterfall, newgame console, but this doesnt excite me.

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    E3 can’t come fast enough.

    • BlueFalcon

      Just only 11 more days my friend 😀

  • Master Chief

    I found this in the sand, inferior technology, I will not add this to my arsenol.

    • Joaquim

      You´re an idiot it is inferior technology? You must call technology to the Atari controllers.
      It is the first controller to have an ecran so of course it isn´t technology. Atari controllers are.
      And it is arsenal not arsenol.

    • Jon

      I’m pretty sure if you were Master Chief, a) you wouldn’t be on a Nintendo based website, b) you wouldn’t be trolling and c) you would know how to spell. Grow up you pathetic little nerd.

      • Master Chief

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        • Master Chief

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  • david6

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  • Buzzeh

    Its funny, that is not a new controller, its an older version. The circle pads are the new one. How do i know this? The first controller with the “joysticks” was patented way before the one with circle pads. The one with the control sticks is much bigger (as in width). It also as the the white squares, but the new (circle pads) is smaller and does not need the little squares because they are already incorporated.


    Typical 360 owner lol not too bright and he cant spell Arsenal ha ha

  • josh with the truth

    i sulute the guy that got fired because of this he really told us something awesome

    • LyingTuna

      I think he was an idiot, as he’ll probably never get hired elsewhere.

  • saria sage of the forest

    the new controller looks wierd and chunky the old controller looks more slim and nice.

  • saria sage of the forest

    if its a new controller how can old desigh buzzeh your crazy and the old controllers does like a little nice then the new one

  • max

    it’s completely true. the second i saw the new controller in the video i was like: wait a minute, that seems pretty familiar. then i remembered seeing it here. i guess i had the upper hand on knowing what would come before it came

  • video game store

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