Jun 8th, 2012

Satoru Iwata Wii U
Nintendo pitched the Wii U at E3 as a “family device”, that will bring the fractured modern family of today together to play games. For that to be possible, the Wii U will support multiple user accounts on the same console. Therefore, the limit has been set to 12 accounts per Wii U console, according to a GameTrailers interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Also, contrary to recent reports, Nintendo seems to have done away with the pesky friend code system, which will be replaced simply by the username players have.

Regarding Miiverse, it has been revealed that Nintendo will initially moderate all comments and notes posted in Miiverse, in order to keep things clean. Nintendo believes that the Miiverse must be safe for children to use, which means that obscene comments and language will not be tolerated. For one, there will be layers of auto-moderation, which scans messages for specific words of phrases. If some words manage to slip by, players will have the option of reporting a message. Another issue this leads to, as Nitnendo’s Satoru Iwata puts it to the LA Times, is that there could be lag between when the message is posted, and when it appears in the Miiverse. Iwata thinks that 30 minutes is “acceptable” from when a message is sent and until it appears in Miiverse. 30 minutes might seem like a very long time for us how are used to the instant speeds of Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Chris

    12 accounts on the Wii U? Sweet. I am loving that and also the moderation thing on Miiverse might make people a little scared but I think its a good idea, it means that if anyone is saying F*£@, S*&£, B*$&@locks and B£&*$£$* Nintendo can block it or censor it.

    So that means no bitching 4 year olds complaining and yelling faggot like a homophobic machine gun just because you beat them XD

    • Eddy120876

      So no Sony Plaza sexual harassment ? Then Im up for it. Go Nintendo Go!!!!

    • James

      They might yell “faggot” just as an insult, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are homophobic, and really think that the one they are mad at is gay.

    • alienfish

      I’m cool with all the moderation, but I’m hoping they implement a way to send quick messages for people who want to get together for a multiplayer game in less than an hour. There is video chat, but it would be a hassle in many cases. Hopefully the full moderation is just for public messages and they will have a separate system in place for messages between friends and for friend requests with just the option to flag and no active mediation.

  • david6

    “Hey Nate”, (1/2 hour later) “oh hey david”,……. (1/2 hour later) “Yah Nate can you help me find the map to this zelda dungeon in desert level?” …………(1/2 hour later), “Uh nevermind Nate, it’s time for me to go to school, night classes :p”.

    “Hey Mom, maybe we can text?”…… (1/2 hour later,) “hi david, I just got your message how was school? Glad you texted, i wanted to tell you my score on Mario tennis.”

    “Oooh, look at the queen!” ……(1/2 hour later), “yah david, I already beat her by the time I got your message as you can see, it was nice thoug doing online game with you thoug.”

    • david6

      Or how bout this, “Ooh i hate this game sometimes nintendo makes me so mad!” …………..’your comment was edited due to its graphic nature’.

      Oh and parents, don’t take your kids to the subway station, they might be exposed by real wara wara. I suppose us over 16 have to suffer. By the way wii was 6 years ago, so someone who bought one at 12 is 18, i was 20 now 26, i think more than 1/2 of gamers are mature.

      • Eddy120876

        I don’t see a problem with Nintendo being the Mods. I used to be part of the Nintendo forums and people did spoke with some colorful language as long if it wasn’t directed towards another member,Racist taunt or dead treats. PS im over 29 so no issues here with the age thing since we all know we have too many teen and young adults acting like A Holes online

    • alienfish

      You’ve illustrated my point perfectly. I don’t know why half of everyone is hating your comment though.

    • Amfortas

      The Miiverse is a place where public comments are posted about games the miis gather around. Nowhere was it indicated that private messages would be moderated.

  • Swic11

    This is kinda annoying, first Nintendo says they are going to cater to the fire gamer, but now they are moderating comments to keep children safe? Put safety features on the console dont censor everyone. I’m fine with no cursing and crapmlike that, but I think it’s ridiculous that there is a 30 min lag time… What if I was asking a friends advise on a game? I don’t want to wait that that long. Nintendo’s stock dipped 2% after E3, maybe it’s time for Iwata to step down and let someone else who knows more about social gaming to step in. I’m getting tired of nintendo catering to kids.

    • Leeroy

      ComIn man don’t you realize that if they don’t moderate comments parents will be ticked off with them for allowing this kind of trash to be seen by their children. Although 30 min does seem pretty lone

      • Swic11

        This can be fixes with parental controls

        • Eddy120876

          Even with Parental control you know some media outlet will blow things out of the water and we will have the PSP getting confuse with 3DS Fiasco from a couple of years ago. Remember that one? Where they said the 3DS could be tracked by a sexual predator because it had GPS and in fact it was the psp that could do that.

        • redcomshell

          kids get around parental controls easily. as for Iwata stepping down you’re crazy. The Wii was the first system he released after the former chairman stepped down… and it sold 96 million units. hardcore gamers are the minority not the majority so you target the biggest market share first.

          • swic11

            then its the parents problem after that. I am not saying i am get online to talk nothing but trash, but the world has changed alot and Nintendo needs to start trending a little. Its sad that we have to wait until LATE 2012 for a proper online system for a game system when the original xbox was ironing their out a decade ago

          • alienfish

            Casual does make up the largest part of the market, but they are also the flakiest part of the market. Real gamers are not as easily deterred from their console of choice. I think Nintendo should REALLY work on expanding their development teams and add some new ones so they CAN actually cater to everyone. I think they’re now realizing that catering to everyone with one product is impossible (evidenced by the appearance of the Wii U Pro Controller and black color), hopefully they will realized that this is also the case with software so they can hang on to their loyal fanbase in case the flaky casuals decide they like their iPads better.

    • Colton

      I’d assume there’ll be some sort of instant messaging private chat that is just between friends.

      Besides, if you’re asking a FRIEND I’d assume you have other ways to contact your friend than through the Wii U…

      • swic11

        nothing wrong with what you said alienfish. I am an avid fan of Nintendo, and despite my current disappointment with the E3 performance due to lack of games from Nintendo (i know there is pikman 3 so calm down everyone) But holy hell, they said the Wii U is about “u” the core gamer? where in the sam hell are my games? I realized that Zelda wasn’t going to come, I knew that Smash Bros. wasn’t going to come. But come and and give me something!

      • Madara

        Your second statement makes a huge assertion. With all the so called “hardcore” gamers playing COD, Halo, Gears of War, etc., what if you don’t have many friends who play or own these games?

        With the new system, I would expect you to be able to make friends with strangers by sending a friend request online after a matchup. For instance, you complete a race on Mario Kart Wii U online, then send a friend request to a non-hacking pro that you’d like to compete with in the future. As long as the Nintendo Network is secure and leaves your console and internet practically invulnerable, then there should be no big issue with making friend requests with strangers. Underaged children should know not to talk to strangers.

  • david6

    It wasnt just our site that complains at nintendo, its every core gamer in the world.

    • Swic11

      I think I have to agree with you there David, Im just ready for Nintendo to be legit. They know that their fans complain, can’t they listen?

      • david6

        Oh my god someone agrees with me, i feel strange

        • alienfish

          That’s what happens when you make sense lol.

          • swic11

            too true

  • Eddy120876

    For me I see no issue with Nintendo to mod the WiiU. If you ask why is simple. Why do you need to act in mature on a game? Does the act of cursing somebody out makes you feel better? I doubt it does since we all know you can get owned as easily as you own another player. Life is about responsibility for your actions and sooner or later they do comeback to haunt you. So lets take a page out of Spidersman uncle: “with great power comes great responsibility”

    Call me old fashioned but to me gaming was about fun and meeting other that share the same passion for gaming; Where we could chat even if we were miles apart and build a kinship of sorts.

  • david6

    They forgot to mention that they talked about also using live people to moderate comments. If its as frustrating as wii u daily forget it, itll be worse. I like miiverse, i think everone did until this.

    • david6

      I meant i liked it until this*

  • 3ds guy

    Moderation maybe needed or parental control but lag time needs sorting to at least 5 min

    • swic11

      This is my biggest issue… the lag time. 30 minutes is just ludicrous. and @ Colton, I have many “online” friends with xbox live, but that doesnt mean i know them personally.

  • Adam Fox

    Maybe they will only monitor messages with certain age groups? Like if you have your account set to “Mature” or whatever they call it, you can play the M-rated games and have unfiltered chat without lag. Then again, who really uses game systems for “personal messages?”. Most the people you know personally are probably on your FB page or you have their phone number. Usually I turn off voice chat because I don’t want to hear the f-word every 3 seconds or some idiot playing music in the background.

  • Medium

    Elvis says, let the people speak.

  • Radiation

    Xbox and sony talk of price drop. Analysts say gamers were dissapointed, and wii u may not be able to compete with nex gen systems. There may not be a wii u. Fans argue, deception, ignored. Can there not be a wii seperate from the U. Wii u is not very receptive, a company cannot launch with less than average reviews.

    We said you had to win over at least one playstation fan. We also dropped when ibm power 7 was leaked, but then you cut the threads in half.

  • Ares

    There goes the mothership.

  • Death

    There IS a reason for parental controls.
    And maybe they should have age restrictions and different sections of miiverse?
    Like one section is for kids 5-11 say; and another is for people 18+…. You guys catch my drift?

    • swic11

      great idea! then this could work, but Nintendo wont do that.

    • Madara

      This would be a great idea if everyone was honest, but what stops individuals from creating fake profiles just to gain access to fewer restrictions. It should be the parents’ job to enforce moderation, not Nintendo’s. If the parents have the time or care, then they should know their child and be able to check their child’s history and punish the child when necessary.

      That’s it, the parents should be able to lock down their system’s access to the Nintendo Network or turn off features using their parental account. The parental account should be able to monitor the permanent records of their childrens’ accounts’ activities.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Basic auto-censoring should be fine. But they need to be able to do that in no more than 30 seconds. And I think they can do it that fast. Then have comment flagging and if someone is caught posting inappropriate stuff multiple times, they get auto blocked for a month or year or something from commenting. Add in some parental controls and they’re good. Maybe set up family friendly forum and a public forum for each game to make this easier. You can block your kids from the public ones, and the serious gamers and unfortunately noobs will take the public ones. Everyone gets their space. Nintendo, you should hire me as an idea guy, cause I’ve got plenty more

  • amatboy4010

    all one must do is not allow comments to be shown to a certain age limit by parents put block chat by their own censorship, but this fine idea is a dead vision if the many mature gamers are frustrated. and humans are animals that do not want to be controlled or bias filtered, and wish to communicate in real time. wii u daily is a sign of miiverse frustration in communication.

  • silver is money

    this isnt the say as censering chat etc its just the message system of miiverse it makes sense considering as soon as u boot up theres messages all over the screen porn stuff swearing etc would be as bit much all over a tv screen in a familys living room

    imagine cock and titty drawings all over the screen or links to porn sites etc CHILDISH SHIT GOING ON 24/7 i dont think that would work it makes sense to keep it clean

    this wont effect online chat in game messaging and video calls SO LETS NOT HYPE THIS INTO FRIENDS CODES LIES like wii needs friends codes wen in fact it didnt iv played made friends and chatted on cod wii with never a friends code in sight

  • Britton

    I think this is a temporary solution that Nintendo came up with. Granted… a crappy one. But they will improve it no doubt. If they do not then MiiVerse will flop big time.

  • FruitMundi

    I figure I will weigh in on this whole Wii U debacle.

    First of all this moderation thing isn’t a big deal. I don’t think many people actually understand it, but from the screen shots its pretty evident. The MiiVerse will have a section where people can interact like a forum. Everyone around the world can post. Then there will be the larger scale view where you can draw picture messages and they will appear above your Mii at the block its congregating at. I think its evident a human will have to moderate the drawings to avoid obscenity. While the forum will also have to be moderated to avoid the same problem, but its much easier to moderate just words. While I think human moderation will be a temporary solution, because I don’t see where Nintendo could get the man power to do such a thing for a consoles life cycle. Moderation is eminent, and logical though. While I’m an advocate of complete personal freedom. It’s impossible on a large scale do to stupidity.

    As for the console itself. I can’t see it being left behind. While developers like the Fable guy seems to be down on it. I can’t take some who hasn’t made a good game since Fable 1 too seriously. He acts like gamers are idiots. Two screens aren’t hard to manage as most people do it during daily life. Whether its watching television, and texting on a phone, or even playing a DS. The second screen is great for removing clutter from the screen, and creating a smoother experience putting inventory screens, maps, ect. While other developers have said good things about the system. Ubisoft, GearBox, Cryteck, and the list goes on.

    As for graphical capabilities I don’t see thing being two much of a jump between the three next gen systems. Cryteck even said that it got its new engine running on the Wii U. So I would assume it could run the new unreal engine as well. As long as graphical capabilities don’t set the Wii U back from getting big third party titles. Then I don’t see the problem. As long as I’m able to get all the third party blockbusters I’m happy.

    At the end of the day I think it will be down to the exclusives. Which Nintendo has my vote. Mario may not be the most complex thing in the world, but I find it more entertaining than the mass array of mindless shooters that the “core” gamers seem to eat up. I’m satisfied getting exclusives like Zelda Metroid, Pikmin, ect. While Microsofts exclusives contain things like Master Cheif and his group of glorified Storm Troopers fighting against the Unreal Tournament rejects. As Sony has God of War which I’m completely happy playing a similar, and in my opinion better game DarkSiders.

    While from my experience our comments on the net don’t make much of a difference on sales. For example take the music industry. Go to any site dedicated to hard rock and heavy metal. Then go look at the comments on any Metallica article. Almost all of it is negativity about the band. Yet they’ve been keeping stadiums, and arenas sold out for years. So its all arbitrary really.

    At the end of the day all three console makers are multibillion dollar companies trying to get our money. Yet I have some respect for Nintendo I grew up with them, and they seem to do business in the matter I prefer. While Microsoft, and Sony seem to run their companies on the base of American Politics, and slandering the competition verbally. So it seems some companies are just all lips and no hips.

    • FruitMundi

      Oh and one thing I forgot. If your going to be communicating with friends quickly. I assume the new system will have PMs. I don’t see PMs getting moderated. So they will be instant. As for the forum aspect of the MiiVerse taking 30 minutes to moderate. I don’t see that as a big deal. In game you don’t need to open a topic to the whole world just to communicate with a few personal friends.

      • amatboy4010

        well that is better if chat and online games are not moderated, and is reasonable to moderate mii town only.

  • Paul

    who gives a crap if someone tells you to stfu in a multiplayer lol

    can see it now

    “mom that pisshead_paul called me a naughty word, mom rings nintendo and gets them banned”

    would be funny but in reality kids shouldnt be on a over 18s game

  • david6

    So im thinking their not going to moderate text and online games but just the wara wara home on the screen. That sounds all right. Im not mad anymore, i like miiverse i just dont want them to ruin it. They need more details.

  • Dmonkeyman

    You guys should write to nintendo if you want them to listen. I did that about an some ideas for the next Zelda game and the guy forwarded it to the people who make the Zelda games

  • Zero

    I know smebody already said this, but I just want to make it clear.
    Miiverse Filtered Messages = The stuff that appears when you start the Wii U up. These messages should be like: OMG this Game is SOOOOOOOO AWSM.
    Miverse unfiltered Messages= Messages you can share with people you have registered as a friend. Since there is no filter, it is instant. These messages would be like: How do I open up the door in the temple of Light