Jul 21st, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 14th, 2012, 12:35 pm

Wii U videos
At the recently wrapped up Comic-Con event in San Diego, Nintendo hosted another Wii U Experience event, showing off the console and some games to the press and public. And it looks like people are thoroughly enjoying the new console. The guys over at Nintendo Enthusiast got to play a handful of games, and luckily, they got some videos for everyone to see. For the first time, we get to see some ZombiU multiplayer gameplay as well. Head on after the break for Wii U videos of ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, and the crazy what-the-hell-is-going-on game called Project P-100.

ZombiU gameplay videos, including multiplayer

Pikmin 3 Wii U gameplay

Nintendo Land gameplay

Project P-100 gameplay video

Via Nintendo Enthusiast

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  • Oii

    project P-100 is a day one buy for me. and zombii U and NSMBU and Pikmin 3

    • Alienfish

      I wish they would show off something new though, I’m so tired of the wait now, all they show is the same old demo footage.

  • Nintengoth

    Sheer Awesome-ness… nuff said.

  • 3dsguy

    19 weeks to go roughly get ready peeps

    • Nick

      Wait don’t forget the after party! That’s atleast…lets see…3..carry the one….times 5……. About 6 or 7 more years!

  • The Beeshnu

    How are youtubers gonna record nintendo wii u games?

    • The Beeshnu

      Wait never mind that. I got the perfect idea!
      Wii u supports Youtube right?

      Select a video that has a Wii U walkthrough, the video that was shown on the T.V at the time of recording, is shown on your T.V. screen, and the Gamepad remote recording is shown on the Wii U Gamepad.

      I’m not sure if you understand what i’m trying to say, it was pretty hard to explain myself

      That would be sick anyway

    • Ziul

      Probably as a dualscreen video. You know… they will just be side by side each other. As when you get 2 monitors on you pc, they can have the same screen or just be near each other.

  • The bored guy

    Im not sure if zombiu multiplayer will be playable with two gamepads instead of a gamepad and a pro controller,plus I hope that there would be a lot of multiplayer modes in zombiu.

    • Alienfish

      Zombi-u looks really boring to me, I think I’ll pass on that, BLOPS2 and Pikmin 3 FTW though

      • For Shizzlez

        @the bored guy On multiplayer games only 2 gamepads are allowed but it slows the system down ALOT! so Zombiu, with 4 people is capably of 2 survivors and 2 zombies

        @Alienfish ZombiU is hands- down the most realistic zombie game and it has a great concept. Pikman 3 looks amazing though I agree with you on that

  • AwayToHit

    Best launch line-up ever !

    • AcesHigh

      I agree 100% ATH. Seriously. Not even from a Nintendo fanboy perspective. This really is the best launch line-up I’ve seen in 15 – 20 years. There are hardly any throw-away titles in the list. typically there are only one or two must-haves – if we’re lucky. I would definitely pre-order the WiiU as soon as they are available. I’m thinking it will be hard to find this holiday season.

      Remember… this is the first Nintendo console to be released WITH a Mario title (even within a few weeks) since the N64. This is going to be HOT!

      • For Shizzlez

        Yes! I will buy first day or pre order. The Wii U will probably be sold out in the U.S in Late March. I imagine the games will be EXPENSIVE! Oh and the Icon on the box. Hopefully the Wii U specs will be cool 2. Like the miiverse and the homepage. I’M SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!

        • william gonzalez

          its only 299 dollars

    • Alienfish

      I disagree, the original xbox with Halo was better as that started one of the most impressive legacies in gaming, this is good though as there will we COD, my personal favorite gamming franchise.

      • Mike

        Halo being an XBox launch title makes the X’s launch crappier, IMO. As does a COD title. Hate those games!

      • ninjabake

        I feel what your saying as far as Halo goes it was an amazing game but I disagree with you when it comes down to a better launch line up. Imagine the original xbox’s launch w/o Halo…the Xbox probably would’ve flopped. Most pol got the Xbox BECAUSE of Halo. You can’t say that about many of their other launch games.

        Its all a matter of opinion but I don’t think the original Xbox had that solid of a launch outside of about 5 games (oddworld, Amped, Halo, PGR, Fusion Frenzy) but to each his own.

  • Christopher

    ZombiU still looks as awesome as ever =3

    I can’t wait

  • TheRealChappy

    We got Rick Rolled!

  • John


  • Eddy120876

    I tried all of the games except batman Arkham city(too many people online to play it here in NYC) All the games were great. Since i will be only able to purchase 3 games straight out. Is going to be a hard decision. I loved Pikmin,P-100 and ZombiU the most but all the games were great. Ninja Gaiden was insanely hard but fun, Nintendo Land was a great way to get to use the WiiU tablet and same goes for every other game.Lots of great choices GO NINTENDO GO!!!

  • Iknow

    Good games but i want a game the lets us go any where we want to go like skyrim or DAY Z

    • ZMW

      I think the thing you are thinking about is called free roam

    • zonda777

      There is that one Lego City game that reminds me of GTA…

  • nokillergames

    Glad to see people are loving these launch titles. For me though, they hold little interest. Would love to have seen some really killer AAA titles. Zelda or 3D mario would have gotten my juices flowing or god forbid, something really new and exciting. Am I the only one bored of Zombies?

    I don’t think I’ll ever experience the excitement of the N64 and ground breaking Mario 3D again .