Nintendo’s Wii U console was announced at E3 2011, and is the successor to the Wii. The Wii U will launch during Fall 2012 in United States, Europe, and Japan. The Wii U console is the first Nintendo system to support 1080p resolution, and will be the most powerful console in the world, once released. The Wii U will support a high-capacity disc storage system with up to 25 GB available for games. However, the Wii U will not be able to play Blu-ray movies nor DVDs. The new console will support all sorts Wii U accessories made by both Nintendo and third party accessory makers like Mad Catz and Nyko. Some of the accessories will be included in future Wii U bundles. The console will run a Nintendo-made OS called Wii U Operating System, which will run off of a separate, smaller CPU.


Wii U console
The Wii U console began development in 2008 at Nintendo in Japan, where developers worked on creating a powerful console with new and innovative control features. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and others went through several Wii U console designs, before settling on a design that incorporates a controller with a built in tablet. Despite being a brand new console, the Wii U hardware will be backwards compatible with Wii controllers and peripherals such as the Wii balance board. The Wii U console will also be backwards compatible with old Wii games, but will not support GameCube titles.

Controller design

The Wii U console features a brand new controller design which sets the system apart from competing consoles. The Wii U controller has a build in 6.2 inch touchscreen, microphone, gyroscope and other features that enable developers to create new types of video games. The Wii U console will ship with one Wii U controller. However, Nintendo has said that it will be possible to use additional controllers with the console. It will be possible for players to stream the entire game to the Wii U controller instead of the TV. The controller will utilize the Wii U sensor bar for motion tracking. The tablet controller is officially called the Wii U GamePad.

Hardware and connectivity

The Wii U console will feature an assortment of ports and connections, including several USB ports, SD card slot, and HDMI connectivity. The console with have built-in flash memory for save games and operating system, but players will also be able to save games on USB drives and SD cards. Here are the official Wii U console specifications:

  • Launch: Fall or November 2012
  • Included items: Wii U Console, Wii U tablet controller, controller stylus pen, HDMI cable, component, S-video and composite cables, Wii U sensor bar, USB charger cable for controller
  • Disc: Nintendo-designed high capacity, 25GB disc
  • Video support: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i.
  • Audio support: six (6) channel audio support via HDMI
  • Memory storage: internal Flash memory + SD card expansion slots + USB memory support
  • Internal flash memory storage: 8 GB (rumored)
  • Backwards compatibility: compatible with Wii game discs. Via Wii U Virtual Console downloads: GameCube, N64, NEs, SNES, and others.
  • Ports: 4X USB ports (2 front + 2 rear), HDMI 1.4 output, Video-out, Sensor-bar port.
  • Online connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n only
  • Launch price: $299 (rumored)
  • Estimated launch game lineup: 15-20 first and third party games.

Wii U Console CPU, GPU and RAM specs

Technical specifications for the Wii U have yet to be detailed, although Nintendo will be working with the same partners as before: AMD and IBM. The Wii U is said to be about 50% more powerful than the current generation consoles, while some developers have suggested it was on par with the current consoles. Nintendo will be using a newer and improved CPU, GPU and memory design, which in an of itself will result in improved performance, while price wise, it should be competitive with the current consoles on the market. Since the components are based on similar technological architectures and made by the same suppliers, the console will be fully backwards compatible with older Wii games and should run then without any issues.

So far, the confirmed Wii U system specs are:

  • Wii U CPU: IBM designed, PowerPC based processor, rumored to be a quad core chip
  • Wii U GPU: AMD/ATI designed Radeon HD graphics chip
  • RAM: Unknown size of RAM, rumored to be from 768 MB to 1GB.

Wii U 3D support

Nintendo has confirmed that it is possible for the Wii U console to support 3D gaming on 3D televisions. However, the company said that 3D is not something they are currently focusing on. 3D games require double the amount of frame rates per second in order to deliver smooth 3D image. It’s highly likely that the Wii U console will get proper 3D support in the future, when the hardware and software matures, much like Sony did with the PlayStation 3.

Wii U Console NFC

The Wii U console will support NFC technology. NFC — Near Field Communications — enables the Wii U controller to interact with other devices that have NFC chips. These devices can range from smartphones, to tablets, and even more primitive objects such as playing cards and toys. For more information, check out the Wii U NFC page.

Wii U games lineup

The Wii U will launch with several first and third party titles. Nintendo has showcased a Wii U Mii game at events, a game that is rumored to the main first party launch title for the console. Third party games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Darksiders 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines will launch alongside the console as well. For more details, check out a full list of Wii U games. In addition to the Wii U games, the console supports games from GameCube, Wii, N64, and other systems as well through Wii U backwards compatibility. Check out the complete list of games that have been 100% confirmed for the console at Wii U games list.

Wii U models and bundles

Nintendo is expected only to offer one model of the Wii U at launch, however the company will likely introduce new Wii U models as the console matures. For example, white and black Wii U models will most likely be sold some time in the future and as part of various Wii U bundles.

Wii U online

The Wii U console will have full online connectivity through the brand new Nintendo Network. The sections will be divided into familiar Wii U channels, where players can access the Internet, watch movies on Netflix, connect with Facebook and Twitter (rumored), and download apps via the Wii U apps store. It will also be possible to purchase games, DLC, and other game-related content via the Wii U eShop, which will be part of the Nintendo Network. Prices will be in Wii Points, where 100 Wii Points equals $1.

Backwards compatibility

The Wii U will be fully backwards compatible with Wii games. Furthermore, via the Wii U Virtual console, players will be able to download older games for the Wii U console. These older system include the GameCube, Nintendo 64, SNES, and even third party consoles made by SEGA and others. Wii games will work by simply inserting the game disc into the Wii U console, and playing with the Wiimote, just as before. These older games won’t be compatible with the new tablet controller, at least not at launch. Besides older Nintendo system, players will be able to play all of their old Wii games on the new console. Nintendo has made the Wii U Pro controller, which will make it easier to play older games.

Wii U development kit and tool

Nintendo offers a Wii U dev kit to developers to create software and games for the console. This dev kit includes the necessary hardware, software, and compilers in order to program games for the system. Nintendo offers developers many software tools, APIs and code to freely use when creating Wii U games. For more details, see Wii U dev kit.

You can also find photos and artwork of the Wii U on our Wii U images page.


  • Joshua Brown

    Can it play normal wii games

    • gr8_monst3r

      yes it can, and you can use all wii acessories like the zapper and balance board ๐Ÿ™‚

      • EPICGAMER111

        thank u gr8 monst3r

      • ironMunky07

        says that it will be backwards compatible with old wii games via virtua console. does that mean that it’s only compatible with wii games that are downloaded via nintendo store or just wii games period?

    • joshua

      Yes full backwords compatibility with games and accessories

    • william gonzalez

      Yes it does the paragraph that says Development the last sentence it says The Wii U console will also be backwards compatible with old Wii games, but will not support GameCube titles.

    • william gonzalez

      Yes it does the paragraph that says Development the last sentence it says The Wii U console will also be backwards compatible with old Wii games, but will not support GameCube titles.

    • Derrick

      Im sorry Josh but If you would have read it better you would have seen that it does play Wii Games but NOT gamecube games, kinda a disappointment if you ask me

      • Lusunup

        It doesn’t support gamecube games because you could buy gamecube games on the eShop ,which to me seems more than what i wanted because you dont have to worry about your game ever scratching up!

        • Jeremy

          Just have to worrie about buying the game over again ๐Ÿ˜‰ hey hey

          • Jeremy

            oh and playing off a usb hard drive with usb 2.0 which will slow load times and such

          • Jeremy

            one last thing playing games off a usb drive shortens the lifespan of your usb drive not by a second either ๐Ÿ˜›

          • 0soul

            Lol commenting on your own comment…

  • yea i need to know tht too if its coming out next year they should at least tell us the launch date cause tht looks cool soo can it play normal wii games cause im rlly curios
    well anyways what kinda games will come out for it i guess from tht trailer i saw nintendo must be making wii sports 2 or it might still be the first one or probably the wii u shooters tht must be cool but not as good as call of duty of course
    now about the actual wii console tht system looks like if it was desined to look like the wii but thts just me i still cant beileve y didnt they show the actual console at E3 but as a gamer myself i can beileve they saw tht people would not like it
    now the thing tht everybody is talking about is the controller tht controller looks expensive just looking at it! anyways tht controler must be fun its like i can play video games all day without anybody knowing lol so to make a long story short nintendo just made the WII U and tht looks like its going to sell u know wat i mean anyways thts it for my big talk and i got this information all on my information nintendo gave me so ill talk about more information in a week soo see ya soon

    • Smurfman256

      Yeah, It’ll play Wii games.

  • i play wii games to

    • EPICGAMER111

      well obviously

    • ashworth


  • james braselton

    hi there yeah only $399 with controler i mean the wii u controler probly cost $50 too $100 for a touch screen controler i can not wait for wii u too come out

    • mauri

      ummm nobody knows the price yet becuz it hasnt been released yet

      • william gonzalez

        Mauri you are a idiot it does says

        • Nintendude

          That’s only rumored.

      • Nintendโ˜†Fan

        plus it’s rumored to be around $299

    • william gonzalez

      It’s gonna cost 299

      • KorinII

        Its Rumored Only, nothing official has been released

  • Nick Nosbisch

    Yea I was wondering if we will be able to trade in our wii console for a decent discount off the wii u… if we can how much will the discount be

    Ps my wii just broke and I want to know if it’s worth buying a new one, I thought about getting it fixed but the wii u is coming out soon. Should I wait

    • alienfish

      Tough call. I say don’t buy another Wii and instead opt for a 3DS (if you don’t already have one) to tide you over until the launch of the WiiU. I seriously doubt it will be $400; more like $300 or even $250. 3DS is already hot and it’s only gonna get hotter throughout the year.

    • Your mom

      Yeah man my wii broke on thanksgiving, and I was right in the middle of going into the fire temple on skyward sword but me still got a tv and blue wii in my room for Xmas.

      • The Beeshnu

        Hey mom i didn’t know you had a wii

  • WindWaker

    Wait what about a power supply? Also is it able to play GameCube. I have a wii and most of the time I play old GameCube games. If it can’t, should I keep my wii or sell it?

    • Kris

      i dont think their gonna make it backwards compatible with gamecube… too much money, and they’re taking/keeping other stuff out of it, to make it cheaper… (i.e. gc backwards compatible, dvd, blu-ray, etc.)

    • Smurfman256

      GCN will be available via virtual console.

      • Bill

        That would be a problem. Do you realize that most, if not all, GCN games are over 1 GB in size? That takes most connections a long time to download, even via the torrent protocol. It would take even longer on a normal download.

        • Wildman

          It wouldn’t be a problem. One can add an external USB hard-drive to the Wii U if they so choose. Just think, having a 2 Terabyte (2000 Gigabyte) hard-drive just to store some games on.

    • name

      It wont have backwards capability for gamecube, but they will put gc games on the virtual consol for maybe 5 bucks, give or take.

      • IKNOW

        will it come with free HDMI cables please right back!

    • william gonzalez

      The Wii U will not be able to play GameCube games its says it in the paragraph that says Development and it says The Wii U console will also be backwards compatible with old Wii games, but will not support GameCube titles.

      • SonicBRSTMCreator100

        True. But, However, the gamecube games will be downloadable via Virtual Console. (Which is the best).

  • meleemaster64

    the game thats makeing me push me to buy the wii u is….SUPER SMASH BROTHERS THAT GAME IS MY FAVORITE AND SINCE I HEARD IT AT E3 2011 I WAS LIKE $#&? IAM GOING BUY THE WU but it sucks that i cant play gamecube games no ssb melee i hope they have it on via virtual console well it looks i have meeting with mr.summer job………………………….. might as well buy a 3ds 2

    • F

      At least you’ll have Super Smash Bros. Brawl. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • shadowfan2z

      It will be via Virtual Console. I know it will. I still wish the console had 2 Gamecube ports. Oh well…. ๐Ÿ™

      • EPICGAMER111

        yay me too

  • nano

    day 1


    i still think it should be called Super Wii..just saying XD

    • EPICGAMER111

      i think it should be called wii 2

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    This system is gonna be fun and look good! Make us proud Nintendo

  • james braseton

    hi there nick nosbisch yes wii u is coming out soon some time in 2012 not 2013 by nintendo anouncements and yes i would wait for the wii u soo you can get the 6.5 inch touch screen controler as a bounus infact my wii also not working properly i am diffently preordering mine soo i can have wiiu with wii u touch screen controler

    • supo hakate

      I wonder what kind of pre-order bonuses I get with the wii u ( my online profile will be supo if you want to know). Also, I’m going to save up for a 3ds because the two consoles are going to work together.

      • theyoshiking20

        i am going to do the same thing which is buy the wii u and the 3ds

  • ak47rocks1333

    can u still use ur old wii remotes for wii u console ( not the remote)

    • nano-mouse

      if im correct, yes you can

  • MAT

    I was always dissapointed from wii and its low quality graphics…… All my friends have a ps3 and they were making fun of me.
    Now the wii U Is going to bring me justice.

    • paul eger

      sorry to say dud even if you get a wii u their still going to make fun of you, trust me on that. I tell you this the PS3 AND XBOX people have been stealing ideas from Nintendo like nothing. the people who make the PS3 AND XBOX need to come up with their own ideas not from looking at Nintendo and taking theirs. Nintendo really needs to have a copy right to their stuff so that PS3 AND XBOX don’t steal their ideas.

      • Harry Potter

        no offence but sony makes the PS3 and microsoft makes the Xbox they dont make themselves but i totally agree with u cos microsoft got SmartGlass off Nintendo . Even if Nintendo puts a copyright on their products it wont help cos Sony arent going to copy the 3DS or the Wii U in every way are they . They will just copy some ideas that Nintendo has and Nintendo wont be able to sue them or anything just cos Sony has simailer stuff . Its the same with microsoft. I LOVE Nintendo and it will always be my fave video game makers . P.S. plz make a black Wii U at launch , Nintendo

      • Jarred

        How so? The only thing hardcore PS3 and 360 fans could use against Wii players was look at all the crappy graphics you got on that thing, but now the Wii U’s graphics will be at least on par with the PS3, and rumors are that it’ll be roughly 50% better than the PS3’s graphics, so yes mock the Wii while you can.

        • SMOKEW33D4LYFE

          yeah, but the ps4 and xbox 720 are supposed to be 5-6 times as powerful as current gen consoles, so when those come out, they’ll go right back to making fun of the wii u.

      • Jarred

        Oh I almost forgot to add that many people are switching back over to Nintendo if they haven’t already done so with the Wii. My good friend loved the Xbox 360 until he got tired with all the games and just paying for Xbox Live and now? He’s already wooing over the Wii U. He was blown away by it.

  • coma

    Black wii u? I think yes ; )… but will there be one?

  • jaga069

    Does anyone know if we will be able to convert games purchased from the virtual console on the Wii to the Wii U? I have quite a few games downloaded and it would be great to consolidate onto the console I will spend more time on.

    • wii u know it all

      i have read that they will be offering some feature that will allow you to transfer wii ware and virtual console games.

    • DrakenFro24

      good question, can u move ur downloaded stuff from wii to wii u, that will mean i definitely will get wii u, if so!!!!!!! i think that it should b that way, u can do that from DSi to 3DS which gave more of a reason to get a 3DS. more info from nintendo would b great!!!!! give every1 more of a reason to get wii u!!!!

  • I don’t know….

    we’re not going to be able to play game cube games on this console, are we…

  • M16 gunner

    Every1 says tht sony & microsoft r better gaming companys but after the wii u i dout people will then say that

    • Harry Potter

      all the tech press say that cos they hate Nintendo . They hate it cos they all said the Wii would be a flop and its the best selling console ever so now they are all trashing the Wii U and after the Wii U outsells the Wii , PS3 and Xbox they’re going to hate Nintendo even more. pretty soon Nintendo and Microsoft might be the only gaming companies left cos Sony’s half bankrupt after wat they did with the PS3


    They should do a “trade your nintendo Wii, and get the Wii U- cheaper kinda thing” That would be great [:

    • paul eger

      I don’t think they’ll do that. Nintendo doesn’t do those things, and if they do there goes every first Nintendo Wii ever to be made gone. I still have the first Wii and I will never trade it in my life. Not to machin that I have still have a super Nintendo 1991 and have a super Nintendo 1997. Both still work and have been my faz ever scents.

      • wiiulover

        i have a ds lite and dsi xl and a Wii and i am going to keep those. i’m sad that the Wii u cant play GC games, that’s one reason i am going to keep my old Wii.

      • Lucky

        I have had several pairs of the ST4 and relaly enjoy the feel, especially for racing. But I have had problems in races with a fairly new shoe having the bottom rubber near the heel come unglued and flap and drag during my race. Once it happened with a shoe worn for only ten miles, and it happened 2 miles into a half marathon. That was disappointing. Have you corrected this problem?

  • M16 gunner

    Yea they should

  • DrSlump

    For good chances to support high definition games and textures, 2GByte of ram should be considered instead of 768/1GByte.
    Seems like even this time nintendo is going to sell a cheap (for them, not for us) device to maximize the earnings.
    Meanwile i saw a realtime demo of a next gen 3D engine by square enix, and had to pick my jaw from the floor.

  • keybladeninja

    I’m personally hoping for a Gameboy player esque application for playing 3ds games on wii u. The tv would be the top screen and the tablet controller could be the bottom screen. You could also play it with the actual 3ds system of course.

    • LyingTuna

      I would be shocked if it didn’t happen.

  • troller

    Why they dont mention the pro controller ??

    • zelda master

      good point

  • paul eger

    I really like the wii u system, but I never got 3 of my qustens awsered. One is what will the cost be for the Wii U? Hope it’s not to much maybe like $175 or $200 be okay with me. 2 can the Wii U use the gamecube controls like the frist Wii? That be the best thing for everyone if you ask me. And lastly 3- will you have (rated M games) for those of us who as kids growing up with Nintendo be with this system? I can understand if Nintendo doesn’t want or need to, but it would get more buyers and help them look better to people who are older.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Don’t expect a price below $300. Come on, it has to be more than the 3DS was launched for, considering that’s just the handheld. And let’s not forget the Wii was $250, and considering that new consoles are generally higher in price each new generation, I say that’s a good starting estimation. Don’t forget how expensive that new controller is. That’s a $100 controller. Second, no, it will not support gamecube controls. It has no ports for them. You’ll probably have to use the new pro controller. And there are M games. Check the game list. No first party M games, but they have mass effect 3, ninja gaiden 3, assassins creed 3 (I think 3 is enough). And just cause you asked about gamecube controls, I feel I should also mention it is not going to be gamecube reverse compatible. However, gamecube games will start to be released on the virtual console. I hope this answered every question to your liking. For more game details, definitely check the games page. It may not be fully up to date, but you could also google the games that Nintendo had available at E3 this year. Those are confirmed launch window games.

  • MixMaster000

    I think it would be cool if somehow the 3DS could connect to wii u and be able to share things from the 3DS on the wii like pictures and games. I hope that they will have better games for the new console


  • Colton

    If release is Nov.18 then I have to go to school next morning. But I’m thinking about getting at midnight release then skip school :p

    • LyingTuna


  • zelda master

    how’s the 3ds going to connect.
    and 3 screens i can not do that

  • Colton

    I would be ok with a price $350.00 because if you save up your money, and if you have a savings account, (like me) then that price should be OK. Plus, if your birthday is in between now and then, you could get a lot of money. I think by the way Nintendo talks the price will be Ok.

  • James

    The wii u will in fact play wii games but not on the new controller on the screen with a regular remote SORRY I WISHED IT DID

  • zelda master

    i’v been saving sins 5/25 i have $3.00

    • Iknow

      Me to but i have $48 so yeah

  • Jonas

    they said this holiday. For me this holiday is in summer not in fall

  • N I N T E N D O

    I have a question, will the WIIU be a Multi – Region system or not ?

    • LyingTuna

      Every other Nintendo system was…

      • LyingTuna

        I meant region-locked, for the record…

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        well excepting you can “destroy” the Plastic in the SNES. I don’t know about the 64.

  • random

    I think I might have 2 wait until my bday (June) until I get 1 nnnoooo……. or maybe Christmas the sooner the better

  • *L*

    i hope the black color comes out first thing if not i am waiting

  • James

    It doesnt say anything about regular NES. Will those titles be made available for purchase?

  • Nintendude

    I see a little cover at the bottom of it, is that for an SD Card?

    • LyingTuna

      Or USB…

      • Nintendude

        It’s possible. I couldn’t see why there couldn’t be both.

  • eli

    new super mario bros wiiu is asom hom much is a wiiu consle.

  • DawnOfTheDevil

    Unfortunately, the wii u is launching at holiday 2012 so it either november, or december…

  • Math

    Will a Wiimote be included?

    • 007 1/2


      • Math

        That sucks! That means I have too keep my Wiimote from my old Wii console i’m trading in.

        • LyingTuna

          I fail to see the issue. It’s cheaper this way. I’m not trading anything in to get my Wii U.

          • Math

            Well, my local gaming store (called Game) has an offer that says if you traid in your old Wii you get 500:- when you at the same time pre-order Wii U, but since i’m under 18 I myself can’t get money from it so my dad have to traid it in for me. I’m also working for him at home too each month get money so i can buy it. If it comes out in November, it’ll be a birthday present to myself because my birhday is November 7th ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Colton

    I have a logic for everyone who wants to buy the Wii u. First, save up to get the Wii U. Second, Buy Wii U. (doesn’t matter if you buy it at launch or preorder it.) Then for Christmas, get your parents to buy you some games. Foolproof plan.

    • LyingTuna

      That’s what I’m doing. I have a birthday in October, so I’m getting this at midnight.

    • aรŸ

      logic is for loosers tehe

  • Colton

    I really don’t care the about color, I just care about playability.
    I’ve been saving since my birthday (March) and I have 200.00 but I will sell my stuff to get there.

  • Dalton

    need for speed would be good for the new controller as you could have the thing telling you if you evade cops, the speedometer, the thing teling you where cops are and the minimap

  • GirlGamer

    What does fall 2012 stand 4

    soz just wanna know

    • wiiulover

      its going to come out on Nov. 18

      • LyingTuna

        Yep. I am in September, and I’ll tell you, thats right! Good job past people!

  • Zak Eblade

    You know what i think should be on the wii u, the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim! The touch screen could be the inventory, level up, and taking other items from the deseased. Right trigger/left trigger could be using weapon and blocking. Circle pad is obivously moving, and the cross pad thingy that has the abxy buttons could maybe be other ways that will take too long to explain. I gurutee that this game will be good on the wii u. (If this doesnt go on the wii u, then maybe the Elder Scrolls VI would be fine too.)

    • LyingTuna

      It would be alright on Wii U, I guess. Unfortunately, Bethesda said that they won’t be releasing any games on Wii U, so there goes that idea…

  • bob

    i want a chicken nugget

  • Tom Clancy

    ok i love the NFC sooo much i mean i can put my dad’s iphone on there and read his messages without havin’ 2 unlock it!!!!!!!!! i love the WII U soo much i am gettin’ it definetley!!!!!

  • joesatmoes

    i dont have any game cube games,so is it worth it to sell my wii for the wii U? i dont mean for an entire wii u but a portion of the price?

    • Christian

      Go for it. If you have download games on the original Wii, the download data should be on a Club Nintendo account, meaning that you can probably re-download the games after launch, and the Wii U eShop (I like to name it the UShop) should have WiiWare by that time. But if you’re a collector like me and like to keep the older systems, I don’t really recommend it.

  • GionathanVe

    ill get my ps3in few days…and in december ill get Wii U ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 0soul

      Yup, im pretty sure thats huge new for all of use, have you considered getting a twitter im sure news like this attracts a lot of followers.


    could somebody tell me, about haw many games could be stored on 8 gigs of memory? If anyone has an answer please tell me.

    • 0soul

      Idk about 1 game *troll face*


    Dose anyone know if we will be able too move our Wii game data to an SD card and put it on the Wii U?

    • aรŸ


      • Nintendude

        Actually, ja.

  • Jeremy

    I wish the wii u would look like this
    (add this after watch?v=qq7-hTVP9AE

    • Obi Wan Cumboneme

      It will.

    • aรŸ

      it will

    • aรŸ

      love the video

  • mormon aรŸ

    i like opposition

  • Gekko

    I dont wanna use controller pad so do wii u support the same controller as wii and i hope wii u gets original controller games because i like Motion controller games