Dec 11th, 2012

Wii USince launch, the Wii U has been extensively tested and so far it’s been reveled that it’s not much more powerful than current generation hardware, at least when it comes to the processor. The latest findings at Digital Foundry reveal that the Wii U uses just half of the power compared to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. So when it comes to performance per watt, the Wii U is a clear winner.

For example, playing FIFA 13 on Wii U requires just 32W of power, while a PS3 requires 66W and an Xbox 360 requires 67W. Part of this great power efficiency is that the Wii U CPU runs at just 1.23 GHz, which is less than half of the clock speed compared to the competition. Despite that, the Wii U still matches the other consoles when it comes to CPU performance.

Digital Foundry did power draw tests with several games and discovered that the Wii U never went past 33W, which is quite an achievement. This means the console uses less power than the average laptop. Just like its predecessor, the Wii U was never meant to compete on performance, but on innovation. The console hardware is perfectly adequate to deliver HD graphics in the modern era while staying extremely power efficient.

For a better look at the hardware, check out the recent Wii U teardown which reveals the insides of the console.


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  • uPadWatcher

    The Wii U is truly the best looking and eco-friendly gaming/social/entertainment console.  Captain Planet truly approves it.  The power is ours!!!!!

  • robjackson81

    And the Wii U GamePad consumes twice the power of the Hubble Telescope. Haha I kid, I kid.

    • Sun Mountain

       Sign the petition to have Dark Souls 2 come to the Wii U!

      • darkstar18

        omg is there a petition for Naruto ultimate Ninja storm 3 to come to the wii u???????????????

    • Brett Bates

      Being that it’s a satellite that has to run off solar panels and is not often used, I could see that as realistic…

  • Nintendofreak

    the wiiu processor is about the same power since the ps3 is older technology while the wiiu may be 1.2ghz you need to consider that is a i7 processor i believe, so that puts the wiiu on par or maybe even a little stronger than the ps3 or xbox360 one since they both may be 3.0ghz but its not the same comparing a outdated processsor to a newer processor like the wiiu….it would be like comparing a pentium 3 3.0ghz to any core processor (intel core duo or any of dat for the matter) or some thing like that afterall just put down the oldest cpu i could think off to a kind of new one….yeah im not especific with which core one but w/e pretty much any core is hell lot better than any pentium ever made

    • learn to spell, then come back

      • Nintendofreak


    • Suliman العمر

      I’ll honestly say, I don’t know what the fuck you just said. 

    • ECM

      The WiiU CPU is a Power series chip from IBM, *not* an i7 from Intel. They are completely different architectures (CISC vs. RISC) from completely different vendors.

      (If it was an i7, it’d be clocked twice as fast, suck down way more power, and drive the cost of the console up a minimum of $100, and probably more.

      • Nintendofreak

        ” is a i7 processor i believe” u missed this part ,just using it as a point of comparison didnt really knewed so thank anyway

      • There! Exactly! The RISC CPU in a WII U executes more instructions, 10 to several hundred more in a cpu cycle, than a non-RISC processor like that in the xbox old60. This means the WIi U actually runs faster than the xboxold60 by a large factor even though the raw ghz number for the WII U is less, it does so much more with less ghz frequency and heat and better reliability … next gen.

    • Ultranist

      the wiiu processor is just 3x wii cpus slapped together and overclocked to 1.24GHz

      •  fuck you 😉

      • Wildman

        But not really. Think of it like a custom modified tri-core IBM PowerPC CPU with out of order processing capability and direct access to the 32MB of eDRAM located on the GPU.

  • ElCharlo

    Really who cares about the power it consumes? As long as it has good ventilation so it doesn´t have the problems of the XBoxs and makes less sound than a PC I´m fine with it (But if i could i would overclock it)

    • Kuzon

      Japanese people do.

      Also power and TDP will directly impact how hot it gets and that impacts ventilation which would mean more fans

      • Wii U uses less power because it is less powerful.  Only when they shrink the manufacturing process of chips, do you get high performance with lower power output.  This is not the case for WIi U.

        • Kuzon

          What the hell are you talking about…

          You’re a god damn fool. Go learn about PC hardware and come back.

        • Wildman

          Stop. Just stop.

          It’s like saying a Corvette is slower because it has less cylinders than a Lamborghini.

    • ceramicsaturn

      People like me who are old enough to pay bills care!

  • Ken Seymour

    I have to say I’m tired of everyone pointing out the only Wii U aspect that is “supposedly” weaker than the PS3 and 360 instead of someone doing a comparison on GPU which is obviously far superior. It is like people go out of thier way to point out the little flaws instead of pointing out the obvious advantages the Wii U has…

    • ceramicsaturn

      Don’t worry. They’ll be defending weak CPUs when the new Xbox comes out with a GPGPU and a weak 1.2GHz Processor. Idiots are idiots…

      • Ruben Salazar

        I think people still dont understand what a GPGPU is or what it can do. I think most people just see the numbers and assume that those numbers determine the over all power of the console without understanding how that power is utilized.

        • D2K

           They are the same people that think having the most powerful system on the planet equals victory when the only time that has ever happened was back in he 1970s and THAT was the ‘NINTENDO’ Color TV Game.  Ignorance is bliss I guess.

          • ceramicsaturn

            Thank you for saying that, because it’s so true. I never understood why gamers pray their company has the best hardware. It’s like a curse and nearly guarantees your system won’t be the most popular. Weakest always seems to win: Wii, PS2, PS1, etc etc. If the most powerful console won every time the Master System would have beaten the NES, and the Neo Geo would have beaten the SNES.

          • I don’t get the obsession with having the most powerful console. If that was really true all of the graphic whores would be playing on a PC. 

          • If the Wii U were going to be the clear winner in power, you would get the obsession and you would be getting excited about how a Mario game could look if it used such power.

          • Wii did not win.  PS was not the weakest, it just was not the prettiest.  PS2 was more powerful than GC, but the GC had hardware texture decompression which made it nicer looking.  That was only on there because of the limited storage.  NEo Geo was too expensive and only really had SNK games.  Try again.

          • Too bad that was not here in the US…

    • Adrian Meredith

      Considering most (if not all) of the third party games on wii u run at a lower frame rate the the 360 I’d say they naysayers do have a point.  Regardless of whether its properly optimised for the wiiu or not this still shouldn’t be happening.

    • I am tired of people always talking about the Wii U GPU which is all that they can talk about.

  • Eadfadf

    uses the head line is wrong meaning it is power efficient 

  • NkoSekirei

    its still a true next gen console and still packs more power then ps3 and 360 and besides the third party developers havent tapped the full power of the system and well see games run on full 1080p resolutions and serious graphics by next year

    • audie bowler

      only idiots at neogaf think u need 9000watts to play games the wii was less power draw than gc yet 2.5 x plus as powerful the gamecuge mached even beat xbox 1 and wii destroyed it yet gamecube and wii combined had less power usage than xbox 1 only idiot pc fans would think this cannot be done pcs use like 10x the power they would need if designed better PURE WASTE

      • IN the computer world, more powerful CPUs and video cards use more power!  Those are the plain facts.  The Wii U does not pack more power than the current gen systems.

        • Wildman

          “The Wii U does not pack more power than the current gen systems.”
          Proof? Links? Developer quotes who are working, or have worked on the system

          It does pack more power, but while using less power. Do a tad bit of research. The Wii U launch games look equal in graphical fidelity to the same games on Xbox 360 and PS3. That says a lot right there. If the games at launch look like this, graphics quality will get so much better than the current-generation once the hardware becomes known.

          The Wii U CPU architecture surpasses that of the Cell CPU and the Xenon. Out of Order processing and a short pipeline means less time taken to compute things.

  • xdlugia

    Let’s be honest here guys… hardware matters WAY more than power consumption.
    Literally no gamers think of their console’s power consumption unless they live in a very poor place (which means that they would probably not have a console anyways).

    •  Being power efficient is good for Nintendo’s image. I like that it can achieve such impressive graphics while using little power.

    • satwik pani

      so basically you are saying you are some millionaire’s child and that child doesn’t care about cost, nor the enviorment. 

  • audie bowler

    the gpu is based on 55 nm gpu core customized and shrunk to most likely 40nm ,and contains very low power and heat edram the cpu is based on custom powerpc 32 bit 45nm the powerpc 476fp core consumes only 1.6watts at 1.6ghz ,the wiiu cpu core has ibm edram catch not sram so its power draw is 3 to 4 times less vs sram catches dont be supprised if wiiu cpu is only 1watt per core, the tri core cpu the arm imput chip and the surround sound dsp most likely comes to no more than 5watts, or so that is simply amazing i bet the gpu and edram draws about 30watts again very impressive i bet full power mode is around 65watts thats full gpu cpu wifi and pad power all 100percent

    • Stephen Baxendale


  • audie bowler

    join us in the fight against the industry clear anti core fps happening cutting edge fps =wii remote theres over100 million wii remotes in north america alone and like 200million global and still selling its by far the biggest fps controller userbase there is and it destroys twin sticks its NEXT GEN FPS yet 007 wiiu has no wii remote support and alien marines looks set to continue this ABOMINATION and black ops 2 has gmped bullet impact lag and steady aim issues THIS IS DEIGRATE ANTI WII REMOTE in the industry it has to stop its byond STUPID

  • darkstar18

    Hey guys. What the next Naruto game to come to the WI U? Then sign my petition to make this a reality!! ^_^

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Yay! power saving! WOOHOOO YEAH! – good to know Wii U is gonna save some money on electricity bills (compared to PS3 and 360) and is taking consoles a step towards Eco-friendliness (sort of)

  • cwong15

    You have to wonder why Nintendo would put so much emphasis on building a console with low power consumption, a console that just happens to come with its own battery-powered screen (no TV necessary). The console is no longer tied to your TV set nor your living room. I bet Nintendo has some portability ideas in its long term plan.

  • Zzzzzzz….