Aug 12th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 22nd, 2012, 6:31 pm

The Wii U GamePad features a set of stereo speakers and headphone jack, and those aren’t just used to pipe the regular TV audio through the controller. According to Toki Tori 2 developer Two Tribes, the Wii U supports separate audio channels, one running on the TV, and another running on the GamePad. We previously got a hint of this at E3 with Nintendo Land mini game Ninja Castle. In Ninja Castle, players use the controller to “swipe” throwing stars at ninjas, and when they do, the GamePad uttered a “swiping” sound, while the TV had the regular game audio. It’s easy to imagine plenty of scenarios where this new audio feature would come in handy in games of all genres.

Wii U GamePadTwo Tribes now confirmed via Twitter that third party developers will have access to this feature. The GamePad has dual speakers for stereo support, and a headphone jack as well. This is necessary when players opt to play the whole game on the controller instead of the TV.

Earlier this Summer, Nintendo also confirmed that the Wii U will support two GamePads, however, the frame rate will drop to 30 fps if two tablet controllers are used at the same time. Which makes sense considering the extra horsepower it takes to render the graphics on an extra controller.

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  • Aaron

    SOunds Cool! Just like the Wii I guess…

    • Galaxy

      How? Explain?

      • Cristian

        Well the wii had that single speaker located on the center of the remote, when playing many games the speaker would make sounds like a sword swinging or in ssbb your character speaking when selected.

      • Kyron

        Well I don’t know if you ever experienced this but in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, when you choose a character, the character you chose makes a sound through the Wii Remote’s internal speaker. You can’t hear the same sound if you just tried listening to the audio through the television only.

      • SteampunkJedi

        The Wii remote has separate audio for many of the games I’ve played. In Twilight Princess there are several examples.

      • Marmor

        The Ghostbuster game, coming with Wii Play Motion, is an excellent example.

      • Mechadestroyah

        I think my favorite example has to be for Silent Hill Shattered Memories. When you got a call on your cell phone the controller would ring, also at one point you pick up a can and you shake it (shake the wii remote) and you can hear a key jingle inside.

      • Rohit

        Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read sntimheog like this before. So good to search out someone with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this website is one thing that’s wanted on the web, someone with just a little originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    30fps means no 1080p graphics which I’m a okay with if that means 6 players 🙂

    • gNat

      whats it supposed to run in fps normally ?

      • jat


    • KLerTheGamer

      No it means 30 frames per second it can still be at 1080p

  • Amon

    this has been clear for ages now, as they made it clear about the coming Aliens game that the gamepads speakers are used as the xeno scanners alarm voices and such..

  • afro ninja

    Great for ssb games

    • Kirbo99

      Would rather play SSB4 with the Pro controller..

  • Raul

    I really hope the quality of the speakers in the Wii U because the original wiimotes had poor speakers… I actually played with the volume off because of that at times… Here’s crossing my fingers!!!

    • Ben

      Expect DS quality, this needs to do more so ofc it will be better. And you cant blame Nintendo for the bad Speakers in the Wiimore, what sound did they make? Simple noises like hitting a ball in wiiwports and bumping into a wall on mariokart, you dont need high quality sound for that. And like you said, you can turn it off so you dont have that problem atall.

      • Raul

        Well I bought Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It featured extensive use of the speakers in the wiimotes. The wiimote would act as a phone and you had to place against your ear to listen to calls but at times the calls were too muddy to understand… In Brawl when you select a character, they make a statement or say a catchphrase but man, the quality was so bad in the audio. I was sick of hearing that muddy noise.

        Sure, I can turn off that feature but I would prefer to have it on to be immersed in the experience and enjoy the feature.

        • jat

          dude that silent hill game sounds really bad

  • alex

    And that is way the console is more powerful that ps3 and 360 in papers but we can see it on games and people cant understand that but as soon dwvolpers lern how to work on this you will see the big difference on games GO NINTENDO GOOOOOOO….

  • SuperShyGuy

    Really good for devs.

    Let’s take CoD games. They can have the sounds of the gun fights. While the controller puts out radio communications.

  • Josh

    Didn’t the Wii do this as well? I remember playing No More Heroes and getting phone calls on the Wii Remote. But nonetheless, this is a nice feature.

    • Matthewmc685

      That was a funny part of no more heroes for me because i did not know the wii motes had sound but i had the remote on the side of my head going “hello, who is there?” looking a bit dum with my nintendo remote being used like a phone.

  • nintendoododo

    But this information is nothing new. Anyway I am going to buy Wii U in launch day.

  • boogie

    I just cant wait til Aug. 13 to see if Gamestop is really gonna take preorders for the system!

    • Melk

      By “Aug. 13” you mean…tomorrow…

  • Aaron

    Let’s hope they were like the 3ds speakers they’re pretty good!

  • Frankensavior

    I kinda assumed this, but its cool anyways. As for the use of 2 gamepads dropping the frame rate to 30fps. It won’t effect me, because ill never use two game pads. Sure you can use Wii motes for additional players, but I think the perfect fit for additional players is the pro controller. It’s button layout is similar to that of a Wii U gamepad. So I think it would be giving the extra players a better gaming experience. At least compared to turning a wiimote sideways. As its insanely uncomfortable. So personally I think they should stick to the pro controller for additional players. Don’t get me wrong the original wiimote looks like its in great use in titles like Pikmin 3, but I think the pro controller is probably the best bet when it comes to additional players.

  • Bravyoura

    No wonder the pads making production so slow Nintendo’s going overkill on features it must be the only pad in history thats harder to produce than the console at this rate you could be paying 60 pounds + good job you can only use two at once.

    • Melk

      Why would you even need more than two?

  • Majin

    What would be good, is if you could get a head-gear attachment for the controller, whilst looking at the screen. You have the TV’s speakers going, and the controller’s speakers behind your head to create surround sound.

    Heck, if you have two, you could forsake the TV, and just have one in-front of your head, one behind. The one in-front of your eyes will show the screen and provide frontal sound. When you move your head, so does the in-game camera, essentially making your head the head of your character. 1:1 head controls. Should be possible considering that they will have accelerometers and shizzle.

    Would be cool.

  • Wii U 4 all

    I’m telling U all this right now, THE WII U WILL BE THE GREATEST GAME CONSOLE EVER MADE. I wont get into the back and forth of which system’s spec will be the best, Nintendo has made a console that will cater to everyone without breaking the bank. Let’s see Microsoft or Sony do that. Come 2013/14 we’ll see which console is the most talked about and desired. WII U 4 ALL.

  • rafael

    I would really love to play old gameboy games in the gamepad, through VC…i miss the old 2d zeldas like Oracle of ages and Minish Cap :/

    • Melk

      Ehem, 3DS…

  • The Beeshnu

    YAY now when i get told to turn it down i will, but the gamepad will still be annoying to them

  • me name is

    this is common sense

  • theorangefish

    The 30fps thing is actually not that what every body thinks. The system has a frame limit of 120 fps. And there is a limit of contet that can be streamed to the gamepad. So the 60fps for tv stay the same. The 60 fps for the tablet get splitted up. That means frame 1 for pad 1, frame 2 for pad 2, frame 3 for pad 1 again and so on.

    In short form:
    120fps=Hardware/software limit
    60fps for TV
    60 fps for gamepads
    1 Cookie for me 😀

  • Madmagican

    I think it’s a good move by Nintendo to keep the controller speakers, but I also noticed on a virtual tour of the system that the gamepad has a headphone jack on the top. …a little misplaced but I’ll get used to it

  • thenintendofan73

    this is similar to mario kart wii. if you play 2 player wi-fi, the frame rate drops from 60 to 30