Jun 22nd, 2012

Wii UThird party Wii U support is extremely important for Nintendo, especially now that many claim they have lost the “core” gamer with the original Wii. The main way to get the core gamers is getting the backing of third parties to bring their major franchises to the Wii U. And Nintendo is already succeeding in that category. Ubisoft will be bringing their Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon franchises to the Wii U later this year. Activision will bring Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the Wii U, and EA has a special edition of Mass Effect 3 in the works for the console as well. And that could be just the beginning, according to Nintendo of America marketing executive Scott Moffitt.

Speaking to GameSpot, he said that the Wii U could become the “preferred” platform for core gamers. Moffitt specifically mentioned Call of Duty, contemplating how the Wii U GamePad could help the player de-clutter the main screen while off-loading the map, inventory and so on to the secondary screen on the tablet. This would, according to him, create a more cinematic quality on the TV, since it’s not cluttered with HUD elements and the like. However, he said that Nintendo doesn’t specifically require developers to use the GamePad, they can instead use the regular Wii U Pro controller. But the advantages of using the tablet controller are obvious, of course.

Moffitt also walked Nintendo’s line of “specs aren’t important”, saying that Nintendo focuses on gameplay and their goal this time around is to revolutionize entertainment, just like Shigeru Miyamoto said a few days ago. Moffitt added that the company has no plans of publicly announcing the Wii U specs. Instead, he said, once the console launches, people will likely take it apart, “reverse engineer” it and find out what kind of hardware it’s running on.

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  • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

    Let’s hope it can continue to get this third party support when the xbox next and the PS4 are released.

    • Wii Who

      Agreed. I’m not to worried about it getting Third Party Support this and next year. I’m just worried that it “might” start to lose support when the PS4 and the NextBox release.

      Let’s hop that won’t be the case. I also don’t see it losing too much support because we already know the leap to the next gen consoles won’t be as big as it was for ps2 – ps3 and xbox – 360. So I think “even” if they are better then the Wii U, the Wii U will most likely still get a port of that game, or a special version for it.

      • victor

        this is exactly what i think. i belive wiiU going to be a success, but for how long, we will only know if they manage to keep the same quality of third party games when ps4 and xbox720 comes out

    • Dan

      Well, I think the head start really helps the Wii U. By the time the next Sony and Microsoft consoles launch, the Wii U will hopefully already have a strong install base, and developers will be used to working for the Wii U. But we still don’t know if the Wii U can support Unreal Engine 4, which will be a huge factor.

    • Madara

      About that, how much longer do you think Sony will be manufacturing hardware in the video game industry? I haven’t done my research, but I know the PS Vita is selling dismally, and that the PS3 didn’t dominate the current generation. How much longer can Sony afford to compete in the video game race? Will Nintendo help lead to Sony’s demise like they did SEGA? It’d be an interesting scenario to just be left with Microsoft and Nintendo!

  • Phil

    Well see if smash brothers is more Melee-like then judge the Wii U . . .

    • Madara

      What does one game have to do with the system? The game was fun, and many people still played tournaments. If you don’t like the next version, then work on a developer project modification/hacking to contribute to a solution instead of complaining.

  • uPadWatcher

    The more third party support for the Wii U, the sooner we’ll be playing games on the Big N’s new console. From Ghost Recon: Online to Aliens: Colonial Marines… from Need for Speed to Project CARS… and from New Super Mario Bros. U to Rayman Legends. Holiday 2012 and 2013 will be the years Nintendo will bring core gamers back!

  • jeb

    They should have implemented rumble feature in that now not-so “pro” controller. I like it, but without rumble, would rather use the gamepad with screen turned off.

    • Frankensavior

      The Wii U Pro Controller has rumble. The Wii Classic Pro Controller didn’t. Two completely different controllers. Don’t confuse them.

      • jeb

        Well there is evidence out there if you search that explains there is no rumble on the pro controller. Have a look. I am right.

        I can not link, because it seems agains the rules here. (I tried)

        The downvotes on me were probably because people expect rumble.

    • Alienfish

      There’s no rumble in the pro controller? Oh, that just sucks. No rumble, no analog triggers, no freaking excuse. No ‘hardcore’ gamer is going to prefer a console with such lacking controllers. Yeah, great, there’s a touch screen, but I’m getting sick of Nintendo half-a**ing everything lately. Add to that disappointment the lack of second circle pad on the 3DS XL. Just do it Nintendo and people will gather around your new consoles. You can’t take new paths without at least making par in all other areas.

      • SilentBates

        *Sigh* why do people like you exist? just plane ignorant…

      • Gamecube forever

        IS IT THAT MUCH OF A HUGE DEAL! It’s just a rumble feature. Plus they still have a year to work on it basically so they have time to put in a rumble feature and where did you hear that it doesn’t have a rumble feature nintendo always has had rumble on their consoles since the N64! You honestly believe that their not going to have a rumble feature in the pro controller! Those people who you got it from are wrong most likely and what do they know? According to my knowledge no one has used this controller. Even if the don’t have rumble! WHY THE HECK IS IT SUCH A HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

      • James

        The pro controller doesn’t have a touchscreen. There is no evidence that even implies that there isn’t rumble on the pro controller. It’s not even required for gameplay, it may add to it but why people seem to need it is beyond me.

    • Wii Who

      The Rumble feature isn’t all that great as most people think. Hell, 90% of the time I don’t even notice it when I’m playing games.

    • TheMaddMan

      Yeah, we need something to masturbate with.

    • Madara

      Mods, please do what you can to hide the above poorly rated comments. I miss highly rated comments being highlighted and poorly rated comments being hidden.

  • Wii Uoops!

    It’d be kinda weird saying “Wii U” and thinking of something like an Xbox 360.

    • ninjabake

      True. I’ll be referring to it as “the U” or “the ultra” either way it doesn’t matter they got me sold and I’m not concerned with what others think about it. Plus once my friends check out the system I’m sure they’ll be sold on it as well

  • Skozo

    Smart Nintendo, smart.

  • dave

    So nintendo has no plans not to release the system specs well I like and dont like I like because nintendo is not showing there hand to ms and ps but I would like to know what I am buying

  • Thrasher 1x

    does anyone know how to reverse engineer a console? cause I don’t

    • rafael

      u have to flip it up side down and then turn it on by pressing the off button

  • Alienfish

    I’m going to be all over this console, but I don’t think I’ll be able to say the same thing about my ‘hardcore’ friends who play their Xbox’s.

  • Dustin

    We can have a more cinematic experience without a $50-100 second screen. They are selling this thing all wrong. And all of this talk about “the hardware doesn’t matter” is just raising the question of why Nintendo needs a console in the first place if they don’t care about hardware?

    They need to get out in front of this thing and show off how Black Ops 2 on WiiU looks like the PC version with full effects and gives the player three options of control:
    1. The traditional dual analog controller
    2. Using the motion control of the tablet for full 360 degree camera control with the whole game taking place exclusively on the tablet screen
    3. Using the second analog stick on the tablet for camera control when not in iron sight and using the motion control to aim when in iron sight

    • Neonridr

      yeah, I don’t think Nintendo wants to release a system that costs like $600+, so I don’t think they are going to combat the PC..

      • Call of Duty geek

        The reason the Wii sold ANY consoles was because it was cheap and it would shut your 9 year old up for a few hours.

  • Greg

    wow, what an article- Nintendo is saying this. Well GOA, gimmicks of america. If you can actually make this happen instead of just saying it- we will love you. But the way your track record goes. It’s probly not going to happen. You guys are the pussies of the hardcore market. A the screen controller is an absolute gimmick. I’m convinced now. Although it will make things like MMORPGS possible.

    • Wii Uoops!

      How this is a gimmick? This is a new innovative way for Nintendo to get people to enjoy their games through a new experience. And- um, no. Nintendo is not a big pussie. If they are, can I ask how they have outsold Phony and Micro-softy?

      • LordiMcKill

        And how most people thought that motion control was a gimmick when the Wii first launched but instead it became so popular that the other two wanted in.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the other two launched their next console with something similar to the Wii U Gamepad (or gPad as I like to call it.)

      • Zhaf

        anything different than the 15 button controller on a console is a gimmick, according to the “hardcore” gamers…

    • Poncho

      Shut your mouth, son! You are talking about the father, mother, and godparent of gaming! They used to be the ONLY market! Now sit down and learn some respect. And GOA was probably one of the lamest jokes I’ve heard. Just saying.

    • SilentBates

      please use the word “gimmick” in the correct context please. theres a difference between a gimmick and inovation like smart glass thats a “gimmick”. please tell me ONE not 2 not 3 not freaking hadublinablingada just ONE other video game system that uses a controler with a camera, mic, NFC reader, touch screen, and an option to switch from the tv to your controler almost instantly…please go ahead “my e-mail is ready”

    • Gamecube forever

      Shut up you moron! Nintendo is ten times better than your coasting of nintendo’s ideas sony or microsoft! The xbox was nice and so was the ps3 but the wii was better. Sure it didn’t have that much power but it still managed to sell way more than the xbox and ps3 do you wanna know why because nintendo has better games than the xbox and the ps3 guess what you’re gonna have to face it WII U will smash sony and microsoft just like they did with sega and atari. So go suck on nintendo’s dust!

  • pach

    Nintendo lost it’s chance to keep their mouths close, just like sony did few days ago.

    • Wii Uoops!

      I kind of agree. After the Wii and how greatly it was aimed for casual gamers, I think people will have a hard time believing what Nintendo is saying here.

  • insert name

    for fps games i want mi wiimote+nunchuck (or tablet in my left hand and wiimote in my right hand) at least for the multiplayer, if not i dont going to buy any multiplayer FPS .

  • Kirby

    *Hi fives Wii Uoops*

    • Wii Uoops!


      • Danny

        Wii U Will Be Kinda Awesome With The Special Edition Mass Effect 3 Game From EA. I Plan On Getting It Along With New Super Mario
        Bros U, And 2 Atleast On Launch Day. Maybe 2 More.

        We Still Havent Heard About The Nintendo Network For Anything. I’m Kinda Getting Upset Over This. 🙂

  • david6

    Gamers in general just want a powerful console and a normal controller. Basics. To play games more than all the extras. Times change, the casual trend faded. And there is no reason for a wii u, because everyone already has an ps3 or xbox 360 which gets all 3rd partys. Unless its significantly more advanced next gen. A company needs to adapt to current market trends, you cant always bet one method will work. And blue ocean method doesnt always work. People arent so poor we cant invest in a mchine that we realy want. Sales from the big 3 will all decline until new machines come, in new uncharted territory of power.and game memory.

  • The Beeshnu

    When I say to my friends that i’m gonna get the Wii u they laugh at me and say. “The Wii is shit!” Then i try to argue to them that is has HD graphics and can play normal games like CoD and FIFA. Then thay say so could the wii but it was still shit.
    It really makes me mad that so many people have lost hope in Nintendo
    I really hope that people will stop trolling the Wii U and just face it… it will be an awesome console

    • pach

      That is the “wii price” nintendo will pay. The Wii gave nintendo a bad impression that will not go away (not easily).
      First they gave a finger to core gamers and now they think that they will get everyone back just because of “hd graphics” on weak hardware. Not even casual gamers are that dumb.
      Sorry but most this “third party support” being announced will not become more games, only a few titles. And even those will go away as son as M$ and $ony announce the next xbox and ps4.

      • JC

        Do you even know the wii u specs???read the article first buddy!!!

      • silentbates

        DAMN IT PACH!!! go back to gtv!!!

      • Gamecube forever

        what are you trolls doing here? guess what hardcore gamers are stupid if the think the wii u is not gonna smash all the other crap gimmicky consoles that sony and microsoft make screw them all. they suck BUTT and nintendo as i’ve said will run sony and microsoft into the ground just as they did with sega and atari.

    • Meelow

      I really doubt your friends ever had any Nintendo console from what you describe them.


      Everyone thinks the PS4 and 720 will be 10x more powerful than the Wii U but that’s not happening.

      • Icanseeu

        Why won’t it?

      • pach

        Yes. 10x not, probably only 5x better than their current systems. It will not be a huge improvement like ps2 > ps3 mostly because of game production costs would get a huge rise too but they are still going to release way better hardware than the current generation, something that nintendo Should have done if they want third parties and core gamers, for sure.

  • Madara

    Will everyone stop posting extremely critical comments on a Wii U website. This site is essentially a FANBASE, if you have a gripe, keep it to yourself. The system is nearing finalization if it hasn’t already, and so have the controllers. Stop with the harsh speculation, if you’re not a fan of Nintendo’s decisions, then maybe you don’t belong on a Nintendo fan site that’s building hype for the greatest video game system of the 21st century so far. I recognize our 1st Amendment rights, but online there is a time and place for everything, and this isn’t the place for ignorant, Nintendo criticism and haters.

    • Timmmmmy!

      Nintendo is a joke. For kids. I remember when I was 10

  • Adders

    I would not worry about people coming on here and slagging Wii U.

    nintendo is a company that have a certain magic about them, Just look at the wii it became the most popular system of this gen . And look at the psvita it blows the 3DS out of the water when it comes to power and yet the 3DS is out selling it

    A lot of people was dissapointed with the E3 press conference of the wii u , But after when they got to try the system they seemed happy with it…. And I think this is what will happen when people get to try the system then they will see what the wii u is all about and that includes games as well..

    and as for people saying that the next ps4 or xbox 720 will be better than the wii u dont they know that all ready xbox and sony are copying the wii u with their smartglass and ps cross over

    why would these companies copy a gimmic

    Answer they are keeping a close eye on wii u

    • Timmmmmy!

      Magic?? I think your delusional. Nintendo is way past its prime. Top seller maybe. But if u lowered ps3’s price to 99 bucks who wouldn’t buy one.

  • Thepokemonmaster

    Well I don’t really know, but so far the wii u been doing pretty good I was shocked when microsoft copied motion control just with a camera.. no really good difference 😛 and don’t make me even get started on Playstation Move

  • Neonridr

    Anyone who thinks that the Nextbox and PS4 are gonna blow the Wii U out of the water are sorely mistaken. The days of overpriced consoles are over. Face it, Sony cannot afford to make the same mistake it made with the PS3 again. Sony is so far in debt from it’s different divisions, that it is going to milk the PS3 for as long as it can. I don’t see Sony even attempting to release the PS4 for 2-3 years. Developers don’t want to sell systems at a loss anymore, and nobody is going to want to pay upwards of $750 for a system that is closer to today’s tech standards. The Wii U is already equal to that of the 360 and PS3 and they are only starting development on it. Wait till you see what it can do a few years in.

    Do you suddenly think the next generation of games are going to be holodecks or virtual reality? Games look fantastic still on systems that are 6 years old. Why don’t we just wait and see what the Wii U delivers before everyone jumps off the bandwagon?

    • david6

      People will always want better tech. Saying we wont get high tech anymore is a lie. Before there was only nintendo until there was better tech. Whethor you rich or poor, no one wants a cheap game console. And its unprofesional to make just one controller. People dont like gimics, we dont want kinect or ipad controller, motion controllers are alright. And nintendo sells group playing just to get us to buy more controllers. All people care about is the box and explode our tv screen. Should say warning, high voltage. Reggie is out the door when it fails. Nintendo is stagnet the industry. Before we were dumb and didnt relize nintendo was cheating us, blind fans,but not anymore but its over, too late, dead subject, th gonna do it anyways, but no one will buy it, even if sites are biased. Sites like this are exactly where fans should post, even if bad, to let nintendo know we hate them right now. And most all the people not liking it are real nintendo fans. And Reggie already said he didnt like core gamers cause their never there to hard to first when sony was expensive some people didnt get it, but after seeing it i got it. Why cant they just make two machines, one for high tech and one for cheap toy. And if all game consoles black ball us and wont get us new better machines then well go to pc gaming.

      • david6

        Reggie said core gamers are to hard to please,* but they make the industry. They play video games, what other customers are there. I dont think wii sales were mostly casual, but its cause gamers owned all 3. And it was nintendo fans that help sell it and buy extra one for family members. So dont tell fans to shutup who made the company cause we can take it down too.

        • david6

          And i was so frustrated at nintendo, i didnt even know what disruptive tech was till reggie said it, then it made sence why nintendo wont advance. Then if they corrupt other consoles it pisses me off. Sales will prove for all 3 companys. Gaming consoles are just that one product that doesnt wirk with disruptive cheap hardware and gimmics. But they have always advanced and always will. There i said my peace.

  • Adam

    Haters gunna hate, I’m going to enjoy. Thank you Nintendo for once again pushing the expectation of what a console can do in fun, creative and revolutionary ways. I’ll be at the midnight launch for sure 🙂

  • Common Sense Guy

    Guys, chillax, Nintendo obviously model their system after the Ds which sold more hardware than the Ps3, xbox360, and the Wii the Ds is only second to the Ps2 for selling the most video game hardware in history . The Asymmetrical gaming concept is not new news to the 151.52 million Ds owners and 17 million 3ds owners who are looking at this new console and can clearly see for themselves that if they match the gaming library like the Ds the wii u should have no problems selling their system.

    P.S. Any body who is a PlayStation Plus member like me knows that Sony is diffidently taking the Wii U seriously because they would not have gave 10 or 20 games out “technically” free on the day of E3 if they did not think they were a threat. While I am waiting for the Wii U to come these games that were given to me out of fear will keep me busy until Wii U launches. in other word compitetion is very good for gamers yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^

  • Slipsevenfold

    I just want more first party titles! I mean I love the games that were shown at E3 but I was really hoping for more first party titles!

  • Homepage

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  • Call of Duty geek

    Wii U is already going to right the wrongs of the Wii by pandering to hardcore FPS gamers. For the first time on a Nintendo console they will have DLC, a big reason to the downfall of the Wii. Wii U (from what we’ve heard) is going to have a WIDE variety of games. From kids games to teenagers to adults. This is a console for everyone. If Wii U is a success, Nintendo will have made its stance as a challenge to Microsoft and Sony. But as the PS4 and Xbox 720 are just a year or two off, they may end Nintendo’s 15 minutes in the spotlight. This is all assuming Wii U is a success, but for Nintendo, at least right now, it’s an uphill battle.