Aug 9th, 2012

Nintendo previously confirmed that the Wii U price and launch date will be announced in September. Now the company revealed via a statement that they plan to unveil one more thing: Wii U colors. So far the console has been shown in two “colors”, black and white. It’s been rumored that both the black and white Wii U would be available at launch, with the black version possibly being a higher end model. It’s likely that Nintendo will reveal different Wii U models when the price and launch date become official. Alternately, the company could simply keep things simple and offer a single model in two different colors, or add a new color down the line to increase sales. In addition to price, launch date, and colors, Nintendo will also reveal the bundled accessories and what’s included with the Wii U package. The event will likely be a another “Nintendo Direct” video featuring company president Satoru Iwata at their offices in Kyoto.

Red Wii U

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  • Anhell

    I really dont mind about the console’s color. Black would be fine for me And i think that idea it’s great for people that wanna have a different color.

    • Bill

      I still have my silver Gamebube. The black would look nice next to my PS3.

      • BluChuChu

        I’ll probably pick up a black one. The white looks so sleek and awesome, but the black matches better with my ps3 and television. This will most likely be the case for many buyers.

    • Funky Monkey

      Amazon US lists the black Wii u with Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario
      Galaxy 2 soundtrack CD. They even list 38 used Wii Us even thou the item is
      not yet released.

      • Lugo

        That’s a regular Wii, dude.

        • Super Mario

          No, that’s a Wii U you idiot.

      • Shankovich

        Yea, and a “used Wii U” (which is fake) could probably be either a developer’s version (so it won’t work properly when the console comes out)…ok, I don’t even know why I’m trying to reason with you -__-

    • jamin

      i played a Wii U at an Experience Event and the black one, surprisingly, had no fingerprints on it whatsoever. i was verrrrry surprised by that and that was my only doubt about a black Wii U so, problemo resolved—o…?

  • elbossmx

    The black version possibly being a higher end model????
    Where do they get this kind of info from? Nintendo hasn’t said anything about there being different Wii U models, they have only said there will be different colors. Everything regarding possible colors or “models” or versions is mere speculation. WiiUDaily should try to keep it simple without trying to look like they know more than other websites by comming up with random comments like that.

    • jay

      I think they mean it the black might have accessories for the avid gamer in its package, like an extra pro controller or a high capacity external HDD or SD card.

      • Andy

        So you mean like the NES with its Deluxe Set, Control Deck, Action Set, and Power Set?

      • elbossmx

        I really don’t think that will be the case. Has that ever happened with the different Nintendo DS or 3DS colors?
        Personally I want the white Wii U, and I’d be preety dissapointed at Nintendo if I’m forced to buy a black one just because there ir no bundled white ones.

        • theaquacharger

          Same. I want the white one because it stands out so much. I don’t want to be forced into getting a black one.

        • gaber

          well thats what has happened!

    • lunchbox355

      That is not a wii u. That is an original wii bundle.

  • Ledreppe

    Things are really starting to ramp up now, can’t wait till next month for the Nintendo Direct video. I’ll have the black version, especially if it turns out to be a higher end model.

  • Akuago220

    Summer is ending, but Fall draws near
    And Nintendo’s Wii U will soon be here.
    And so will answers to our questions that have us in a bother
    From price, to release, to launch library, and now to color.

    Eh, something I just thought up. =/

    • LolWatTurtles

      That was beautiful, man.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Pure magic.

    • Alienfish

      Must of took you a while to come up with that

    • Dead Shadow

      That waz powerful

  • Raul

    That red… Sexy…

  • XDLugia

    I always pick the original ville on my Nintendo systems. In other words, I’ll get the white one.

    • rafael

      Im gonna get the black because im bad that way 😉 hehe

  • jay

    White Model (lowend pack:) includes 1 gamepad, 1 wii remote and a copy of nintendo land.
    Black model (high end pack:) includes 1 gamepad, 1 pro controller, and a copy of new super mario bros u (or maybe still nintendo land..)
    Family pack: 2 gamepads, 1 wii remote, nintendo land, and a toaster.

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      Im buying the family pack…. I want a Nintoaster

    • NoPUNintendo

      Better include some toast for that toaster.

    • Andy

      So kind of like the NES with its Deluxe Set, Control Deck, Action Set, and Power Set?

      • jay

        no. more like the Gamecube and then the deluxe launch pack that had Metroid Prime and an extra controller included..

        • Mr.Chimera573

          plus you can eat Nintoast while playing!

        • Gyrdien

          But… Metroid Prime was single player only…

          • joe

            lol now that i look back I wonder why that was packed in with my gamecube…

  • ninjabake

    Sounds great I hope the black one is available at launch. I don’t think white has ever been a good color for a videogame console or controllers just gets dirty too quickly.

  • Zeldazero

    I’ll take the black regardless, white and red wouldnt match the rest of my equipment 🙂

  • Aaron

    Awesome! Already have 300 saved up! and that’s alot considering I’m only 13…

    • Owen

      go outside! you’re 13, stop wasting your time on the internet.

      • ninjabake

        Let the kid have some fun lol

      • Andy

        But it’s for Wii U info!

    • qw

      You’re gonna regret saying your age on the internet…

    • Alienfish

      stay the hell off black ops 2 little boy

      • Ahchoo

        And Battlefield 4…

    • HyperSonicN1

      God do I understand you, I’m 15 and I had to save up since Christmas to have these goddamned 350€ I have now.

  • gNat

    i want one w/ yellow poka dots on a turquoise background

    • Ahchoo

      Be prepared to get some spray paint.

  • Britton

    That red WiiU looks awesome. I didnt even consider them revealing new colors before launch. I seriously cannot wait for September right now (yes, yes, of course im excited for November as well). But, adding more colors would be that much better to the launch.

  • Mida

    The more colors the better. Just don’t go overboard

  • Bob Singh

    i call orange!

  • Lugo

    Ready your bodies.

    The age of Wii U is nigh.

    • dubYA

      My body is Ready…

      In this, I will not compromise.

      • Nintendude

        My body is also ready.
        So ready in fact, that I feel like a purple pikmin.

        • NameUcanthate

          my wallet is ready… for some serious dieting

    • Bravyoura


  • Kirbo99

    Please show different models! :C

  • SuperShyGuy

    Counting the days to Nintendo Direct in September!

    Also waiting to hear from other like devs at Gamescon and Tokyo Games Show.

  • Wiiviewer

    Can’t wait till September!


    I need a red one now!

  • Aaron

    I just realized a red Gamepad would look a bit odd…. thumbs up if you agree thumbs down if you don’t

    • Ahchoo

      Purple game pad would be the scheiße.

  • Megaman

    Why on earth would they make one color the higher-end model and not the other? That’s just begging for customer dissatisfaction. You’ve got to be a fool to even suggest that.

    • jay

      it wouldnt be a high end “model” but would come with accessories that would appeal more to hardcore gamers. (i.e.: packed in Pro controller and back up memory format like an SD card or nintendo branded external HDD)

    • dubYA

      Xbox 360 Elite?

  • AO1JMM

    Black being a higher end model? Interesting.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m used to the white of the Wii, so I think I’ll get the black version to be fresh. I’m both pumped and not excited for the next few months (Wii U and school.)

    • NoPUNintendo

      School rocks! Sitting down all day relearning what you’ve already learned off the internet during summer… I assume that’s what kids these days do.

      • SteampunkJedi

        I’m very good at school, and I sort of like it, but it’s just not something I get excited for. Although I suppose it will be good for summer break to end, because my brain is already starting to melt. (Not literally, of course.)

      • Nintendude

        I just watch VSauce. I learn more from him than I do in school…

  • markw1982

    i would love an ocean blue coloured wii

    • markw1982

      wii u sorry

  • Ocarina Of Time

    i’m sticking to the black version, unless a blue or sky blue one comes out, which i doubt, then ill get that one.
    im excited, this company has been the only one to make me actually save up more than 1g to ONLY spend it all away in a day. 1g, because i want to be sure i get EVERYTHING that the wii u has, on launch day.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Gamecube indigo…. please.

  • 3dsguy

    i jus got red 3ds xl so that red one will do me to match it

  • Ninfan

    YES! i want an emerald green wii u, that will be boss!

  • mooka865

    Im just gone say this and say this with confidence… If they release two different models, then they really do take what little they can and listen to their home based fans… If they release a High end model and low end model, all i have to say is thank for Nintendo listening to an hardcore gamer like myself… When they brought out the black and white consoles during E3 it was like they answered the emails i sent them when I went to buy a second wii to get my groove back in time for the wii u… If they release two different models a high end and low end at launch then that will make my day but just think about the wait… If you dont pre-order yours as soon as they are allowed then you will be stuck like chuck like when the original wii came out because both models will sell like free funnel cakes… But one universal model is good enough for me…



  • jay

    actually I could see the “high-end” package coming with a 64 GB SD card. And the low end one coming with a 4 GB SD card… they were pack ins with the 3DS after all..

  • Photobrick

    Hmm…different colors eh? Didn’t they say that for the Wii originally? :p

  • Ricardo

    Don’t hold your breath guys for 3+ colors. Remember that no Wii U color has been confirmed, and the only 2 colors showcased have been white and black. Also, Nintendo has never released up to 3 colors of a system at launch.

    Honestly, I seriously just think that the colors Nintendo is referring to is just black and white. :/

    Oh and btw… Green Wii U FTW!

  • Ricardo

    Don’t hold your breath guys for 3+ colors. Remember that no Wii U color has been confirmed, and the only 2 colors showcased have been white and black. Also, Nintendo has never released up to 3 colors of a system at launch.

    Honestly, I seriously just think that the colors Nintendo is referring to is just black and white. :/

    Oh and btw… Green Wii U FTW!

    • Ricardo

      Hola tocayo, que color quieres tu?

      • Ricardo

        Quiero el color de verde. 🙂

        Y usted? Que color quieres?

        • Ricardo

          Black is perfect for me!

  • Ricardo

    Don’t hold your breath guys for 3+ colors. Remember that no Wii U color has been confirmed, and the only 2 colors showcased have been white and black. Also, Nintendo has never released up to 3 colors of a system at launch.

    Honestly, I seriously just think that the colors Nintendo is referring to is just black and white. :/

    Oh and btw… Green Wii U FTW.

  • Buckethead Jr.

    wake me up when September ends!

    • Mr.Chimera573

      naw, then you miss the live coverage of Nintendo Direct!

  • PS360Wii

    I’d take a Zelda-Gold Wii U (wont happen, but can dream)

    • Your Mom

      Yes that would be awesome and I love Zelda games but I’m sort of a noob but u can dream so so will I

    • SuperShyGuy

      Actually I bet it will happen when Zelda HD comes out.

      A golden Wii U with the Hyrulian Royal Crest, yeah awesomesauce

  • Prime

    if they made a high end package, i want that in GOLD!! chrome effect

  • Your Mom

    Glad there could possibly be different colors but I’ll go with the most capacity and accesories since the more controllers the more gamers.

  • Nintendude789

    I hope therse a blue one! I love blue!

    • Nintendude


  • 360xboxer

    Am an xboxer and really waiting for this Wii U system. We it have multiplats cause I will buy one for that reason.

  • nambit


  • Grodus

    Gold and shiny with wings that come out of the gamepad so you can store in midair. It should also come with a gold tv, and be $0.10

    • LyingTuna

      It also has to breath fire!

  • 3dsguy

    yes it will have multiplats and way more

  • SilentBates


  • Mr.Chimera573

    If it does not harm the hardware, I want a clear one with lights on the inside that glow when it is on. That would make just turning it on satisfying!

  • tekkentagU

    here’s hoping for a purple one like the 3DS one!

  • chito.

    sony and microsoft are (apprentice) say hello to your master the NINTENDO

  • MR.nintendo

    zombie u red blood special edition will be great

  • NSMBwiiuREDbundle

    If they decide to do a mario red wii u bundle i will most certainly buy that on DAY 1! i bought the last nsmb wii red bundle and will like to add red wii u to the collection as well. I HOPE REGGIE DOES THAT!

    • Mårty

      They should also make an luigi Green Wii u 😀

  • chito.

    Can I have the black 1 please lol so far I have save up $350

  • Aaron

    A Silver colored Wii U ore a stainless steel edition would be a must buy for me!

  • Christopher

    … My brain just exploded from the awesomeness of this news report .__.

  • Paul

    sounds good to me but ive pre ordered the white version just hoping theres one included with a hard drive of lets say 320gb

  • Bravyoura

    Nintendo aren’t stupid black and white for launch saving different colours for lulls in sales. Plus all true Nintendo fans buy the special editions like the Pikachu N64, the Resi 4 Gamecube and the red anniversary Wii it’s all part of the Nintendo sales model. Personally if a special edition is released and I don’t own it I look at my original with disgust:)

  • Agent75

    I hate high gloss consoles, more so black as they show marks. Transparent consoles are the best, like with the Nintendo 64 colours, plus the surface didn’t become scratched.

  • ryu hazuki

    Maybe a hello kity wii u lol

  • TopCat

    I would pay (almost) anything for a red Wii U package like the one in the article’s image. It would be a superb homage to Super Mario Bros.

  • Dave w

    I cannot wait!!!
    I’m going to see if I can freeze myself for a coupe of months and then get my friend to thaw me out when it’s released so I don’t have to wait any longer!
    Hope I don’t wake up 500 years too late…

    • butters

      I’ll wake you up

  • codplayer

    awesome . but i think nintendo should make custom theme wiiu colors that come bundled with a game like gray for assassins creed 3 and a lego the for lego under cover , etc.

  • codplayer

    i want a COD BO2 version!


    Pikmin 3 special edition Wii U!!!!

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    Green i love the lemon color looks so bright and cool

  • Big McLargeHuge

    I’d love a preorder only colour, maybe a red mario edition?

  • Frankensavior

    Come on Midnight Purple!


    I don’t think any other version will be coming out, just white or black, which I would pick black. But I would like the chance for a purple or silver, or even a combo color like purple and black, but that is just me getting crazy.

  • Dead Shadow

    Nintendo….. Just take my money

  • chiwawa boi

    lego city undercover is tight!!!!!



  • Jeancarlos

    I hope they come out with skins too, I had a zelda skin on my game cube.

  • SavingUpForTheWiiU

    I’m only 11 and I got $1310 saved up.
    Thats a lot considering my age.
    The $310 is from all my birthday money (gonna get $160 from my mom and dad for my b-day in September).
    And the $1000 is from getting hit by a car!
    Yay Insurance money!