Wii U channels are sections and apps in the Wii U menu and operating system that allow users to do many things besides gaming. Wii U channels will be available in many forms, from Internet channels for surfing the web, to movie streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu, to shopping channels like Wii U eShop, and more. Nintendo is also expected to bring the popular Mii Channel from the old Wii to the Wii U. One of the biggest additions to the new Wii U Channels will be the ability to connect via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to the Wii U. According to reports, players will be able to update their status, upload photos and screenshots, Tweet their game progress, and more.

List of Wii U channels

Wii U channels
The preliminary list of Wii U channels includes, but not limited to:

  • Miiverse: the main channel for the Wii U, where players get to see what their friends are up to, chat with them, share screenshots, and more.
  • Internet Channel for web surfing and more
  • Netflix Wii U and Hulu Wii U movie and TV streaming apps, plus YouTube, and other media channels
  • News channel with a live news feed
  • Social channel with Facebook, Twitter integration
  • eShop channel for game and DLC purchases
  • Wii U Virtual Console channel
  • Photo and media channel where users can look at photos and videos off of SD cards
  • Wii U apps channel where users can download apps of all sorts

In addition to these, Nintendo is expected to unveil many more Wii U channels later on. One of the big features is said to be social network add-ons, and the ability to easy connect with friends and other Wii U gamers. Nintendo is also rumored to add an apps channel where users can buy and download all sorts of small apps for the console and the tablet controller. Channels are expected to be added via software updates throughout the console’s life cycle, much like Nintendo has done previously with the Wii. These channel and software updates have always come free to the users, just like regular updates to the Wii U Operating System.

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      in every nintendo wii game there soluhd b little slips of paper with the game on it and a scratch panel underneath it is numbers you can register them online at nintendo club site and when you do you can get 250 stars for them at buy a wii points card online with the stars you collect. u cant get the internet channel it cost 500 points i think but it is well worth it u can even connect a keyboard by usb. You can also buy points of the wii shop channel but u need to connect the wii to youre internet. when you connect to the internet you can use the shop channel and thats where you buy points and the internet channel. So make sure u keep the slips you get in games so you can get free wii points this way or just buy them on wii shop cahnnel hope this helps! x

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