Oct 22nd, 2013


Over the past few years we here at Wii U Daily have been proud to be your number one stop for news, reviews, and rumors surrounding the Wii U. We’ve grown quite a bit in the time since before the Wii U launched, even adding a Nintendo 3DS section to the site for those who love the handheld. Now we’d like to take the time to celebrate the full start of the next console generation by offering you the chance to win a limited edition Wind Waker HD bundle, as well as one of four games.

What better way to celebrate this monumental launch season than with a giveaway for our loyal readers? Each week for the next several weeks, we here at Wii U Daily will be giving away one Wii U game, leading up to the final week of the contest where we’ll give away a limited edition Wind Waker HD bundle!

So what do you have to do to win? It’s easy!

  • Sign up for our Wii U forums at WiiUForums.com
  • Make at least 10 posts (if you’ve already got 10 posts, you’re good to go)
  • Leave a comment on THIS contest article that answers the following question:
    • What new feature do you want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?
  • Below your answer, provide a link to your WiiUForums.com member profile

That’s it! If you meet these requirements (they may change week to week), we’ll throw your name into a hat and pick two random winners. After 4 of these contests, we’ll have 4 winners, one of which will become our Grand Prize Winner- selected and announced over a live Google Hangout!

Some important rules and house keeping:

  • We’ll contact winners using the E-Mail address connected to their forum account… so make SURE you provide a valid e-mail address when you sign up!
  • Entries (for this week) must be received by Sunday, October 27th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • Week 1 winner will be announced on Monday, October 28th and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If they do not respond within 24 hours, WiiUDaily.com reserves the right to disqualify the contestant and offer the prize to the next randomly selected winner.
  • WiiUDaily.com staff reserves the right to disqualify any contestant, for any reason, at our sole discretion (hint: don’t be a jerk)
  • Must be 18 or older to qualify
  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • You may comment as many times as you want but this will NOT improve your chances: there is a maximum of one entry per person per contest
  • Weekly Winners will be compensated with a $65 Amazon Gift Cards (which represents the retail value of Wii U game).
  • Grand Prize Winner will be compensated with a $300 Amazon Gift Card (which represents the retail value of a Wii U console).

Triple your chances!

We know you would LOVE to win a Wii U, but it couldn’t hurt to have an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 around the house- could it? Our sister sites – PS4 Daily and Xbox One Daily – are also hosting contests and giving away consoles so feel free to enter their respective contests (here and here)!

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Good luck and have fun!

By entering this promotion, participants agree, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, to release, discharge and hold harmless Neverstill Media, its affiliates, respective owners, and representatives from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which may arise out of participation in this promotion or out of the acceptance, use, or misuse of prizes. By participating, you agree to these Official Rules and to the decisions of the judges whose decisions shall be deemed final and binding.

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  • mar laguna

    no fair i dont have 18 i have 17 ๐Ÿ™

    • Justin Carlson

      Hurry up and get older.

      • mar laguna

        that would be cool but its not until next year ๐Ÿ™

        • Nate Perritonn


    • Majora’s Mask


      • mar laguna

        i dont like fighting but its not that my parents dont help me .-. -.- so please respect

      • Yea, lighten up a bit there buddy

  • I would love to see better weapons control and more interaction with the gamepad. Maybe something like a radar that Link can have with a magic crystal or something to detect enemies and secrets in the game.


  • ElladanCZ

    I am like yes, yes this is awesome, and then I am like.
    Woah, what is this.
    Wild rules appear:
    Must be 18 or older to qualify
    Must be a resident of the United States
    Rules used: End Dream
    Dream of getting a Windwaker bundle fainted.
    Elladan is out of Pokemon.
    Elladan whited out.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I hate when Wii U Daily makes promotions like that because I don’t live on USA! I don’t even know why I bother checking on them…

      Well, good luck for all of you who live in USA. Me, I’ll go buy my Wind Waker bundle in Japan!

      • It’s unfortunate but I think it is because they are a US hosted and managed site so they have restrictions when it comes to contests limiting them to the US.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          I imagine it’s because of exporting taxes, that differ from country to country. Of course, there may be other limitations as well, and I completely understand that, but still, I wish there was a chance for everyone.

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            i hate for us in Holland but it doesn’t Mather i can still buy a wind waker HD bundle but please i want a contest that isn’t only for USA

        • This is exactly it. There’s a lot of logistics when it comes to doing international contests that make it hard for us. I know it sucks for the rest of the world. ๐Ÿ™

          • WiiUisgaming

            You should make an option to send the prize to a Po-Box, then the winner pays for the shipment.

          • Adrian Brown

            Ashley, what if you don’t live in the US, but you can get stuff from Amazon anyway? Or maybe you guys can give Nintendo e-Shop codes instead of Amazon cards for the games. That will bring more people to the contest

          • Adrian

            It’s you!

          • Adrian Brown

            Hey me! How am I doing?

          • Adrian

            I’m doing pretty good! How am I?

          • and if i have a carrier in Miami that brings me what i buy from amazon, ebay and others stores. can i participate ?

          • jjbredesen

            Hey ashley my grandparents are us resitends, can they (be used) so that i can enter? I live in norway, but if i won could the prize not be sendt to them, and then they could send it to me? or should i just give up?

        • Nate Perritonn

          I agree

  • Gammalad


    What I hope to see in Zelda U is a lot more openworldness and more opportunities to explore.

    • Kahhhhylr

      Hey I know you lol

  • mar laguna

    I wish that zelda wii u would have a online type of option dont really now what idea but thats what i would like


  • Josh

    Just registered. (=

  • Desend

    Too bad for us Canadians :

    Regardless. I’d like the ability to learn more spells in the game and have health/mana bars as opposed to hearts.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I prefer hearts, but I like to idea of having Magic Bars back awesome.

      What I’d like to see on the new Zelda title is more uses for the Lantern. It was my favorite item on Twilight Princess, and I wish there were more uses for it. You could burn spider webs and lit up dark rooms, but I think it could be used even more.

      Maybe on the next game we could have an upgrade for it, a Spiritual Fire that burns even underwater, to solve puzzles with lights and torches underwater. It could have some effect on strategy for battles as well: when you have your Lantern lit certain monsters may back off and others be attracted to it (fighting two bosses on the same room, using to Lantern to bring one forth and forcing the other to back off), or using the moving light to solve puzzles involving shadows.

      You could also leave the Lantern on some pedestal or on the ground and shot an arrow through it to create a Fire Arrow. That would be awesome for places where you have to lit all the torches, but you can’t reach all of them and still don’t have the magic Fire Arrow.


    I’d like to see more save points….

    forum id scotto46….


  • Kahhhhylr

    I want to play as Zelda. Pick up at the ending of OoT where Link dies, and Zelda is trying to save her Kingdom as Gannondorf continues his rampage. Ultimately she must fail and as a last resort the sages trick him into being sealed into the sacred realm.

    Or in the very least bring back Sheik:D


    Edit: Oh and I spelled my username wrong. Well that’s staying in lol

  • GameChanger

    I want to see the use of NFC. Having some real world special and rare collectibles that can be used in game would be great.

  • Ifeanyi Ukomah

    id like more magic maybe playing as zelda also a nice open world where i can wander and do random side quests

  • Nintendofreak

    do post have to be in forums or in wiiudaily?

    • You need a post here in the comments with a link to your forum profile, and the 10 post requirement needs to be done on the forums.

      • JustLumber

        Hello Ashley I had a question:

        One of the rules says you must have 10 posts,
        Does that mean 10 posts on Wii U Daily or The Wii U Daily forum?

  • Rugmouse

    I would like to see the game return to a less linear approach and allow for maximum exploration. While perhaps not new, I always felt that was the best part of the original game for NES, and the more recent entries have followed too strict of a structure (find 3 items, plot twist, find 5 more items, end game). Maybe shy away from the ‘dungeon’ scheme and include world bosses in Hyrule field (or any of the zones) that, once defeated, give you some sort of new weapon or item that can be utilized to reach new areas.


  • Maury

    A Fully Open World, More To Do like Side Quests and Maybe to take place more into the future of the Zelda Timeline http://wiiuforums.com/members/ayomaury/

  • Nuno

    Next time you launch such a contest please state in the title: (WRANING: US RESIDENTS ONLY!).

    • It states that you must be a resident of the United States on there.

      • Nate Perritonn

        Luckily I am ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Majora’s Mask

      wtf is wrong with them cant they just a amazon uk gift card respectively

      • When it comes to contests there are often rules and regulations that the organization must abide by. Chances are since this site is hosted and managed in the US they do not have the right to hold a contest such as this for anyone out of the country.

        In the past they have given away games they had for review and they had to go to a USA or NA region console.

        • Majora’s Mask

          didnt know that

      • Nate Perritonn

        It’s because of shipping

        • Majora’s Mask

          …………. SHIPPING ? Americans…………

          • Nate Perritonn

            Carrying, handling fees, however your preferable tone for the action may be; moreover I will ignore your unnecessarilly arrogant approach of Americans. Back on topic, paying to “mail” a gift card quote-unquote “across the pond” is an added fund to the contest that is also unnecessary. However, my point may be invalid if, of coarse, the winner is awarded through e-mail with a code for the reward. In which case I would sadly agree in your mocking of me pal… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Majora’s Mask

            not mocking but with the american logic wii u daily will never ship to europe

  • Jason

    Free console? Sign me up! Also, I would love to see some more NFC applications in nintendo games. For example (just an example mind you), sell multiple “epona” statues and you can pick the steed that is the most awesome to you, and you can scan it in and that one would appear, and you could fit her out with upgrades and whatnot. Then it would save it to your epona, and you could take it to your friends’ house (if you had friends), and race your pimped out epona steeds in zelda multiplayer minigames (also a first for the series!)!

  • Lil J Moore

    Voice acting would be nice. I get it that Link won’t talk since he’s us as Miyamito says, but I like a realistic feeling of talking to Zelda and the people of the Hyrule worlds.


  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Wait, so a disqus account (the one I am using right now) is NOT the account I would need to win correct? I am confused.

    THIS account has 50+ posts, but the one I am about to create will have ZERO, is that OK?

    Anyway, I would love to see more secrets not needed to finish the game. Like in A Link to the Past. After beating the game there were still TONS of hearts to find, and other non-necessary trinkets for completion of the game.


    Hopefully this is OK to enter contest…

  • Elitepwnsface

    I want to be able to swing my sword with the use of buttons.For a new feature i would like to see dungeons themes that haven’t been done before, an example being “outer-space” or a pony level which appears good but is actually evil(something that is misplaced in the world/out of whack)


  • steve

    i would like to see some first person in the new one as an option.

  • Sean

    I would love to see a feature where the gamepad served as a window into a parallel dimension of some kind. You could move the gamepad around you to check you surroundings in the alternate dimension. I think this would open up a ton of puzzle and combat strategy possibilities.

    My profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/mavrick593/

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m not joining the contest but if I could add any feature it would be a massive over world.

  • Kamon

    This is so cool! I’ve wanted a Wii U since day one but couldn’t afford it. >_<

    What I'd like to see:

    -Living breathing world in the light of Majora's Mask(NPCs are always doing something)

    -Tons of different cities to explore

    -An artstyle that pushes the Wii U's tech

    -Upgrade system like in Skyward Sword

    – I want the game to encourage us to explore!

    -Be able to write notes for yourself on the Gamepad

    -Perhaps a new (female) main villian

    -Non linear dungeons

    -Selectable difficulty from the start

    – Tons of side quests and easter eggs!

    – Huge enemies like in Shadows of Colossus

    – I'd love more combat weapons like a Bo-staff or dual blades

    – A beautiful soundtrack!

    – I want a powerful story with well fleshed out characters that make me cry at the end x)

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/kamon/

    • Michael Ocampo

      I really enjoyed Majora’s Mask for that reason that the characters are always doing something. It would be kinda hard (at least i think so) to make the dungeons non-linear and have a difficulty selection, but i liked everything else you said.

      • Nate Perritonn

        I liked it for those reasons too

    • Cole Brinley

      I agree with everything you’ve mentioned.

    • Nate Perritonn

      My family can’t afford it either.. I’m hoping for the chance to win so that my little brother and sister can have a good holiday season this year.

      • Kamon

        That’s what makes it so exciting. Good luck, dude! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • legendofzelda


    I want to be surprised, like I usually am. Its the reason I buy every Zelda game.

  • Chris Orr

    When i think of innovation with the gamepad for the Wii U, I imagine what they did with wind waker. I thought the way the gamepad played in that game was absolutely perfect, so when i think of new features for the next zelda, I must think even more in depth. I would love for it to be a little bit more of an RPG. No, I am not saying a full out RPG like skyrim, but something like more customization. I would love to get many different types of weapons and armor/tunics that have different abilities, such as magic similar to OOT. In the end, the Master Sword would still be the main weapon in the game. I think it would be cool if you didn’t get the master sword till later in the games, but there were a few more weapons you could cycle through. As for the armor/tunic outfits, you would be able to get different levels of chainmail and different leggings and boots (pretty much everything except the head area, we want to see link). The stuff that fall under the tunic customization would be similar to the abilities from before, but more options. Such as one that increases magic strength or capacity but thats it. They can still be color coordinated or free color. All in all, id like to see more customization, but not too much to not make it a zelda game. Another thing i’d like is that it wouldn’t follow the same formula as always, but we already know they plan on changing it up ๐Ÿ˜€

    (wiiuforum username: chrisorr)

  • akaDenver

    I would like to look through the game pad and have it look like I was looking through Links eyes, seeing what he sees when I move the game pad around, I have more then 10 posts and here is my profile Link (get it…Link..haha, I’m so lame)


  • demann78

    How do i paste my user forum link on this post

  • Fifi Larns

    well I would just love the awesome graphics and I would love for them to add cool new characters to the Zelda series ๐Ÿ™‚ .


  • RedChu

    Aonuma said he wanted to stray away from the traditional Zelda concepts, so I’m going to have to say that I’d like to see some crafting added to the game. I love being able to make my own equipment in games. Need a hookshot to reach a hard to get to place somewhere in Hyrule? Make your own! At least it wouldn’t be lying around in chest in some dungeon just waiting for you to happen by and find it.


  • Nathan DeFalco

    New Feature in the Wii U Zelda: PLAY AS ZELDA. Maybe not the whole time, and certainly only if the story called for it, but if they can make you play as a wolf in half of Twilight Princess and get away with it, how much more awesome would it be to drop a trailer where we see Zelda kicking serious ass? Playing as Link is like watching a Tom Cruise movie. I already know all his moves before he does them. Putting an emphasis on magic and throwing Zelda in there would be a move that would please everyone and disappoint no one.


  • I would love for the Wii U gamepad to have an option to show a first person point of view while the TV shows the normal third person. And we would be able to switch to if we wanted we could play first person on the TV screen.

  • Jason


    I posted one earlier about having NFC eponas that could be customized and used in minigames at your friends’ houses, but now it’s gone. Can’t figure out why, I just wanted to be entered in the contest! Also, I still stand by my epona idea.

    Edit: I found it below, I’m just a little special.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I would like to see a story line that has that “Choose Your Own Adventure” feel to it. The decisions you make can be based on either morality or seemingly random events. It would add to the replay value to be able to pick different paths that can manipulate the overall story arch, but still keep the end of the game mostly consistent in an effort to maintain a (more or less) proper time line.

  • Ace

    Something that I think should be in the next Zelda game is co-op play. I think having the option of going through a dungeon together or solo (dungeon changes depending on if you’re playing alone or with someone).


  • Henry Hotspur

    I would like the game to have a very Dark Souls-esque style of online connectivity. Not so much online multiplayer, I don’t expect that. I mean find messages left by other players. Or even silhouettes of other players nearby?

    Besides that, take great advantage of the gamepad through the same means Ocarina of Time 3D took advantage of the touch screen. Perhaps even more. It was all so convenient!

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/mask-de-smith/

  • kenny Johnson

    I’d like to see a weapon really take advantage of the gamepad as a second screen… Similar to how Arkham City used the gamepad for the remote control battarang.

    • Michael Ocampo

      kinda like in skyward sword how you used the beetle or flew your loftwing! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • wu__wei_lion

    HD graphics. That’s it. Oh and anything else they want to do.

    Here’s my member profile:


  • Nathan Ostroski

    I would like the new Wii U Zelda to feature some kind of timeline split. For example, two time lines are created based upon the Hero of Time succeeding or failing. So it would be neat if the new Zelda game featured a storyline which affects the future based upon the players choices and/or successes in the game.


    • Nate Perritonn

      The timeline is a great idea!

  • WiiUisgaming

    This is unfair. I want to participate, but I am not a resident from the US.

  • Curtis Sexton

    I would love to see some original HD Zelda, that’s a given. What I really want to see, is Nintendo show off an innovative use of the Gamepad to silence all of the nay-sayers who say that it is a useless gimmick.

  • Rich Garriques

    i would love to have Zelda as a playable character and instant character switching from Zelda to link during quests , much like gta v’s character switching.


  • Razo_E

    I would love a “level up” feature for your weapons. Kind of like the way you could upgrade your weapons in Skyward Sword. At first everything would be awkward as the Megaton hammer is too heavy for Link, but the more he uses it, the faster and harder he hits. This could definitely factor in how hard it is to fight bosses (which frankly, are way too easy)


  • SleepySkullhead

    [SPOILER] I would want the Zelda U game to be based on the manga in the Hyrule Historia, with choices like either helping the kingdom, or getting revenge!

  • Aaron Lucas

    I would like the abilities with the gyro scope for the lens of truth you have to hold up the gamepad to see secrets that you can’t see on the TV. I think that would be awesome for the game.

  • Thanks for the contest :3

    As for Zelda, I’d really like to see sidequests actually be sidequests. Like where you go from objective to objective, and eventually it gets marked as completed. Also, a Quest list to organize them would be nice too.

    TL;DR better sidequests


  • bizzy gie

    I already own a Wii U soooooooooooooooo…………..

    But my NNID is Kalaab. Add meh!

  • Truthteller

    Just advertise your forums and other sites better. Give me the Wii U so I can see what it is all about. If I like, I may support it, although it will still be discontinued by March…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      So you dont know that you dont like it?

  • Victor O

    I would like to see a Zelda WiiU that includes voice acting.


  • Michael Ocampo

    awww mannn… You have to be 18 or older *sighs*
    Good Luck to you other guys though!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • discuss

    Must be a resident of the United States

  • KoopaShell

    *sees title* YES!
    *sees rules* Dang it…

  • Austin Evans

    A new feature I’d like to see in the new Zelda for Wii U is just multiple different control options. Like have a DS style control option where you play the game DS style on the gamepad with the stylus, Skyward Sword style where you play the game with Wiimotion Plus and nunchuck, and traditional style with the Wii U Pro controller or buttons on the gamepad. It’s always good for multiple play styles. I’d also like a big open world like Skyrim where you can use epona on foot or use loftwings for sky travel. Also the dungeons/items should go the “A Link Between Worlds” route where you have all you items/weapons already at your disposal but have to buy them with rupees which you gain from sidequests and field scavenging that way you don’t have to complete any dungeon in a set order.


  • Chris

    I think they should add infinite dungeons.


  • RyuNoHadouken

    I would love for the game to go BIG. Have branching storylines/arcs with RPG elements. Lets say you start out as a young link with no idea that one day you’ll save Hyrule from Gannon, you go about your daily life until something coincidentally happens that puts you on your path we all know and love. Then the action switches to Zelda. You take control of a young Zelda, in a similar fashion as Link, finding your way through the world until the inevitable happens. Then, explore the world through Gannon’s eyes from a young lad to the dark ruler he becomes later in life…then switch back to Zelda, she gets captured. switch back to Link and continue your journey to stop Gannon from doing whatever his goal is in this game. that would be awesome!!!! The RPG elements come into play throughout each campaign such as level grinding, learning new abilities and powers and maybe even throwing in some spell usage.


  • Geoff Hammer

    I would like to see a co-op or multi-player feature added to the game. Since it’s one of the best IP’s around, why not share the love with some friends?!?


  • tinted

    The new Zelda U type game..I think ill like it better then the other ones cause newer is usually better to me BUT i missed the Exploration it was kinda hardly in Skyward.

    The harp was pretty cool, liked it more then howling in Twilight, I want there to be a music thing going on in it idk what instrument though..

    Side quests are always fun and without them the world feel a bit empty in terms of..people actually living and stuff. The important characters though never bored me

    They Always do a good(Great!) job of starting up the adventure, majoras mask was bad in my opinion it kind of just throws you into it, It was REALLLY easy for me to get into skyward

    I liked the sword skills in Twilight, it felt like Wind waker but more Which I loved to no end <3

    Another awesome art style I would love to see, but it would be hard to do something 100% new for that in a Zelda game, as long as its not boring I wont ever complain(and I havnt so far)

    I wonder if it will be more about the world or the story..usually its more one then the other but always both there..hmmm


    • tinted

      Gampad Gampad Gampad stuff..NO idea what..still kind boggles my mind..

  • Lifeliketexture

    Drawing your own map using the gamepad, similar to Etrain Odyssey. Chartering unexplored lands would REALLY feel like an adventure.



  • TheHenshinguy .

    things i would like to be in the new zelda game wii u i always wanted duel sword link.

  • Shota

    Must be a resident of the United States
    too bad for me

    • Nate Perritonn

      Maybe next time buddy!

  • Ghettoboy

    I would love to see the graphics from the zelda e3 tech demo being implemented into the wiiu zelda game and for the the game to be a difficult to beat.


  • GermGerm

    I would LOVE some dialogue! Not from Link. That would almost be sacrilegious. But if they could find some good voice acting for Ganondorf and Zelda I am ALL for it!!!


  • Marko

    I’m actually quite excited for a non-linear Zelda game, where you don’t have to do the dungeons in order. Also I would love it if they made the game more difficult.


  • Gabriel

    i have many many many request.

    But lets just do two because my boss is going to get mad at me if i take all day writing this.

    1. open exploration with much depth and amazing integration of world around you. that alone speaks for it self

    2. Ocules Rift support. Why? because with a wii controller in one hand a nun chuck in the other and the first person of link. my life will be complete and full immersion will be complete. maybe just make it an option but make it one .

    oh shit and heres my profile

  • Logan Newhall

    i’d like to see online multiplayer of some sort.

  • Noel Canales

    What new feature do you want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?

    Want voice acting, speech. Been wating for it since I was 8 and now I am 34.


    • the_battery

      if they were gonna add voice acting, it would have been here a long time ago. having no voice acting is part of the retro-style charm of tloz.

  • SuperShadow271 .

    I personally would love to see either a new item that you use to throw things from the gamepad to the screen (like the ninja game in Nintendoland) or 3DS integration similar to the Tingle Tuner from the original Wind Waker.


  • Noel Canales

    I never win:(

  • Immallama22


    I would love to see the gamepad used throughout the entire game. Not just item management or maps but something big. What I’m talking about is having one world on the Tv and another world on the gamepad. Maybe the overworld would be on the TV while a dark world or a future/past version of the world would be on the gamepad. Things you do in either world would directly or indirectly change things in it’s counterpart. I think a mechanic similar to this one could really open a whole new world of possibility when it comes to puzzle solving and exploration.

    • Nate Perritonn

      Yes!! Gamepad!

  • Aaron

    A feature that would be really cool is an option to control your own army of soldiers. The gamepad could be used to strategize, and map out your attacks. You will be able to control other soldiers if you want to and equip them with armor and weapons. Also an option to customize link’s outfit with armor, colors, etc. Finally a section where you can play as the Villain or Zelda herself.


  • SomeFluffer64


  • Ibi Salmon

    Truthfully, I would like to see flight in the next Zelda game. It was experimented with in Skyward Sword and I would love to see it in the upcoming Zelda game.


  • Sharkz

    I’d just love for them to actually “use” everything that Nintendo Wii U is capable of doing, thus making the best experience out of a new game and showing off both the potential of the game and the console.


  • TheDetonator

    I have been of the forums for awhile so here is my profile


    the thing i want the most in the new zelda game, is for them to have more dungeons, and for them to break the usual fire water forest..etc.

  • RoytheRobot

    I want to see a Female Main Villain and new items.

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/roytherobot/

  • Logan

    I want the new game to feature stuff from Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds and feature more open world stuff like they did in AC:Brotherhood. lol

  • Aamir Islam

    This is gonna be awesome!


    In the Wii U Zelda I’d like to have a HUGE(and I mean it when I say HUGE) world to explore. I’d like that, after we finish the story there will be things to do in this world.

  • saholmes90

    I would like to see an open world in the likes of Skyrim.

  • Guttsman

    A feature I would like for Zelda U is I would like it to have 3ds and Wii U compatibility, So that I could be playing on Wii U and when I leave the house I can move the game to my 3ds and play it on the go. Also I would like online multiplayer or at least local multiplayer with 3ds. I could be sitting on the couch playing on the tv, while my friends and family play with me on their 3ds. Kind of a “Four Swords” type of gameplay experience. That said, I would like for the single player mode to be the epic game you would expect from a Zelda title!
    With a game like that I could play it for a very, very long time
    Oh and they could have dungeon maker shared on Miiverse! With a rating system!
    I want That Game.

    • the_battery

      1. not everyone has a 3ds, and the people who don’t have a wiiU wouldn’t buy the wiiU for the game. PS its called zelda[U] for a reason
      2. not everyone has friends to play with.
      3. dungeon maker? really?
      4. i apologize for being a dick.

      • Guttsman

        1. Yeah but Zelda U is kind of a placeholder name. It will more than likely be called the Legend of Zelda (something something) The 3ds would be added on and should in no way take away from the standard single player experience.

        2. I know that many people don’t have friends to play with and thats why I said “I would like for the single player mode to be the epic game you would expect from a Zelda title!

        3. Yeah! It would be fun, seriously!

        4. I don’t think you are being rude at all. I can tell that you are a cool guy because you posted logical reasons why you didn’t like my ideas, and you numbered them.


  • majora :D

    I’d like to see a Zelda which, if offered as a contest price, would not discriminate non-american users of Wii U Daily

  • zoidberg

    The feature I would like in the wii u zelda is the ability to play as ganon at certain points in some role throughout the story.

  • oadekunl

    What new features?
    -gamepad only play (required)
    -nunchuck and wii remote play (more twilight princess and less skyward sword)
    -old school zelda game includes (you can even just have an eshop download code).


  • sig7

    gamepad and procontroler
    house, dubstep, some good music during some fights
    you can be a girl zelda

  • Bob Singh

    I would love to have better camera angles


  • Carmine Finelli

    I’d like the game to be very unique in its use of the Gamepad. Also I’d like a unique art style and innovative mechanics. Maybe moving a bit away from “conventions” of the Zelda Series.

    Link to my profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/darkmaster/

  • Arturo Perez

    A few weeks ago i thought of an interesting idea for a zelda game. You know how some zelda games have a new game plus option. Well my idea takes that option even further. The link for this game is a father and he has wife and a baby at home, during the first play through you play as the father and in your journey you have to make some decisions that would affect the new game plus, like maybe the terrain of an area is completely different ,due to what you do or a dungeon is destroyed and a new dungeon is created. The new game plus would take place 7 to 8 years later where you play as the son, and through your new journey you see out come of your previous choices, it would add an emphasis on the whole legend thing.

  • Konaim

    I’d like to see a more open world. More sandbox like (Skyrim style overworld). The Zelda experience doesn’t need to be like Skyrim but Hyrule or whatever land they decide to use needs more space….to be more epic in scope. Changing the fundamentals of the game wouldn’t hurt either. Since the beginning of the series it’s always the same pattern. I know A link between two worlds is changing that, but that seems minor in the grand skeem of the series. Skyward Sword kinda felt gimped and not complete with the overworld and dungeons. Give us more choice, more weapons, not as many gadgets just more weapons and shields. The feel of A link to the past with the overworld of Skyrim topped of with a large choice of weapons and skills i’d be happy ^_^


  • JoeyD

    You should be able to play as each member of the Tri-force





  • mike

    Is “Must Be 18 or Older to Qualify” really a rule??? Who do you think the wii u is targeting??? If there was permission from parents or guardians in participating than it shouldn’t matter.

  • DivinicChaos

    I want an item like the beetle, but you can swipe the screen it either goes faster or shots a projectile attack. Also, I think there should be Wii Motion Plus compatibility, it was amazing in Skyward Sword!

    My Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/divinicchaos/

  • Fraz Tariq

    I’d love to see a multiplayer type of thing, some way I can play co-op with someone else that would be sweet


  • Tanner Mickelson

    I’d like to a fairy like Navi return and serving as a recon/puzzle solving helper. On your screen you would see Link and the normal view of a Zelda game, while the gamepad would show Navi who would be controlled by the touch screen.


  • Lorenzo

    Ocarina of Time really stuck to me solely because of the music. I
    loved memorizing the tunes and having that musical staff in the start
    menu teaching you how to replay each tune was so sweet and creative. I’d
    love for Nintendo to bring these features back utilizing the gamepad as
    a musical instument and including musical staffs again for each song.
    For me, there was no greater joy than memorozing those notes, inputting
    them on the gamepad and warping away to another musical location. Truly
    marvelous game and still hard to beat today! That’s the key feature I
    want Zelda Wii U to have. A deeply rooted musical concept just might
    give the new Zelda game the same longevity as Ocarina of Time.

    imagine a Zelda game that was a prelude to Ocarina of Time. With the
    title being The Legend of Zelda : Legacy of the Shiekahs. Oh, and you
    play mostly as Zelda and Sheik in this one ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Cole Brinley

    I really wan’t them to add the option to use either Wii Motion Plus controls or Gamepad controls. Of course some things you’re able to do on the Gamepad wouldn’t be possible with a Wii Motion+ configuration but temporarily loosing some features wouldn’t be so bad and I’m sure they could find a way to make it work.-

    Now, I just wanted to say that it’s kinda funny that you say (I’m talking to Wii U Daily BTW) that “its easy” to sign up and what not but that wasn’t my experience. I have been visiting Wii U daily sense the first big Zelda U rumor (the one about it being the size of GTA and stuff) and I somehow didn’t create an account until I read this article today and I just have to say, your Forums have proved to be quite difficult to navigate. So..the opposite of easy… It’s possible that I’m an idiot but I’d like to believe that’s not the case. So, I guess this is just me letting you know that the forums might be a tad bit to complicated for the average Joe and may need some “nerfing”. But like I said, I might just be an idiot… Well, thanks for reading.

    – I’m ctraingamer by the way. I’m not sure If I posted this using my Facebook or not. Regardless i’ll put the link to my profile for Wii U Forums. Btw again, I may or may not have 10 forum post by the time you see this, If there’s not ten yet…just wait. Please.


  • Lusunup

    Multiplayer that feature would be sweet picture this roming around hyrule getting to know online players via text and then we fight together and once they die in it your connection between each other is over almost life like! sad to see a buddy vanquished infront of you while others roming hyrule see that the person had died.

  • Myron Bernard

    New LoZ should emulate Wind Waker’s open world feel. Loading times made Skyloft feel like too much of an obvious hub and ruins the immersion. Would love to see a gigantic open world with little noticeable loading time. Thanks Ninty!

  • Tony Vo

    The Zelda series has always featured some very interesting, original and memorable characters and personalities. I look forward to running around meeting, greeting, and battling them ALL! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • demann78

    I hope they have a tip mode and more save spots http://wiiuforums.com/members/demann78/

    • Nate Perritonn

      That would be nice!

  • Will (ishigum)

    I want to use the controller to look around in a 360 degree angle to fire arrows while on the back of my horse while someone else is in control of the horse.


  • demann78

    I posted after I put my username on here is that ok? I been on this site for a long time. Now I have to post to win lol. Not the best at posting but love this site


    I really want to see the gamepad used to its full potential. Of course I want to see jaw dropping graphics, a classic soundtrack, and detailed dungeons, but if the gamepad is used to say shoot things directly from it (mirror reflections, light, boomerang ect..), inventory, scoping, and perhaps a bit of “skylanders” interaction with the gamepad (not too much to change the game though, but for certain boss battles), I think it will be the biggest breakthrough in videogames. I really think that Zelda Wii U can be the game to show the Wii U gamepad’s full potential. I think ZombiU was a perfect launch game that gave us a taste of what the gamepad is capable of, now its time to unleash the secret features developers will drool over. Good luck to all!


  • Carlosh Murielh

    Well, I don’t live in the US, but my aunt does, so, I think I can try.

    I would like:
    A huge open world
    Stunning artstyle
    Full Miiverse integration
    To use the GamePad at its best
    And the music to be the most important feature.


    • Nate Perritonn

      I hope miiverse is added as well!

  • Haruna

    I would like to see a lot of interaction between the gamepad and the screen


  • DOLBYdigital

    I would like to see more challenge caves/arenas that really test your skill and mastery of the controls. I always like Zelda games but sometimes think the battle pieces are just too easy. I understand they want mass appeal but having various optional hard spots would really help out!


  • Alan Schurle

    I’d like to see the gamepad used as a set of optics, where you have to goofily have to put them up to your face to look around…beyond that, I’m sure the devs will have better ideas than I

  • Sticky

    Hmm def like to see multiplayer.

  • Madmagican

    As a new feature in Zelda? I’d like to see the return of running-and-cutting and unlockable skills
    But as a NEW mechanic in the Zelda franchise an introduction of voice acting could be interesting; NOT Link himself but every other character thoughout the story and also something to make good use of the gamepad like maybe the ability to mix various items together like potions or weapons
    Although I think they’ll implement some more first-person perspective stuff like they started to do in WWHD (moving around while shooting arrows in first-person)


  • J.o.n

    Something uber creative utilizing the game pad. The implementation of the map and quick item selection is great with wind waker, but something really creative out of the box thinking needs to go into this.

  • Keyser

    In Zelda Wii U, I would like to see something more like twilight princess… I know a lot of people hate it, it was actually my favorite. Midna was considerably less annoying than Fi or Navi, design of dungeons was just…better, bosses were huge/ unlike any other zelda game….. I just found it to be my most enjoyed Zelda game. I just wish it was a bit harder ๐Ÿ™‚

    Edit: Hero mode/Master Quest would also be nice, though more like Ocarina of Time, less like Skyward Sword


  • only god can judge me

    I would love for zelda u to have a off screen tv feature for the gamepad plus multiplayer mini games like in nintendoland and for the weapon arsenal to be on the wii u gamepad.

  • farrellbr

    I would like the gamepad use to potential and online play

  • Je-Hyun Kim

    I really would like to see a multiplayer DLC option for this Legend of Zelda game.
    Here’s why: Since LoZ has always been a singleplayer game (besides four swords), it seems to neglect real multiplayer options. Since development takes a long time, I wouldn’t want to have a delay just for a singleplayer game, nor would I want to see a multiplayer side-thought (*cough* Tingle). If DLC is released about a year after the singleplayer game release, it would allow for an awesome full multiplayer campaign experience while not delaying the initial release.
    Think of it: multiplayer co-op dungeon running with different weapon upgrades in the world of LoZ with a completely realistic DLC business model.

    (I got the idea of possibility for DLC after seeing pikmin DLC)


  • $5438677

    An open world expanding on the RPG elements SS touched on.Upgradable armor, weapons, skills,EXP, etc..


  • Joshua Wood

    Would love to see a co-op mode. Link and Zelda for example in co-op.


  • Joshua Landi

    I think a more open world feels would be nice for a Zelda game. A more realistic look would also be enticing simply to see TLOZ in HD is a nice idea. I’m not a graphics person myself, but I do still enjoy a pleasant update to my favorite games. Finally, wouldn’t we all like to see Epona again?


  • felony211662

    New feature in Zelda u: local Co OP


  • JustLumber

    What new feature do I want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?

    An upgrade feature exactly like Skyward Sword

    My WiiU Forum Link:

  • Dylan

    What new feature do you want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?
    I would love to see multi-player featured in a Zelda game. Maybe have two different Links in different colored outfits battling it out. Would be sweet to play with my friends at the house.

  • Matther777

    I would love to see more of open world being used in the new game where you can have more side quest and a deeper storyline to have different results depending on the actions you take.http://wiiuforums.com/members/matther777/

  • Squirrel09

    I would love to see an open world Zelda, I know I’m probably alone on this but I want to see what Nintendo would do with an open world. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • RockieOllie

    I would love to be able to have access to the Hero mode from the start of the game. A Quest log would be useful too if you ever get lost and don’t know where to go next in the game.

  • DannyLongShanks

    I think it would be good to bring back the wide open lands. Really enjoyed riding Epona.


  • Mason742

    I want to see vines as a new feature in the new zelda game.

  • jose cruz

    I would like to see a small hub like castle town in ocarina of time to be expanded and offer multiple side quests while you progress during the main storyline.i would also like nintendo to offer dlc and quests from here after you have completed the main story. these quests could offer you different masks or objects that alter either link or his surroundings like in majoras mask.


  • Robert Nelson

    The new feature I want to see in a Wii U Zelda game is the gamepad used for inventory and maps

  • Robert Nelson

    i hope I win. My kids would love me for christmas

  • Robert Nelson

    do you have to make ten posts in this forum, or is it ten posts with your account across everywhere you have posted?

    • Kamon

      It’s ten posts in the Wii U daily forums.

      • Just please do not senselessly spam the forums (or the comments here)

        sorry, meant to reply to RN

    • Just please do not senselessly spam the forums (or the comments here)

      edit: fixed

  • potaco

    I would love to see the feature to be able to get your Miis into the game, or at least some extra customization (not necessarily replacing the main character, though, since Link is so pivotal to the series).


  • Adrian

    In Wii U Zelda, I would like to be able to fully play the game with the gamepad, and not have to use a Wii Mote for any part of the gameplay. Also I want MAGIC back.


  • Tim Ziervogel

    I would love if Zelda actually added some RPG elements.. strength, speed, endurance (added bars on top of your heart containers, you can’t replace those<3) ect.. and to more broadly incorporate upgrades to your arsenal like they touched on in Skyward Sword. Otherwise keep the formula as is, it just would be nice to more personalize Link to your play style, and it would make different enemies much more interesting to fight.


  • Britton Smith

    What I would love to see in a Wii U Zelda:

    – Harder dungeon bosses

    – A wicked awesome Lake Hylia/Zora’s Domain/Hyrule Field

    – Twilight Princess style graphics.

    – Good use of the GamePad

    Really just a unique gameplay with good feel from older Zelda games. I don’t think the new Zelda will disappoint.

    My link:


  • CSN

    What i would like to see:

    – New awesome harder to beat bosses

    – Another great story like skyward sword’s

    – Non linear dungeons

    – The ability to travel through air, land and sky, like: boat, horse, and bird possibly?

    – Maybe the ability to buy different types of costumes? Like instead of getting masks you get outfits or something?

    – A nice new good adventure with our favorite guy Link.


  • Kaitlin

    I would like to see more involvement from the female characters in the game. I love the classic Zelda games where Link is pretty much a solo deal besides his very annoying side kicks, but it would be pretty cool to have an actually helpful female character once in a while.

  • SeeSpotBrun

    What I’d like to see from the new Zelda game is a storyline that steers away from the usual “save the princess, defeat the bad guy” routine. I want epic cutscenes and thought-out narrative that could rival Lord of the Rings.

    I want a cast of captivating, interesting characters whose dialogue is anything but one-sided. With that said, and I know this is a long-shot (haha, Zelda-pun), I’d like to see a more character development of Link himself. Give him more of a backstory, more personality, emotion. If that means he has to break his 25-year-long vow of silence, then so be it. And Link’s not the only one I’d want to play as. I loved Majora’s Mask for it’s variety of play-styles. Having maybe Zelda or Link’s sidekick be optional playable characters would be amazing.

    I want the new Zelda’s overworld to mimic Wind Waker’s great sea, except replace ocean with explorable lands. I want to be able to spend hours just exploring the overworld and finding all the secrets Hyrule has to offer.

    The sense of exploration isn’t the only change I want in terms of gameplay. An overall increase in difficulty is desperately needed for the series. No more hour-long tutorials, no more hand-holding or blatant hints around every corner. Part of the reward of playing Zelda games is finding things out for yourself.

    My list goes on, but these are the major changes I’d like to see included in the next Zelda.


  • Pollux Polaris

    I would like a Twilight Goggles item that lets you look through gamepad to see the dark world.

  • riseBLUEsun

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more RPG like elements added. I’d also like to see the ability to switch between both Link and Zelda as playable characters that way we could see two different sides of the story. And it may not be a new feature, but I’d really like to see them implement music into the game play again like they did in OOT and


  • jreed3842

    I think I’m confused by the “10 posts” rule. Is it 10 comments here on WiiUDaily? Create 10 new threads on the Wii U forum? Or… just comment in 10 different threads on the forum?

    • jreed3842

      Ehh… Nevermind… I THINK I figured it out. Lol.

  • Yoci

    For the next Legend of Zelda, I’d love to see:

    -Multiplayer (of some type)
    -Exploration (like in Wind Waker)
    -Integration of the game-pad allowing the player to see hidden items/things, not view-able through the TV. Sort of like in Pikmin 3, with the map…but of course different. I want to get as much use out of the game-pad as I can during game-play. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/greenkrush/

  • jreed3842

    What would I like to see in the new Zelda title? Hmm….

    Co-op could be fun!

    Maybe using the Gamepad in order to look around the dungeons? I’m sure they’ll come up with super innovative things to do with the gamepad!
    Maybe drawing on the gamepad to help conjure spells or something? I don’t know! There’s so much you can do!

    Here is the link to my profile on the Wii U Forum: http://wiiuforums.com/members/jreed3842/

  • Nightmaim

    For the next Legend of Zelda, I would love to see:

    -An open world to a degree to encourage exploration.

    -A lot of side quests and easter eggs to encourage you to explore even more.

    -A plot twist main villain (starts off as your best friend, becomes your worst enemy)

    -A way to get a companion besides Epona (such as a wolf, falcon, etc.)

    -A customizable shield (would love to see a sword also, but doubt that would happen)

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/nightmaim/

  • While I understand that the Wii Mote is the hard-on that Nintendo’s rocking at the moment, I’d like a Zelda game that can be played strictly with the gamepad. The touch-screen functionality is fine by me, but can we please ditch the Nunchuck?


  • TheAquacharger

    I’d like for a Demon’s Souls esqe style MP. One where you can seemlessly summon people to help you if you’re having troubles. I don’t think an invasion like system would do too well with Zelda, but if the story was different then most maybe they could work it in. I know people tend to hate the idea of MP in Zelda but I think an MP in Zelda could be a good idea if done properly. Like a new Fourswords style adventure or something.
    oh and http://wiiuforums.com/members/lifemelifefree/ is my Wii U daily forum account.

  • LordiMcKill

    My one day Wii U Daily, you’ll have a competition for those who don’t live in the land of the not-so free.

  • zajac1661

    Not able to enter the contest. But i want the fishing pond back. It could as well be interesting to see a bit more non linear story line. A story line retought, a bit like how majoras mask and the usage of time as a gameplay element, differed from the formula seen in other zelda games. Harder difficulty on some of the various puzzles. The harder the better.. Side quests. Can never get enough sidequests. And more haunted forest temples!

  • akedaveo

    I would like to see Link with some new weapon options and combat options to match. Maybe let him dual wield swords or play with a crossbow and shield. Not to force players to play in this way but to allow different playstyles to the traditional sword and shield.


  • Dadzilla

    I’d like to see:
    – open world with lots of side quests
    – a more realistic art style like TP that would take advantage of HD
    – the ability to play co-op outside of the main game (like Bingo Battle in Pikmin 3)
    – an interesting use of the gamepad besides just being the map
    – the ability to choose how Link’s stats progress (like in ME3)


  • skyloft87

    Kind of a givin but gamepad inventory for the new Zelda game. That’s all I really want. everything else is just a nice big bonus to me.


  • Seth S. Scott

    All I want in the new Zelda is the ability to fish again. But in terms of new stuff I would love to see them think of new ways to use previously established items, like the Double Hookshots in Twilight or Bomb bowling like in Skyward.


  • Donnie Reece

    What new feature do you want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?

    The one feature that I would like to see in the new Wii U Zelda game would be to focus the story to allow the player to save Hyrule with more characters than just link. Maybe a dungeon is completed with Zelda or Impa etc. that would aid link in the main, overall quest.

    WiiUForum = Bornabuckeye http://wiiuforums.com/members/bornabuckeye/

  • demann78

    I hope they give in game hints for puzzles and more save points. http://wiiuforums.com/members/demann78/

  • mrkakashisensai

    I would like to see less of an emphasis on puzzles and more on combat. It would be nice if I didn’t have utilize only the Master Sword or Bow to fight off enemies. Give me a Megaton Hammer that busts Skulltulas and is worthy of its name. Puzzles are fun and add depth don’t get me wrong, but let’s get back to the nitty gritty. I want addicting action that keeps you coming back for more!


  • Marcus Navarro

    I’d love to see some flying! :3

  • wiiant

    Coop mode for sure. And a good use of the gamepad. http://wiiuforums.com/members/wiiant/

  • Zeldaman

    I would like to see a hook shot that can hook on to any surface.


  • Marcus Navarro

    I’d love some flying! :3


    • Justagamer

      I bet you would

  • Makakilo_Man

    The return of archery on horseback!!!!

  • New feature! All of them! Can’t wait for some Wii U Zelda action… AND I really need a Wii U still


    • Immallama22

      What’s this!? Mods can’t enter contests! Nor can they have fun!

      • That’s what you think! I’m a unpaid volunteer! I’m eligible! :p:p

    • Rugmouse

      Banned for entering the contest.

  • mark

    Thanks for running this contest. Two things that are the most important to me – open world concept and epic boss battles. I honestly only ever played through Windwaker but I recall the boss battles being too easy.


  • Ace

    I suppose my answer is a little boring, but I’d love to see a Online Co-Op Feature in he upcoming Zelda. Kinda like in the style of Four Swords? Perhaps even in a 3D world? Come on, tell me that doesn’t sound appealing?


  • Leeroy

    I want to see gamepad features.

  • derek

    1. Take an idea out of the 3ds games, make it possible to draw notes on the map using the game pad.
    2. Different Difficulty settings.
    3. Larger more intricate boss fights.
    4. Make it less linear. Possibly taking a note from the old mega man games where you can go to any castle or dungeon at any time but the boss fight could be completed in a different way depending on what items you have from the other temples. Adding a possible layer of strategy to the order you complete the game.
    5. New villain.
    6. MiiVerse integration (a mix of darksouls and windwaker styles).
    7. Ability to Summon (like darksouls) a friend to help with more difficult portions of the game (did i mention i want this game to be much more difficult and can be called a multiplayer of sorts.)

    8. New items
    9. No wallet restrictions
    10. Get rid of the constant reminders “you got x item for the 1000th time just just incase you forgot this is what it does.”
    11. No companion to hold you hand.
    12. The ability to jump without having to run off a ledge….
    13. The ability to change to story some by decisions made in the game


  • Brandon Quinn

    What I would like to see in a Wii U Zelda title is simple… EPIC JOURNEY + EPIC BATTLES = EPIC EXPERIENCE !!!! I just want to enjoy my favorite franchise the way its meant to be!! http://wiiuforums.com/members/twilight_hero/

  • Kaitlin

    I think it would be really cool to see more interaction from a female sidekick. So far the female characters haven’t really done a whole lot in the game and it would be kind of nice, even just for a bit of the game, to have a female character that would be helpful for once. Or have a two-player system as an option and have a female sidekick that the other person plays. I know that would probably mess with the Zelda games series since it’s always Link as a lone wolf basically since his “assistants” (Navi and her replacements throughout the games) have basically been useless to you throughout a good amount of the games.


  • Makakilo_Man

    I want the return of the Bombers notebook sidequests. That was one of the coolest parts of Majora’s Mask.


  • bswolgast

    I think it would be cool to see clues on the gamepad while your playing.

  • Ben Trimpi Jr.

    Well, for starters, in the New Zelda I would obviously like to see a good use of the gamepad and I could go for some good co-op quests that you can do. -BENTENDOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Jonathan Dogey

    I want Zelda Wind Waker to do something cool with the camera, maybe putting my face in the game.


  • Ben Trimpi Jr.

    Sorry forgot to post the link…and just in case my post gets lost in the countless other entries, I wanted the New Zelda to go for some good old co-op gameplay, maybe just a multiplayer mode, I still want some good core solo Zelda Gameplay


  • CaesarGood

    A new feature I would add to the new Zelda U would be to differentiate from Ganon and add a new nemesis or antagonist, real weather effects, idk if that has been done as far as when it rains, things get slippery or hard to climb. Other than that I would love to have adult link finally make a feature in a Zelda video game…


  • Chase Davis


    I’ve always loved games with crazy over-the-top boss fights like bayonetta and Wonderful 101. Im hoping the new zelda will have something similar!

  • megamanultra

    Just give me a full spell system that can be used on some boss encounters.


  • Tyler

    I wanna see features that enhance the experience with the game pad. Link will look so extra cute in HD.

  • Saikyo

    am i doing it right?

  • M6Killer

    I personal would like a Good Multiplayer Mode Maybe some Links running around our some kind of Multiplayer Mode in game I liked Four Swords Multiplayer Mode! http://wiiuforums.com/members/m6killer/

  • Toadlord

    A feature I would like the see for the Wii U Zelda would be a massive sidequest, similar to that of the figurines quest in Wind Waker (I assume it returns in WWHD). Back when I first found out about this quest on the Gamecube, I was hooked. I used my Picto Box to snap images of every character I could, and I didn’t need any “achievement” to feel like I had accomplished something when I finished it up.


  • Craiggers

    A new feature I would love to see is multiple player characters. Imagine starting out as Link, completing some dungeons, then getting trapped/captured. Now the game switches to Impa, who is tasked with rescuing the hero. After you get Link back, you carry on the quest and at some point you may actually play as Zelda for a bit.


  • Zazarg

    For the new Zelda u the only feature I would like is graphics that showcase what the Wii u can really do. wind waker HD is a very nice art style but Nintendo needs a blockbuster title that shows off what their console can really do.

    Mechanically speaking I would like open world non linear gameplay that isn’t tied to farming rupees ๐Ÿ˜›


  • baelnic

    I’d love the Zelda WiiU Game to be a bit more open world. I’d love to be able to complete it in any order with scaling difficulty. I’d also love to see Link wear Armor for a dungeon or two.


  • kutral

    Must be resident of USA
    i could pay the shipment any day, im from Chile
    you lost me on that one

  • opikal

    I want to see fancy graphics with classic Zelda game play. Off TV play is a must, and I would also love to have Wiimote+Nunchuck as a control option. Some say Nintendo’s multiple control options confuse consumers but I enjoy having options.


  • GentleJeffrey

    I’m pretty sure that this made my day.

  • GentleJeffrey

    I’ve said all along that my hope for the next Zelda is that you could command a squad similar to Mass Effect. I’d like to see Link teaming up with a Zelda who has chosen not to be a princess and a Ganondorf who is trying to make up for the evils he has committed.


  • Macabre

    Hello everyone! I’ve been visiting wiiudaily every day for the past 5 months, but this is my first post. A contest to win a gift card to buy another wii u game is great incentive to finally sign up! What I would most like to see in the upcoming Zelda Wii U game is the return of Epona, his trusty horse. What’s a knight without his steed?!? I’ve played almost every Zelda and my favorite in order are 1) A Link to the Past, 2) Skyward Sword, and 3) Ocarina of Time. I know a lot of people are not fans of the the motion control in Skyward Sword, but I thought it was brilliant! Anyway, I’m happy to be registered now and able to comment on all the articles I read. Thank you staff of wiiudaily for putting up the great info on wii u every day.


  • Trey Harris

    customizable/interchangeable armor. more legendary items that arent required to complete the game similar to the giant sword in OoT http://wiiuforums.com/members/treyh91/

  • Guest

    I suppose my answer is a little boring, but I’d love to see a Online Co-Op Feature in he upcoming Zelda. Kinda like in the style of Four Swords? Perhaps even in a 3D world? Come on, tell me that doesn’t sound appealing?


  • Sergio Dรญaz

    The “new feature” I’m expecting is none other than their awesome taste to create new stories, new revelations that tie all zelda games together, and make me go “oooooh!”.

  • Sergio Dรญaz

    The new feature I’m looking forward is none other than Eiji Aonuma’s team to surprise us when it comes to home console Zelda games, I’m sure they’ll do the trick to make us jump in joy. http://wiiuforums.com/members/sonictm/

  • iamserious

    I love the OofT game play so if they did that with the new Zelda that would be cool. I would really like it if they made the visuals like the tech demo. Sadly, it seems they won’t be doing that which is upsetting as that is what they demoed and that’s what got everyone excited. I loved Skyrim as well because of the huge world so if they could make Zelda’s world on a large scale like that where the dungeons don’t necessarily have to be done in order that’d be cool. I think Majora’s Mask is cool as well as Wind Waker (visuals) but I’d like a bit more mature style like Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time. For game play, I’d say anything Nintendo does would probably be great because so far every Zelda game has been pretty good even with certain game play aspects changed (Ocarina of Time my favorite). http://wiiuforums.com/members/iamserious/

  • Twilight Lurker

    I really liked how vast and open the world felt in Wind Waker, but I would like to see Nintendo take it a step further and make it so that every decision you make as a player influences how other characters interact with and perceive you. Ultimately, it would be neat if how my actions and decisions while playing as Link resulted in the storyline changing. Link is always perceived as the hero, but it would be interesting in my eyes if there was a game where the hero was put into situations where he could perform heroic acts and not so heroic acts, depending on the situation, and then either benefit or face hardships as a result. This would create great replay value and I think would allow me to become even more immersed in the game than I otherwise would.



    The thing I would most like to see for Zelda Wii U is no doubt some type of remote play connection between the Wii U and 3ds. I know it will not happen but that’s it for me


  • nicknack116

    I’d love to see a return to a more open-world ala Wind Waker. But, I’d also like the “throw you right into the action” of Majora’s Mask. No hand holding in my Zelda, please! But, I suppose the question was a NEW feature. So… I think I’ll go with playing AS Zelda for a change. And that CD-I game doesn’t count. Perhaps in a very re-imagined Hyrule. Sci-Fi?


  • nexxus6

    Why doesn’t my “official entry” post show up?

  • Christopher Smith

    I would like to be able to play as my mii. http://wiiuforums.com/members/daldra/

  • Eric Corbin

    I want voices, beyond grunts and giggles that are in the current games

  • Eric Corbin

    I want voices, beyond grunts and giggles that are in the current games



    Lol, I’m one of the few eligible huh? Not a mod, I’m 18, have way over 10 posts, live in the U.S.A, and have only tried 2 Zelda games ever lol, Well I don’t “need” another Wii U but I’d like one for my self, or to give to my cousin, if I did win anything, a game would be fine… Only thing is, I don’t even know what to say for a new Zelda game! So idk if I could even enter cause of that.

    I share with my brother, that’s why I’d want my own, plus I’m typing all this from my Wii U lol.


    Edit: OOO OOO OOO!!! I got it! Online Multiplayer maybe? Kinda like Assassins Creed but different of cores, maybe like how Pirates of the Caribbean Online is (they recently closed…) was.

  • zoidberg

    The new feature I would like to see is more playable characters.


  • Nothing5555

    New feature for Zelda hmmm…..maybe add a limited class system?


  • Cambot123

    I haven’t played WW, but he’s a few things I would like to have seen:

    Easier item usage

    New locations

    New Bosses

    More hints

    New items

  • swf541


    I’d like an HD open world zelda.

    Something like the tech demo wouldnt be bad either

  • mikejones77

    optional end game dungeons after the main boss fight that are more difficult and offer vanity items. Also maybe being able to play two characters at once using the gamepad


  • Colton S

    I’d love to see a feature where you can select to play as Zelda or a female character. A plot connected to Majora’s Mask. (It would go deeper into the story)


  • Jack

    I would like the story to be changed up completely. New characters. Different plot twists and surprises. I’d also like Zelda to have a grittier art style.


  • Nate Perritonn

    I’m looking forward to a considerably higher amount of action, as well as an amazing soundtrack to look forward to. http://wiiuforums.com/members/8goofy/

  • nexxus6

    Why doesn’t by post stay on this page when I enter the info for the contest. I have tried 4 times already.

  • nexxus6

    Why don’t any of my posts stay active?

  • pinkrebunny

    Navi returning and telling me to hey listen on the gamepad ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mr Hiro

    What would I want in LoZ Wii u?

    -A more “open” LoZ (I’d like there to be more optional dungeons or towns you’d just happen to chance upon or are hidden away)

    -Tone down the “helpful” companions (Don’t need to remind me what a rupee is every time I start playing again)

    -Active Companions? (Maybe over time you could get “party members” like a goron or a zora and then buddies who jump in your game could take over them?)

    -Otherwise multiplayer like the Souls series (Helpful or trollish messages could be left around the world and you could “summon” other links)

    -A more customizable Link or PC (Doesn’t have to something like the Elder Scrolls series but something where you can find upgrades or trinkets to personalize your Link’s tunic or gear)

    -Different fighting styles or weapons (As iconic as the Master sword and shield is, it couldn’t hurt to add options)

    -VA? (Really cautious of this kind of change but it could really set the next LoZ apart as “next gen”)

    -More crazy large creatures discoverable outside of bosses (Either you could stumble upon them out in the wild or they could be side quests)

    -Other playable characters besides Link?


    • nexxus6

      How did you get your post to stay active? No matter what I do, my contest entry disappears.


    So you have to be a US blogger to stand a chance. Well that’s me out on both accounts!

  • guest

    i would love to see a darker side of link and zelda. for example, instead of having relatively happy npc and enemies have them waging war against ganon and his hoards of baddies.


  • larz_1234

    I do not have a lot of experience playing Zelda games so these features may already exist but i would like to see very large open words with lots of NPCs and maybe some kind of really cool crafting/customization system. Customizing links clothes would be really cool. Also a companion NPC that helps in battles would be nice.


  • PS7

    Character Customization would be nice.

  • Jason Carroll

    I am a huge Zelda fan, so i’m not looking for too much change in the series. I would love to see the next Wii U game to include all of the best aspects of the other games and refine things. Specifically, I want more involved sword fighting with more depth. The last two games have improved in that direction, but I want even more special moves. I want to explore a Hyrule that actually feels alive and has tons of secrets. The overworld in Twilight Princess was empty and the “towns” were pathetic. Wind Waker did this best, but it was an ocean. Also, we need more than 4 temples. Twilight Princess and OoT had the best temples. All of the other 3D games have been lacking in the temple department.

    The only “change” that I would like to see is maybe a greater emphasis on RPG elements. Let Link become more powerful or buy new armor/gear for protection. How great would it be if the entire game was open from the beginning, but you don’t dare go out of order because the enemies are way too powerful for you to journey in that direction…kind of like in Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 on the NES. How many people found Dungeon 8 in LoZ only to turn around immediately realizing you wouldn’t last for 2 minutes in there?

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter though. Aunoma will do what he wants, and it will be awesome no matter what.


  • Emily Horton

    What I would like to see in a new Zelda Wii U:

    Something of a cross between Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess- an edgy story, contrasty graphics, and a huge, mostly open world (Twilight Princess), stylized graphics, fun controls, and really cool dungeons (Skyward Sword), amazing music, tons to discover, and very entertaining dialogue (from both games)

    Here is my Wii U Forums profile:


  • babulibaba

    i would really like for a new innovative combat system, something where i can sit down and play (so not wiimote sword), but still feel like im controlling all of the hits and the blocks


  • Rob’s Gameroom

    The thing I would like to see more than anything else in a Wii U Zelda game is an immersive world. I love the scope and open nature of Wind Waker, but with the increased power of the Wii U, it seems the developers should be able to create a large, immersive game world. Thinking about a next-gen Hyrule is enough to get me stoked for next year’s E3.


  • pbece

    Less Linearly and more open world. Stop with the saving the princess and beating ganondorf. Link should have more then one enemy. How tiresome would it be if batman had to face joker with every encounter. It is stale.


  • I would love to see them add new weapons or just add in special abilities similar to Majora’s mask and the ability to transform into a 2d sprite or the 3d models from the n64 games. Similar to that of SMRPG.


  • MHeinz

    What new feature do you want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?

    – I would love to see motion controls like in skyward sword, however, u will have the ability to use ur controller of choice as well (meaning if u wanna play with the gamepad/pro controller u can or u can use the wii mote and nunchuck)

    – i would also like the new zelda game to be as difficult as they were back during the n64 days. I feel like the recent games have been too basic while the others like ocarina of time and majoras mask required you to think things through and what not.

    thats about all i can think of right now. I dont wanna think too much into this because i want this game to be sort of a surprise when i get it.

    My forums page:


  • Masterostrich

    Awesome contest! So here we go…

    This biggest new feature I want to see in a new Wii U Zelda game would have to be voice acting. I haven’t played the newest Zelda games but I think it’s past time that Link should have some lines of dialogue.

    Something else though I really would like seen changed is the role of dungeons. The level design of dungeons is amazing, and I really think they are one of the franchise’s strongest suits. But maybe dungeons could be more than just a play once and done. I don’t think I’ve ever played one that ever required to go back through the dungeon. And then there is the basic premise that there is a boss at the end of every dungeon with a special item to be acquired in each one. The Gerudo Fortress from LOZ:OOT is a great example of an area that breaks the mold of the traditional dungeon. Perhaps dungeons could evolve from choices made by the player. And over time the storyline affects them further. Maybe there shouldn’t be dungeons. And I think the story could use some changes too. Maybe Link could travel the world performing contract jobs as a hired mercenary. Maybe Link gets involved with a secret organization which defends people. What I’m getting at is there should be a departure from what we consider the traditional Zelda game. I really hope some of the upcoming changes proposed by the developers of the new Zelda game really challenges our concepts of what really is a Zelda game.


  • helpo

    i would like to see multiplayer if possible

  • helpo

    I would like an art style similar to Majors mask or TP

  • helpo

    co-op play of some sort

  • helpo

    mii-verse uses maybe similar how they used it on windwaker

  • helpo

    open world

  • helpo

    no loading times when you enter diffrent areas

  • helpo

    A lv up system be cool building op exp

  • helpo

    a bunch of diffrent swords and sheilds you can buy/find and a bunch of upgrades

  • helpo

    and if it is online make it like a mmo were you can lv up amd make your diffrent type of character like races you can be a goran zora deku hylian and all the other races and lv up and do quest boss battles and stuff like that

  • helpo

    I wan this game to change majors mask as my fav to this brand new one non of the other zeldas could do it but if this could i would be so happy

  • mylasthope

    I want to see off-screen play. I’d love to play the full game on the gamepad ๐Ÿ™‚


  • link2nintendo

    For the new Legend of Zelda game, I want them to add a feature that fully utilizes the functionality of the gamepad, for example bombchus whose path you can map, kind of how it was on Phantom Hourglass. Also, maybe the NFC reader could be utilized as a weapons upgrade system or a way to get new items, that Nintendo either sold separately or you could get from certain Nintendo events.

    Profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/link2nintendo/

  • vamos_cactuar

    I would like to see local co-op so I can enjoy the game with my kids. Oh and awesome gamepad integration!


    • nexxus6

      Are you still on-line?

      • vamos_cactuar

        Am now

  • Jade.Auria

    The ideals they will come up with to “fully utilize the gamepad’s potential…”


  • nexxus6

    If I post my wiiuforums address in a post, the post disappears. Why is that?

  • nexxus6

    Its a cool contest, unfortunately the website doesn’t want to save my entry. Not sure how to fix this.

  • psychofox

    Maybe a subsection of the game is dedicated to every Nintendo Zelda game previous to this one “Levels from the past”, with remakes of the music as well.
    I know this sounds crazy, but a small versus mode would be fun- maybe in FPS perspective. I don’t even play FPS, but if Nintendo did something with it, I’d give it a shot (haha, pun).. It can include Link’s arsenal of items, infinite arrows, limited count of bombs, sword fights, and whatever else, I think if done right, it could be a funky little extra to a grand adventure.
    I like how some of the zelda games played with perspective, I’d like to see as stated above a FPS section, a 2.5D section. Just things to help keep the game’s replay value even after it has been beaten many times by the dedicated individual.

    Also, integrating the above with the wiiu gamepad interface, there are SO MANY possibilities. Keeping it more in realtime using the pad for menus (switching weapons on the go), doing certain actions, customized gestures? .. only imagination and time can tell…


  • Richard Collard

    Let’s see:

    -Open world with freedom to explore, but with a lot of density. (Lots of enemies, sidequests, collectibles)

    -Almost all items will be able to be upgraded, like in Skyward Sword.

    -Replayable bosses

    -Use the gamepad to scan environments, which would allow great opportunities for a lot of lore. (Read books to find clues, learn secrets, learn more about the other characters.)

    -Draw on gamepad to prioritize what to do, and mark down where something is.

    -Semi-co-op, which would allow another player to take control of another knight, or be able to provide covering fire with arrows using a Wii Remote.

    -Multiple methods of travel, and you’re always free to choose, depending on terrain (Fly, ride on horseback, use a boat).

    -A nice twist in the story. (Have a character that you grow to love and trust betray you.)

    -Perhaps a counter story, where you could play as the villain.

    Whatever, Nintendo does, I’m sure they will do a great job for the new Zelda Wii U game. I just hope that it will be dense as well as massive.


  • fireheartis1

    Ok signed up for the forum and made my 10 post. Now the thing I want to see the most in a Zelda game is an unseen art style that has never been done before. Something that makes your eyes go man did I just see that. An art style that is so breath taking that it’s even more prettier than Wind Waker HD. I know that will be hard to do but the is Nintendo we’re talking about right.

  • Ian Oliver

    I can’t wait to see the new art style, which I hope resembles that of Smash Bros WiiU Link, as well as (hopefully) a massive open world.

  • TheWiiviewer

    I would like Zelda to have full voice acting. It’s time for the text bubbles to go away.


  • Cold Heat

    Ability to have multiplayer with more than one Wii U tablet controller.


  • Justin Montgomery

    Yes! as a college student all wii u money has gone to tuition and books, and I’ve been wanting a Wii U worse than when I wanted the game cube as a child…

    One feature I hope they include in the next Zelda game is multiple dungeons, some minor and others huge similar to Skyrim. I also want there to be deeper lore in the game, with each detail and each dungeon meaning a special and important thing in it’s own right.


  • Wetzel402

    I honestly would love to see the next Zelda resemble more of a platformer/RPG than an action platformer. I want to be able to level link, maybe craft/improve items and weapons, etc. I am also hopeful about the talk that the next installment will be less linear.

    Small gamepad features:
    1. map (obviously)
    2. note taking function/bookmarking the map

    I think it would be neat to try making the gamepad into the magic mirror, if it fits with the story. You could “look through” the mirror into the dark world.


  • Nicknack503

    I would like to see age progression of Link, much like OoT. And a progression of the world from light to dark much like Link to the past


  • Guest

    What I would like to see is.

    1. Engaging Side Quests, as in Majoras Mask, and Windwaker. Majoras Mask Side Quests were centered around engaging quest lines which immersed you in the story and lore of the Zelda World forcing you in some instances to travel and uncover the secrets of its 3 day world. Windwaker took this approach and included a mailing system which made the world feel like it was more connected. Receiving mail from past encountered characters from your quest added a sense of purpose and made the game seem less linear. When I received a letter from Grandma who sent me 20 rupees, it reminded me of when I was in college and my Grandma would send money. This is the sense of “this game relates to me, these people are counting on me to save them”, that Nintendo lost in games after this.

    What I am looking for in the next Zelda are NPCs who write back, who travel themselves, who change their stories as the game progresses. I would like to see a whole lot more than this. Examples. If zelda had multiple cities then perhaps some NPCs can travel to the castle for work, or trade, or multiple Goron traders can travel to various cities or towns. There could even be Major, Goron, Zora, shops in different towns and smaller ones in others. In Skyward Sword there was only one shop and the workers were always there with the same things to say. Could it be possible for one to miss work one day or to work at a different shop occasionally. These are little details which would make the game seem less repetitive. Skyward Sword had alot going for it, but to me, few of the side quests remained in my memory besides bug collecting quest which didn’t have much of a story either. I want to encounter more NPCs out in the battle field or at least near it. I want to see people everywhere with a purpose, going somewhere, children playing, livestock, farms. Children Should Go to school, People should go to work, Bums should be bums, Adventurers Should be Adventurers. How is Princess Zelda and Hyrule so great if they only rule over a hand full of villagers. How is Hyrule so strong with only Link and a few others fighting evil.

    I would like to encounter other Heros or a suitable Rival. Something to give the story Depth and a Challenge. Wouldn’t it be cool to arrive at a dungeon to realize that another hero had already completed it, and you would have to battle them or team up to progress in the story? This would help break up the monotony of using the same Dungeon formula without breaking its structure.

    I have other ideas I will be adding later on.

  • mjnathans

    What I would like to see is.

    1. Engaging Side Quests, as in Majoras Mask, and Windwaker. Majoras Mask Side Quests were centered around engaging quest lines which immersed you in the story and lore of the Zelda World forcing you in some instances to travel and uncover the secrets of its 3 day world. Windwaker took this approach and included a mailing system which made the world feel like it was more connected. Receiving mail from past encountered characters from your quest added a sense of purpose and made the game seem less linear. When I received a letter from Grandma who sent me 20 rupees, it reminded me of when I was in college and my Grandma would send money. This is the sense of “this game relates to me, these people are counting on me to save them”, that Nintendo lost in games after this.

    What I am looking for in the next Zelda are NPCs who write back, who travel themselves, who change their stories as the game progresses. I would like to see a whole lot more than this. Examples. If zelda had multiple cities then perhaps some NPCs can travel to the castle for work, or trade, or multiple Goron traders can travel to various cities or towns. There could even be Major, Goron, Zora, shops in different towns and smaller ones in others. In Skyward Sword there was only one shop and the workers were always there with the same things to say. Could it be possible for one to miss work one day or to work at a different shop occasionally. These are little details which would make the game seem less repetitive. Skyward Sword had alot going for it, but to me, few of the side quests remained in my memory besides bug collecting quest which didn’t have much of a story either. I want to encounter more NPCs out in the battle field or at least near it. I want to see people everywhere with a purpose, going somewhere, children playing, livestock, farms. Children Should Go to school, People should go to work, Bums should be bums, Adventurers Should be Adventurers. How is Princess Zelda and Hyrule so great if they only rule over a hand full of villagers. How is Hyrule so strong with only Link and a few others fighting evil.

    I would like to encounter other Heros or a suitable Rival. Something to give the story Depth and a Challenge. Wouldn’t it be cool to arrive at a dungeon to realize that another hero had already completed it, and you would have to battle them or team up to progress in the story? This would help break up the monotony of using the same Dungeon formula without breaking its structure.

    I have other ideas I will be adding later on.


  • Guest

    What new feature do I want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?

    1. Can upgrade Weapons and other Items, included the potions.

    2. Better use of the musical instrument. (Like the Ocarina of Time when you need to learn the song and play it by yourself)

    3. Can be young and adult.

    4. Can get different suits, like Zora’s Suit, Goron Suit, etc. Like Ocarina of Time or Twilght Princess. (Because in Skyward Sword this outfits were replaced by items)

    5. Maximun use of the Wii U Gamepad but like a option. Use classic ways to control the game without Gyro or Accelerometer, etc.

    Making different ways to play the whole game like Mario Kart Wii or Wind Waker HD.

    6. Bring back Epona. ( Iยดll be thankful)

    I think, the most part of what I wrote coming from the timeline of Ocarina of Time and the next ones. LOL

  • Erick Murillo

    What new feature do I want to see in a Wii U Zelda game?

    1. Can upgrade Weapons and other Items, included the potions.

    2. Better use of the musical instrument. (Like the Ocarina of Time when you need to learn the song and play it by yourself)

    3. Can be young and adult.

    4. Can get different suits, like Zora’s Suit, Goron Suit, etc. Like Ocarina of Time or Twilght Princess. (Because in Skyward Sword this outfits were replaced by items)

    5. Maximun use of the Wii U Gamepad but like a option. Use classic ways to control the game without Gyro or Accelerometer, etc.

    Making different ways to play the whole game like Mario Kart Wii or Wind Waker HD.

    6. Bring back Epona. ( Iยดll be thankful)

    I think, the most part of what I wrote coming from the timeline of Ocarina of Time and the next ones. XD
    Oh I don’t know if Ganondorf gonna apear in Zelda Wii U, but I think before or after Smash Bros release, Ganondorf appear in a Zelda game.


  • Steven Scott

    I would like to see a more open world style of game, just something that would change up the form factor a bit

  • Interloper

    Honestly, I trust Nintendo to make another great Zelda game, so I’m not worried in the slightest; I’m sure they’ll exceed my expectations.

    A couple things I’d like to see though…

    – Areas/dungeons (something) that utilize a top-down view to give me a nice dose of nostalgia. Maybe on the 2nd screen?

    – Utilization of the gamepad to look around rooms, dungeons, etc. while you’re playing the main game on the TV.

    – Multiplayer mode?

    Regardless, it’s gunna be great.

    My profile: http://wiiuforums.com/members/interloper/

  • Rob

    Dudes this is a website… Not a paper magazine, why don’t you make this available everywhere???

  • Steven Schlachter

    All in all, everytime I play a Zelda game, I simply want more variety in the types of puzzles. They’re always fun, but it can get a bit repetitive at times.


    Thanks for the chance!

  • toombskid