Dec 6th, 2012

If you break your Wii U console or your GamePad controller, you can expect to pay a hefty repair fee. That’s according to Nintendo World Report, who sent in a broken Wii U and GamePad controller to find out how much it would cost to repair.

Broken Wii UAnd the repair bill is a large one: repairing the Wii U console costs $175, while a GamePad repair job costs $85. The $175 repair cost was for the Deluxe model, which means the repair price is 50% of the retail price of the hardware. This is pretty high compared to the average piece of consumer electronics.

The Wii U and GamePad are covered under a 1-year warranty from Nintendo, unless the player does something to break that warranty, like abusing the hardware.

The GamePad controller isn’t available for purchase in North America, and when it does go on sale next year, the price will likely be well over $100, based on the repair costs. Japanese gamers will be able to purchase extra GamePads when the console launches tomorrow. A GamePad in Japan will retail at $175.


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  • Rafael Saldana

    Pricy but worth it

  • Rafael Saldana

    add me: RSBzero

  • Captinn2


  • Clem

    I just brought my Wii U home yesterday, I don’t even want to think about breaking it!

    I didn’t want to leave it behind at home today when I went in to work… when I got there my boss told me I should have brought it in to the office lol. Clearly I have the best job ever.

    • RoadyMike

       Or just a really awesome boss


    wow!….thats alot of money to fix hope i don’t break mine….BECAUSE I’M BROKE!!!!

    • HSN1

      As long as it’s made with Nintendium you shouldn’t fear.
      Just don’t throw a Nokia to it. Or diamonds. No, just Nokia

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        All hail the Nokia 3210 . The Most solid object of all time…

  • drew42o

    I’m not even gonna take my Wii U out of the box.. I’ll just put it next to my TV and look at it..

    • ceramicsaturn

      I’m sorry for you.

      • AkaLink77

        lol idk about just staring at it but i leave that white wrapping on (not covering the vents of course) and when im done playing i always put it back in the box.

    • RoadyMike

      One does not simply not play a new console
      I’ll just surround the shelf where I’ll be placing the Wii U with pillows…..LOTS of pillows
      Hopefully I won’t end up making a fort instead

  • Guhtere

    My god, Guess I’m not getting a 2nd gamepad anytime soon

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’ll consider a second gamepad when compelling enough games support it. That’s the only way I can justify the price tag.

  • Ben Vangenechten

    1 year warranty?

    Europe gets 2 years :DSrew the us. (just kidding :P)

  • SoulSilverZero

    Can someone compare the service repair costs to this vs the Xbox 360 vs the PS3?

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Guess we had better be careful then

  • Michael Jurado

    Nintendium guys nintendium nuff said

  • Some of this information they give is entirely incorrect. Repair costs do usually correlate with actual prices of things. We can gain no knowledge of how expensive the gamepad will be based off this information. Also, I work for a company that has to send out stuff to get repaired, sometimes repairing something costs more than a new one. And I also have no idea why they would set one cost to a repair when it really depends on each individual repair.

  • simbaraishe2

    my gamepad’s screen shuttered this morning when my daughter was using it.i guess i’m f…